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Published: February 10, 2024

AquaSonic Black Series review

Author: Jon Love (57 Comments)
AquaSonic Black Series review 1

You get a lot for your money, but there's a possible trade off in long term support

star star star

Stunning value. You get so much for the price. No major brand competes here.

It cleans the teeth well and has recommended features. It is potentially let down by material quality and long term support.

Aquasonic Aquasonic Black Series
Aquasonic Aquasonic Black Series
AquaSonic Black Series review 2 AquaSonic Black Series review 2 AquaSonic Black Series review 2




Multiple cleaning modes


No pressure sensor


Several weeks of use on a single charge


Quality of materials are not the best


You get a lot in the box for the price


Possible supply & availability issues with replacement brush heads


American Dental Association (ADA) approved


Warranty & support lacking

Also worth considering

If you have a tight budget, then pay serious attention to the Oral-B Pro 500. You get the peace of mind that comes with a big brand, but without the high ticket price.

The Oral-B Smart 1500 is the better overall choice in our opinion. It has all the dentist recommended features.

It doesn't deliver quite the same box contents and value for money, but you get the support and access to brush heads that can be a problem with AquaSonic.

Who are AquaSonic?

I don’t normally talk extensively about the companies behind the toothbrushes I review, but I can’t help but feel it is somewhat necessary here.

AquaSonic are a new brand, even to me as a toothbrush critic.

Very little information exists about the brand, where they have come from and how to contact them.

I think it is important for you to know what you are buying.

AquaSonic Black Series review 10

Usually, a user manual comes with contact details for the manufacturer. There is absolutely no information in or on the box on how to contact them or what the warranty terms are. As of 2021 there is now a warranty support page available at

Any searching for the AquaSonic toothbrush reveals nothing other than websites selling this toothbrush and reviews that are for the most part really praising it and the value offered by the package.

There is a South African website called AquaSonic that sell toothbrushes, but from what I can tell they are entirely separate company/brand and not affiliated to this product being sold in the USA.

The AquaSonic being reviewed here appears to have no website of its own and there appears to be no way of contacting those responsible for producing it. As of 2021 is now live.

Further investigation reveals that the brush is most likely made by a company called RISUNTECH in China. The images of the brush shown here are pretty much identical and the model number is the same as is on the documentation in the box with AquaSonic.

AquaSonic Black Series review 11

For the record, whilst RISUNTECH may produce the brush, I do not believe they are the company marketing, selling and supporting the brush in the USA.

It is very common for Chinese companies to offer a product/design that brands can customize to sell in their own markets. Thousands of companies do this in many different product categories.

There are many emerging toothbrush brands who haven’t actually designed and made the toothbrush themselves but have instead purchased a brush designed and made by a Chinese manufacturer. It is then customized with their own brand etc.

In this particular situation, the best, you can contact the seller ‘Beauty Imports’ on Amazon, who appear to be responsible for selling the majority of the AquaSonic toothbrushes.

Why I want to really highlight this to you is because the brand appears to be taking advantage of consumers like you and me.

We buy the product in good faith. It has good reviews, the price is good, the features are great.

However, it is weeks or months later we discover some of the sacrifices we have made.

AquaSonic Black Series review 12

There is little or no support. It is unclear what the warranty is and no way to contact the manufacturer. As of 2021 there is now a warranty support page available at

To add to this, once you have used all the 8 brush heads, where do you buy spares from?!

For a long time, no replacements were available. Quite surprising when they are so important. This appears to have been resolved now. I have slight concerns for ongoing availability, but fingers crossed it won't be an issue.

Prior to these spares being made available it appeared that come the end of the 2 years of usable brush heads, ditching it would have been the only option.

A less than ideal backup option are philips Sonicare brush heads. Although designed for other brushes they do fit and appear to work should you need them.

Design, usability, clean & general use

There is nothing revolutionary about the style or design of the AquaSonic toothbrush.

To be honest, this is a good thing, I like something that sticks to the mold and just works.

The brush comes in a cardboard box, that appropriately is black in color.

On the box are a few key features of the brush, but it is fairly minimal in its design and does not exactly shout look at me. This is perhaps not much of a surprise, given that as it is being sold online, it is not fighting for your attention on store shelves.

It seems an appropriate time, to make a quick comment on the product name because it could be a bit misleading.

It is called the AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Sonic Whitening Toothbrush.

AquaSonic Black Series review 13

No issues with AquaSonic Black Series, but the ‘ultra sonic whitening’ is what I wish to clarify.

There are different types of cleaning technology available in electric toothbrushes. Sonic and ultrasonic (one word) are two different types. Although in this instance ultra sonic is two words, I want to make clear, this is not an ultrasonic brush, it is just a sonic toothbrush.

You can learn about the differences by reading my article sonic vs ultrasonic.

And then to the whitening. This brush does have a whiten mode, but a toothbrush cannot strictly whiten the teeth.

A toothbrush can make the teeth appear whiter, by cleaning off the stains (that can make teeth look darker and discolored) that exist on the outside surface of the teeth, but it is not able to change the natural tooth color. Therefore it is a bit of a stretch to say this is a whitening toothbrush.

AquaSonic Black Series review 14

Inside the box, all the items are placed within a thin plastic tray and then wrapped in thin plastic sleeves to keep everything clean.

The box contents list out all that you get included.

Upon first handling the brush it looks quite smart and there are some nice touches.

The handle of the brush itself is not perfectly round, but it has rounded edges. There is a slight squaring to the overall handle shape that in my opinion can help from an in hand grip perspective.

AquaSonic Black Series review 15

The color scheme is black and chrome primarily.

At the top of the handle is a chrome colored ring and there is another at the base.

The chrome is plastic and not metal.

AquaSonic Black Series review 16

Running down the front of the handle are some important features.

At the top is the AquaSonic logo, in a grey/silver color, contrasting against the black.

Below this is a large circular power on/off button. This has the text ‘ON/OFF’ beneath it.

Another circular button sits below this. A little smaller, this is used to change between the 4 cleaning modes the brush has.

AquaSonic Black Series review 17

These modes are labeled beneath the button.

The 4 modes are:

  • Clean
  • Soft
  • Whiten
  • Massage

When selected, the mode is lit up with white light, so you can clearly see which mode is active.

I like the fact that words are used for the modes. Many brands use icons, which make it more difficult to tell what mode it is.

AquaSonic Black Series review 18

Towards the bottom of the handle is a battery icon, this lights up either green or red depending on the battery status.

The base of the brush is flat, this means that the brush will stand upright on a worktop.

There is however a recess in the base, which the charging stand fits into for recharging.

AquaSonic Black Series review 19

On the back of the handle are 3 grooves that run a little over two thirds of the way up the handle.

The groves are functional and help the fingers grip onto the brush when in hand. Subtle, but practical I like this touch.

Smooth to the touch, the brush handle is wrapped in what appears to be some sort of silicone/rubber material. Although smooth, it does help with grip and is much better than the glossy plastic bodies you get on many brushes. Essentially what I am saying, that it looks and feels quite good.

But, take a little more time to inspect the materials and you can tell that they are not as good quality as more premium models, but given the price, this is perhaps not all that surprising. I should say they are more than satisfactory.

At the top of the handle extends a metal shaft. This is what makes the brush head function and is fixed into the brush motor sealed inside the handle.

AquaSonic Black Series review 20

The brush heads push onto the metal shaft. To remove the heads, you simply pull them off.

8 brush heads are provided in the box. The heads are all made from a smooth black plastic.

AquaSonic Black Series review 21

All shared the same bristle style, but 2 of the 8 supplied with my brush had a black colored ring at the bottom whilst the other 6 had a chrome ring. This ring was not user removable.

The heads have a typical sonic toothbrush size and shape to them. Larger than the small round brush heads found on the likes of Oral-B brushes they are an oval shape.

AquaSonic Black Series review 22

Arranged in 26 tufts, there are hundreds of nylon bristles in each head.

I don’t have a microscope to be able to check, but I suspect these bristles are rough cut.

What this means is the tip of each bristle has not been through a polishing process that would round the tips. Not going through this process can mean the bristle tips are sharper and less even and can potentially be more aggressive on the gums and soft mouth tissues.

It is not a massive issue for most, but some may get a bit of a stabbing sensation when brushing. The bristles also feel at the stiffer end of the scale. They certainly were not the softest bristles I have ever used.

The bristle length is a little longer at the top and bottom of the head (the green bristles) this is to help with cupping around the tooth and getting into the interdental spaces.

Overall, I felt the brushing experience from these heads was more than satisfactory and my teeth feel clean after use.

AquaSonic Black Series review 23

On odd occasions, the experience just felt a tiny bit rougher than the likes of a Sonicare or Oral-B brushing experience.

When it comes to dental advice and information on how to take care of your teeth, the American Dental Association (ADA) are one of the leading bodies.

It is then pretty reassuring to know that Aquasonic Black Series has achieved their ‘Seal of Acceptance’ which means the brush has met and surpassed certain standards and tests that the independent board put together. Thus, the dental professionals have signed it off.

It is good practice to replace a brush head every 3 months, sooner if the head is showing signs of wear or damaged bristles.

Unlike some brush heads, there appears not to be any fading bristles to act as a visual clue to replace the brush head. This is by no means a dealbreaker, just something to be aware of.

As I said, 8 heads come supplied, so based on 1 user, you have enough heads to last 2 years.

AquaSonic Black Series review 24

At the time of initial review, no replacement brush heads were available, despite being a necessary accessory/spare. It looked like the brush would be essentially fit for the trash at that point.

The lack of replacement brush heads is not something that is exclusive to AquaSonic, but it leaves users in the lurch. What good is an electric toothbrush without replacement heads?

Any serious toothbrush manufacturer would make sure replacement heads were available, wouldn't they?

However, after long delays replacements can now be sourced. I can only hope this continues.

It transpires that brush heads made for Philips Sonicare brush handles also fit and work with this brush handle.  So, whilst not made by Aquasonic more options exist than it first seems.

Clawing back some ground the brush has a few good features built in.

Firstly it is IP rated, which means all the electronics are sealed inside. Whilst you want to avoid submerging the brush in water, a good rinse.

The manual does suggest not to use when bathing though, so avoid use in the shower.

AquaSonic Black Series review 25

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 weeks on the standard clean mode, which is good.

As part of the electronics, there is a built-in 2 minute timer and 30 second pacer.

These work hand in hand and encourage you and me to brush for the dentist recommended time and evenly.

These kick in from the moment you power the brush on.

At 30 second intervals, there is a very slight pause in the brush head motion. This changes the sound also.

The pausing of the brush head is your cue to change quadrant.

AquaSonic Black Series review 26

The idea is you break your mouth up into 4 sections (quadrants), upper right, upper left, lower right, and lower left.

Spend 30 seconds cleaning each section and by the end of the 2 minutes, you will have achieved a fairly even clean and brushed for as long as a dentist would like you to.

At the end of the 2 minute cleaning cycle, the brush will turn itself off automatically, another neat feature.

Whilst not essential, the brush does not have a pressure sensor built in.

A pressure sensor can slow the brush motor and alert you when brushing too hard. Many Oral-B brushes have this built in as standard.

Just be aware, you should not scrub the teeth, the bristles need only skim the surfaces of the teeth to keep them clean.

The 4 cleaning modes all run for a total of 2 minutes and the timer and pacer works with all modes.

AquaSonic Black Series review 27

The motor in the brush handle delivers up to 40,000 vibrations (brush strokes) per minute, which is 9,000 more than Sonicare.

It is not clear how the number of vibrations differs between each mode, but the whiten mode sounds and feels most intense like it is using all 40,000.

The massage mode, pulses, altering from what is a higher and lower number of movements. This is designed to help stimulate the gums and encourage better gum health.

AquaSonic Black Series review 28

The manual describes the modes as follows:

  • Clean - Standard mode for superior teeth cleaning
  • Soft - Gently caress, carefully clean sensitive mouth
  • Whiten - Teeth cleaning with polishing and whitening
  • Massage - Pulsates for gum stimulation

To be honest I can’t say that the soft mode felt very soft.

I do not have sensitive gums, but it felt quite intense and pair this with the stiff bristles and it was not as pleasant as if I were using a sensitive mode on a leading brands brush.

The modes may work well for some people, but to be honest they are far from essential. Most, myself included will stick to the ‘clean’ mode for the vast majority of brushing sessions.

To change between the modes you press the smaller of the 2 circular buttons on the brush handle. You can change the mode before the brush is on or during the cleaning cycle. You can press the mode button as many times as you like, it just keeps cycling through the modes.

The on/off button does just that. In fact, rarely will you need to press it to turn the brush off, as it does it automatically.

Both buttons require little force to activate them, and sadly neither give the most satisfying feedback as you press them.

AquaSonic Black Series review 29

Always handy is a travel case as this can protect the toothbrush handle and brush heads when on the move.

The case here is fairly typical, holding the handle and up to 2 brush heads.

A clever touch, not often seen is the drip tray in the case, that allows the water off the heads to drain off. The tray pulls out for cleaning. Also, there is a vent in the base of the case to allow airflow and help dry off the head and handle.

AquaSonic Black Series review 30

Made from hard plastic, the case is an opaque black color, rather than being a solid black.

It feels pretty durable and like it could take a few knocks.

AquaSonic Black Series review 31

A very minor thing is that the plastic used is clearly a lower grade because out of the box it had a whole series of swirls/minor scratches to the plastic. This is an example of where the cost has been minimized.

Ultimately it will protect the head and handle.

Included in the box is an instruction manual. Not the most comprehensive it covers all the important things including teaching the correct brushing technique.

AquaSonic Black Series review 32

There are a small number of troubleshooting points within the manual, with at least 1 mention of contacting the service center for support.

As outlined in ‘who are AquaSonic’ and the upcoming ‘reliability’ section of the review, there are no contact details for the manufacturer or service center. There is also no warranty information provided. As of 2021 there is now a warranty support page available at

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

Rounded brush handle
Chrome plastic accents
Separate power and cleaning mode buttons
4 cleaning modes (Clean, soft, whiten & massage)
Cleaning modes are labeled on handle and backlit
8 brush heads provided
Firm bristles
2 minute timer and 30 second pacer built-in
Automatic power off function
American Dental Association approved
Travel case included

Battery life

Electric toothbrushes are powered by batteries. These are either built-in and not user replaceable or they are removable and make use of the likes of AA or AAA batteries.

The best performing brushes tend to have the batteries built-in.

This AquaSonic Black Series Ultra has a built-in rechargeable battery.

It uses a lithium-ion battery built-in, which is more desirable than a brush with a NiMH battery, which some, predominantly older models have.

Whilst it does not always apply, those brushes with a lithium battery tend to last longer and be more reliable than those with a NiMH battery.

Things look good for AquaSonic then.

AquaSonic Black Series review 33

I am unsure of the exact milliampere (mAh) capacity of the battery, but on a full charge, I achieved 44 tooth brushing sessions.

Or to put it another way that is 22 days of use, based on 2 cleans per day for 2 minutes between charges.

Therefore you are getting a touch over 3 weeks on a single charge.

This is very good.

As a general rule, the average battery life of an electric toothbrush is now about 2 weeks. There are some brushes that are as little as 5-7 days, but many are now offering more than 2 weeks.

In fact, many of these newer brands appear to offer months of battery life rather than weeks.

All in all, AquaSonic does well here.

AquaSonic Black Series review 34

On the brush handle is a LED icon for the battery.

This will light up a green or red color, depending on the remaining power.

The manual is not specific about this, but my own hands-on testing suggests the icon will be lit green when power in the battery is above 20% or the brush is on charge.

If the power falls below 20% this is when the icon flashes red to warn you power is low.

It can take a full 24 hours to charge the brush fully.

AquaSonic Black Series review 35

When you need to recharge the battery, the brush relies on a fairly typical charging stand setup.

Provided in the box is a black colored charging stand.

The stand has a 2 pin US plug on it and a cable that is about 4 feet (1.2 meters ) in length.

On the base are 4 rubber feet, that stop the stand from moving about on a countertop.

On the front, it the AquaSonic brand name and on the top is a protuberance (a bit sticking out) that fits into the recess on the base of the brush handle.

AquaSonic Black Series review 36

When connected to the power, electricity is passed wirelessly between the stand and the brush handle.

Inside the charging stand and brush handle are tightly wound coils of cable that transfer the charge. It is a common and safe way to charge an electric toothbrush.

It is actually the same wireless technology that modern smartphones use if they have wireless charging built-in.

This style of design helps keep the brush water resistant but can mean it takes a little longer to fully charge the brush.

For those who travel the 3 weeks battery life should be good enough. However, if you are on a longer trip and need to use the charging stand overseas, then it is great that the stand actually supports 100-240V. This means that you will only need a plug adapter to use it in certain countries, not a voltage adapter.

Summary of battery life

Lithium-Ion battery technology used
88 minutes of usage time or 22 days usage based on 2 cleans a day
Green battery icon when power is above 20%
Flashing red battery icon when power is below 20%
Takes up to 24 hours to charge fully
A charger is included in the box
US 2 pin plug
Works on 110-240 volts

Price & where to buy

I have included links to buying options here at the start of the review.

In the section below, I discuss the price more generally and in relation to similar products.

I probably don’t need to tell you that most products have a recommended or suggested retail price, then there is the price that the product actually sells for.

I have been unable to determine what the suggested retail price of this AquaSonic Black Series toothbrush is.

It was once listed for sale at $129 however, the average selling price in the last 6 months has been $37.

These prices come from sales history on Amazon and eBay, the primary outlets that you can buy this through. Although there have been some other sellers, best known being Groupon.

AquaSonic Black Series review 37

Here at Electric Teeth, we like to price the brush over a 3 year period to try and calculate the average selling price.

To do that, we need to factor in the cost of replacement heads required over this time too.

1 user will require 12, but you actually get 8 included in the box.

Where once AquaSonic were not offering replacement heads, they now do.

A 2 pack have a retail price of $14.95, but typically sell for around $11.95, so $6 each.

An Oral-B head typically costs about $5, and a Sonicare head in the region of $8.

Given you need another 4 heads over and about the 8 supplied, you are looking at a further cost of $26.

Over a 3 year period then, the cost totals $63 to own.

AquaSonic Black Series review 38

This price does exclude the cost of water, toothpaste and electric to charge it. This price also works on some assumptions, but you get a rough idea.

You can bring the cost down further if you were to share it with other members of your household. All you need do is invest in is extra brush heads.

At $63 this is very cost effective. There are not really many that come in cheaper.

Sonicare’s Series 4100 works out at $150, so well over twice the price. However, there are quite a few benefits for the premium charged and would be my choice.

Oral-B's Smart 1500 is a bit more competitive on price, but still not that cheap.

But they do offer the Pro 500, which comes in at around $85, but there are some compromises.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

Recommended retail price is unknown
Sells for around $37
Brush heads cost $6.50 each
Works out at around $63 over 3 years

Reliability & long term use

In an ideal world, I would be able to test this brush for many months and give you a longer term view of how this brush performs.

However, the reality is that I can and have only tested this brush for several weeks.

In that time, as I have outlined, it has performed well and given no immediate concerns for durability and reliability.

The fit and finish is pretty good, with no obvious weakness in construction.

AquaSonic Black Series review 39

However, from having handled many other brushes, I can tell you that the material quality is inferior to models from well known brands. I can’t say for sure whether long term this will be an issue, but it could well be.

Most brushes will last on average 3-5 years and are often supported with a warranty for 1 if not 2 of these years.

At the time of writing, over 1,400 have reviewed this brush on Amazon, and only 5% have rated it negatively, most citing some form of product failure.

I can’t help but wonder if long term reliability will be the sacrifice of buying a brush that is as cheap as this.

Assumptions I wish not to make, but might this be why the company behind AquaSonic seem almost invisible.

AquaSonic Black Series review 40

There is not a single mention of warranty on the sales pages or in the documentation provided.

If something should go wrong, you will need to reach out to the seller from whom you bought it, in the hope they can help. My fear is that if you reach out several months after purchase, you might be ignored or subject to excuses.

Even if it still works in 2 years as well as it did when new, the real problem is sourcing replacement brush heads. In 2 years, the supplied heads will have worn out. What to do when no replacement heads exist?

Let’s face it, the long term future looks bleak.


The AquaSonic Black Series is an impressive toothbrush that certainly challenges some of the bigger brands, particularly when you look at the value for money you get.

It cleans the teeth well, has a good box contents and key features like a timer and pacer built-in. It has even been approved by the American Dental Association.

However, the good parts of this brush are somewhat overshadowed by what it lacks.

It lacks the quality of the bigger brands, it feels cheaper in many places.

There is no obvious or easily obtainable manufacturer support and although replacement brush heads are now available, they were provided far later than one would have imagined.

The Oral-B Smart 1500 is my top pick. However, the Pro 500 is a very good alternative if you are on a budget.

Size guide

  • Toothbrush height with head - 25cm / 9.8 inches
  • Toothbrush height without head - 19cm / 7.5 inches
  • Width - 2.8cm / 1.1 inches
  • Depth/thickness - 2.8cm / 1.1 inches
  • Weight with head - 113g / 4oz
  • Weight without head - 118g / 4.1oz
  • Travel case size - 22cm / 8.7 inches (L) x 8cm / 3.1 inches (W) x 4.5cm / 1.8 inches (D)
  • Travel case weight - 144g / 5.1oz without brush or 257g / 9.1oz with brush
  • Package weight - 499g / 17.6oz


  • 65dB

Country of manufacture

  • China
Author: Jon Love

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October 8, 2022

Not finding a replacement charger for Aqua Sonic black duo. Or even any clarification if compatible with other chargers. Please advise what to do. Thanks.

Jon Love - Chief tester
October 9, 2022

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer Kate to get a new one? They have a replacement parts section on their website, but they don't list a charging stand. We can't guarantee compatibility with chargers from other brands. This is outside the testing we do.

C Davis
July 30, 2022

Purchased this toothbrush in December 2021. It stopped charging in July 2022. Company did not want to honor warranty. I would not purchase, company culture for correcting issues is terrible.

May 27, 2022

In 2022, this holds no longer true. Aquasonic sells brush replacements with different shapes for different series and they are easily available. It is more than obvious by now that these are rebranded Fairywills, which is not bad.

Arcane Tourist
June 28, 2021

Nice detailed review! Not sure how you missed it, but I found their site. DNS records indicate that the site has existed since 2004. I won't be getting this toothbrush. It's time to buy a new pair and my wife likes to brush for longer than two minutes, so I'm looking for one that might alert, but that keeps going.

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 29, 2021

Hi. Thanks for the link to the website. I can safely say that site was not live when I was researching. The domain may have been around, but it certainly wasn't active with any of these products listed. In fact, their About page says the company was formed in 2017. If you want a toothbrush that doesn't automatically turn off after 2 minutes, you want to take a look at Oral-B.

Arcane Tourist
June 29, 2021

Yes, and that's not the only inconsistency. They claim to be an "American based business" and founded by a dental school student. In reality, it's appears to be just yet another China based business with an in-country warehouse. I say that because in less time than it takes to write this, I see that the first google result for their founder was a person who is self-described as an "investor" and was endorsing the construction company that built a warehouse for him for an overseas company. A quick google view of their street location shows a warehouse with only Chinese writing and no signage in English. That's all OK, but the deception is distasteful. Ended up picking up one Philips Sonicare 4100 at our local grocery store - Coincidentally, it was on sale for $10 off at $40. My wife figures she can just turn it back on. If not, I'll take it and buy something else for her.

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 29, 2021

You are quite correct. Many brands like AquaSonic use this model of importing Chinese designed and made products. Well done for doing your investigations. The Sonicare 4100 is a great brush and you got it at a good price.

Arcane Tourist
June 29, 2021

Edit: The Oral-B toothbrushes seem nice, but we prefer the vibrating types. Seems like all the decent vibrating brands like to auto turn off.

Frank Coffey
June 24, 2021

Hey John, Thanks much for your deep analysis. I bought the AquaSonic today and per instructions immediately started charging it. The process started with a red light showing at the bottom of the unit. Shortly thereafter - less than an hour - the light went to green. And within an hour the green went off. Instructions - and you - said it would take 24 hrs to fully charge. But when I hit the power button, it started right up. Do you think that means its charged? Appreciate your input.

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 25, 2021

Hi Frank. The batteries usually come pre-charged. If it was completely flat (would not turn on) then it could take 24 hours to charge. It sounds like you are good to go and begin using it.

Frank Coffey
June 25, 2021

Cool, thanks a bunch Jon.

Frank Coffey
June 25, 2021

Can't praise Electric Teeth and Jon Love more highly. Information you can trust, delivered clearly and concisely. Five stars!!

Marcel Alicea
May 28, 2021

I am the owner of an Aquasonic toothbrush which I acquired about a year ago (early June, 2020). I have been quite satisfied with it’s performance. I formerly used a number of Oral-B toothbrushes, which I believed to be quite good at the job they were designed to do. When my toothbrush decided that it was tired and did not want to work anymore it died out so I disposed of it with plans on purchasing a Sonicare toothbrush for it’s replacement. While trying to choose which Sonicare to purchase I came across the Aquasonic Black. To make a long story short, it has surpassed my expectations. Also, even though I found head replacements for the Aquasonic, I noticed that Sonicare brush heads not only fit, but work quite well. I also have used TripleBristle brush heads which have also performed very well. They are not very well known (TripleBristle), so remember to buy the heads that were designed to fit Sonicare toothbrush handles. I myself really like the Aquasonic used with the 3 brush heads that the TripleBristle heads give you on one toothbrush!

Chris W - Co-founder
May 28, 2021

Thanks for the input Marcel, it sounds like you have found a good solution. Triple Bristle is an interesting product, we have reviewed it here.

March 21, 2021

What size is the battery?

Jon Love - Chief tester
March 22, 2021

Hi Janice. I am afraid I do not know the exact mAh battery capacity/size. I achieved 88 minutes of usage time or 22 days usage based on 2 cleans a day from it on a full charge.

John Marcoccia
February 25, 2021

You can get a 3 year replacement on Amazon for $4.99 if you buy it there.

January 26, 2021

Can't say for sure, but this looks almost identical to the Mornwell D01b. Atmoko make a clone of this too - HP107A, charges by USB (and Atmoko also sell clones of Fairywill's brushes - I suspect these are all rebadges). I've found with the (black) D01b Mornwell brush (which I have) that it fits Sonicare brush heads (or compatibles) and has the same charger as Sonicare too (with a shaver plug, in the UK versions). I also have the (blue) Mornwell T25 - brush handle looks slightly different but also takes Sonicare brush heads and has a Sonicare-alike charger (with USB).

Jon Love - Chief tester
January 27, 2021

Thanks for sharing Lousie. All of these (to my knowledge) are 'off the shelf' white label toothbrushes that have been rebadged/packaged for the respective brands with very minor changes to make them different. It is a benefit and a drawback for us all.

January 26, 2021

I should also say the Mornwell T25 (and Atmoko HP107A) have "DiamondClean"-alike brush heads which this Aquasonic doesn't. They are a bit softer than Sonicare's but seem to be effective. I think (the Mornwell versions/clones, which I've tried) are an excellent Sonicare-style brush - I've been using sonic brushes since NiCad, then NiMH, Ultrasonex days.

December 26, 2020

Where can I just buy the handle with motor that recharges

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 28, 2020

Doug. I am not aware of this being an option, they are sold as complete packages. Perhaps you could buy the complete package and sell the replacement brush heads and other accessories?!

Bob L
December 18, 2020

The bottom of my aqua sonic pro deteriorated and shows a white color. How can I contact the company for a replacement

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 21, 2020

Hi Bob. I am presuming you bought this via Amazon? If so, go to your orders page and you will be able to make contact with the seller and see about getting it resolved.

December 5, 2020

Please tell me how to change heads and don’t say just pull because they won’t come off, I can pull and can see insides move thanks

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 7, 2020

Hi Bill. It sounds like something is wrong with your brush then. I won't write the words you ask me not to, but that is how they are supposed to come off. Potentially you could run the brush head under some warm water to see if that helps loosen it. Failing that you will need to speak to the supplier from which you bought it.

Matt Larson
October 29, 2020

What about the sound level? How does the noise volume compare to other brands? Also, do you think this is just a Chinese knock-off of the Sonicare top products?

Jon Love - Chief tester
October 31, 2020

Hi Matt. In terms of noise it is about the same/comparable to other Sonicare/sonic style toothbrushes. It is quieter than Oral-B products which tend to be amongst the most noisy toothbrushes. It is a Chinese designed and made toothbrush comparable to a mid-range Sonicare toothbrush. They are not directly copying Sonicare, but there is a lot of inspiration taken in the design and features. But, this is not exclusive to Aquasonic, there are many brands that do just this.

September 21, 2020

I've been an owner of Sonicare since they started and every 2-3 years the units break down and after years of contacting Sonicare for replacements at an additional cost, I have a hard time believing you have ever owned one!!! The gasket material holding the metal to the body breaks down over time even with cleaning it after each use. But every time Costco runs a special for 2 units I buy. So that doesn't help my cause either. Then there's the battery which of course you don't cover very well. I've tried replacing the battery with You Tube instructions etc which of course you don't mention at all. So Jon, try and actually use a product for extended years rather than 1 week. Aquasonic may not be the best but definitely on par with sonicare.

Jon Love - Chief tester
September 22, 2020

Hi Paul. Thanks for your feedback it is most welcomed. Due to the very nature of the products that I test, it is not possible for me to use a single toothbrush day in day out for years on end. Quite simply I would be limited on what insight I can share about other products like AquaSonic. Inevitably this is a dilemma that affects anyone who reviews/test products, be that toothbrushes, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, and many other products. My go to toothbrush has generally been an Oral-B. But I do use Sonicare regularly to. Whilst I can't say I am using the same model every day consistently I have had a few that I have used for extended periods of time. None have personally failed on me. Feedback like that from you and others is invaluable and I have had reports from many about reliability on all models and brands. Admittedly, one specific model, the Sonicare DiamondClean Series does seem to be more prone to issues than others from the feedback I have received. One of our team used this model and the power button failed, but that was after the warranty had expired. I know Sonicare have made improvements, and the DiamondClean Smart for example has a different build to the standard DiamondClean Series. I can't comment on the exact circumstances you have experienced, but it sounds like you have had different models over time. Do you know what models these were? What additional costs were you incurring? Under the warranty, repairs or replacements should really be offered at no cost. Please do share with me your thoughts on how I could cover the battery better in the reviews that I create. I am certainly willing to consider how I can improve the reviews I create for people. However, tutorials of how to replace a battery is not something I will be getting into for several reasons, notably the complications and risk factors associated with doing so.

July 31, 2020

I did like this toothbrush until a year and 1 month later it quit working. Apparently, it is not charging. It turns on and then turns off immediately. Can this be fixed? I don’t like the Fairywill brand because it is not wireless and must charge with USB. I have extra Aqua brushes. If I buy the Sonic toothbrush can I use the Aquasonic brushes in this brush? Maybe I will buy the Sonic Care brush. Do you still advise the Sonic Care is the best? Thank you

Jon Love - Chief tester
July 31, 2020

Hi Bobbie. Technically this product is outside of the warranty period. However, it is possibly worth contacting the seller to see if there is anything they can do for you. Generally, I recommend Sonicare over the likes of Aquasonic. The cleaning action is comparable but it is the peace of mind & support that comes with larger brands that are very appealing. You can use Aquasonic brush heads on most Sonicare brush handles. Subject to which model you were to go for it may limit some of the features available on the Sonicare.

July 11, 2020

Er, I may get a FairyWill, though, instead of another AquaSonic. Just so I'm able to try them both out. AquaSonic claims their customer service is based in the US. I've not seen any evidence of that, as they don't even have a phone number to reach them at. So their place of business really doesn't matter if it's email anyway. I've emailed them once before through Amazon to ask a question, and they emailed me back within the next two days or so. But I'm pretty positive this is the "company" that deals with AquaSonic's sales (doesn't look very promising lol):

Jon Love - Chief tester
July 12, 2020

Hi Chris. Yes, Pure Daily Care is the company we have come across selling AquaSonic. Their website could do with a bit of attention.

July 11, 2020

Here's the replacement brush heads for AquaSonic Black and AquaSonic ProFlex. But honestly, I'll probably just buy another couple of AquaSonic Black's and put them aside for when this one craps out, and for the extra brush heads. It costs only a few dollars more than the 3 replacement heads from Philips, anyway. Might as well.

July 10, 2020

As of now, I see plenty of replacement brush heads for the AquaSonic on Amazon. I've been using mine for 8 months now with no issues. I ended up going this route after my Philips Sonicare Platinum failed to hold a charge after 2 years of daily use. Philips offered me 40% off of a new one from their website, but it was still too expensive in this current climate to get a new one, and I'm honestly sick and tired of paying $30+ for 3 replacement brush heads. For real!! I can buy the entire AquaSonic toothbrush and 8 head set all over again every couple of years and still will have saved myself hundreds of dollars in Philips Sonicare brush head costs. That's worth it in the end for me. Even if I want to try out the Fairywill brand instead, I'm still basically just paying the cost of the brush heads for the entire device. Killer!

Jon Love - Chief tester
July 11, 2020

Hi Chris. Thanks for your comment. I totally understand. Can you link me to the replacement brush heads for Aquasonic you have found? I don't see any from the company themselves, but I might be missing something.

Nashawna Carter
January 24, 2020

If it wont charge anymore can you change the battery?

Jon Love - Chief tester
January 24, 2020

The battery is built-in and is not designed to be replaced by users. You will need to get in contact with the seller for them to repair or replace it for you if it is still within the warranty period.

Tigre Pickett
December 7, 2019

Doh! Doesn't look like it works... Such a bummer! 5.0 out of 5 starsDoesnt fit Aquasonic...but good product October 25, 2019 Verified Purchase Fast processing. Stated that if fit the Aquasonic Black, however it doesn't.

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 7, 2019

Oh sorry Tigre. This review on Amazon implies that they fit, but the user wasn't as happy with the quality compared to the originals. I tried various other 'Sonicare compatible' heads on the AquaSonic I have and they fitted and worked fine.

December 7, 2019

Amazing review! We have two sets of the duo and love them... except for the fact that we can't replace the heads. Before I go buying new toothbrushes for the family, can you drop an amazon link here for which Sonicare replacement heads actually work? I bought some that don't fit, so don't want to repeat the mistake again. Thanks!

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 7, 2019

Hi. Thanks for the kind words on the review. I have to be honest, I have not used the Duo model. However, heads like these on Amazon should fit I believe.

November 15, 2019

The basics I expect from online sales is a direct contact for customer service, a clear GUARANTEE that follows the EU regulations and free returns in the first, say, 4 weeks, so that I can try it out. These are missing. And when, on top, a producing company doesn't bother to sell their own brushes, and expects its customers to depend on their competition to provide them, I will definitely not buy them! There are enough excellent brands that that provide these services as a standard.

October 2, 2019

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information! I am actually searching to find a charger replacement for my "AquaSonic DUO" toothbrush. Any luck on your research finding? By any chance did you come across some type of replacement charger since AquaSonic does not sell their chargers separately.

Jon Love - Chief tester
October 4, 2019

Hi Jawaid. I have not seen replacement parts like this. Given that the company don't even offer their own replacement brush heads at this time, the likelihood of a replacement charger is very low. It is worth getting in contact with the seller who you purchased it through (presumably on Amazon) as it may well be they can provide these, they just don't list them. If you need one because the original was faulty, I would hope they would replace.

P. Schwinn
August 28, 2019

Thank you Jon. I found HuffPost article on this toothbrush and then found it for $5 cheaper on ebay. Thought about purchasing one for myself and 2 for my brothers overseas. Glad I read your detailed review because it helped me to save my hard earned money and stick with my $20 Sonicare that uses 1 AA battery !!!!! I think consumers get sucked into spending money on every new product they see online and companies thrive on our emotions.

Jon Love - Chief tester
August 29, 2019

Glad to be of service.

August 27, 2019

It's just a knockoff Sonicare. I bought one for $28. I like it. Sonicare heads work. No complaints. In 2 or 3 years I'll buy something else for $30 that I stick in my mouth and it does the cleaning for me, hands free.

Justin Case
August 26, 2019

Thank you for this article and thanks also to Jon Love for his comments. Based on what I read I took a risk of buying generic Sonicare compatible replacement heads on an amazon deal. They fit well and work just fine on my Aquasonic.

Jon Love - Chief tester
August 27, 2019

Glad to have helped Justin.

June 11, 2019

I just got the Pro version from a sale on Since I am new to electric toothbrushes I'm not sure yet how well it will work. I have read that while the AquaSonic doesn't have it's own replacement brush heads you can use other brands replacement heads including Sonicare. Hopefully I can use those, or the ones you mentioned, in the future.

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 14, 2019

Hi Christian, I have just tested the Sonicare heads on the Aquasonic, and found they do work. This is good to know, but still a shame Aquasonic don't offer replacement heads.

Kanticha T.
July 2, 2019

I was not sure should i get this or no because of the head replacement and now i found your comment said we can use the Sonicare heads on the Aquasonic. Thank you so much

June 16, 2019

Yes, I agree with you. I wish you could buy original Aquasonic brush heads. Perhaps you could answer another question for me. My toothbrush instructions recommend leaving your charger plugged in and leaving the toothbrush on the charger when not in use so you always know it's fully charged. How much energy does this use? It seems like this would be a vampire drain on your electricity. How much energy does a toothbrush charger use? Does it use as much as a phone charger? I have a wireless charging stand for my phone which I try not to leave plugged in all the time. If I leave my toothbrush charging stand plugged in all the time how much will that cost me? Have you ever thought of rating toothbrushes by how much energy they use? Is leaving the toothbrush on the charger constantly really the best way to take care of it?

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 16, 2019

Christian. This is a very good question that you ask, but honestly I can't tell you for sure. I am not an electrician, nor do I understand all the science on the amount of energy used to be able to advise. Whilst it is perfectly fine to leave the brush on the charger and connected to power you do not have to. I personally let my brush discharge most of the time to around 20% before I recharge the toothbrush. The brushes electronics should stop trying to charge the brush once the battery is full, only accepting more power when the battery is no longer full. So leaving it on the charger should not be an issue. Everyone's energy costs are different, but in reality the cost of leaving it always connected is going to be very low in the scheme of things.

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