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Published: January 6, 2024

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 vs Pro 3 3500

Author: Jon Love (12 Comments)
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 vs Pro 3 3500 1

Editor's note

The Pro 2 2500 was previously our top choice. However, the 2500 has now been discontinued and the 3500 is the recommended alternative.

As a consequence, the Pro 3 3500 is now the top choice.

Which one would we choose?

Our choice: Oral-B Pro 3 3500 / Amazon, Oral-B / ~£44.99

2nd choice: Oral-B Pro 2 2500 / Amazon, eBay / ~£129.99

The Pro 3 3500 is the better value toothbrush and the one to pick.

It does have an extra cleaning mode which isn't essential. And the larger pressure sensor isn't a deal breaker.

But, the Pro 2 2500 has been discontinued. It has become more expensive and although an excellent brush doesn't command a premium over the 350

Key differences

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Electric Teeth Rating
Retail price
Approximate 3 year cost
Cleaning Action
Number of cleaning modes
Brushing intensities
Pressure Sensor
Battery life
Battery type
Number of heads included
Travel case included
Bluetooth connectivity
Position tracking
Buying options
Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 3 3500
Oral-B Pro 3 3500
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Review Review
£100 £70
£78 £88
Oscillating-rotating & pulsating (3D) Oscillating-rotating & pulsating (3D)
3 2
- -
yes yes
30 second quadpacer 30 second quadpacer
yes yes
14+ (plus) days 14+ (plus) days
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
1 1
yes yes
- -
- -
73dB 76dB
2 years 2 years
Product Array Pro 3 3500

Oral-B Pro 3 3500

£44.99 Buy
Product Array Pro 2 2500

Oral-B Pro 2 2500

£129.99 Buy
  • Handle design/colours
    • The Pro 2 2500 has a larger rubber grip on the front of the handle that the Pro 3 - 3500 does not have.
    • The Pro 2 2500 is available in 3 colours (black, pink & white) compared to the 2 colours (pink & black) of the Pro 3 3500. This affects the travel case too. 
    • The grip on the rear of the handle comes in the form of lots of dimples compared to the ridges on the 2500.
  • Cleaning modes
    • The Pro 3 3500 has 3 cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Sensitive & Whitening) compared to the 2 modes (Daily Clean & Sensitive) of the Pro 2 2500.
  • Brush heads
    • The Pro 2 2500 comes with 3 different brush heads (CrossAction, 3D White or Sensi UltraThin) compared to the 2 brush heads (CrossAction or 3D White) of the Pro 3 3500.
  • Pressure sensor
    • The Pro 3 3500 has a larger and more visible light ring that wraps a full 360 degrees around the top of the brush handle.  Whereas the Pro 2 2500’s sensor is positioned towards the back of the brush handle.
  • Price
    • The Pro 2 2500 has a lower retail price of £80 compared to the £90 of the Pro 3.

Please note. Every effort is made to ensure the key differences listed are correct, but these differences are subject to change without notice. Products and the box contents can be changed without notice and different variants can exist.

Detailed comparison: what’s the difference between the Oral-B Pro 3 - 3500 and Pro 2 2500?

I want to let you know that as differences in electric toothbrushes go, the number here is limited.  The 2 brushes are very similar.

In fact, for the most part, it is the actual design/look of the handle that separates them.

If you look at them, you will see that the Pro 2 2500 has a large rubber grip that runs down the front of the handle, which the Pro 3 - 3500 does not have.

Best electric toothbrush for receding gums

The 3500 you have a much cleaner and more minimal look compared to the 2500.  

It is designed this way to mimic Oral-B’s top of the line iO Series.

Where the large rubber grip on the 2500 provides grip, this is now limited to the power button on the 3500.

But, although the 3500 is now all smooth touch plastic, it isn’t as slippy as you might expect.  The 2500 does feel marginally more secure in the hand.

The benefit of doing away with the large rubber grip is that the Pro 3 is easier to keep clean.  Toothpaste residue doesn’t build up on the handle in quite the same way as the 2500.

Oral-B Pro 3 3500 Pink Stood Upright

The grip on the back of the handle has changed too.

On the Pro 2 2500 are a series of raised ridges that offer a rougher but effective method for resistance against the fingertips.  This doesn’t stretch the length of the back of the handle. But, the dimpled texture you find on the 3500 does.

These dimples are more subtle both from a design and grip point of view, but they do work.

If you struggle gripping onto items then the 2500 is better than the 3500.

Dimpled Texture Oral-B Pro 3 3500

Linked to this design change is a change in the handle colour too.

The Pro 2 2500 has a gloss white plastic body and it is the rubber grip, be that pink or black that contrasts with the white to give it that colour pop.  There is also a white gripped variant of the Pro 2 2500, albeit this is less common stocked. 

With the Pro 3 3500, the handle itself is either pink or black in colour.  The power button matches the handle too.

With the Pro 2 2500, the travel case provided is either black or white.  Black with the black gripped unit or white with the pink and the white gripped unit.

With the Pro 3 3500, the pink handle comes with a white case.  But there are actually 2 different styled cases that come with the black coloured handle.

It is either all black in colour, or there is the variant called the ‘Black Mondrian’.  This has a white case with a printed design/decal on it. This decal has darker black, grey and blue colours at the top.  These then gradually fade to lighter shades down the length of the geometric design on the case.

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 vs Pro 3 3500 2

An additional design change with the Pro 3, is the introduction of a LED light ring around the neck of the brush handle.  It wraps a full 360 degrees.

This is similar to the premium Genius and iO series brushes that Oral-B offers.

The light colour is not customisable, nor does it stay lit the whole time.  But, when the built-in pressure sensor is activated, the light ring is lit red.

The Pro 2 2500 has a visible pressure sensor, but unlike the Pro 3, this is positioned primarily on the back of the handle.  It has a red plastic panel compared to the white of the Pro 3 - 3500.  Both light up and are visible, but the extra surface area of the Pro 3’s sensor makes it a slightly more practical implementation.  

Oral-B Pro 3 - 3500 360 Degress Pressure Sensor

Design aside, they do the same job.  When the sensor is activated they both light up red to alert you that you are brushing too hard.  Reduce the pressure and the lights go out.

The penultimate difference between these 2 brushes is the cleaning modes available.

Both offer the standard daily clean mode and a more gentle sensitive mode.  But, the Pro 3 offers a third brushing mode, known as whitening.

Whitening is designed to assist with polishing the tooth surface and achieving a brighter and whiter smile, by more effectively cleaning away external surface stains on the teeth.

Whilst it may provide some benefit, particularly if used with a 3D White brush head, the differences are going to be extremely subtle, if not impossible to notice.  

Your brushing technique, routine and diet will have a bigger impact on your teeth and making them whiter than the brushing mode alone.

It should be noted, that the brush heads supplied with either the Pro 2 2500 or 3 3500 can differ.  Typically they are either CrossAction or 3D White with both models.  Although, there is a variant of the Pro 2 2500 that comes with a Sensi UltraThin brush head.

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 vs Pro 3 3500 3

To confuse things slightly more this is what you usually get supplied:

  • Pro 2 2500 black gripped handle - CrossAction brush head (white plastic shaft)
  • Pro 2 2500 pink gripped handle - 3D White brush head  (white plastic shaft)
  • Pro 2 2500 white gripped handle - Sensi UltraThin brush head (white plastic shaft)
  • Pro 2 2500 black gripped handle Midnight Black edition - CrossAction brush head (black plastic shaft)
  • Pro 3 - 3500 black - CrossAction brush head (black plastic shaft)
  • Pro 3 - 3500 black Mondrian - CrossAction brush head (black plastic shaft)
  • Pro 3 - 3500 pink - 3D White brush head  (white plastic shaft)

All the heads are available to purchase separately and are interchangeable, should you have a preference.

Those then are the key differences.  

Does one clean better than the other?


Assuming you use either brush handle with the same style of brush head then there is no difference between the way in which these two brushes clean.

Use the Pro 2 2500 or the 3500 and you will achieve thorough cleaning results.

It can be argued that the additional whitening cleaning mode, offered on the Pro 3 can bring extra benefits. Potentially, it can do, particularly when paired with a 3D White brush head. However, in reality, any differences are going to be extremely small, if at all noticeable. 

Is one better priced than the other?

Yes, the Pro 3 3500 is the better value toothbrush.

Previously it was the Pro 2 2500. It has however been discontinued resulting in the sales price of the remaining stock being increased.

Looking at the prices, officially, there is a £10 difference in the retail price of these products.  

The Pro 3 - 3500 has a suggested price of £90 compared to the £80 of the Pro 2 2500.

Very rarely would I ever suggest paying retail price.

Oral-B Pro 3 3500 Box

This is because (if you were not already aware) it is very common for electric toothbrushes, particularly Oral-B models, to sell at around 50% less than retail price.

With this discount factored in the Pro 2 2500 would cost around £40, whilst the Pro 3 - 3500 will cost £45. Thus the difference in price is now just £5.

This makes picking between each much more difficult.

Prices are always subject to change and the discount isn’t always exactly 50%.

And because the Pro 2 2500 had been on the market for longer than the 3500, the average selling price was actually around £35.  This took the difference back up to about £10.

It is not a significant price difference, but it is reasonable given the price range these brushes find themselves in.

Thus the Pro 2 2500 was better value, as a general rule, until it was discontinued.

Generally speaking now, the Pro 2 2500 commands a premium over the 3500 which I can't justify paying.  


The differences between these 2 toothbrushes are in the scheme of things very subtle.

Both are very good at cleaning the teeth and fairly well priced.

Neither brush has lots of unnecessary features, albeit the Pro 3 - 3500 does have a whitening more that is far from essential.

The Pro 3 3500 since the 2500 was discontinued.

Ultimately, whatever brush you decide upon, it is you who needs to make the decision; but do so based on which is best for your needs or that of the end user.

Only pay the price you are happy with and do not be led into buying something if it is not right.

Hopefully, I have presented the facts and made the whole decision process that little bit easier.

Author: Jon Love

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August 25, 2023

Does the Pro 2 have the same Lithium ion battery that is in the Pro 3? I am debating on the Pro 2 that I am seeing online for less

Jon Love - Chief tester
August 26, 2023

Yes, as far as I am aware John it does.

August 26, 2023

Great thanks for the reply! And thanks for the site - brilliant!

June 24, 2022

Thanks for a great resource and honest recommendations. You stopped me spending more money on brush with unnecessary features.
One problem I have with budget Oral b brushes (I have pro 2 2500 model and i had another model before) is, that warning light about need to recharge comes about 60 seconds before brush stops working.
Which is annoying.
What about suggesting to Braun to change it, so warning comes early enough to allow you at least one, 2 minutes brushing cycle to finish?

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 24, 2022

Hi Andrew.

I can't say the warning light typically comes on that late for me. I usually get at least 1 extra brushing session from it before it needs recharging, if not 2+.

Admittedly though some other brands are better at giving warnings about low batteries. I particularly like how Sonicare will have a green light for good charge, orange for medium and then red for low, so at least when orange you know it will need charging soon.

June 24, 2022

Hi Jon,
Thanks for such prompt reply.
Based on your great experience testing of all the toothbrushes, who am I to argue?
However, my 15 years experience of using budget end of Oral b toothbrushes is different from yours.
I am getting Oral b pro 3 3500/3000 series and I will report back after testing.
Thanks again for amazing resource, which I recommended already to many people.

Jon Love - Chief tester
June 26, 2022

Hi Andrew.
Ha well, I can only test so many brushes and use so many at one time and nothing speaks louder than 'real-world' user testing. Despite best efforts it is possible I have overlooked something.
I always try to best as I can, but feedback like this is very valuable. I shall certainly be paying greater attention for the next couple of Oral-B brushes to see what happens.
Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to hearing back from you once you have tested out the Pro 3 model.

Alex McKay
March 5, 2022

What do the numbers 2500 and 3500 mean? I remember when electric toothbrushes first came out that they meant revolutions. So you would choose the higher one. Now this doesn't seem important and isn't explained in comparisons, or on Oral Bs website.

Jon Love - Chief tester
March 7, 2022

Hi Alex.

As far as I am aware and understand the numbers 2500 and 3500 are just names/model numbers within the product range Oral-B offers.
You have the Pro 1 range, the Pro 2, Pro 3, Smart 4, Smart 5 etc and then within these ranges you have sub models like the Pro 2 2500 and Pro 3 3500.

The numbers do not correlate to the number of brush head movements/revolutions.

Between these 2 models there are no differences (that I am aware of) in the number of brush head movements and pulsations offered. The Pro 3 3500 isn't any better at cleaning the teeth than the Pro 2 2500. What differs is the design and features each offers.

January 15, 2022

Great comparison but there is an error. The third cleaning mode on oral b brushes is gym care mode. This is the mode where the brush fades up and down in power. This is gum care not whitening. Whitening mode is nothing more than extending the pace timer divisions to increase the brushing time.

Jon Love - Chief tester
January 17, 2022

Hi Nij. This is not correct. The 3 modes on the pro 3 3500 are daily clean, sensitive and whitening. It is the whitening mode that fades up and down in power.

January 17, 2022

Hi Jon,
It seems Oral-b change the name of their modes at the drop of a hat. Its a complete gimmick. On previous models, this fading mode was not refered to whitening mode. it was refered as gum care. please see below.
I would not advise anyone to pay any attention to the whitening mode and certainly not pay any more money for it

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