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Published: March 22, 2024

Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360

Author: Jon Love (2 Comments)
Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 1

Which one would we choose?

Our choice: Oral-B Smart Clean 360 / Oral B, Walmart / ~$99.99

2nd choice: Oral-B Pro 1000 / Amazon, Oral B / ~$49.94

The Oral-B Smart Clean 360 is technically the better brush and better value. It’s the model that I would pick over the Pro 1000.

But…it’s not necessarily a fair comparison, because the 360 is a dual handled package vs the single-handled package of the 1000.

The 360 is best for couples or families, even friends where 2 handles are required. Unless you need or want an extra handle it is cheaper to buy the 1000 with only minimal compromise.

Key differences

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Electric Teeth Rating
Retail price
Approximate 3 year cost
Cleaning Action
Number of cleaning modes
Brushing intensities
Pressure Sensor
Battery life
Battery type
Number of heads included
Travel case included
Bluetooth connectivity
Position tracking
Our Choice
Oral-B Smart Clean 360
Oral-B Smart Clean 360
Oral-B Pro 1000
Oral-B Pro 1000
- Review
Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2
Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2 Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 2
$100 $70
$105 $105
Oscillating-rotating & pulsating (3D) Oscillating-rotating & pulsating (3D)
5 1
- -
yes yes
30 second quadpacer 30 second quadpacer
yes yes
14+ (plus) days 10 days
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
3 1
yes -
- -
- -
73dB 73dB
2 years 2 years
  • Cleaning/brushing action
    • The Smart Clean 360 offers double the pulsations of the 1000. 40,000 vs 20,000.
  • Handle design/colors
    • The Pro 1000 is available in 4 colors (white, black, blue & pink) compared to the 1 color (white) of the SmartClean.
    • The Pro 1000 has a plastic dimpled texture to the rear compared to the dimpled soft touch rubber back of the Smart Clean.
    • The Pro 1000 is easier to keep clean.
    • The Smart Clean has a dedicated cleaning mode button.
    • The Smart Clean’s buttons are convex and stand proud compared to the concave button on the 1000.
  • Cleaning modes
    • The Smart Clean 360 has 5 modes (daily clean, sensitive, gum care, whitening & Pro Clean) compared to the 1 mode (daily clean) of the Pro 1000.
  • Brush heads
    • The Smart Clean 360 comes with 3 heads (2 x PrecisionClean & 1 x FlossAction) compared to the 1 (CrossAction) with the Pro 1000.
  • Pressure sensor
    • The SmartClean 360 has a visible pressure sensor that the Pro 1000 does not have.
  • Battery
    • The Pro 1000 has a 10 day battery life from the Nickel Metal Hydride battery compared to the 14 days of the Lithium battery in the SmartClean.
  • Accessories & box contents
    • The Smart Clean 360 comes with 2 travel cases and 2 charging stands.
  • Other
    • The SmartClean 360 is a dual handle package containing 2 toothbrushes.
  • Price
    • The Smart Clean 360 has a retail price of $100 compared to the $70 of the Pro 1000.

Please note. Every effort is made to ensure the key differences listed are correct, but these differences are subject to change without notice. Products and the box contents can be changed without notice and different variants can exist.

Detailed comparison: what’s the difference between the Oral-B Smart Clean 360 and Pro 1000?

Neither of these toothbrushes are defying convention with the typical cylindrical handle design with removable brush heads.

When looking at them both there are only a couple of small differences. One difference is the buttons on the front of the toothbrush. The Pro 1000 has just 1 power button with a concave design.

The Smart Clean on the other hand has 2 buttons, one for power and one to change the cleaning modes. These are convex in design, therefore sitting slightly proud of the handle. In both instances, my hand naturally finds these buttons and I can’t easily say one is better than the other.

Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 11
Pro 1000 (left) concave button vs Smart Clean 360 (right) convex buttons

Another difference is on the rear of the handle. 

Both have textured gripping areas, but they are slightly different. The Pro 1000 has a dimpled texture to the hard plastic body of the brush. The 360 has a softer touch rubber grip with a dimpled texture. 

Dimples on back of Pro 1000 handle
A dimpled texture on the Pro 1000 helps with grip. Being all plastic it is easier to keep clean

The 360 is slightly more comfortable to hold, but due to the material choices, the 1000 is easier to clean. Toothpaste and other debris don’t stick to the plastic like the rubber.

I do like that the Pro 1000 is available in 4 colors, the choices are white, black, blue and pink. In these instances, the whole plastic handle is this color. With the Smart Clean, the handles are all white. However, I have seen versions where the grip around the power and mode buttons is black on one of the handles. It is a subtle difference, but helps differentiate handles between couples for example.

I’ve yet to find a good reason for having lots of cleaning modes on a toothbrush, but the Smart Clean 360 does tick that box if you like a choice. There are 5 modes to choose from, compared to the 1 mode on the Pro 1000.

Daily Clean is available on the 360 too, but the extra modes you get are sensitive, gum care, whitening and pro clean.

If I were to wish the Pro 1000 had any additional mode it would be sensitive as the brushing intensity is less and more pleasant on the teeth and gums if they are tender or perhaps inflamed and bleeding.

Both brushes use the same range of small, round interchangeable brush heads.

Because the 360 comes with 2 brush handles, you get extra brush heads in the box. The Pro 1000 comes with 1 x CrossAction, whereas the 360 comes with 2 x PrecisionClean and 1 x FlossAction.

Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 12

Each head has its pros and cons, I generally recommend the CrossAction of Sensitive head (not supplied with these models) as the bristle type to choose. 

Like the 360 Smart Clean, the Pro 1000 has a pressure sensor built into the handle. This means, that if it detects I am brushing with too much force, it will slow the number of movements in the brush head.

Forceful brushing can, over time, be damaging to the teeth and gums. When I relieve the pressure, the number of movements in the head is increased.

However, even to myself as a long time electric toothbrush user, it is almost impossible to tell that the sensor is activated on the 1000. There is a small sound change and nothing else.

This is where the 360 differs. 

The light ring around the neck of the brush handle will be lit red when the sensor is activated.

If I see a red light, I know I need to reduce the amount of force.

It is far more obvious, therefore I can take corrective action much more quickly.

It still can be missed, but given I, and I am sure many others brush in front of a mirror, it is far more user friendly than the Pro 1000’s implementation.

Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 13

Another key difference is the battery sealed inside the handle of each brush.

The Pro 1000 uses a Nickel Metal Hydride battery, whereas the Smart Clean has a Lithium-Ion.

Claimed usage time is 10 and 14 plus days respectively. I managed 10 from the 1000 and up to 20 from the Smart Clean 360.

It’s not a deal breaker, but I think the extra usage time benefits many. It also means that should I travel I have less need to worry about taking the charging stand with me if I use the Smart Clean.

When it comes to travel, the 360 is better because travel cases are provided in the box. I think it is an underrated accessory. I don’t travel loads, but I love the option of the case when I do. It beats throwing it in a wash bag.

When the power is low or the brushes are on charge, they do display the feedback differently. The Pro 1000 has an LED for the battery charge status in the lower third of the handle. With the 360, feedback is given via the light ring on the neck of the handle. I don’t have a preference, albeit, most brushes tend to take the design approach of the Pro 1000.

Oral-B Pro 1000 vs Smart Clean 360 14
The Pro 1000 has a rechargeable battery offering 10 days of life on a full charge

Does one clean better than the other?

Yes, the Smart Clean can clean the teeth better than the Pro 1000. However, don’t expect significant differences.

Both have a 3D cleaning action offering 8,800 oscillations, but the motors are configured differently and the number of pulsations offered is what sets them apart.

The 360 delivers up to 40,000 compared to the maximum 20,000 of the Pro 1000.

When I used each side by side I didn’t see or feel a significant difference in the cleaning results.

However, with repeated use over weeks and months, the added cleaning power of the 360 could have a small, but beneficial impact in removing more plaque to keep your mouth healthy.

Is one better priced than the other?

Yes, the per handle price of the Smart Clean 360 is better.

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between the 2 models. The extra value of the Smart Clean comes from the additional features the brush has alongside the extra charging stand and travel cases that are supplied.

The Pro 1000 has a retail price of $70, but accounting for discounts and the competitive market, you can generally buy this for around $50.

The SmartClean 360 has a retail price of $100. Discounts do sometimes come up, but far less common. So, expect to pay full retail, meaning each handle costs $50 like the Pro 1000.

Ongoing ownership costs per handle are the same as both models use the same affordable interchangeable brush heads.

Pro 1000 electric toothbrush with retail box


If you can make use of a second brush handle then the Smart Clean 360 is the option to go for. 

Not only does it have all the features I recommend of an electric toothbrush, but you get a bit more value for money given it comes with 2 charging stands and a travel case. I really can’t complain.

If you only need 1 brush handle, then pick the Pro 1000. It still is a decent value brush that performs well.

Author: Jon Love

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April 12, 2024

Just bought the smart 360 after much deliberation and while I really like it I'm also super curious as to what, if any, differences it has with the smart 1500? It seems like Oral B keeps changing features which means that reading reviews that are a few years old no longer apply to the same model. My smart 360 unit only has the single power button, no arrow - and 3 modes. I don't know if they used to have 5 modes and now have 3 or if they had 3 and now have 5? I just got it yesterday, expected 3 modes, and it has 3 modes. Based on your saying the smart 1500 is capable of 8800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations - as is the smart 360 - I just don't understand what, if any, difference there is between these units. Both have Lithium Ion batteries. I don't know if maybe the 1500 battery lasts a little longer? I haven't put it to the test yet. But the smart 360 seems like a truly weird animal... it's sold ONLY in a two pack, but when you compare the features against the 1500 and consider you also get two travel cases (we do travel a lot so that seemed nice to me) it's a fantastic deal. And while the 1000 is available in a 2-pack, it doesn't include the cases and it is only slightly cheaper than the 360 2-pack. I'd love to see a comparison of the 360 to the 1500 because I'm scratching my head on this one. Haven't had it long enough to say much about it, but I can say that I brushed my teeth last night ... then had to roll out of bed and drive my kids to school this morning and found myself thinking as I was driving "Wow, my teeth feel so clean" - which is not something that normally crosses my mind on a normal morning. So - so far so good. Oh - my 360 also has a rubbery, concave button - not convex like you have pictured. I am in the US - are you in a different country with different models maybe? So confusing!

Jon Love - Chief tester
April 14, 2024

Hey. The main differences between the Smart Clean 360 and the Oral-B Smart 1500 are as follows: - Smart 1500 comes with 1 handle and head vs the 2 of the 360. - 360 comes with a travel case - 360 has 5 modes compared to 3 on Smart 1500 - 360 has a clenaing mode button to switch between modes rather than using the power button on the 1500 - 360 comes with 3 brush heads The Smart Clean 360 has gone through several itterations/revisions over the last few years. Why I am not enirely sure. But, yes you are correct that reviews are dated because of this. It sounds like the Smart Clean 360 you have is the slightly older model/version compared to the newest, but I have still seen stockists selling your version. Whilst it might be the 'older' version technically it is still good and comparable to the latest. The clenaing results are not going to differ. I think what Oral-B do is offer different models/different packages for different stores like Costco, Walmert etc, so the products appear different and they have a 'unique' product they can offer customers. Ultimately I wouldn't worry about what you've got. You have said yourself you have found the cleaning results great. That's brilliant. I hope this helps.

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