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Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Options For Adults

Non mint toothpaste tablets

This page contains a list of what we understand to be non-mint toothpastes. 

We are aware that some toothpaste is labelled as ‘non-mint’, but does still contain mint alongside the main flavor that is listed. In this situation, mint is not always listed in the ingredients.

Should you have any allergies to mint, we advise contacting the toothpaste manufacturer to clarify before using.

In our list of recommended options, we have included truly non-mint toothpastes that do not contain traces of mint (apart from the Colgate Kids Bubble Fruit option).

We have then included a further list of toothpastes that we have confirmed with manufacturers to be truly non-mint, and a separate list of pastes that contain traces of mint. 

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If you have tried a non-mint toothpaste, please leave a comment to let others know how you found it. 

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Best non-mint toothpaste — our recommendations

These are by no means the only good toothpastes that come without mint flavoring — there are various other options.

But to keep things simple, I have listed several good choices below. I also include other options later on in the article.

The toothpastes that have made it into this list:

  • Contain fluoride unless otherwise stated. If non-fluoride is what you are looking for I have these covered in the list below.
  • Do not contain mint or mint trace.

Oranurse Unflavored toothpaste

Best unflavored non-mint toothpaste

Oranurse Unflavored toothpaste

This toothpaste comes in two different strengths — I would recommend choosing the 1450 for the best level of protection against caries.

Oranurse toothpaste is completely unflavored and also low foaming. This could be different compared to most other toothpastes you have tried, but is perfect for people looking for a toothpaste that has no flavor at all.

This toothpaste has also been approved as Autism friendly.


  • Truly mint free
  • SLS free – also non foaming.
  • Vegan.
  • Two different fluoride levels available.
  • Suitable for a wide range of medical conditions.


  • May be difficult to get hold of

Where to buy

  • Ebay — buy in bulk to get a cheaper deal

Price comparison

  • 50ml tube (roughly 90-100g)
  • Approx. $4-5 / tube
  • $

Kingfisher Fennel Toothpaste (With Fluoride)

Best flavored non-mint toothpaste (option 1)

Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Options For Adults 1

Kingfisher make a number of non mint  toothpastes, but this fennel flavored one is the only one containing fluoride.

When I tried this toothpaste is is a savoury spicy flavor, similar to licorice. This strong flavor won’t be to everyone’s taste, and it leaves an after taste too. It is a toothpaste that adults may like, but children are unlikely to enjoy it.

Kingfisher is a British brand, making natural toothpastes in the UK. It is stocked globally in most health food shops and natural health clinics, as well as being available online. The brand has been awarded Ethical Consumer Best Buy Awards, although it does contain palm oil.

Whilst this paste currently comes in a non-recyclable tube, Kingfisher is in the process of swapping to new HDPE recyclable tubes from June 2022. Older stock may still come in non-recyclable tubes though, so check the packaging



  • Strong flavor may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Might not be available in supermarkets

Where to buy

Price Comparison

  • 3.4 oz
  • Approx. $4-5 per tube
  • $

Hello Unicorn Sparkle Kids Fluoride Toothpaste

Best flavored toothpaste (option 2)

Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Options For Adults 2

Hello toothpastes come in a variety of flavors. This bubblegum flavor is a clear gel with a glittery appearance. Whilst it is aimed at encouraging kids to brush, but there’s no reason why adults can’t use it too. 

I tried this toothpaste — it has a gentle flavor, and definitely tastes like “bubble gum”. It leaves a mild after taste which doesn’t last long. There is no foaming when brushing, which is a bonus for people with sensory disorders.

As a company, Hello call themselves “naturally friendly”, although there are many of the usual toothpaste ingredients to help ensure it is effective. The toothpaste itself is made in the USA.

Outer packaging, such as the box is recycling, but the Hello toothpaste tubes are currently not recyclable, although they do have a partnership with Terracycle.



  • Non-recyclable tube

Where to buy

Price Comparison

  • 4.2oz / 119g
  • Approx. $5 per tube
  • $

Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Natural Toothpaste — Cinnamon

Best flavored toothpaste (option 3)

tom's of main whole care toothpaste cinnamon

Tom’s of Maine are Certified B Corporation, indicating their commitment to being an ethical and sustainable company. 

Their Whole Care toothpaste comes in a number of flavors, but the only truly non-mint option is this Cinnamon Clove flavor.

The flavor is definitely mint free and has the strong savoury taste of cinnamon.

Tom’s of Maine switched to recyclable HDPE toothpaste tubes some time ago, so it should be fully recyclable too (just check the packaging as there is still some older stock around).


  • Truly mint free
  • Contains fluoride 1000ppm


  • Contains alcohol, which can be drying in the mouth.

Price Comparison

  • 4.0 ounce/113g per tube
  • $5-6 / tube
  • $$

GC Tooth Mousse

Best remineralising non-mint toothpaste

GC Tooth Mousse

GC make lots of different dental products and materials. Tooth Mousse is one of those available to the general public, however leaflets and GC recommend you should talk to a dental professional before using this product. 

It is designed to be used in addition to regular toothpaste to help manage sensitivity. Ideally you brush with toothpaste and then apply the crème with your finger and an interdental brush to get between the teeth. 

Do read the instructions that come with this dental crème as it is not the same as using a regular toothpaste.

I tried the vanilla flavor. The flavor was sweet and mild and did not last after spitting out the excess. It is a solid white crème which is non foaming.

Tooth Mousse is fluoride free, but contains a specialist ingredient called Recaladent. This CCP-ACP is a way to get calcium and phosphate to the tooth which will prevent tooth decay. It also helps prevent tooth sensitivity.

There are a number of different flavor options, including vanilla, melon and tutti frutti. 

When I contacted GC they advised they do not add mint to these products, but cannot exclude cross contamination.


  • Remineralisation without fluoride
  • Non mint flavors
  • Helps manage sensitivity


  • Expensive
  • Only available in certain places online
  • Unsuitable if you have a milk allergy

Where to buy

Price comparison

  • 35ml tube
  • Approx. $17 – $20 / tube
  • $$$

Squigle Tooth Builder

Best fluoride-free remineralising non-mint toothpaste

squigle tooth builder non mint toothpaste

Squigle toothpastes are made in the USA, using ingredients sourced in the USA. This particular toothpaste is flavor free (with a hint of sweetness from the xylitol it contains).

This toothpaste is fluoride free (a fluoride containing version is available, but contains mint), but instead uses a very high concentration of xylitol to help teeth to reharden.

With a minimal ingredient list, this toothpaste is a good option for those suffering from mouth irritation and looking for a fluoride free toothpaste.


  • Truly mint free toothpaste
  • Remineralisation from Xylitol
  • flavor free


  • No dentist recommended fluoride
  • Can only be bought online
  • Contains animal derived products

Where to buy

Price comparison

  • 4.0 oz tube
  • Approx. $12 – $13 / tube
  • $$

GC MI Paste Plus

Best non-mint toothpaste for sensitive teeth

GC MI Paste Plus non mint toothpaste

This is another product for the general public which is made by the dental brand GC.

GC MI Paste Plus helps to manage sensitivity using its specialist ingredient, Recaldent. It also contains fluoride to help with remineralisation. 

Although the fluoride is a lower concentration than is normally recommended, it is less of a concern due to the CCP-ACP also having a protective effect. 

If you are particularly concerned about the fluoride content, you could use this in addition to regular fluoride containing toothpaste.

There are a number of different flavor options, including vanilla, melon and tutti frutti. When I contacted GC they advised they do not add mint to these products, but cannot exclude cross contamination.


  • Remineralisation without fluoride
  • Non mint flavors
  • Helps manage sensitivity


  • Expensive
  • Only available in certain places online

Where to buy

Price comparison

  • 35ml tube
  • Approx. $23 – $25 / tube
  • $$$

Colgate Mild Bubble Fruit Kids Toothpaste (contains mint oils)

Best non-mint toothpaste available in stores

Colgate Kids Bubble Fruit Toothpaste

Colgate is one of the most widely known oral care brands, which is why I have included it as one of the best non mint toothpastes.

The kids bubble fruit flavoured toothpaste doesn’t taste of mint, but do be aware it does contain mint oils. This is a good option if you just don’t like the taste of mint, and want something which can be easily bought in a store instead of online shopping.

It has a mild fruity flavour (and doesn’t taste of any particular fruit like berry or citrus) which doesn’t linger after spitting the paste out. 


  • Non mint flavour
  • Contains fluoride 1450ppm
  • Available in shops


  • Contains mint oils

Where to buy

Price comparison

  • 4.6 oz tube
  • Approx. $4-5 per tube
  • $

Buyer’s Guide

Why go for a non-mint toothpaste?

There are a number of reasons that make non mint flavored toothpaste preferable to some people:

  • Personal preference — some simply don’t like the taste of mint. In particular, adults and children with learning disabilities can prefer a more bland tasting toothpaste.
  • Mint may cause a burning sensation in the mouth. 
  • Certain oral conditions may make mint toothpaste uncomfortable in the mouth, for example:
    • Oral Lichen Planus sufferers.
    • Head and neck cancer patients after radiotherapy.
    • Burning mouth syndrome.
    • Sjögrens syndrome
    • Behcets disease
    • Allergies or intolerance to mint.

In addition to these reasons, there is some debate about whether you should avoid mint if receiving homeopathic medicines. Whilst the advice seems to be that you don’t need to avoid mint during homeopathic treatment, it is your choice – and hopefully this list of non-mint toothpaste will help you.

Some toothpastes do not list mint in their ingredients

Non-mint flavored toothpastes may still contain mint, even though it isn’t listed on the packaging.

So while a toothpaste could have a non-mint flavor, it may still contain mint.

This means it’s important to double check with the manufacturer if you are allergic to mint.

One example is toothpaste from Colgate. Previously we had listed some on this page as being non-mint, but have since discovered that they do contain mint. We contacted Colgate about this to double check, this was its response:

We do not currently have a mint-free toothpaste in our range. The flavors we use in our toothpaste products are made up of both natural and manmade ingredients, of which mint may be a component. We understand that this is information consumers like you want to see on the packaging so please be assured that your feedback will be passed onto the relevant team.

Can adults use kids’ non-mint toothpastes?

Generally speaking, kids’ toothpastes are more likely to be fruit flavored than an adult toothpaste. But it doesn’t matter whether it is marketed at children or adults, as long as it has the correct amount of fluoride in it.

Children’s toothpastes may contain lower concentrations of fluoride, especially if they are targeted at children under 6 years old. Over this, they may well have the same concentration of fluoride as an adult toothpaste.

The take home message here is that as long as the toothpaste contains at least 1350ppm fluoride you will get a good level of protection, regardless of whether the flavored toothpaste is marketed at children or adults.

Fluoride-free non-mint toothpastes

Fluoride is a vital ingredient to toothpaste, and only toothpastes which contain fluoride will normally be recommended by dentists.

To still get the anti-cavity benefits of your mint free toothpaste, make sure it still has fluoride in its list of ingredients.

The recommendations in my more general best toothpaste article all contain fluoride.  

As a dentist, I don’t normally recommend fluoride free toothpaste, as you miss out on the known anti-cavity properties of fluoride, but I do respect that some people may still wish to avoid toothpastes containing fluoride. 

In which case, there are two main options available to you:

  1. A non-mint fluoride free toothpaste that contains no fluoride and no major source of remineralising agent. Whilst ingredients like xylitol have a small anti-cavity effect, it would not be enough to be remineralising in the same way as fluoride.
  2. A non-mint fluoride free toothpaste that contains no fluoride and which does contain an alternative remineralising agent. Calcium phosphates (such as hydroxyapatite) help re-harden the tooth surface in a similar way to fluoride. These ingredients are newer than fluoride and are still undergoing long term studies, but are showing a lot of promise. They are normally more expensive than fluoride, but there is lots of evidence supporting their effectiveness.

I’ve rounded up a whole list of non-mint toothpastes below, and you can see which ones don’t contain fluoride below. Some popular options include:

  • Kingfisher toothpastes – which have a variety of different flavors. They are available from:
  • GC Tooth Mousse – this has an alternative remineralising ingredient, is great for sensitivity, and has a wide range of flavors. It is available from:

Full list of truly mint-free toothpastes

In case the toothpastes in the lists above don’t fit your needs, I’ve included some more options below.

I reached out to the manufacturers of the toothpastes below to confirm that they do not have mint oils or aromas.

However, if it’s critical for you to avoid mint, I advise you still check the packaging & consult with the manufacturer.

As a dentist I do recommend choosing a toothpaste with fluoride in it, but have included some non-fluoride options below.

The recommendations in the table below cover various countries. As such, some may be harder than others to source depending on your location.

Please note: In October 2023 we removed Green Beaver Zesty Orange from the table below because it does contain mint.

BrandDescriptionflavorsFluoride / RemineralisationContains mint oils or Aromas?
Archie ToothpasteRefillable toothpaste with fluorideWatermelon Crush, Yummy Strawberry, Lemonade StormFluoride 1000ppmNo
Refillable toothpaste fluoride freeBlue ColaNilNo
Refillable toothpaste with HAPYummy Strawberry, Watermelon Crush, Lemonade StormHAPNo
AuromereAyurvedic ToothpasteMint Free, Foam-Free Cardamom-FennelNilNo
CarifreeGel 1100 .24%Citrus, GrapeHAP + Fluoride 1100ppmNo
Fluoride Free GelGrapeHAPNo
Cleure ToothpasteUnflavored, CinnamonNilNo
Kids Sparkle FunBubblegumFluorideNo
Mickey MouseBubblegumFluorideNo
Eco LivingToothpaste tablets with fluorideOrange, RaspberryFluoride 1450ppmNo
Toothpaste tablets without fluorideOrange, RaspberrynilNo
GC Tooth MousseTooth MousseMelon, Vanilla, Strawberry and Tutti-FruttiCPP-ACPNo
MI Paste PlusMelon, Vanilla, Strawberry and Tutti-FruttiFluoride 900ppm + CPP-ACPNo
Grants of Australiaflavor Free ToothpasteUnflavorednilNo
Green BeaverNatural ToothpasteGreen Apple, Star Anise, CinnamonnilNo
Green People OrganicChildren’s Toothpaste with FluorideMandarin and Aloe VeraFluoride 1000ppmNo
Children’s Toothpaste Fluoride FreeMandarin and Aloe VeranilNo
ToothpasteFennel and Propolis, Citrus and Aloe VeranilNo
Hellounicorn sparkle fluoride toothpastebubble gumFluoride 14500ppmNo
dragon dazzle fluoride toothpaste for kidsblue raspberryFluoride 1000ppmNo
kids fluoride toothpastewild strawberryFluoride 1000ppmNo
HimalayaAyurvedic Dental CreamClovenilNo
Jack n JillNatural ToothpasteBanana, Berries & Cream, Blackcurrant, Bubblegum, flavor free, RaspberryXylitol 40%No
JasonKids Only Toothpaste Fluoride FreeStrawberryNoNo
KingfisherFluoride FreeFennel, Aloe Vera Tea Tree & Fennel, StrawberryNoNo
With FluorideFennelFluoride 1450ppmNo
Kiss My FaceKids Berry Smart Gel With FluorideBerryFluoride 1000ppmNo
Kids Berry Smart Gel Fluoride FreeBerrynilNo
Nelson naturalsOriginal Zero Waste ToothpasteFennelnilNo
Crush & Brush Toothpaste TabletsTangerine Dream, Root Beer Float, GrapenilNo
OHS LaboratoriesPlain ToothpasteUnflavoredFluoride 1000ppmNo
Sensitive ToothpasteUnflavoredFluorideNo
Whitening Peroxide ToothpasteUnflavoredFluorideNo
Whitening ToothpasteUnflavoredFluorideNo
OrajelCharacter Anticavity ToothpasteFruity Bubble, Berry Bop, Berry BlastFluoride 1100ppmNo
Character Fluoride Free Training ToothpasteBerry Fruity, WatermelonnilNo
OranurseUnflavored toothpasteUnflavoredFluoride 1000ppm or 1450ppmNo
RedmondRedmond Earthpaste with SilverLemon Twist, CinnamonnilNo
EarthpowderSplashin’ Citrus, Black LicoricenilNo
Sanderson OHP toothpasteOHP FreeUnflavoredFluoride 1450ppmNo
SplatBaby flavored Toothpaste (available soon)Apple and bananaHAPNo
Toothpaste for Kids 2-6Fruit Ice Cream/Strawberry CherryHAPNo
Spotlight Oral CareToothpaste for ChildrenStrawberryFluoride 1450No
SquiggleTooth builder toothpasteUnflavoredXylitol 36%No
The DirtTrace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powdersweet spiceNilNo
Coconut Oil ToothpasteSweet CinnamonNilNo
Tom’s of MaineFluoride Free Antiplaque and WhiteningtoothpasteFennelNilNo
Fluoride free Propolis and Myrrh toothpastesFennelNilNo
Whole Care ToothpasteCinnamon CloveFluoride 1000ppmNo
Children’s fluoride toothpasteSilly strawberryFluoride 1000ppmNo
Children’s Toothpaste Fluoride FreeSilly strawberryNilNo
Help Save The Animal’s Children’s ToothpasteGrape, Blueberry, WatermelonFluoride 1000ppmNo
Fluoride Free Toddler Training toothpastemild fruitNilNo
Uncle Harry’s Natural ProductsUncle Harry’s Tooth SudsCinnamon, Tea Tree, UnflavoredNilNo
Unscented Tooth Powder *No Essential Oils*UnflavoredNilNo
Unscented Remineralization PowderUnflavoredNilNo
WaledaCalendula ToothpasteFennelNilNo
XlearSpry Fluoride-Free ToothpasteCinnamonXylitolNo
Spry Fluoride-Free Kids ToothpasteBubblegumXylitolNo
Spry Kid’s Anti-Cavity ToothpasteBubblegumXylitol + Fluoride 1100ppmNo
Spry Original Kid’s Xylitol Tooth GelUnflavoredXylitolNo

List of flavored toothpastes that contain mint trace

The following is a list of toothpastes that are not mint flavored, but do still contain mint trace in the form of oils or aromas.

For any paste that contains a question mark in the ‘Mint oils or aromas’ column, we are awaiting manufacturer feedback for confirmation.

As with the list above, the recommendations in the table below cover various countries. Availability may vary depending on your location.

BrandDescriptionflavorFluoride / RemineralisationMint Oils or Aromas
ACTKids ToothpasteBubblegum Blowout, Wald Watermelon, Groovy GrapeFluoride 1100ppm?
Aquafresh Children’s ToothpasteKids ToothpasteSplash Strawberry & MintFluoride 1450ppmYes
Naturals Herbal Fresh ToothpasteHerbalFluoride 1450ppmYes
AuromereAyurvedic ToothpasteCinnamon, LicoriceNilYes
Ben & Anna Toothpaste with FluorideToothpaste in a jarOrange, StrawberryFluoride 1450ppmYes
Biomin ToothpasteBioMin® F for Kids ToothpasteMelon, StrawberryFluoride 600ppm, Fluoro CalciumPhosphoSilicate?
Bite BitsToothpaste BitsBerry TwistHAPYes
BrushbabyFluoride-Free ToothpasteStrawberrynil?
Kids ToothpasteTutti-Frutti Flamingo, Strawberry, BlueberryFluoride 1350ppm?
Burt’s BeesKids Fruit Fusion Toothpaste Fluoride-FreeFruitNilYes
Kids Fruit Fusion Toothpaste With FluorideFruitFluoride 1100ppmYes
Close UpEverfresh Toothpaste Red HotCinnamon
ColgateKids Toothpaste 3-5 yearsStrawberryFluoride 1450ppmYes
Kids Baby Toothpaste 0-2 yearsMild FruitFluoride 1000ppm?
Kids Toothpaste with FluorideRyan’s World/Trolls Bubble FruitFluoride 1100ppmYes
Kids 2 In 1Strawberry Smash, Watermelon BurstFluoride 1100ppmYes
Fluoride Toothpaste For Kids – MinionsMild bubble fruitFluoride 1100ppmYes
My First Colgate® Infant & Toddler ToothpasteMild Fruitnil?
Zero For Kids 3-24 MonthsMild Fruitnil?
Nature’s Extracts UltimateFresh Lemon Extract and Aloe VeraFluoride 1100ppm?
CrestComplete Whitening Plus Cinnamon Expressions ToothpasteCinnamonFluorideYes
CuraproxChildren’s toothpasteWatermelonFluoride 1350ppm?
Children’s toothpasteStrawberryFluoride 950ppm?
Dr Bronner’sAll-in-One ToothpasteCinnamon, AnisenilYes
Dr Sheffield’sNatural toothpastesChocolate, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, BananaNil?
Dr OrganicAloe Vera ToothpasteAloe Vera ToothpasteNilY
Virgin Coconut Oil ToothpasteVirgin Coconut Oil ToothpastenilY
Pomegranate ToothpastePomegranate ToothpastenilY
Tea Tree ToothpasteTea Tree ToothpastenilY
EcodentaGum protection toothpaste with tea tree oilGrapefruitnilYes
Sparkling bubbles toothpaste?Fluoride 1448ppm?
Black orange whitening toothpasteOrangenilYes
Colour suprise cavity fighting toothpaste for kidsMelonFluoride 1448ppm?
flavored toothpaste for kidsWild StrawberryHAP?
flavored toothpaste for kidsRaspberryFluoride 498ppm?
Kids Toothpaste Fluoride FreeBubblegumHAP?
GeorganicsOrganic Fluoride ToothpasteOrangeFluoride 1350ppm?
Organic Mineral ToothpasteOrange, Tea Treenil?
Natural Whitening ToothpowderOrange, Tea Treenil?
Natural Mineral ToothtabletsEucalyptus, Orange, Tea Treenil?
Grants of AustraliaKids Natural ToothpasteBlueberry BurstnilY
Kids Natural ToothpasteStrawberry SurpriseFluoride 500ppmY
Natural ToothpasteCinnamonnilY
Green BeaverNaturapeutic Fluoride-Free Toothpaste for KidsStrawberryXylitol 20%Yes
Gum ToothpasteKIDS Toothpaste 3-6StrawberryFluoride 500ppm?
JUNIOR ToothpasteTutti FruttiFluoride 1450ppm?
HimalayaKids ToothpasteBubble Gum, Orangenil?
HydrophilSweet Herbs ToothpasteHerbalnilYes
Toothpaste TabletsSageFluoride 1450ppmYes
JasonHealthy Mouth® Anti-Cavity & Tartar ControlTea Tree & CinnamonFluoride 1000ppmYes
Healthy Mouth® Tartar Control ToothpasteTea Tree & CinnamonNoYes
LaveraKids ToothpasteMild FruitNil?
LamazunaToothpaste tabsGinger powder & lemon essential oilnil?
Solid Toothpastes – seem to have been discontinued
Lush CosmeticsToothpaste TabsSparkle (Lemon & pepper), Boom (Aniseed & cola)No?
Soother Toothpaste JellyCloveNo?
Punch & JudyBaby toothpasteStrawberryFluoride 1000ppm?
Kid’s toothpsteBubblegum, StrawberryFluoride 1400ppm?
Natural Kid’s toothpasteStrawberryFluoride 1000ppm?
QuipToothpasteWatermelonFluoride 1100ppm?
RadiusUSDA Organic Gel ToothpasteClove Cardamom, Dragon Fruit, Cocnut Banananil?
USDA Organic Children’s ToothpasteDragon Fruitnil?
Tom’s of MaineChildren’s fluoride toothpasteSilly strawberryFluoride 1000ppmYes
Toothpaste ROCSBaby ToothpasteApple, Lime-Blossom, ChamomileXylitol 10%?
Kids 3-7Fruity cone, Barberry, Sweet Princess,Xylitol 12%?
Kids 4-7Summer Swirls, BubblegumFluoride 500ppm + Xylitol 10%?
Kids ProWild BerriesXylitol 10% + HAP?
Junior 6-12Chocolate and Caramel, Berry Mix, Fruity Rainbow, Coconut and VanillaXylitol 12%?
Teens 8-18Cola and Lemon, Sweet RushXylitol 10% + Fluoride 900ppm?
Medical MineralsBerry, FruitXylitol 12%?
SplatJunior Toothpaste for Children 6-11Berry Cocktail/BubblegumHAPYes
The Humble CoToothpaste in a jarStrawberryFluoride 1000ppmYes
Kids ToothpasteStrawberryFluoride 1000ppmYes

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GDC number: 259369. Gemma qualified from Cardiff University School of Dentistry with BDS(Hons) in 2015. She went on to complete her Foundation Training and a further two years in the Armed Forces, primarily based around Wiltshire. She now works in a private practice in Plymouth.

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29 thoughts on “Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Options For Adults”

  1. A couple of comments on some of the mint free suggestions. For the Auromere mint-free, it contains thymol. Thymol is derived from thyme, which comes from the mint family.

    Also, someone in the comments suggested some of the Boka mint-free toothpastes. Just beware that these contain menthol, which is derived from mint.

    I am grateful for this article, as I am trying to avoid mint. However, I would love to find some options that are not only mint-free, but that are also SLS free and that contain either fluoride or nano-hydroxyapatite. I have done a lot of research and am struggling to find something. The Hello Kids Strawberry and Wellnesse Children’s Strawberry are the only ones I can find. I am an adult and am not sure why I can only find childrens toothpastes that fit my criteria, though I know these are suitable for adults too.

    • Thanks for the comment Dave.
      It really isn’t simple to go mint free is it?!
      We are always considering looking at creating more specific lists such as those that are mint free and SLS free and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

  2. I was wondering if there were any good mintless, fluoride-containing remineralizing toothpastes? As someone on the autism spectrum, my inability to tolerate mint has impacted my dental hygiene over time, and I’m looking for something reparative.The only non-mint enamel repair toothpastes I’ve been able to find are fluoride-free. And since there aren’t any full-strength enamel repair “kids” toothpastes out there, it’s been impossible to find anything that works for me.

  3. Hi! I’m wondering why there’s a discrepancy between the ppm and percentage of fluoride in Hello kids toothpaste flavors and if there’s an explanation for it. On Amazon and Walmart the unicorn, grape, and strawberry tubes all say .24% sodium fluoride on the back- but your list says the bubblegum has a higher ppm than the strawberry. I really wanna use the highest fluoride I can without breaking the bank, but I’m wondering if I need to get the unicorn flavor instead of the strawberry (preferred flavor) to do this.

    • Hi Melody.
      We try to ensure our data is as accurate as possible, but it is possible that there are errors/discrepancies.
      A quick check myself suggests they are the same and we have an error.
      I will pass this to Dr Wheeler to double check and update accordingly.

    • Hi Melody, There is a discrepancy in the conversion between ppm and %. I am in the process of contacting the company to clarify this and will get back to you when I have a full explanation. Gemma

  4. Thank you for this list. I have recently gotten oral Lichenoid mucositis and need to avoid mint (and cinnamon). Not too long ago, a dentist gave me some Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste, and Crest Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste. Do you know if either of these have mint flavour and/or oil in them?

    What about Crest for Kids Strawberry Rush and Bubblegum Rush? I couldn’t find them on your lists. Thanks you for your help!

    • Hi Pamela.

      These are pastes we haven’t yet checked with the manufacturer about.
      There are hundreds of different pastes unfortunately so it is quite a lot of work to contact etc and determine what ingredients all these have.~
      I would suggest emailing Crest directly and asking them to confirm in writing to you so that you have confirmation.

  5. OMG! Thank you SO much!!
    I have always hated the taste of mint and have a chemical allergy to cinnamon oil. I have to be very careful what I use on my teeth and this article is AMAZING!!

  6. I cannot use toothpaste with mint. Could I use the Crest Kid toothpaste as an adult and still get the cavity protection and other that I need? I like the original adult toothpaste, but the mint flavoring burns too much.

  7. Thank you so much for this article. Although I didn’t have much sense of smell or taste to begin with, my smell and taste of mint changed after having COVID. The mint, which I previously enjoyed, now tastes awful.
    Imagine bushing your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes with something that tastes like garbage! After reading your article, was able to locate the cinnamon Crest toothpaste which is much better. This information was much apprectiated.

  8. There is plenty of proof that fluoride is toxic. The fact that you push it so much in your article eliminates any credibility you’d hope to have.

    • Sure, if you swallow a barrel full of flouride solution that would be toxic. If you ate an entire bushel of apples you would have a toxic reaction, too.
      Millions of people use flouride toothpaste daily and none of them are dying because of it. Your hysteria is misplaced.

  9. Thanks for putting this together. I don’t like mint toothpaste and really struggle with finding options (in the US). Internationally I have found some fruit options from Colgate and some Eucalyptus options.

    My old standby was Tom’s Complete which had an Orange Mango. They discontinued the adult version, but still offer it in kids. There’s several non mint with fluoride options from Tom’s. I haven’t tried the Hello options you listed above – will do so.

    I recently found Crest Pure All Around Clean Fluoride Toothpaste. It was also SLS free. I found the mint flavor acceptable, so of course it’s been discontinued.

    I find it odd that mint and fluoride are so closely linked and fluoride-free toothpastes get all the non-mint options.

  10. I didn’tnotice any on your list, so I was wondering if you have found any “sensitive” toothpastes that don’t contain mint. I have been lookingfor one, with no luck. I find that my sensitive teeth are aggravated by mint. I feel like I can’t be the only one.

    • James. I am not sure what you are asking. This article lists non-mint toothpastes. So you can use these same pastes on your gums if you have dentures you are taking out.
      Are you looking for a non-mint toothpaste to actually clean the denture itself?

  11. I am looking for a toothpaste that is SLS free and does not contain mint, cinnamon or tea tree.
    Prefer one with fluoride.
    Any ideas?

    • Gillian.

      Ok, so this is quite a requirement list and one I think might be hard to find. We have a post about SLS Free toothopastes.

      If you would consider using toothpaste with nano-hydroxyapatite rather than fluoride you have Boks Ginger and Boka Lemon Lavender toothpastes. You have Bite Berry Twist toothpaste tablets. I am sure there are options with fluoride, but it would require much more research to find alternative options.

      • Thank you! I did just become aware of nano-hydroxyapatite and I am willing to try it. I have oral lichen planus, an auto immune disease and my mouth is extremely reactive to the items I’m trying to avoid.
        I will try one of the items you suggested.
        I truly appreciate your assistance.

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