GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 1

Our Verdict

The GLEEM toothbrush is slim and lightweight in hand with a pleasant simplicity about the product.

The inclusion of a slim travel case for this price is great also.

Sadly the sonic cleaning action is weak compared to most other electric toothbrushes. It does the job but does not provide the same invigorating deep clean. GLEEM’s rechargeable electric toothbrush is much better.

That said, it could be a nice crossover for those that have never used an electric toothbrush before.


  • Slim and lightweight
  • 1 cleaning mode
  • Built-in timer and pacer
  • Removable AAA battery
  • Travel case
  • Made by Procter & Gamble


  • Cleaning action is weak
  • Fiddly battery cover
  • No battery status/feedback
  • No pressure sensor
  • Warranty

The 3 BIG questions about the GLEEM electric toothbrush

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the GLEEM toothbrush.  If I have missed something, let me know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read my full GLEEM electric toothbrush review further down the page.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

It would be unfair to suggest that there is anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush.

However, some (myself included) would be disappointed at the power/intensity of the cleaning action compared to the majority of other electric brushes.

It feels weak compared to a toothbrush from Oral-B and Sonicare.  

It is better than your conventional manual toothbrush and is probably best described as a crossover between manual and electric. You get some of the benefits of electric without the same expense.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

Quip’s toothbrush would be the best alternative to consider in my opinion, particularly if you want an electric toothbrush with a removable battery.

It offers a very similar brushing/cleaning experience and is equally slim and lightweight.

In fact, Quip feels the more premium of the 2 and comes with an innovative travel case/brush mount.

Should you be happy to have a brush with a built-in battery, then the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 is the brush to go for.

The cleaning action is far more powerful and effective than GLEEM, but it is at least twice the price.

3. Where is the best place to buy the battery toothbrush by GLEEM?

There are 2 main places you can buy the GLEEM toothbrush from. They are GLEEM’s own website and from Walmart.

Both sell the 2 color options as well as the replacement brush heads.

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GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review [USA]

And now for a bit more detail…

GLEEM is a relatively new brand to the dental health industry, but it is actually owned and managed by one of the largest consumer goods brands in the world, Procter & Gamble.

P&G as they are known also own the brand Oral-B that many of us are familiar with.

So, although GLEEM is new, there is great experience within the company/team meaning it has the foundations for success.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 2

Variants of this toothbrush

GLEEM make 2 different types of electric toothbrush at the time of writing.

1 has a built-in rechargeable battery, whilst the other has a removable AAA battery.

It is the removable battery version that I am reviewing here.

There are only 2 variants of this model, with the only difference being the color of the handle, brush head and travel case.

The color choices are:

  • Black
  • White

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x GLEEM electric toothbrush
  • 1 x Brush head
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 1 x Travel case
GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 3

Key Features

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Built-in 2 minute timer and quadpacer
  • AAA removable battery
  • Automatic power off
  • Sonic brush motor
  • Travel case

Pro & Cons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of the GLEEM battery operated electric toothbrush.

The Positives

  • Slim and lightweightDelightfully light and slim in hand, not much larger than a pen.
  • 1 cleaning mode – Simple and hassle free.
  • Built-in timer and pacer – Encourages you to brush the teeth evenly for the recommended 2 minutes.
  • Removable AAA battery – Convenient for some to just swap out the battery rather than having to recharge it.
  • Travel case – Slim and provides the essential protection desired when traveling.

The Negatives

  • Cleaning action is weak – It doesn’t meet the speed and power expectations most would have of an electric toothbrush. More of a crossover between manual and electric.
  • Fiddly battery cover – You need a coin or screwdriver to open the cap to access the battery. Not the most convenient approach.
  • No battery status/feedback – No idea of how much power remains in the battery. Only when the motor slows or stops do you know.
  • No pressure sensor – No altering mechanism if you are brushing with too much pressure.
  • Warranty – Just a 60 day money back guarantee rather than a more typical 1 year warranty.

Design, usability, clean & general use

Simplicity appears to be the goal of GLEEM.

On the box it says ‘As simple as turn it on’.

And truth be told it pretty much is that simple.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 4

It is one of the slimmest and most lightweight electric toothbrushes I have ever used.

Naturally a little taller, it is really is not much wider that the single AAA battery that fits inside or a typical writing pen.

The body is perfectly round.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 5

In the lower third of the brush handle, running vertically is the name/logo GLEEM in black color, contrasting with the gloss white plastic body.

In the upper third of the brush handle is a small power button. This has a power symbol embossed on it.

Surrounding the circular button is a small ring, which lights up white when the brush is turned on.

On the back of the handle, in the lower third are 2 raised plastic dots. These stop the brush rolling on a flat countertop.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 6

Around these dots also is the P&G logo, made in China text, a battery icon, and voltages as well as a small indicator to highlight which way to unscrew the battery compartment lid.

That battery compartment is inside the handle but is accessed via a removable cap that forms the base of the toothbrush.

Embossed on this is a lock/unlock symbol as well as an icon showing not to trash the battery.

A depression in the base, allows for a coin or screwdriver to be placed in it to twist unlock and access the removable battery inside.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 7

When fitted back on, the cap is flush with the base, and allows the toothbrush to stand upright.

This arrangement keeps the handle slim, but needing a coin or screwdriver to remove this is a bit of a fiddle if I am honest. Many other brushes allow the battery to be accessed with no tools at all. It feels a touch clunky.

That said, you need not access the battery compartment all that often as it lasts quite a while. But, do be aware there is no status/feedback on the remaining battery power like there is with most other electric toothbrushes. You will only know the battery is low or depleted of power when the brush slows or stops altogether.

At the top of the handle is the removable brush head.

1 head is provided in the box and it simply pushes onto the brush handle and pulls off.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 8

When removed you will see the metal shaft that extends from within the brush handle and is attached to the sonic motor inside.

Although ultimately made by the same company who manufacture Oral-B toothbrushes, famous for their small round brush heads, GLEEM’s brush head is not round.

It is more ovalish shaped much like most other sonic toothbrush heads. It is, however, smaller in length by about 25% than the brush heads offered by Sonicare.

The bristles on the brush head are tightly clustered together and give the impression of being firmer than they actually are when it comes to brushing.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 9

Like other toothbrushes, the brush head should be replaced every 3 months on average, sooner if there are obvious signs of wear etc.

There are no fading indicator bristles on this brush head to remind you.

Also, to keep things simple, there is only 1 style of brush head.

Power the toothbrush on to clean the teeth and this kicks into gear the sonic motor inside.

The motor inside the brush handles created vibrations that cause the bristles to move. The motor creates 200 vibrations per second.

The movement of the bristles is designed to help break up and sweep away more plaque and debris as you brush, and there is no doubt that it can do this.

However, here is the big caveat/kicker if you like.

The GLEEM toothbrush feels like a crossover between a manual and an electric toothbrush, despite technically being an electric toothbrush.

200 vibrations per second equals 12,000 per minute.

Compare this to most Sonicare brushes at 31,000 brush strokes (62,000 movements) per minute and the GLEEM toothbrush feels woefully underpowered.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 10

Now, much will depend on your expereince and point of view.

GLEEM feels underpowered to me because I have used powerful electric toothbrushes for years. If you have used a Sonicare or Oral-B before, I suspect you might think the same.

GLEEM’s own rechargeable electric brush is much more powerful.

However, to you, it might feel quite intense if you have only ever used a manual toothbrush.

With GLEEM you are getting the best of both worlds in some respect, but I think that even if you have only ever used a manual toothbrush before, you might be expecting a bit more punch from the clean.

My expereince with GLEEM is much the same with Quip, a popular toothbrush primairly offered on subscription. This too is powered by a single AAA battery and feels weak to me as it offers 15,000 vibrations per minute.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe this is more beneficial than a manual brush alone and for the price, I can’t be all that negative, but I think it is something to really be aware of.

Although my teeth felt relatively clean, I didn’t get the same satisfying feeling I do normally having used my electric toothbrush.

It is also worth noting at this point that normally, the technique you use for brushing with a manual and electric toothbrush is different. However, despite being electric, the recommendation is to use it in the same way you would a manual toothbrush.

A negative this might appear to be, but there are certainly some redeeming features.

There is just 1 cleaning mode available on the brush. This keeps things nice and simple compared to those brushes that offer multiple modes, leaving you unsure just which one to use.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 11

Built-in is a 2 minute timer and 30 second pacer. These are activated from the moment the brush is powered on.

This timer functionality is to help you brush for the recommended 2 minutes and do so evenly. Break the mouth up into 4 sections, upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left and spend 30 seconds brushing each.

At 30 second intervals the brush motor will pause briefly changing the sound and brushing sensation. This is your cue to move from one section to the next.

At the end of the 2 minutes, the toothbrush will automatically turn off and by this point, you should have successfully cleaned all the teeth.

In use the brush is relatively quiet, producing an audible humming sound with a constant vibration that is felt in the handle.

Some electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensor built-in to alert you when brushing too hard. This does not. Just remember, you do not need to scrub the teeth with a toothbrush, the bristles need to essentially skim the surface of the teeth.

Included in the box is a very slim travel case.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 12

It holds the handle with 1 brush head fitted. There is no space for a spare. It is a simple case, not much larger than the brush itself. It hinges on the left side, with the GLEEM name on the top. There are a series of holes in the case which allow air to flow through and dry out any moisture.

Whilst I do have some gripes and I personally would prefer to use a different toothbrush on a daily basis, GLEEM certainly serves a purpose and is particularly desirable for those traveling or needing to limited on space and weight.

I would also just like to note that GLEEM are trying to be fairly socially and environmentally responsible with this toothbrush, even if it is an electrical product with a removable battery in it.

The original packaging is not excessive with any unnecessary extras, which is good to see and they offer a recycle scheme that you can use to recycle the brush handle, brush heads and packaging.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 13

You fill out your details and you get sent a free shipping label by email. Attach this to a box, drop it off at any UPS store and it will be sent off to be dealt with at no cost to you. GLEEM will then send you rewards (I suspect money off vouchers) for using this service.

I am surprised that GLEEM do not offer a subscription service to be more like Quip, it seems logical and would be more convenient to some, but at this time they do not.

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • Slim lightweight handle – not much larger than a typical writing pen
  • Simple and easy to use
  • White light around the power button when powered on
  • Brush stands upright
  • Brush cannot roll around on a countertop due to design
  • Removable AAA battery
  • Battery cover is a bit fiddly
  • No battery status/feedback
  • Sonic motor that delivers 200 vibrations per minute
  • Feels weak in comparison to traditional electric toothbrushes
  • Use a manual brushing technique when using GLEEM
  • 2 minute timer and 30 second pacer built-in
  • Automatic power off
  • Slim and simple travel case provided

Battery life

Powered by a single AAA battery, the GLEEM toothbrush performs pretty well here.

Typically, AAA battery powered brushes last longer than those with built-in rechargeable batteries, but then again their cleaning action tends to be less powerful.

GLEEM provide a single AAA battery (pre-fitted) when you buy the brush.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 14

They don’t specifically state how long the battery will last as in truth there are many variables.

As a general rule, you will get approximately 3 months from the battery, based on 2 brushing sessions a day each lasting 2 minutes.

In my hands-on testing, the supplied battery lasted well over 200 brushing sessions and was still going!

I mentioned in the design and usability section how there is no feedback from the battery. You only know it may need replacing when you feel the motor slowing or when the brush stops functioning at all.

A good approach, that I think most will take when using this brush is to replace the battery as a matter or course every 3 months, when you replace the brush head.

Yes, the battery may last a bit longer, but by doing this, you can be more assured the battery isn’t going to die at the most inconvenient of times.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 15

If you were to subscribe to Quip, an alternative to GLEEM, they provide a brush head and battery every 3 months for you to do just this.

That said, AAA batteries are pretty easy to source, when you need them.

As I mentioned previously also, removing the cap to the battery compartment is a bit of a fiddle. You definitely need a coin or a screwdriver to do this which is a bit frustrating in my opinion.

A pull off/push on solution is more convenient, but it would effect the handle design and size.

Whilst the brush comes with a single use AAA battery, you can use a rechargeable AAA battery inside if you would prefer.

Summary of battery life

  • Powered by a single AAA battery
  • AAA battery pre-fitted upon purchase
  • No feedback/status of battery charge on the brush handle
  • Discover power is low when brush slows/stops
  • Typically going to last around 3 months
  • Coin/screwdriver required to remove the cap to access the battery
  • A rechargeable AAA battery can be used

Price & where to buy

I have included links to buying options here at the start of the review.

In the section below, I discuss the price more generally and in relation to similar products.

Typically those brushes powered by a removable battery tend to be cheaper than those with a battery built-in.

The recommended retail price for GLEEM is $19.99.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 16

Stockists generally sell at this price. There isn’t really any room for a discount, but maybe at times, a few dollars can be saved during particular promotional periods.

This is pretty cheap when you compare it to most other electric toothbrushes that tend to be at least $50+. But, then again it is not as powerful nor does it offer quite as many features.

BUT, it does offer the essential features, more bristle movements per minute and a timer and pacer.

I do genuinely believe for $20 this is a pretty good all round purchase for what you get.

It is about 2-3 times the price of a manual toothbrush, but I believe you can get better cleaning results, so for the majority it is worth it.

At 3 monthly intervals you will need to replace the brush heads.

You can only buy these in packs of 2 at $9.99 each.

At $5 per head, this is a fraction more expensive than I would have expected and is comparable to the cost of Oral-B heads.

I think this is where GLEEM (P&G) make their profits.

You will also need to factor in the cost of replacement batteries every 3 months.

Typically, we like to offer a benchmark cost, based on ownership over 3 years.

Factor in the handle, the replacement heads and batteries and the GLEEM toothbrush will cost $80 or $0.7 per day

This is pretty good value all things considered.

Quip is the most similar toothbrush to GLEEM in my opinion. It is a touch more expensive to buy as a one-off, but Quip is centered around model of being subscribed for 3 monthly brush head deliveries.

Working out at 9 cents per day compared to the 7 of GLEEM, Quip is more expensive, but you have the convenience of knowing a new brush head and a battery will be delivered when you need it and the product comes in a better range of materials and colors.

If you are tempted by a more traditional, powerful electric toothbrush then the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 is my recommendation. The cost of ownership is nearly twice that of GLEEM though coming in at around 13 cents per day.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • List of buying options included here
  • Retail price of $19.99
  • Typically won’t see it on sale for less
  • Replacement brush heads $9.99 for a pack of 2
  • Pretty good value all things considered
  • Works out at around 7 cents per day based on 3 years ownership
  • Similarly price to the competition

Reliability & long term use

Over the few weeks I have been testing GLEEM, I have not had any issues with this toothbrush, it has performed relatively well and shown no signs of giving up.

The brush despite being very lightweight feels solid and well built overall. The seal around the battery is good and I have no immediate concerns.

Typically toothbrushes have a 1 or 2 year guarantee provided as standard.

The returns section of the GLEEM website nor product packaging make no reference to the warranty.

The website does speak of a ’60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee’ where you can return the product if not satisfied for a refund.

I would have thought you would get a 1 year warranty, but the lack of detail is somewhat surprising. I contacted them for clarification, but just got referred to the 60 day policy. So, I guess that means no 1 year warranty, which is a shame.

GLEEM Battery Toothbrush Review 17

It is not the answer, but the value of the brush sadly does make you think that it is not worth the hassle should it fail, easier to buy a new one.

I do suspect though, based on the standards P&G have, this should last a good amount of time.

You can direct any questions you have to them by calling 1-855-210-8802.


The GLEEM battery electric toothbrush is so good on one level, but also so disappointing on another.

Your viewpoint will be lead primairly by your previous toothbrush use.

If you have previously used an electric toothbrush, I believe you would be disappointed by the cleaning performance.

If on the other hand you are a manual toothbrush user currently and want to benefit from some of the capabilities of an electric toothbrush, then you might be quite happy.

It does what it needs to for sure. It certainly delivers value for money and for those who want a removable battery toothbrush, it is a solid option.

But just be aware, this feels like a crossover. If you can sacrifice the removable battery, better options such as the ProtectiveClean 4100 exist.

Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth 3 Star Rating

Size Guide

  • Height (without head)  – 5.90 inches/15cm
  • Height (with head)  – 7.87 inches/20cm
  • Width  – 0.6 inches/1.5cm
  • Thickness  – 0.6 inches/1.5cm
  • Weight (without head)  – 1.13oz/32g
  • Weight (with head)  – 1.27oz/36g

All are approximates


  • Is the GLEEM an oscillating brush?
    • No, it is a Sonic brush with 200 vibrations per second (12,000 per minute).
  • Does it have any other cleaning modes?
    • No, there is only 1 cleaning mode.
  • What brush head does it come with and what alternative ones can be used?
    • GLEEM comes with only 1 style of brush head and no others are available.
  • Does GLEEM have a pressure sensor?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does GLEEM have Bluetooth?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does GLEEM come with a warranty & how long is it?
    • Yes, it appears only to be 60 days as opposed to the typical 1 or 2 years. The GLEEM website or packaging makes no reference to anything longer.
  • Does GLEEM have a built-in timer?
    • Yes.  There are 2 parts to the timer.  There is the 2 minute timer, that activates from power on and turns the brush off after 2 minutes running time.  There is too the quadpacer.  The brush will provide an audible warning through a slight pause in the brushing mode to tell you to change quadrants.  There are 4 quadrants to the mouth, and brushing is normally for 2 minutes.  The timer will active at 30 second intervals, with 3 pauses at 2 minutes. It will then turn off at the end of the 2 minutes.
  • How long does the battery last?
    • About 3 month’s on average, based on 1 user cleaning twice a day for 2 minutes.
  • Does it come with a charger?
    • No, the brush uses, user replaceable AAA batteries.
  • Can this be fixed to a wall?
    • No.
  • Does it come with a travel case?
    • Yes, a travel case is included.  It holds the toothbrush with 1 brush head only.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the GLEEM battery electric toothbrush?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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      To clarify, here at Electric Teeth we are not GLEEM. We did not make or manufacture the toothbrush or have any affiliation with the company. We simply reviewed the product.

      There are no electric toothbrushes we have come across that make no noise at all. Only a manual toothbrush will be silent as they don’t have a motor.

      If you are not happy, I suggest you take up GLEEMS money back guarantee detailed here:

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