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Oral-B Hummingbird – can you still get it anywhere?

Oral-B Hummingbird - can you still get it anywhere? 1


There are certain things in life we become quite attached to for one reason or another.

It could be a favorite sweater, a pair of pants, or in this case, a flosser.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the Oral-B Hummingbird has won it many fans all over the world, but sadly it has been discontinued and is no longer made.

So great is the disappointment amongst the US population, a petition has been setup to try and get the attention of Oral-B to take notice and bring back this wonderful tool.

I admire this approach, but sadly I don’t think they will reverse their decision.

Some stock and parts do still exist, but availability is decreasing by the day.

So where and how do you get these spare parts?

I aim to answer these questions for you.

What is the Oral-B Hummingbird?

The Oral-B Hummingbird needs no introduction to its many fans, but for those who have only just discovered it, let me explain.

It is a tool, developed by Oral-B that allows you to clean the spaces between your teeth, nice and easily.

A compact, handheld unit, it has 2 different attachments that fit to the main unit.

One attachment is what is called the pick.

As the name implies, this piece is made from a soft material, that is shaped to form a pointed end, like a toothpick/flosspick is.

Nice and slim it fits between the teeth to provide a thorough clean and help dislodge, plaque, bacteria and food debris.

The motion of the pick is controlled by a small motor built into the handle, you see the Oral-B Hummingbird is an electrical flosser, not a manual one.

It is powered by a user removable battery.

The second attachment, is a more traditional looking floss harp arrangement.

A short piece of floss is held securely securely between 2 plastic arms.

Each of these attachments are designed for 1 time use.

Oral-B Hummingbird - can you still get it anywhere? 2

Having fitted 1 or the 2 different styles of attachment, a simple press of the Blue colored button on the handle activates the unit.

The internal motor will send massaging vibrations through to the attachment, to provide effective flossing.

You have to just position and move the floss or floss pick in-between the teeth and interdental spaces.

A non-slip ergonomic grip ensures it fits comfortably in the hand.

The whole concept and ethos behind the Hummingbird from Oral-B was to make the process of flossing much easier.  Taking away some of the hassle and awkwardness of regular floss whilst bringing the benefit of consistent power and motion and convenience that electric items like this bring.

Much loved it was a great addition to your oral hygiene routine and complimentary to the use of an electric toothbrush.

Why was is called the Hummingbird?  Quite simply, because the form of the flosser mimics to some degree the shape and size of the real life Hummingbird.

Key Features

The main selling points and reasons it was and remains so widely loved is because it is:

  • Reasonably priced.
  • User friendly.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Elegant design.
  • Feels good to use, encouraging regular flossing.
  • Portable and inconspicuous.
  • Works on AAA battery, no need for electrical outlet.
  • Perfect for travelling.
Oral-B Hummingbird - can you still get it anywhere? 3

Why has it been discontinued?

Sadly I cannot say the exact reason it was discontinued, because I do not know.

Whilst there may be a very specific reason as to why, I can only make an educated guess based on my experiences with other products in various product categories and markets.

I suspect the the Hummingbird is now discontinued and no longer manufactured as a result of an internal review of demand, sales and market penetration.

It was probably no longer considered feasible or practical to continue.

Whilst on the face of it the Hummingbird appears to have sold well over its life, it is normal for all product manufacturer to review its product offerings.

Generally speaking products have to make a certain margin, be that percentage (%) or monetary value ($).

There may well be certain targets for sales volume.

Costs of production and what it can be sold for will be assessed as part of this review too.

For examples sake only, if the cost to produce went up by $5 but the new required sale price was now going to be another $5 higher than the competition, then the decision may be taken not to continue with the manufacturing of such, because it will not be priced competitively.

Whilst Oral-B have for a long time made dental floss, toothpaste and electric toothbrushes, they have not created many electric flossers.

The Hummingbird is 1 example, another is the Oxyjet, a water flosser.

Compared to Waterpik who are known primarily for their water flossers, Oral-B are not.

Whilst Oral-B have not stopped operating within the oral healthcare space it is quite likely that a number of factors played into the decision of not continuing.

It may well be that Oral-B management felt it was better use of funds and resources to spend time developing their core products rather than their narrower range of electric flossers, despite having won many fans.

What about spares?

The Hummingbird required 3 key items to keep it functional, they are:

  • AAA battery.
  • Dental Pick attachment.
  • Floss attachment.
Oral-B Hummingbird - can you still get it anywhere? 4

The AAA batteries required to power this unit are easy to find.

Just pop to the local hardware or grocery store, or buy online at places like Amazon.

When it comes to the attachments, it is a little more tricky.

This is made worse by the fact each attachment is designed for 1 time use, meaning each time you or anyone else makes use of an attachment, the remaining numbers are reduced.

Where to buy replacement parts for Oral-B Hummingbird

Despite the decreasing availability, it is not impossible to get replacement parts.

Oral-B Hummingbird - can you still get it anywhere? 1

ebay is the best option in my opinion at this time.  

There are both private and business sellers offering replacement units, floss and pick attachments.

Smilox still offer some of the flosser attachments.

Where can I buy a brand new Oral-B Hummingbird?

Places like eBay are you best bet, to hunt down new and unused Oral-B Hummingbirds, but they are few and far between.

You may find a few used models for sale at a good price, but those who have new units are commanding a premium as they are now very difficult to get hold of.

If you are genuinely thinking of getting a new/replacement Hummingbird, I would strongly advise considering the alternatives.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there is 1 main alternative to the Humingbird and that is from Waterpik.

Well known for their flossing products, the FLW-220 power flosser is the closest you will get to the Hummingbird.

Oral-B Hummingbird - can you still get it anywhere? 6

Whilst not identical, what it does and offers is VERY similar.

The small handheld unit is electrically operated, with the choice of 2 different styles of attachments, just like the Oral-B Hummingbird.

You can buy Waterpik’s battery powered flosser on Amazon.

Preview Product Rating Price
Waterpik Whitening Power Flosser Waterpik Whitening Power Flosser 5,608 Reviews $7.49Amazon Prime

You can buy packs of picks on Amazon here.

If you would rather, due to price and availability, you can generally find the unit itself along with packs of attachments on eBay.

Walgreens offer the replacement pick style tips and Smilox are another option for the Waterpik Replacement Power Flosser Tips – Regular (FT-01).

Picksters do make their Power Pickster which adds sonic vibration to a traditional interdenal brush. You can view that here on Amazon as well.

Failing that, it is a case of moving back to traditional string floss or other flossing tools.

My article on Best Flosser & Flossing Tools is well worth a look as this explains some of the best alternatives, both manual and electric available today.

You may also find my article on the best water flossers useful.

The Hummingbird from Oral-B has over the years won many a fan, but sadly, despite our desires for products to remain available they do not.

We trust this article has given you a bit of an insight into why and how to obtain spares.

Your Thought & Opinions

Have you or do you still use the Oral-B Hummingbird?

If you’ve had to switch, what’s the best alternative that you’ve found?

Got any questions?

Leave your comments below.

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36 thoughts on “Oral-B Hummingbird – can you still get it anywhere?”

  1. The eBay gougers may come down on their prices if they receive many lowball offers. I believe sellers watch the posts of other sellers to observe the price that products are finally sold for. Collectively we can get them to lower their ridiculous prices.

  2. I have used the oralb and really liked it then couldn’t buy refills which sucks. Haven’t found a replacement because nothing works like the oral b. Any thing else is too clumsy to operate!!!

  3. I didn’t know these existed, but they seemed great. I could really use something like this because I have gingivitis and struggle to floss due to the very short time I can keep my mouth open and not being able to open wide enough/have enough space to put my fingers in my mouth. I have to do one tooth at a time and then rest my jaw.

    It takes around 15 minutes to give my mouth a good floss especially with the larger gaps where my molars are and my wisdom teeth used to be and my permanent retainers on my front teeth. I end up needing floss/floss holder, interdental brushes, and threading tools/SuperFloss. I’m awfully tired of keeping track of SO many tools and spending the $$$ needed for them, too.

    Right now I use a cordless Waterpik (a simpler and clunkier version than the one recommended on this site but it’s all I need) but it doesn’t get in the really tight spots and sometimes doesn’t quite have the precision to get stuff crammed in my molar gaps (unless I really blast some water in there, which is kind of painful). Figuring all this out after two years of not taking care of my teeth often enough is so overwhelming.

  4. that is capitalism for you anything that is made to last have to be removed from the society so that junk can be distribute

  5. The Waterpik tips are too small to be effective. The Hummingbird was perfect. I refuse to pay $90 for one on eBay. Oral B should make them again.

  6. I was able to open the hummingbird by putting a coin in the grooves or slot in the bottom and turning. I was expecting the bottom to come off but it actually comes loose at the point where it bends.

    And of course you could use the tips more than once. Rinse thoroughly though.

  7. I have a handicapped daughter who we have to brush and floss her teeth. The Hummingbird flosser was so easy to use for her and I actually think she enjoyed it. We are extremely disappointed that it has been discontinued.

    • Hi Wanda,

      It’s a shame it was discontinued as it does seem to have been a popular product with many people. In case it is useful, one of our in-house dentists has put together an article here on products that can help with teeth cleaning for people with disabilities.

    • Wanda Faber…..do you still have your Hummingbird for your daughter? I just found a box of the refills as I unpacked that I would be happy to send you if you will pay the postage. I live in Massachusetts. I don’t have the main Hummingbird anymore which I threw away because it stopped working even with a new battery. The cost of the refills on eBay should cause that website to be called GougethemBay!

  8. I have used a hummingbird for so many years and was very upset that it had been discontinued. Purchasing the hummingbird flosser and or attachments are ridiculously priced on eBay. I have used a water flosser for over a year now but have found that my gums will bleed if I don’t use hummingbird. I now need attachments but can’t afford to purchase them on eBay. I definitely wish that hummingbird would be reintroduced to the market.

  9. Have a hummingbird and love it. I bought a battery for replacement as that is all that needs replacement.
    Easiest said than done. Where can I find replacement instructions?
    Appreciate your help.

    • Hi Barb.

      I have not seen the manual available online via a reputable source.

      As advised by a previous commenter on the site, to change the battery, you unscrew the base and the head unit will slide out. The battery will be exposed, replace it with a new one in the required direction, then slide the head unit back into the handle and screw the base in until it stops. The head unit only goes in one way to keep the unit from getting damaged.

  10. Have had my hummingbird for years and it just quit. Very upset. Have lots of picks and flossers left. Please bring it back. It appears many people enjoyed its comfortable use.

  11. I have a large amount of replacement heads…but no hummingbird unit!! I am not clines to pay between $75 to $100.00!

    Please bring the hummingbird back!

  12. Hello Mr. Love,
    Recently, Sonicare brought a combination toothbrush/ Aqua flosser to the market.
    I’ve experimented with it, but I wish that an Oral-b equivalent that performs both of these important oral hygiene functions simultaneously.
    Do you know anything?
    Thank you in advance!
    Steven Cottone

    • Hi Steven.

      I am presuming by a combination, you are meaning a package deal where you got a Sonicare electric toothbrush and then the Sonicare Airfloss. 2 sperate products, but they were packaged together as part of the deal you purchased?

      I am not aware of an actual product that combines the 2. The closest thing I have seen (and is available) is the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion.

      Oral-B have made what is called the Oxyjet and sold it as a package that includes and electric toothbrush, but this is not really sold in the USA now.

      Or are you generally looking for something that combines flossing and toothbrushing in 1 product?

  13. I still have and use a hummingbird by Oral B. I love it still. Getting the replacement heads is a problem. Why pull such a great product off the market. Wish they would bring it back!

  14. You are “a leading voice on electric toothbrushes and has been quoted by mainstream media publications for his opinions and expertise.”?

    Why, then, is most of this post full of unsubstantiated opinion and speculation as to the fate fo the Hummingbird? You have failed to assert just what happened to the little item.

    • Polly I understand your comment, but I don’t necessarily have insider information. I am not employed by Oral-B to given the exact reason as to why. Companies reserve the right not to share such reasoning. I am sorry if my insights have failed to deliver the answer that you wanted. I will take this on board as constructive criticism that I can learn from ongoing to try and improve in the future.

  15. Can’t believe the hummingbird flosser is discontinued. My husband thought we had some refills in the drawer but I told him no and that they’ve been discontinued. He’s not happy. Guess I’ll try the Waterpik but seems to me that will be messy and spritz water everywhere. Bring back the hummingbird!!

  16. To change the battery, you unscrew the base and the head unit will slide out. The battery will be exposed, replace it with a new one in the required direction, then slide the head unit back into the handle and screw the base in until it stops. The head unit only goes in one way to keep the unit from getting damaged.

  17. Love Love this product…wish they would bring it back. Best Dental Flosser on the market especially if you have a small mouth. Can get into every single tooth. Looks like Ebay is the only way to get the replacements and they are not cheap!

  18. I thought i was the only person that was looking for the hummingbird until i came across your very helpful article. I spent o good part of today looking to find it or something similar. Your article has helped so much and I agree with all the others BRING BACK THE HUMMINGBIRD!

  19. I had two! I thought that when battery died, you had to get another whole unit. After many, many yrs I gave up and threw them away. Gnash, gnashing of teeth. I still have 8 or 9 replaceable floss attachments. I am willing to try another brand. But please, oh please, Oral-B bring it back! Until then, I will boycott Oral-B products. That will show them!!! Well , probably not.

  20. I love the Hummingbird and used to get them from the dentist. When they were discontinued, I bought all his remaining stock. and went on line to get a stockpile of replacement floss heads. I’m down to my last Hummingbird! And looking to find a new one as back-up when it dies.

    Nothing works as well, or is as easy to use.


  21. I loved the Hummingbird flossed—felt like it did a better job than regular flossing and was easy to use. I re-used the attachments as I would a toothbrush—rinsed them and sprayed them with hydrogen peroxide after each use. I have tried the Waterpik power flosser, but I cannot reach the areas between my molars; the device is too big to get it back there.

  22. I have a very small mouth and this is very comfortable for me. I will use till it dies then just hand floss. I understand that another co. Bought them out and took them off the market so they could sell their own product

  23. Somebody should step in and make aftermarket floss heads and pics for the Hummingbird. Hell they could even use the same Oral-B design because Oral-B is not using it anymore.

  24. I would like to read the article about the oral b hummingbird flossed. But the very brief opening stops mid-sentence & I cant figure out how to call up the rest of the article. I’m trying to figure out how to change the battery on mine.

    • Hi Linda,

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing our content. We have not had any other reports of this and our tests show the page fine. Can you give more information so that we can try and resolve the problem?

      I believe the base should unscrew to replace the battery. It takes a single AAA.

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