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Published: June 19, 2024

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs

Author: Jon Love (Leave a comment)
Various Oral-B brushes stood on countertop.

In the sections below we have answered commonly asked questions about Oral-B toothbrushes.

If you can't find the answer to your question, leave a comment below and we will answer it for you as best as we can.

Pre-purchase FAQ's

What Oral-B brush offers the best cleaning results?

They all clean comparably. No one brush is significantly better than another.

There is a more noticeable difference between the 2D cleaning action offered on the most affordable Vitality and Pro 500 models compared to the more thorough 3D cleaning action offered on the Smart, Genius and iO Series for example.

More premium models, do typically offer more cleaning power and potentially better results, but the differences are marginal and there is limited evidence to suggest they justify the extra spend.

Typically spending $50-100 will get you a brush that offers a good balance between price and cleaning performance.

Our top pick is:

Our Choice
Is it safe to use an Oral-B brush on crowns, veneers, implants, bonding and bridges?


Used correctly no harm will come to your dental work.

Is it safe to use an Oral-B brush with braces?

Yes, you can safely use Oral-B brushes with fixed braces.

However, it is recommended not to use the 'Floss Action' head with them.

Oral-B does manufacture a specialized 'ortho' brush head that some users find more effective for cleaning around the brackets and wires.

You can learn more about the different brush heads in our brush heads for Oral-B article.

What's a good amount to spend on an Oral-B brush?

$50 to $100 is the ideal amount you want to spend on an Oral-B brush.

For this price, you will be getting the features we recommend are present in any good electric toothbrush. They are a 2 minute timer, 30 second pacer and a visible pressure sensor.

You can still get a decent electric toothbrush for less than $50, but you will likely be forgoing some features. For example, the Pro 500 is much less than $50 but lacks a pressure sensor, offers a less effective 2D cleaning action and has no LED to let you know the brush is low on power or charging.

Meanwhile spending over $100 will net you features you might like, but don't need. Extra brushing modes, Bluetooth connectivity and extra accessories are common. The brushes don't clean the teeth any better.

Our Choice
What features should I look for in an Oral-B brush?

A pressure sensor, a timer and a pacer are the features worth paying for

These three features help to make sure you brush correctly and for the right amount of time. Generally, you can get a good brush with these features for around $50-100. They are particularly useful if you're a first time toothbrush user, or if you know you brush your teeth too hard.

What cleaning modes do I need?

We believe just 1 or 2 modes are more than sufficient.

Our recommendation is a brush with Daily Clean and Sensitive. This gives the option of a powerful and effective everyday mode (Daily Clean) and a slower more gentle option for when your teeth and gums feel a little more delicate.

For most people, focusing on mastering a single brushing mode with proper technique, duration, and frequency will deliver better results than switching between different cleaning modes.

We've not found any significant difference between the cleaning results achieved by each mode.

Our page dedicated to Oral-B cleaning modes explains these and other options in more detail and recommends models with specific modes.

What do the different names mean? Pro, iO Series, etc

These names are ranges or families of toothbrushes, under the wider Oral-B toothbrush brand.

Under each range typically sits several different toothbrushes. There will often be some similarities but subtle differences exist.

Vitality is the entry level, affordable models with fewer features.

The Pro range sits above Vitality, offering the key features you normally need or want from an electric toothbrush.

The Smart and Genius models are more feature rich, with things like more brushing modes, Bluetooth connectivity and additional accessories included. They also command the highest prices.

The iO Series is a bit different in that it has more models within its range, but they vary from the most basic, but more than functional iO2 model right through to the immensely capable and very expensive iO Series 10.

Our Oral-B comparison article explains the differences in a bit more detail.

Are there any Oral-B brushes with USB charging stands?

No. At the time of writing all charging stands supplied with Oral-B brushes either have a 2 pin US power adapter hardwired into the stand. Or the power cable is detachable but is 2 pin and not USB.

It is possible to buy a compatible USB charging stand from after market sellers, not Oral-B themselves.

Can you charge an Oral-B brush in a case with a USB cable?

No. At the time of writing the only toothbrushes that can be charged in a case require an Oral-B specific power adapter. There are no USB enabled travel charging cases.

There are a couple of models (Genius Pro 8000 and Genius X) that have USB ports on the case, but this is for passthrough power to charge another device connected via a USB cable and not the toothbrush itself.

What's the cheapest Oral-B brush with Super Sensitive setting?

The Oral-B Pro 500 is the most affordable option.

More expensive, but the most affordable from the iO Series with this option is the iO2.

Does the teeth whitening mode work?

Yes, and no.

The speed/angle of the bristles etc are different on this cleaning mode and in theory, is supposed to help with whitening the teeth by helping to buff away external stains on the tooth surface and make them look whiter.

We believe there is a reasoned argument as to why this mode could help. The reality is that a good oral care routine and regular brushing should allow your teeth to be clean and relatively stain free.

Your brushing time, technique, frequency, diet and lifestyle are all going to play a much bigger part in how white your teeth are/look than a cleaning mode on a toothbrush alone.

That said, for someone with a poor oral care routine, a big red wine drinker and a smoker may see much more significant and quicker whitening results because of their diet and lifestyle and the likely darker and more stained teeth they may have.

Do Oral-B electric toothbrushes turn off automatically?

No. Oral-B electric toothbrushes do not automatically turn off at the end of a cleaning cycle. It is up to you to press the power button to turn the brush off and stop the motion in the brush head.

This is different to most other electric toothbrushes from the likes of Philips Sonicare, Colgate, Oclean, Burst, Waterpik, Boka, Bitvae, Ordo and Quip which do power off automatically.

The only exceptions from Oral-B that I know of are on the iO Series handles.

The brush will stop after 5 minutes of continuous brushing. But, then again you won’t typically brush for this long.

The other exception is potentially if you have a model with a tongue cleaning mode. After the end of the cycle the Oral-B brush might power off automatically. This is often the case on a couple of iO Series handles that have this mode.

So, if your Oral-B brush doesn’t turn off itself, this is normal.

Are the brush motors the same in all Oral-B toothbrushes?

Yes and no.

Technically, the motors inside various brush handles might well be identical in terms of capability or they could be the same, it depends on what models are being compared.

However, Oral-B does configure some models differently, thus the power used from that brush motor can differ.

It varies from one model to another, but different brushes offer a different number of oscillations and pulsations from the motor to impact the cleaning results.

Typically, the more expensive the brush the more movements and pulsations it offers. Whilst this can make a difference long term, it is not worth worrying about too much. Your brushing technique, time, and frequency likely have a bigger impact.

More notable is that some models, such as the Vitality and Pro 500 offer a 2D cleaning action where the head oscillates and rotates, but does not pulsate. Compare this to all other models that have the 3D action and the difference in cleaning results and brushing sensation is more noticeable.

What's the most powerful Oral-B toothbrush?

The most powerful Oral-B brushes are the Genius 6000, 7500, Genius Pro 8000 and the Genius X.

These brushes are measured on the number of oscillations and pulsations. They are 10,500 oscillations and 48,000 pulsations.

Oral-B does not typically publish or make a big deal of these numbers. With the introduction of the iO Series, it has moved to measuring the oscillation angle of the bristles rather than the number of movements, so it is harder to do a like for like comparison.

Power or how intense the cleaning action feels is only one part of the brushing equation. We encourage not worrying about 'power' and focus more on your brushing technique, brushing time, and frequency. These things will likely have a greater positive impact on your oral health.

How long does an Oral-B electric toothbrush last?

3-5 years is roughly the usable life you can expect from an Oral-B electric toothbrush.

There certainly isn’t a set amount of time or brushing sessions your toothbrush will last. The reality is that there are a whole range of factors that influence precisely how many years of use you get before you have to look at replacing it.

I’ve seen plenty of reports of brushes failing within just a few months, but equally some people have brushes still going strong after 10+ years.

Close up shot of an Oral-B iO brush head cleaning the teeth

Post-purchase FAQ's

My brush suddenly stops or pauses during a brushing session (bzzzzzz-stop-bzzzz-stop-bzzzzz)

This is likely the 30 second pacer.

This pause/change in sound is a audible clue that you should move from 1 section of the mouth to another.

The 4 main sections you brush are upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left. During a 2 minute clean the alert will be heard 3 time and the 4th (at 2 minutes) is slightly different to signal the recommended 2 minutes have passed.

Can I use my brush in the shower?

Yes, all Oral-B electric toothbrushes are waterproof, so it is fine to use them in the shower. However, don’t immerse/fully submerge your brush in water.

It is advisable to make sure that you completely dry the handle after use and before charging.

How to reset Oral-B toothbrush

The steps you need to take to reset your Oral-B toothbrush depend on the specific model you have.

It is always best to refer to the user manual for your toothbrush, but the 3 most common methods are:

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Reset via the Oral-B smartphone app.
  • Reset via the in handle display.

The following video demonstrates these.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 15

So, a little more detail on each.

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

This approach typically applies to the Pro, Smart and Genius models. This doesn’t usually work for iO models.

Just as it sounds, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. 

Model dependent, individual or multiple lights on the handle will usually flash or blink simultaneously twice.

This will usually reset the handle and restore it to the factory default settings.

Subject to model, this may mean features or settings previously configured may need to be setup once again.

Some models will react differently, if they are not designed to be reset this way. Some brushes might not power on immediately after a 10 second power button press. If your’s doesn’t turn on, place the brush on the charging stand for a few seconds, remove it and power it on.

If this doesn’t work try holding the button for another 10 seconds.

Reset via the Oral-B smartphone app

This approach normally works with Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes such as, but not limited to the Smart, Genius and iO models.

Open the Oral-B app on your smartphone, with your toothbrush nearby.

Navigate to the section of the app named devices. Scroll down to ‘Your Brushing System’, then scroll down to ‘Rest Brush Settings’. This is usually right at the bottom of the screen and is a red button.

Once pressed, you will likely be presented with an ‘Are you sure’ message with further details about what happens. If you wish to proceed, click ‘Yes, Reset’. Within a few seconds the brush should be reset.

In most instances, the brush remains configured and connected to the app. You won’t need to reconnect the brush to the app.

Reset via the in handle display.

If your brush has a display built into the handle, you are normally able to reset it via this.

Lift your brush or press the power button button to wake it if its in standby mode.

Press the mode button, it’s usually found beneath the display. Press it multiple times until you see the cog icon with the word settings underneath. Press the power button to confirm you wish to enter the settings menu. 

Then press the mode button again multiple times until you see an arrow pointing to the left with a rounded tail. It should have the words ‘Factory Reset’ underneath. 

Press the power button.

You will then be presented with ‘Sure?’. To confirm and proceed with the reset, press the power button.

To cancel, click the mode button.

Within a few seconds the brush will reset and you will likely be requested to setup the handle once again, choosing things such as the langue.

A couple of extra noteworthy points.

Some Oral-B models do have a brush head replacement reminder system built in. This is where a yellow light within the mode button will be lit. The handle will likely vibrate too.  This is a sign that the attached brush head has reached and exceeded the recommended usable life and should be replaced.  To reset this, press and hold the mode button for 2 seconds.  A vibration and illumination signal confirms the reset.

If you have an Oral-B iO10 or toothbrush that uses the iO Sense charging stand, you can reset the stand.

Touch and hold the button on the back of the stand, above the power connector, that looks like a WiFi symbol. Hold it until orange lights appear on the top of the iO Sense charger, then release the button.

Tap the button again while the orange light is on to trigger the reset.

The LEDs spin orange clockwise to confirm the reset has been completed.

If these resets don’t work for you. Consult your user manual or contact Oral-B for further assistance.

Is the gap under my brush head normal?

Yes, it is quite normal for the vast majority of electric toothbrushes to have a small gap of approximately 1-2 millimeters between the brush head and the top of the brush handle.

The brush isn’t faulty and is intentionally designed this way, to allow the brush head to move correctly.

Even with the gap the head should feel securely attached and not loose.

If the gap is anything more than 1-2 millimeters, feels looser than normal or you are concerned, then it is worth checking with the manufacturer, by contacting their customer service department.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 16
What's the orange light on my Oral-B toothbrush?
Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 17

The yellow light or in some cases an orange/amber color light on your toothbrush is likely one of 2 different things.

The first and most common is a warning or reminder to replace your brush head.

Oral-B brushes with this tend to have a yellow light, in a circle, often in the center of a mode or function button on the brush handle.

The procedure to turn off the light or reset it depends on your specific model. Most commonly a 2 second press of the mode/function button that the yellow light is being emitted from will reset this function. 

Some Oral-B toothbrushes have a light ring at the top of the brush handle that allows the color of the light to be customized. Yellow is one color that can be set to show when the brush is switched on and in use. It’s a design and customization option rather than a warning of an error.

Of course, you might have a yellow light on your toothbrush for an entirely different reason. The exact reason for the light will depend on your specific model. You must consider what other behaviors that brush is demonstrating too. 

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 18
What's the red light on my Oral-B toothbrush?
Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 19

The red light on your toothbrush is likely one of 2 different things.

The first and most common is that it is an indicator to alert you to the fact that there is no charge remaining in the battery or the remaining power is very low.

The solution is to put the toothbrush on the charging stand, connected to a power outlet. Do this for a minimum of 30 minutes, but ideally, a couple of hours to see if the red light changes color or is no longer shown.

The behavior of the light depends on the model. If it is a low battery warning, it is often a solid red color or flashes red.

The second and other common reason is that your toothbrush has a visible pressure sensor. By being lit red it is trying to warn you that you are applying too much force as you brush your teeth.

This is most commonly found around the neck or top of the brush handle. 

When you brush your teeth, don’t apply too much force, just a little. You want the bristles to skim the surface of the teeth. Hard, forceful scrubbing doesn’t result in a better clean and can be damaging to the teeth and gums. To stop the red light from showing, brush with less force.

Of course, you might have a red light on your toothbrush for an entirely different reason. The exact reason for the light will depend on your specific model. You must consider what other behaviors that brush is demonstrating too. 

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 20
What's the best charging routine for an Oral-B electric toothbrush?

To get the maximum usable life out of your rechargeable battery, it is believed that the best routine is to charge the battery to around 80% and then use it until the battery discharges to around 20%.

You want to avoid constantly topping the battery up to 100% or discharging it completely.

However, it is not always feasible to achieve this approach and there is little to no evidence to say that it does extend the life of the battery in any meaningful way.

A better and more practical approach for most is to try and ensure you get full charging cycles out of the battery.

Rather than sitting the brush on the charging stand after every session, leave it off or unplugged from the charger until the brush tells you via the LED that a top-up is required. Then charge the brush to full.

Oral-B brushes have technology built-in that prevents overcharging to help protect the battery, if you do decide you would rather place it on the charging stand after every use.

How can I tell my brush is charging?

On most Oral-B models there is an LED on the front of the brush handle that will be lit when on the charging stand.

Typically the light will pulse with a green light, although iO models will likely pulse a white light from the light ring around the neck of the brush handle.

If the battery is completely flat with no charge it may take 30 or more minutes before the light begins to illuminate.

Once a brush is fully charged, the pulsing light usually turns to a solid green to white light, before then turning off completely to signal that the recharge is complete.

Some models such as the Vitality and Pro 500 have no LEDs on the handle at all and you will have no way of knowing if the brush is charging or not. You just have to leave it on the stand and hope that it is being topped up.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 21
Which cleaning mode is which? How can I tell the difference?

The following table shows the cleaning mode icons which may be backlit on your Oral-B brush handle. Match the icon to the mode name to learn which mode is which.

ModeMode IconWhat it doesCleaning time
Daily CleanOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 22Everyday cleaning to remove plaque and maintain oral health.2 minutes
Gum Care (massage)Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 23Gently massages to stimulate the gums while cleaning.2 minutes
SensitiveOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 24Slower speed for a gentle brushing experience. 2 minutes
Super SensitiveOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 25A slow and super gentle mode for cleaning the most sensitive areas.2 minutes
WhiteningOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 26Polishes aware surface stains by alternating the speed of the motor and brush movements.2 minutes
Pro CleanOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 27Deep and powerful clean.3 minutes
IntenseOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 28Deep and powerful clean.2 minutes
Tongue CleanOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 29Slower speed for a gentle sensation when brushing the tongue and cheeks.30 seconds on iO Series handles, 20 on all others
All information is subject to change without notice

A large number of Oral-B handles have no mode icons on the handle to assist you. The following video helps you identify which mode is which, particularly if your handle does noes have mode icons.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 30
How do I update the firmware of an Oral-B toothbrush?

You will normally only find out if a firmware update is available by going to the app itself.

Updates will only come through to those devices that are connected to the internet. If your smartphone is offline, updates can’t be accessed.

When one is available, you will get a notification in the app.

You can refuse to update or opt to install immediately.

If you refuse you will be reminded that an update is available and a notification will remain in the app for the foreseeable future.

When you opt to install the update you will be given instructions on screen as to how to proceed.

Typically a file has to be downloaded to your phone, before being pushed to your toothbrush.

It can take a few minutes to complete depending on the file size and your internet connectivity.

Once downloaded, you will usually be prompted on screen to confirm you wish to proceed. A button normally then has to be pressed on the toothbrush itself.

The install takes place. This typically doesn’t take very long.

Confirmation will be given once complete and you can then go on with using your brush.

Once an update has been installed, you can’t revert back to older firmware.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 31
How to remove & replace the battery cap on an Oral-B toothbrush?

I’ve learnt from user feedback that many people struggle with just this.

The trick is to apply a little lubricant to the black rubber ring or seal if you prefer that goes around the compartment.

Oil, like the stuff you use when cooking is fine or you can use some liquid soap or similar.  You need a tiny bit on the end of your finger that you rub on the black rubber sealing strip.

Once applied it then makes fitting the cap onto the handle much easier.

If you are stuck at the point of removing the cap, I will admit it can be really quite stiff and difficult.

To release the cap and access the batteries, you need to press on the raised areas, usually a dot on either side of the handle. You have to press on these at the same time.  As you do, you need to grip and pull the base of the toothbrush, the cap part, away from the main body. Some have these raised plastic mouldings on the cap to help get a bit of grip.

I don’t recommend using tools like pliers to help as you might damage the toothbrush itself.

To replace you simply need to push the cap back on, you don’t need to press on those 2 points. But, if you are struggling to get the cap back on oiling up the o ring around the compartment can really help.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 32
Which Oral-B toothbrush do I have?

If you are unsure which model or Oral-B electric toothbrush you have there are a couple of ways to find out.

I am assuming at this point you’ve not got or don’t have access to the original receipt, box or documentation that might tell you explicitly.

The easiest way is to find the ‘type number’. This is a 4 digit number which can normally be found on the underside of your toothbrush.

Examples include: 3754, 3756, 3765, 3772, 3776, 3794.

If you then head to Once you’ve selected your region, country and language, click the find manuals or Oral-B product parts. Doing so will present you with the opportunity to enter the 4 digit code. It will then show you what model you have.

The only catch here is that the type number can apply to lots of different models. They use the same body and have the same core specs but there might be slight differences or rebadging of the product.

For example, the type number 3772 applies to the Pro 3, Smart, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 3900

I can tell you in this instance, that all of these brushes have the same number of brushing modes, handle design and performance. But, handle colors, brush heads supplied, price and stockists differ.

If you can’t find the type number on the underside of your brush, it may well be on the back side of the handle. Or it will be on the manual for the brush if you have this. 

The toothbrush type number can be used to locate the parts or accessories compatible with your toothbrush or download the user instruction manual for your particular model.

To add a little more confusion here, the packaging or box for your toothbrush might also list a type number that doesn’t relate to the handle itself, but instead the charger. 

For example, it might say ‘type 3757’. To double-check, you can find the charger type number on the underside of the charger.

Another identification method is the ‘production code’.

The position and format depend on the model, but usually, like the type number, it's on the base of the handle.

It’s typically much longer than 4 numbers and maybe a combination of letters and numbers.

There isn’t an online database of the production code as far as I am aware. Only Oral-B themselves have a log of these codes as it relates more to when and where it was produced etc.

In theory, it gives more information than the type code alone.

It can help Oral-B to help diagnose or track any issues relating to your particular model.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 33
What's the small hole on the back of my brush handle for?
Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 34

On some models of Oral-B brush handles, such as the Genius 6000, 7000, 8000 and X there is a small hole located at the back, near the bottom of the electric toothbrush. It is a venting hole covered inside with a membrane.

The membrane is necessary to avoid overpressure if a battery at the end of its lifetime opens or swells. It lets out the inner gas (hydrogen).

This happens in very rare occasions and does not cause any harm according to Oral-B.

How do I turn Bluetooth off on my Oral-B Genius?

Bluetooth can be turned off on your Oral-B Genius electric toothbrush by following these steps.

  • Press the on/off button and the mode button at the same time for 3 seconds. This disables Bluetooth completely.
  • Turn the toothbrush handle back on by pressing the power button. The Bluetooth icon just above the power bar is no longer lit, confirming Bluetooth has been disabled.

To reactivate Bluetooth, follow the same steps. When powering the brush on the Bluetooth icon will now be lit.

Can I use my brush overseas?

The reality is that most electric toothbrushes can be used abroad without issue.

Take a look at the base of your toothbrush charging stand to see which of these voltages are labeled. Refer then to the table to see what you need.

Labeled VoltageWhere can it be used?Do I need a voltage convertor?Do I need a plug adapter?
100-240VGloballyNoSubject to country
220-240VIn countries with 200-240V (e.g. most European countries, NOT US/Canada)Yes if the voltage of the country you are traveling to is less than 220VSubject to country
110-130VIn countries with 110 volts (e.g. US/Canada)Yes if the voltage of the country you are traveling to is higher than 110VSubject to country

There are 5 key things to consider.

  • Do you need to take your charger with you?
    • If you are going on a 2 week holiday and have an electric toothbrush with a 3 week battery life, do you need to take the charger? Probably not, especially if you charge it before you leave.
  • What voltage is the electrical supply in the country you are traveling to?
    • Different countries around the world potentially have different electrical systems compared to what you are used to.
    • Many countries in Europe have a voltage of 220-240V, whilst in the USA and Canada it is 110v.
    • This website offers a useful guide to the voltages used by different countries around the world. Find the country you are going to and make note of the voltage.
    • Once you have figured out the voltage, you need to check your electric toothbrush to ensure you can be prepared for charging your brush in that country.
  • What voltage does your electric toothbrush charger support?
    • Take a look at the labeling, usually found on the underside of your toothbrush stand to see what voltage is supported.
    • If the country's voltage is 110v and your charger states only 110-130V or 100-240v everything is good.  You can use that charging stand.
    • If the country’s voltage is 220v and on your charging stand it states 110-130v then this will not work, you will require a voltage adapter/converter.
  • Do you need a voltage converter?
    • If your charger has support for the country's voltage then you will not need a voltage converter.
    • If you however had a charger that for example supported 110-130V and you are traveling to a country with 220-240v power, you will need a voltage converter.
    • This special piece of technology will allow your brush to be charged on different electrical currents, by either stepping up or stepping down the power, subject to your charging stand and where you are traveling to.
    • You can buy these from various retailers online or some retail stores.
    • Do your research on the voltage in a particular country to ensure you are getting the right converter.
    • In the instances where the voltage in the country you are traveling to is lower, you need a ‘step up’ converter and when the voltage is higher you need a ‘step down’ converter.
  • Do you need a plug adapter?
    • A plug adapter is an item that allows an appliance from one country to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country.  It converts for example a 2 pin US mains plug to allow it to connect to a 2 pin European mains socket.
    • It is subject to your home and destination country but it is quite likely you will need a plug adapter.  You need to consider what plug you have on your charging stand.
    • These plug adapters do not change or convert the voltage.
    • Therefore you may need to plug voltage converter and a plug adapter.

Buy a new charging stand for extended stays

If you are staying in a country with a different voltage or plug system for an extended period of time, it might be worth purchasing a brand new charging stand for your brush that is designed and configured to work with the mains supply in the country in which you are within.

Oral-B warranty: how it works and what it covers?


Repair/replacement – Find your local service agent & book in for repair with details provided online at

Contact Oral-B – Telephone: 1-800-566-7250 9am-6pm EST (Mon – Fri) or email here.

Key points

  • Guarantee commences from the date of purchase.
    • Buy the brush on 1st February 2020, the warranty will be valid until 21st January 2022.
  • Under the terms of the guarantee, Oral-B will for free of charge repair any defects or problems with the toothbrush that are as a result of a fault in the materials or workmanship in the construction and manufacture of the product.
    • If the brush stops working for no reason this would be repaired for free.
    • If the brush stopped working because it has been dropped from a height and damaged it this would not be covered.
  • The guarantee does not cover faults as a result of improper use.
  • If you try to repair or modify the brush the warranty will not be valid.
  • Wear and tear of brush heads are not covered under the warranty.
  • The warranty repair must be carried out by Oral-B/Braun Customer Service Centre.
  • The warranty will be voided if electric rechargeable handle damage is found to be attributed to the use of non-Oral-B replacement brush heads.

How can I get my Oral-B electric toothbrush serviced in the USA & Canada?

Oral-B electric toothbrushes are covered by a 2 year warranty as standard.

It is recommended that for your benefit you register your brush online by heading to for US residents.

For in warranty service: If your Oral-B electric toothbrush develops a fault within two or three year (subject to model) period of purchasing, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge under the terms of your warranty.

For US residents if your brush is within the 2 year warranty period visit this page.

Once loaded you can locate the authorized service center closest to you. It is likely that there is one within your state.  You can then follow the on-screen instructions and contact that service center directly for support.

Alternatively, you can make use of the national service center by clicking here.

The local service centers normally allow you to walk in or post your toothbrush to then.

All products sent in for repair must be well packaged and sent in a box suitable to withstand normal freight and courier handling. It is recommended that your package is appropriately insured and shipped using a carrier who can provide tracking. Oral-B will cover all repair costs and return shipping to you.

If you prefer to communicate by phone you can call 1-800-566-7252 to be referred to the authorized Oral-B Service Center closest to you.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 35

For Out of Warranty Service: You can still send your electric toothbrush to the service centre as they offer a free repair estimate service; based on which you may decide on the best course of action. Before doing this, follow this link:

Run through the on-screen diagnosis and resolution tool and if the fault persists continue through the process and fill out the form for a ‘non-warranty’ issue.

You will then be provided with the details of a service center to send the brush to and communicate with.

This service center will assess the brush on receipt and provide a cost for repair.  You have the option of setting an agreed repair price beforehand so that the work is carried out promptly.  Where the cost of repair exceeds the pre-approved amount the service center will contact you.

How long will the process take?

In both in and out of warranty repair situations, the service centers aim to handle and repair products as quickly as possible. In most instances, this is within 24-72 hours, but do give extra consideration for the shipping/transit times associated.

What is covered in the Oral-B warranty?

The warranty starts on the day of purchase and runs for 2 years.

If your electric toothbrush is defective during the warranty period, Braun (the parent company to Oral-B) will repair or replace it free of charge.

Examples of what the warranty will cover, but not limited to are:

  • The brush no longer charging or holding charge
  • The battery life lasting less than the advertised time
  • The brush no longer switching on or off
  • The brush intermittently stops working
  • The brush speeds up and slows down for no reason

The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches, or damage caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accident, misuse, dirt or water
  • The product being tampered with
  • Improper use
  • Repairs carried out by agents not authorized by Oral-B/Braun
  • Failure to take proper care of the product, including recharging
  • The product being altered or used for commercial purposes
Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 36

Is the warranty and repair process free?

If the fault with your electric toothbrush falls under the terms of the warranty and is within its warranty period, Oral-B will, for free of charge, repair any defects or replace the toothbrush.

If the brush is outside of warranty, it can be sent to the service center for a free, no obligation estimate.

The cost of shipping the toothbrush to the service center is your responsibility.  Oral-B will not cover this cost.  They will cover the cost of return shipping.

Where do I need to send it?

The location you need to send the brush to depends on your location and the best service center for you.

You need to follow one of the link and book your brush in online:

Via the website, you can select your location and find the most suitable service center.  The appropriate address will then be listed for you.

Will they not just replace the toothbrush?

Whether Oral-B decides to repair or replace the toothbrush is dependent on the problem and their decision in each particular case, there is no guarantee that it will simply be swapped.

Do I need my receipt?

Ideally, yes.  Retaining your receipt will be advantageous when it comes to booking your toothbrush in for any warranty repair, so it is worth keeping hold of.

However, it is not essential and often repairs will be carried out without providing this, but repairs required without proof of purchase are subject to inspection to confirm the age of the brush and whether it is within warranty.  The service centre's decision is final unless you can provide evidence of the purchase date.

I am not in the USA, where and how to do I get my brush repaired?

If you are not a US resident but have an Oral-B electric toothbrush your brush will be subject to similar warranty conditions, but the service agent, the returns address and contact numbers will be different.

Visit here select the appropriate region and your country.

Once the page loads, look for the ‘Authorized Service Centre’ button/link.  Click this and then from the page select ‘Oral-B power Toothbrushes’ and select the various options on-screen to find the appropriate service center.

If you are struggling and need further assistance, contact the customer relations team for your country, these are published on your regional Oral-B website.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 37

Brush heads

What other brush heads fit my Oral-B toothbrush?

If you do not wish to buy the manufacturer original brush heads you will need to look for 'Oral-B compatible' or 'designed for Oral-B' brush heads from other brands.

There are countless brands that offer compatible brush heads, which are made to fit Oral-B brush handles but are not made by Oral-B themselves.

The price, availability, range and product quality does vary, so we encourage you to do thorough research.

Brush heads that are made for and fit to other brands of toothbrush like Philips Sonicare, Burst, Oclean, Quip, Curaprox and more are not compatible with Oral-B brush handles.

Official Oral-B manufactured brush heads will ensure you have the best fit, product quality and reliability when it comes to replacement brush heads for your Oral-B toothbrush.

Do be aware that the brush heads used for the iO Series models are different to those compatible with the Vitality, Pro, Smart and Genius models. The 2 brush head types are not interchangeable.

Our guide to Oral-B brush heads explains all the things you need to know.

Why did Oral-B discontinue the Deep Sweep brush head?

I can't give a definitive answer to this question. However, it is likely because they have focused their attention on their smaller and clinically proven small round brush heads that differentiate them from the competition.

The Deep Sweep head was more akin to the sonic brush heads found on competitor's models.

I don't believe they ever officially made an announcement that confirmed it was discontinued or gave reason as to why.

You might still find some stockists. You can also look for the TriZone heads. Same thing different name.

Oral-B Deep Sweep/Trizone Brush Heads – 4pk – White
Oral-B Deep Sweep/Trizone Brush Heads – 4pk – White
What's the difference between all the Oral-B brush heads?

Take a look at our Oral-B brush heads page to learn the differences between the different styles of brush heads for Oral-B handles.

Do all Oral-B heads fit all handles?


There are heads compatible with iO Series brush handles only. And then there are heads compatible with Vitality, Pro, Smart and Genus models.

Our Oral-B brush heads page explains the difference in more detail, but you can refer to the compatibility chart below for a quick reference guide.

Bursh Head StyleBrush Head ImageHandle Compatibility
CrossActionOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 38Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
FlossActionOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 39Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
Pro Gum Care/Sensi UltraThinOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 40Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
3D WhiteOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 41Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
Precision CleanOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 42Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
Deep Sweep/TriZoneOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 43Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
Ortho CareOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 44Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
Interspace/Power TipOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 45Vitality, Pro, Smart & Genius
Ultimate CleanOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 46iO Series (iO3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)
Gentle CareOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 47iO Series (iO3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)
Radiant WhiteOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 48iO Series (iO3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)
Targeted Clean/Specialized CleanOral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 49iO Series (iO3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)
How do you fit/remove an Oral-B brush head?

Oral-B heads push onto and pull off the brush handle.

This applies whether you have an iO Series, VItality, Pro, Smart and Genius model. There is no need to twist the brush head.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 50
My brush head is stuck on the handle, how do I get it off?

An Oral-B head should pull away from the handle relatively easily, with just a small amount of force.

If your head is not doing so, the most common cause is dried toothpaste that is acting like a glue, causing your head to stick to the handle.

Try running the brush head, particularly the connection point with the handle under warm water for a minute or so. This usually loosens the connection and allows you to pull the head off.

4 different Oral-B brush heads

iO Series

Which Oral-B iO Series should I buy and does it matter?

I recommend going for the best value model from our iO Series comparison, which contains a fuller explanation and runs through the differences between the various iO models.

Don't spend more than you need to. That being said, it's better to go for the brush you think is best suited to you than saving a few $$ and not being happy with the other.

Best value: Oral-B iO Series 6 (iO6) / Amazon, Oral B / ~$139.95

Best budget: Oral-B iO Series 3 (iO3) / Amazon, Oral B / ~$79.97

Best tech: Oral-B iO Series 9 (iO9) / Amazon, Oral B / ~$299.94

Do all iO models use the same brush motor?

Yes, as far as we are aware, they do.

Does the iO10’s iO Sense dock/charging stand work with other brushes?

Yes. It works with the iO Series 7, 8 and 9.

How to turn the charging light off on an iO brush handle?

With select iO models it is now possible to turn off the pulsing light ring/charging light, if you have the latest version of the app.

You have to do this via the smartphone app, it can't be controlled via the brush handle itself.

This feature is currently only available for the iO 4 and 5.

Within the app navigate to 'Devices'. Under the heading 'Your Brushing System' select your brush. Scroll down the page to 'Charging Signal' and there is a toggle switch to turn the charging light off or on.

How to change the language on an iO brush?

If your Oral-B iO electric toothbrush has a display built-in you can change the language by following these steps.

Press the power button or lift the brush to wake it.

Press the lower mode button multiple times until you see the ‘settings’ icon and label on the screen.

Press the power button above the screen to enter the settings menu.

Now press the mode button again multiple times until you see ‘language’.

Press the power button again to enter the language menu.

Press the mode button multiple times to scroll through the available language options. I have 16 different languages available at the time of recording.

If you accidentally scroll past the language, don’t worry, keep pressing the button. It is set to infinitely scroll through the languages.

Once you’ve found the language you want, press the power button to confirm your selection. A tick will display in the language icon on the screen and you will be returned to the settings menu.

Press the mode button multiple times until you see ‘back’ and then press the power button. That’s the change made.

At the time of writing, there is no option to change the language via the smartphone app, only via the handle itself.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 51
How to change the light ring color on the iO brush handle?

You can change the color of the light ring on an Oral-B iO toothbrush if your iO model has a display built-in or Bluetooth connectivity.

All Bluetooth enabled iO brushes allow you to change the light ring from the default white to another color, via the Oral-B smartphone application.

If you have not previously connected the brush to the app, you will need to do so to change the color.

Once connected, you need to navigate to ‘devices’, scroll down to ‘your brushing system’ and then select from one of the available colors shown on the screen under the section ‘brush ring color’. At the time of writing, I’ve got 10 different options to choose from. The number and colors may change depending on software updates.

As soon as you tap on a color the light ring will be lit in that color for 1-2 seconds confirming the change has been made.

For those with an iO handle with a display, you can set the color via the display itself. Just be aware you have fewer choices here than via the app.

Press the power button or lift the brush to wake it.

Press the lower mode button multiple times until you see the ‘settings’ icon and label on screen.

Press the power button above the screen to enter the settings menu.

Now press the mode button again multiple times until you see ‘light ring’.

Press the power button again to enter the light ring menu.

Press the mode button multiple times to scroll through the available color options. As you go through the options, the light ring will change color.

When you’ve found the color you want, press the power button to confirm the choice. A tick will display in color icon.

You will be automatically taken back into the settings menu.

Press the mode button multiple times until you see ‘back’ and then press the power button. That’s the change made.

It is this light ring that doubles up as the visible pressure sensor.

It will be lit green when you apply the correct amount of pressure and red when you apply too much.

You can’t change these colors.

When you are applying insufficient pressure, the light ring will be lit in the color you have chosen.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 52
How to turn Bluetooth off/on - Oral-B iO4 & iO5

Bluetooth is enabled by default on the iO Series 4 and 5. To turn it off, press and hold the on/off button for 5 seconds.

The light ring will fade in color to confirm the Bluetooth has been disabled.

To turn the Bluetooth back on, repeat the process.

When enabled the light ring will fade into a blue color.

How to turn Bluetooth off/on - Oral-B iO6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

Bluetooth is enabled by default on the iO Series.

If your Oral-B iO electric toothbrush has a display built-in you can turn it off by following these steps.

  • Press the power button or lift the brush to wake it.
  • Press the lower mode button multiple times until you see the ‘settings’ icon and label on the screen.
  • Press the power button above the screen to enter the settings menu.
  • The first option should be Bluetooth. You will see the Bluetooth icon with the text 'ENABLED' underneath. If not, press the mode button again multiple times until you see this.
  • Press the power button again to enter the Bluetooth menu.
  • Press the power button to disable (turn off) Bluetooth.
  • You will be returned to the settings menu. Press the mode button multiple times until you see ‘back’ and then press the power button. That’s Bluetooth disabled.

To turn it back on repeat the process. When in the settings menu you will see the Bluetooth icon with the text 'DISABLED'.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 53

Smartphone app

Which brushes have 16 zone 3D tracking?

Only the iO Series 9 and 10 have the maximum 16 zone real-time tracking available.

The 16 tracked zones are as follows:

  • Upper rear right
    • Front surface
    • Biting surface
    • Inside surface
  • Upper font
    • Front surface
    • Inside surface
  • Upper rear left
    • Front surface
    • Biting surface
    • Inside surface
  • Lower rear right
    • Front surface
    • Biting surface
    • Inside surface
  • Lower front
    • Front surface
    • Inside surface
  • Lower rear right
    • Front surface
    • Biting surface
    • Inside surface
Which brushes have 6 zone 3D tracking?

The brushes with 6 zone, 3D tracking are:

  • iO Series 8
  • iO Series 7
  • iO Series 6
  • iO Series 5
  • Genius X

The 6 tracked zones are:

  • Upper rear right
  • Upper front
  • Upper rear left
  • Lower rear right
  • Lower front
  • Lower rear right
Can you have more than 1 user in the app?

No. The app is configured for just 1 user.

Find out more about multiple users here.

Can you connect 2 brushes to the app?

No. The app is designed to be connected and paired with only 1 brush at a time.

The workaround is each time you switch between or use a different brush, you will need to disconnect the last used brush and pair the new one.

The app has no way of pairing or connecting to multiple brushes within the app at the same time.

Can a smart toothbrush be used by 2 or more people?

Yes, but it's a bit frustrating and affects the daily ease of use.

So as not to confuse brushing data you need to turn off the automatic syncing of this. And each user will need their own smartphone/app installation if they wish to sync their own data.

Go to 'Devices'> scroll to the bottom and you have 'Preferences' under a heading your brushing system>turn off automatic sync.

Each user will need to open the app as they brush to sync the data manually.

Find out more about multiple users here.

Can I customize the Oral-B app to know where teeth are missing or have been pulled?

No. As it stands, Oral-B offers no opportunity to customize the app in this way.

Can I customize the app to give more time in a specific area?

No. Currently, there is no option to customize the app to offer more brushing time in a specific area.

Guided vs unguided brushing sessions - what's the difference?

If you have a smart, Bluetooth enabled Oral-B toothbrush, you might see both guided and unguided brushing sessions within the Oral-B app.

The difference between them is whether you had the app open and in use at the time you brushed your teeth.

A guided brushing session is one where you have brushed your teeth whilst having the Oral-B app or your phone open, so that the brushing data could be tracked and collated in real-time.

An unguided session is one where you have used the toothbrush, but not accessed or made use of the app at the same time as your brushed your teeth. The data from that brushing session is stored on the toothbrush itself. The next time you connect or connected to the app it syncs this, but those sessions are labelled as unguided to make it clear to you that you didn't use the app at the same time.

Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 54
Oral-B electric toothbrush FAQs 55
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