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Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Options For Adults

non-mint toothpaste tablets

There are many reasons why you may want to choose a non mint toothpaste – perhaps you don’t like the taste of mint, or you may find mint too overpowering.

Some people find mint can cause a burning sensation in the mouth and wish to avoid this. 

Mint is the traditional flavour of oral care products, in part because mint is known for its antibacterial and fungicidal properties, and because of its perceived refreshing flavour.

But companies are now reaching out to those looking for a mint free toothpaste. On this page I include various options for you to consider, and my comments about them.


This page contains a list of what we understand to be non-mint toothpastes. 

We are aware that some toothpaste is labelled as ‘non-mint’, but does still contain mint alongside the main flavour that is listed. In this situation, mint is not always listed in the ingredients.

Should you have any allergies to mint, we advise contacting the toothpaste manufacturer to clarify before using.

As time goes on, we hope to build a reliable list of toothpastes that are truly ‘non-mint’. 

If you have tried a non-mint toothpaste, please leave a comment to let others know how you found it. 

3 good non-mint toothpaste options

These are by no means the only good toothpastes that come without mint flavouring — there are various other options.

But to keep things simple, I have listed 3 good choices below. I also include other options later on in the article.

The toothpastes that have made it into this list:

  • Contain fluoride. If non-fluoride is what you are looking for I have these covered in the list below.
  • Avoid mint flavours (but may still contain traces of mint)

The Humble Co Toothpaste in a Jar Kids Strawberry with Fluoride

The humble co toothpaste

This Swedish Company has a real focus on sustainability and natural products. Their toothpaste in a jar is one of a few products they provide that are aiming to reduce plastic waste, but I have chosen this one as it is totally plastic free whilst also being a good product and a fair price.

They are also an ethical company, and each purchase helps the Humble Smile Foundation, which helps prevent suffering caused by oral disease.

For a more environmentally friendly option, keep your eyes peeled for their toothpaste in jar.

Although the flavour is not mint, there is Mentha Piperita Oil within the product. This is listed under ‘aroma’ within the ingredients.


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Plastic free packaging, FSC approved
  • Contains fluoride
  • Strawberry flavour
  • SLS free
  • No Parabens


  • Only available online with a couple of retailers

Where to buy

Price Comparison

  • 75ml jar
  • Approx $6 / tube
  • $$

Oranurse Unflavoured toothpaste

Oranurse Unflavoured toothpaste

This toothpaste has rave reviews on Amazon and Facebook.

What makes this one special? It is the only option I could find which is completely unflavoured toothpaste.

This is ideal if for those who have very sensitive mouths, whether that is because of autism or a wide range of oral diseases.


  • Completely unflavoured.
  • SLS free – also non foaming.
  • Vegan.
  • Two different fluoride levels available.
  • Suitable for a wide range of medical conditions.


  • May be difficult to get hold of due to production and supply issues.

Where to buy

Price comparison

  • 50ml tube (roughly 90-100g)
  • Approx. $7 – $8 / tube
  • $$

Kingfisher Fennel Toothpaste (With Fluoride)

Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Options For Adults 1

Kingfisher fennel toothpaste with fluoride is a good option but isn’t widely available.

It is imported from the UK so it’s also on the expensive side. We could only find it available on Amazon at the time of writing.

It is vegan and not tested on animals.


  • Approved by Dental Health Foundation
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Contains fluoride


  • Might not be available in supermakets

Where to buy

Price Comparison

  • Approx. $15 per tube
  • $$$

Why go for a non-mint toothpaste?

There are a number of reasons that make non mint flavoured toothpaste preferable to some people:

  • Personal preference — some simply don’t like the taste of mint. In particular, adults and children with learning disabilities can prefer a more bland tasting toothpaste.
  • Mint may cause a burning sensation in the mouth. 
  • Certain oral conditions may make mint toothpaste uncomfortable in the mouth, for example:
    • Oral Lichen Planus sufferers.
    • Head and neck cancer patients after radiotherapy.
    • Burning mouth syndrome.
    • Sjögrens syndrome
    • Behcets disease
    • Allergies or intolerance to mint.

In addition to these reasons, there is some debate about whether you should avoid mint if receiving homeopathic medicines. Whilst the advice seems to be that you don’t need to avoid mint during homeopathic treatment, it is your choice – and hopefully this list of non-mint toothpaste will help you.

Some toothpastes do not list mint in their ingredients

Non-mint flavoured toothpastes may still contain mint, even though it isn’t listed on the packaging.

So while a toothpaste could have a non-mint flavour, it may still contain mint.

This means it’s important to double check with the manufacturer if you are allergic to mint.

One example is toothpaste from Colgate. Previously we had listed some on this page as being non-mint, but have since discovered that they do contain mint. We contacted Colgate about this to double check, this was its response:

We do not currently have a mint-free toothpaste in our range. The flavours we use in our toothpaste products are made up of both natural and manmade ingredients, of which mint may be a component. We understand that this is information consumers like you want to see on the packaging so please be assured that your feedback will be passed onto the relevant team.

Can adults use kids’ non-mint toothpastes?

Generally speaking, kids’ toothpastes are more likely to be fruit flavoured than an adult toothpaste. But it doesn’t matter whether it is marketed at children or adults, as long as it has the correct amount of fluoride in it.

Children’s toothpastes may contain lower concentrations of fluoride, especially if they are targeted at children under 6 years old. Over this, they may well have the same concentration of fluoride as an adult toothpaste.

The take home message here is that as long as the toothpaste contains at least 1350ppm fluoride you will get a good level of protection, regardless of whether the flavoured toothpaste is marketed at children or adults.

Fluoride-free non-mint toothpastes

Fluoride is a vital ingredient to toothpaste, and only toothpastes which contain fluoride will normally be recommended by dentists. The recommendations in my more general best toothpaste article all contain fluoride.

To still get the anti-cavity benefits of your mint free toothpaste, make sure it still has fluoride in its list of ingredients. 

As a dentist, I don’t normally recommend fluoride free toothpaste, as you miss out on the known anti-cavity properties of fluoride, but I do respect that some people may still wish to avoid toothpastes containing fluoride. 

In which case, there are two main options available to you:

  1. A non-mint fluoride free toothpaste that contains no fluoride and no major source of remineralizing agent. Whilst ingredients like xylitol have a small anti-cavity effect, it would not be enough to be remineralizing in the same way as fluoride.
  2. A non-mint fluoride free toothpaste that contains no fluoride and which does contain an alternative remineralizing agent. Calcium phosphates (such as hydroxyapatite) help re-harden the tooth surface in a similar way to fluoride. These ingredients are newer than fluoride and are still undergoing long term studies, but are showing a lot of promise. They are normally more expensive than fluoride, but there is lots of evidence supporting their effectiveness.

I’ve rounded up a whole list of non-mint toothpastes, and you can see which ones don’t contain fluoride below.

Some popular options include:

  • Biomed toothpastes (view on Amazon) – which contain an alternative remineralising ingredient.
  • Kingfisher toothpastes (view on Amazon) – which have a variety of different flavours.
  • GC Tooth Mousse (view on Amazon) – has an alternative remineralising ingredient, is great for sensitivity, and has a wide range of flavours.

Other mint-free toothpastes

In case the toothpastes in the lists above don’t fit your needs, I’ve included some more options below.

As a dentist I do recommend choosing a toothpaste with fluoride in it, but have included some non-fluoride options below.

We are in the process of updating the table below to specify whether toothpastes are truly non-mint, or if they still contain traces of mint. For any paste that contains a question mark in the ‘contains traces of mint?’ column, we are awaiting manufacturer feedback for confirmation.

Please note: We aim to recommend only pastes that are truly non-mint. As per our disclaimer, we advise you still check the packaging & consult with the manufacturer as some ‘non-mint’ toothpastes can still contain traces of mint.

Name of ProductAnti-cavity protectionFlavourPrice RangeContains traces of mint?
Redmond EarthpasteNoCinnamon
Lemon Twist
Radius USDA Organic ToothpasteNoClove Cardamom
Dragon Fruit
Ginger Citrus
Coconut Banana
Auromere Ayurvedic ToothpasteNoClassic Licorice
Mint Free
Cardamom Fennel
Himalaya Botanique Complete Care ToothpasteNoSimply Cinnamon
Neem and pomegranate
Dr Bronner’s  All-in-One ToothpasteNoAnise
Jason Healthy Mouth® Tartar Control Anti-Cavity Toothpaste FluorideTea Tree & Cinnamon$?
Jason Simply CoconutNoCoconut Cream
Marvis toothpasteNoAmarelli Licorice
Black Forest
Other flavours with a hint of mint
Hello kids toothpaste with fluorideFluorideBlue Raspberry
Tom’s of Maine Clean and FreshNoFennel$No
Tom’s of Maine Children’s fluoride toothpasteFluorideSilly strawberry$No
Tom’s of Maine Children’s Fluoride Free ToothpasteNoSilly strawberry$No
Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Free Toddler Training ToothpasteNoMild fruit
Kingfisher Fluoride freeNoFennel
Aloe Vera Tea Tree Fennel
Kingfisher Natural toothpaste with Fluoride FluorideFennel$$No
The Humble Co Toothpaste in a JarFluorideStrawberry$$Yes – contains mentha piperita oil
The Humble Co ToothpasteFluorideCoconut and Salt
Kid’s Strawberry
$Yes – contains mentha piperita oil
Biomed Superwhite ToothpasteHAPCoconut, cinnamon & thyme$$?
Biomed Propoline Natural ToothpasteHAPHoney$$?
Biomed Sensitive ToothpasteHAPFruity$$?
GC MI PasteCalcium phosphate IonsMelon
Tutti Frutti
GC MI Paste PlusCalcium phosphate ionsMelon
Tutti Frutti
Burt’s Bees Kid’s Fluoride Free ToothpasteNoFruit Fusion$$?
Burt’s Bees Kid’s Toothpaste with FluorideFluorideFruit Fusion$$?
Crest KidsFluorideBlue Bubblegum$No
Crest Kids Sparkle FunFluorideBubblegum $No
Crest Mickey MouseFluorideStrawberry
Strawberry Rush
Green BeaverNoZesty Orange
Green AppleStar Anise
Orajel Character Anticavity ToothpasteFluorideBubble Berry
Fruity Fun
Nelson naturals Original Zero Waste ToothpasteNoCitrus Spice Blend
Aquafresh Children’s ToothpasteFluorideBubblemint$?
Jack n Jill Natural toothpasteXylitolBerries and Cream
Flavour free
Colgate Liquid Gel 2-in-1FluorideStrawberry

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