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Published: February 10, 2024

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra

Author: Jon Love (3 Comments)
Waterpik Aquarius next to Waterpik Ultra

Our choice: Waterpik Aquarius

Both the Aquarius and the Ultra are excellent water flossers. I found that they provided an equally effective clean during my testing.

But, the small differences can make a big difference when it comes to your day to day use and in turn make the Aquarius the best option of the two — I recommend it as the number 1 choice in our best water flosser post.

2nd choice: Waterpik Ultra / Amazon, Walmart / ~$59.97

Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 vs Ultra WP-100: Key differences

  • The Aquarius has a On/Off slider switch on the handle compared to a push button on the Ultra.
  • The Aquarius has a massage mode.
  • The Aquarius has a LED function indicator.
  • The Aquarius has a timer/pacer built in.
  • The Aquarius comes with 7 tips included compared to the 6 with the Ultra.
  • The Ultra has a storage unit for 4 tips, compared to the 2 of the Aquarius.
  • The Ultra comes in 4 color options compared to the 3 choices of the Aquarius.
  • The Aquarius is not as wide or deep as the Ultra, but is slightly taller.
  • The Aquarius is marginally lighter.
  • The Ultra has a recommended retail price of $59.99 compared to the $79.99 of the Aquarius.

Please note: There is a ‘Designer’ edition of the Waterpik Aquarius.  The difference between the designer and non-designer model are very subtle.

  • The designer model has chrome colored accents on the unit.
  • The designer models is available in 6 colors, compared to the 3 of the standard Aquarius.
  • The designer model commands a $89.99 price.

It is the standard (non-designer) model that I refer to throughout this comparison.

Detailed Comparison: Waterpik WP-100 (Ultra) vs WP-660 (Aquarius)

I count 11 key differences between these 2 Waterpik models.

None of those differences are what I would class as significant, meaning none of the differences are going to radically affect the way you floss or the results you actually get.

But, sometimes, it is the subtle or less significant differences that actually influence your feeling towards using a product on a day to day basis and this is where the Aquarius offers the edge.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 6

The first difference is on the handle which you hold and control the stream of water with.

On the Ultra is a simple push button, whereas the Aquarius has a slider.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 7

Both function, but the Aquarius has been better thought out and here is why.

With either model, you have to press the on/off power button on the main unit  first. This powers the pump that ultimately draws the water from the tank and out through the tip on the handle.

On the Ultra, that button on the handle actually acts more like a pause button would, because if you do not press it, water begins spurting out the moment you press the power button on the main unit.

The Aquarius on the other hand is different.  Only when you slide the switch on the handle to the ‘on’ position, does the water begin being pushed out the tip.

If you wish to pause the water flow mid floss, it's a quick flick of the slider on the Aquarius or a press and continued hold on the Ultra.  The smooth button on the Ultra compared to the ridged slider of the Aquarius, makes it much easier to slip off and ultimately have less control of the water flow.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 8

You get used to both approaches, but the Aquarius offers a much smoother, less messy approach for new and existing users alike, in my opinion.

Both models have the same reservoir size, the same flow and pulse rate per minute as well as 10 variable pressure settings, nothing changes between these 2 in the way they deliver the waterstream to the mouth.

However, the Aquarius does offer a massage mode.  This is designed to be used in addition to the standard flossing mode.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 9

It offers a unique water pulsation pattern, designed to enhance gum stimulation when the water stream is aimed at the gums.

Far from a mode that everyone needs, it is suitable for those who know or have been advised specifically to improve their gum health.  It may seem counterintuitive, but those with bleeding gums will find relief and reduction in bleeding, in a relatively short space of time if using this mode.

As a result of having the standard floss mode and then the second massage mode, the Aquarius does too have an LED beside the mode name on the main unit.  This is another feature the Ultra does not have.

Whilst not essential, it is very useful for seeing at a quick glance that the unit is powered on and which of the 2 modes is selected, so you can use or change the mode accordingly.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 10

Another novel feature built into the Aquarius and not the Ultra is the timer/pacer.

If you are familiar with the timer and pacer found in an electric toothbrush, the principle is similar.

In the case of the Waterpik, the timer runs for 1 minute and will create a short pause at 30 seconds.

This is to remind you to move to the other arch of your mouth.  So if you started with the bottom teeth move to the top and vise versa.

After 60 seconds there will be another short pause to make it clear that you have reached the recommended cleaning time.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 11

Depending on the pressure setting you are using, some water may remain in the reservoir.  The unit will continue to run, without pauses and deliver water out of the tip after the 1 minute.

It does not automatically turn itself off, you need to do this manually.

This pacing function helps ensure you give an even clean to the gumline and interdental spaces.

Both models come with a good selection of tips that can be fitted to the handle of the water flosser.

Each tip is designed for specific use cases, but most opt for the classic Jet tip.

The Aquarius comes with 7 tips included compared to the 6 with the Ultra.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 12

The 6 tips included with the Ultra are:

  • 2 x Classic Jet Tip (JT-100E) – For general use offering twice as effective results than string.
  • 1 x Toothbrush Tip (TB-100E) – For brushing and flossing at the same time.
  • 1 x Plaque Seeker Tip (PS-100E) – Ideal for those with implants, crowns, bridges or veneers targeting plaque in hard to reach areas.
  • 1 x Orthodontic Tip (OD-100E) – Great for those with braces offering up to 3 times more effectiveness than traditional floss.
  • 1 x Pik Pocket Tip (PP-100E) – Delivering medicament and rinsing deep below the gumline those with periodontal pockets and fucations benefit most here.

The 7th tip that comes with the Aquarius is another Classic Jet tip, so it has 3 of these.

Both units provide a place to store some but not all of the spare tips.  Depending on whether you are intending to use this flosser yourself or share amongst the family may depend on which is better suited.

Both units can essentially store 1 tip that is fitted into the handle.

The Aquarius then provides 2 holding positions to the left of the reservoir under the lid.

With the Ultra, you get a storage case that also doubles up as a lid to the reservoir but holds 4 tips.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 13

What this means is that with the Aquarius you can have 3 tips within quick reach, you need to store the other 4 that come provided elsewhere.

With the Ultra you can store 5 of the 6 that come provided.

For most users the 2-3 storage points on the Aquarius are fine, as not all the provided tips are necessary, but families may find the Ultra to be better for storing the tips, specific to each user.

With both of these flossers, you get a choice as to what color you buy them in.  The Ultra is available in 4 colors, whilst the Aquarius is available in 3, unless you opt for the ‘designer’ variant.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 14

Your color choice and model numbers are as follows:

  • Aquarius
    • Black - WP-662
    • Blue - WP-663
    • White - WP-660
  • Ultra
    • Black - WP-112
    • Blue -WP-113
    • Orchid - WP-115
    • White - WP-100
Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 15

There is too a slight difference in the physical size and weight of the 2 units.

Slimmer both in width and depth is the Aquarius, it is lighter too.

However, the Ultra is not as tall.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 16

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Aquarius
    • Height - 10.35 inches / 26.29 cm
    • Width - 4.7 inches / 11.93 cm
    • Depth - 3.8 inches / 9.65 cm
    • Weight - 1.46 Lbs / 0.665 kg
  • Ultra
    • Height - 9.9 inches / 25.15 cm
    • Width - 5.6 inches / 14.22 cm
    • Depth - 5.3 inches / 13.46 cm
    • Weight - 1.48 Lbs / 0.670 kg

For those with limited countertop space, the Aquarius is the more compact, smarter looking of the 2 units.

The last difference is the price. The Ultra has a recommended retail price of $59.99 compared to the $79.99 of the Aquarius.  This is explained in more detail in a few moments.

In every other way the 2 units are similar.

Both come with:

  • 22 ounces / 650ml reservoir capacity
  • Runtime of 90 seconds
  • Cover over reservoir
  • 360 degree rotating tip
  • 10 pressure settings with 10-100 PSI
  • 1400 pulses/minute
  • 13 ounces / 400ml flow rate/minute
  • Countertop design
  • 120VAC/60Hz
  • 36 month warranty
Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 17

Does one clean better than the other?

Ultimately no, there is no difference in how well each of these clean.

Both models have the same water tank capacity, the same flow and pulse rate per minute, the same pressure settings and the same 360 degree rotatable nozzle.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 18

The only notable difference between the 2 models that could potentially affect the overall cleaning and effectiveness is the Hydro-Pulse Massage option available on the Aquarius.

It offers a unique water pulsation pattern designed to enhance gum stimulation.

The idea is that you use the water flosser in the regular floss mode and then use the massage mode.

Giving extra attention to your mouth you adjust the pressure as desired and aim the water stream at your gums and massage throughout your mouth.

This massage mode is most certainly useful for some, but not all water flosser users.  You may wish to consult your dentist to learn whether such would be right for you.

Is one better priced than the other?

If you go by the recommended retail or selling price that Waterpik suggest, there ist $20 separating the 2 units.

The Aquarius has a retail price of $79.99 compared to the $59.99 of the Ultra.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra 19

In reality, when looking at the prices from some of the major and most popular retailers online and in shopping centres you can save approximately $10 on the recommended selling price.

This means that the actual price you pay is around $70 for the Aquarius and $50 for the Ultra.  Therefore the actual price difference remains at $20 on average.

The 2 units use the same tips/nozzles so there is no money to be saved here.

You need to buy the water flosser best suited to you and your budget.

Although the Aquarius might be my primary recommendation, the differences are small and the Ultra is still an excellent example of water flossers available today.  If your budget can’t stretch to the more premium model, get the Ultra, it is better than nothing at all!

Conclusion & which one should I buy?

There are many similarities between these 2 models and it is in truth not the simplest decision.

However, the slight differences that exist on the more premium Aquarius are well worth the extra $20 asked in the selling price.

Whether you are a new or existing water flosser user, you will be impressed with what it offers and how it performs.  It offers all you could ask of a water flosser and more, thus it is perhaps not surprising that this is the top of our list for best water flossers.

Our Choice
Waterpik Aquarius
Waterpik Aquarius
Our Choice
Waterpik Ultra
Waterpik Ultra
Electric Teeth Rating
Amazon $84.28 $70
Walmart $121.8 $59.97
Author: Jon Love

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Pamela Buss
December 24, 2023

Hi, your article is showing the Aquarius as more expensive, but it’s actually discounted lower than the Ultra model right now.

March 16, 2021

I used my Ultra for the first time and loved it. My only con is that is is very loud

December 18, 2020

Is the water reservoir removable on the Aquarius for cleaning?

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 18, 2020

Yes it is.

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