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Published: January 2, 2024

Oclean X Pro Elite review

Author: Jon Love (4 Comments)
Oclean X Pro Elite review 1

The quietest electric toothbrush we've used


The Oclean Elite X Pro looks and feels good in the hand and cleans the teeth well, whilst being impressively quiet.

Whilst the smart connectivity features work, there is room for improvement.

The touchscreen is intuitive and better than previous versions, albeit a bit unnecessary.

A good battery life and fast charging are great. The Oclean X Pro Elite is an impressive brush for the price.




Stylish handle with colour touchscreen display


Bluetooth & smartphone app – Doesn’t work in real-time and needs improvement


Very quiet – under 50dB


Can’t be charged whilst mounted on the wall holder


Easy to use magnetic wall mounted holder




Brushing feedback on the display


1+ months use on a full charge

Some other brushes to consider

As good as the Oclean X Pro Elite is, my top pick is still the Oral-B Pro 3 3500.

It is an affordable brush, with the features you need. It is our top choice for the best electric toothbrush.

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 cleans just as well and comes with a travel case. It is louder and doesn’t charge via USB.

Neither brush are as quiet as the Elite though.

Design, usability, clean & general use

The Oclean X Pro Elite comes packaged in a simple, but smart cardboard box. 

On the front of the outer sleeve is a large picture of the brush.  On the back, the key features are listed with other important information.

Inside the box, you get the key things you need and not lots of unnecessary extras.

Initial impressions are simple and understated.

The brush looks great.  In fact, I think it might be one of the nicest looking brushes I have ever used. 

Limestone Grey Oclean X Pro Elite Toothbrush

The colour is called ‘Ultimate Grey’ or ‘Limestone Grey’.  It has a really soft tone to it. There is a very light mottling that makes it look like the sort of colour you would find on a well worn stone at the beach.

The actual texture to the fingertip is quite hard to describe.  It is not smooth. Nor is it rough. There is a very light texture to it.  This is enough to give that feeling of extra security in the hand.  

Few toothbrush handles are perfect cylinders and the X Pro Elite is no exception.  It has a very slight squaring of the body. There are no harsh edges. All of these have a sweeping curve to them.  It makes the brush feel rigid and well built.

There are barely any ports and controls on the handle of this toothbrush.  The back and sides have no raised grips or points of interest.

The base of the brush handle is flat, finished in a satin silver plastic.  This base plate wraps around the bottom edge of the handle slightly. This creates a satin ring around the lower part of the handle that pairs nicely with the grey colour.

On the front of the handle in the upper half is the touchscreen display and function button.  It is a little over 4cm long and just under 1.5cm wide.  It is of a rounded rectangle shape.  Within this sits the power/function button.  Black in colour, it is concave in shape and framed by a silver ring around it.  It stands out from the display itself. I will cover the display in more detail shortly.  

Touch screen colour display Oclean X Pro Elite
Colour touchscreen built into the Oclean X Pro Elite

Beneath this is nothing other than the Oclean logo which is positioned right at the bottom of the handle.

At the top of the handle is where the brush head attaches.  They push onto and pull off the metal shaft that extends from inside the brush handle.

Around this shaft is a silver metal plate.  The edge of this is visible when the head is attached.  It matches with the satin ring on the base of the handle.

I will cover the brush heads in more detail later in the review.  Just know that these plastic heads are solid grey in colour. They are not perfectly matched to the handle.  They too have more of a gloss coating.  Although slightly different, it has a very close match.

Sealed inside the handle are all the electronics that make this brush function.  This includes the 800mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the Maglev motor.

The brush handle has a nano hydrophobic coating and certified IPX7 rated. All this fancy jargon means that it resists water. You can rinse the brush off under the tap and use it in the shower if you choose.

Oclean X Pro Elite under running water

Despite being a Bluetooth enabled smart toothbrush, it is quick and easy to get started.

The brush has an automatic wake function. This means when you pick the brush up, it detects this movement and the screen, built into the brush handle, turns on.

You then press the power/confirmation button once and it will begin functioning.

Although it woke most of the time, there were a few instances where I did need to press the power button twice.  Once to wake the brush and a second time to turn it on.

The colour touchscreen and the power button are the main way in which you interact with this brush.

This is not the first toothbrush to have a colour screen built into the handle. 

The Oclean X that I reviewed a while back was the first to have one.

The Oral-B iO also has a colour screen. It's not touch sensitive though.

The screen on the original Oclean X was pretty awful.  It was difficult to use and quite infuriating. In fact, it ruined the user experience.

They can be difficult to get right, particularly when they are this small. But, wow, this screen is vastly improved.  I almost can’t believe they are from the same company.

The touch gestures have been simplified.  A swipe up or down to scroll through the menus and then a press of the power button to confirm.  As you confirm the brush vibrates. Simple, it works. Effortless.

X Pro Elite in hand
Limestone Grey Oclean X Pro Elite with colour touchscreen

How necessary a touch screen is will depend on your point of view. Buttons and LEDs on the handle work too. But, it feels sleeker and more current.  And I do think it helps achieve the minimalist look to the brush handle.

The glossy black display does pick up grease and fingerprints. These do not affect usability.

Menus available on the display include allow you to:

  • Change the cleaning mode
  • Set the brushing intensity
  • Change the brushing time
  • Find out key information about the brush

The X Pro Elite comes with 4 modes as standard.  They are:

  • Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Massage
  • White

You then have the option to change the brushing intensity.  There are 32 different levels of intensity.  1 is the lowest and most gentle with 32 being the most powerful.

32 different intensities is a bit much. There are clear differences between 1, 15 and 32. 3 levels would be easier to manage though.  Sonicare offers low, medium and high for example.

Most cleaning modes default to the 2 minute cleaning. But, you can, from the display, change the length of the brushing time.  You can choose between 2 minutes, 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes.  More granular control for cleaning modes is available from the accompanying smartphone application.

Once activated the main display shows:

  • The remaining battery power (as an icon, not a percentage)
  • The cleaning mode currently set
  • The brushing intensity currently set

When you actually come to begin the brushing session, the display will change.  It will show a ring, within which the number of the intensity level is shown. Outside of the ring is the name of the cleaning mode in use and a timer, counting down the total brushing time.

As the time elapses, the ring  fills to highlight that you are nearly done.  It fills the ring in a clockwise fashion to tie in with the built-in timer and pacer.

As the brush is powered on, you activate the built-in timer and pacer.  This is an essential feature of an electric toothbrush.  It helps you and I brush for the recommended amount of time.

The exact pacing may vary, depending on the mode/brushing time you have set.  But, with a standard 2 minute cleaning cycle you will get alerts at 30 second intervals.

As each 30 second interval comes around, there is a pause in the brush motor.  This causes a change in sound, a change in brushing sensation and the vibration pattern in hand.  This is your cue to move from 1 quadrant to another.

There are 4 quadrants to the mouth (upper right, left, lower right and left). The idea is that you spend 30 seconds cleaning each quadrant. You need to brush the outer, inner and biting surfaces of the teeth in that quadrant.

By the end of the 2 minutes you should have cleaned all the teeth evenly. 

The brush will then turn itself off , signalling the end of the clean.

Oclean X Pro Elite Brushing Score
Brushing score displayed on Oclean X Pro Elite's display

At the end of the session, the display will offer you a brushing score and show your total brushing time.

This score is based on how well you have brushed all the teeth in the mouth.

You see, built into the brush handle is a 6-axis gyroscope. This is active and tracking as you use the toothbrush.

At the end of a clean, this feeds data into the system Oclean called ‘BlindZone Reminder’.

On the touchscreen you will see a graphic of a set of teeth.  This frames the score and brushing time.  It is designed to highlight those tooth surfaces you have and have not brushed.  

Those surfaces that are white in colour have been brushed well.  Those that are blue in colour have been missed or not brushed very well.

The blue areas are the ‘blind spots’.

Many of us have incorrect brushing habits.  We may not realise this and we might not be brushing some teeth as well as others.  Over time this can potentially cause oral health issues. 

The idea here is that by alerting you to the areas of the mouth you have not brushed well, you can go back and correct this.

It works on 8 zones, so this is the front and back surfaces of the teeth in each quadrant.  It doesn’t track the biting surfaces.

I like the system and whilst it seems fairly accurate, on the first few goes I was scoring 98! Either my technique is good or the sensor is very forgiving. 

I am inclined to say forgiving.  When I lay the brush down and run it through a cleaning mode, it implied I had brushed some of the teeth. It gave me a score of 50/100?!

The aim is to encourage us all to do a bit better. If you pay attention to this data, I do believe you can make improvements. Even if the tech isn’t 100% perfect there is nothing lost to have this shown on the screen. 

The concept here is similar to premium brushes like the Oral-B iO and 9900 Prestige.  The key difference is that these offer this tracking in real-time. Albeit via a smartphone application.  The visuals are within the app and not on the toothbrush itself.

The X Pro Elite has a smartphone app, but it does not work in real-time. Then again the Elite is a fraction of the price.

We recognise the appeal of smart toothbrushes, but such a feature is not essential.

The actual clean the X Pro Elite gives is more than good. enough. It appears to clean comparably to a lot of Sonicare brushes I have used. I can’t fault it here.

The one observation I did make is it didn’t feel quite as intense and invigorating.  This is even when the intensity was set to the maximum 32.

Compared to the 9900 Prestige it didn’t feel as powerful, intense and quite as thorough. 

I am not saying the Sonicare is better, but the Oclean felt different.

Brushing teeth with X Pro Elite from Oclean

My teeth still felt clean after each use. I see no reason why the vast majority would not be anything other than impressed with this.

The Elite, like Sonicare toothbrushes, has a sonic motor.

It offers up to 42,000 brush strokes per minute. That is 11,000 more than the 31,000 offered by Sonicare brushes. It is noticeable. Don’t get too fixated on this.

Power isn’t always the answer. Yes, it can provide benefits when cleaning. Technique, frequency and brushing time have more positive effects.

The number of movements are dictated by the cleaning mode and intensity selected. There are 32 different intensities. Only at the highest setting of 32 are you getting the full power of the motor.

The provided brush head (P10) has premium DuPont bristles. This includes diamond shaped bristle tips to help achieve a better clean.  They are not the softest bristles I have experienced on a toothbrush, but they are not the firmest either.  I was more than happy with how they felt as they passed over the teeth and gums.

From a side view you will see the bristles have a W profile. This is to cup around the teeth. The bristles are together in clusters.  Each cluster has a different height and angle to the bristles to help give a thorough clean.

These bristles are grey and white in colour, matching with the brush handle.

Oclean X Pro Elite brush head

On the back of the brush head is a tongue cleaner too. This is a nice touch.

You do only get 1 brush head in the box.  This is unusual for far eastern brands that usually offer a few. It is the P10 brush head that is designed for and is compatible with the X Pro Elite. They come in packs of 2, 4 and 6. 

Based on retail price, each replacement head works out at around £5 each. 

The head should be replaced on average every 3 months.  If using the app, it will remind you when you need to replace the head.  This is quite useful.

Oclean doesn't promote this heavily but there is also a pressure sensor built-in.

If the brush detects too much force is being applied, it will slow and stop the bristles on the brush head moving. This reduces the chance of unwanted damage to the teeth and gums taking place.  

When this happens there is a change in the sound of the toothbrush. You will too feel the vibration in the brush handle decrease.  There is no visual warning via a light or anything on the touchscreen display.

Remember, you don’t need to scrub the teeth, let the bristles do most of the work.

Oclean X Pro Elite review 2

One of the key selling points of this brush is how quiet it is.  Oclean suggests that the X Pro Elite produces 45 decibels of sound when in use.

Quiet Mark is an organisation that certifies products. They certify those that are particularly quiet in their class. The Elite has been awarded the Quiet Mark 

Set on the highest intensity the sound the X Pro produces will be more around 48 decibels.  This is still very quiet.  It is possible to get to 45 decibels or less if you change the cleaning mode and intensity.

The vast majority of electric toothbrushes produce a sound of around the high 60’s through to the mid 70’s.  

Therefore, this is on average 20-25 decibels quieter than most electric toothbrushes.

There is no denying that this is the quietest electric toothbrush that I have ever used.  It was immediately noticeable when I first got it out the box and turned it on for the first time.  Oceans engineers have done a top job here.

The sound it does produce is a sonic humming sound like other sonic toothbrushes.

Oclean X Pro Elite & Smartphone App
Android smartphone application for Oclean smart toothbrushes

As I have already suggested, this is a smart toothbrush. This means it connects to your phone via an Oclean app available for Android and iOS.

There are many elements to the app that I could talk about, but I am going to keep it quite brief to keep things simple.  

The app is not terrible, but it lacks a certain refinement. 

It is hard to describe. The layout and flow could be a bit more intuitive. In places, the implementation is a little clunky.

The big thing to note is that this app does not work in real-time with the toothbrush.  What I mean is you can’t use the app as you brush.  

This is the opposite of most Oral-B and Sonicare models.

You don’t have position detection in the app. And you don’t get an on-screen timer telling you how long you have left to brush.

All the data is synced after brushing.

Visually it might not be perfect. But I do have to hand it to Oclean, the amount of data stored is great.

It does actually keep more data than the likes of Oral-B’s and Sonicares app.  It even shows you how long you spend on particular surfaces of the teeth via a quadrant graphic.

There is potentially too much data. But, like most others, there is a dashboard that gives a higher level overview of your brushing habits. Essentially a summary of your habits.  This is more powerful as the data is displayed in a more meaningful way. 

Like other parts of the app, there is some scope for improvement. Compared to Sonicare’s dashboard this feels a little confusing.  It is not quite as clean as Oral-B’s interface. But, it isn’t all that bad.  It is usable.  

The home screen of the app is one you will likely interact with most.  This will give data from the most recent brushing session and allow you to dig further if you choose.  You also get a percentage reading for the battery of the brush.

I think if you were to sync the data once a week and review it this is more than adequate.

There are lots of customisation options in the app. You can pretty much customise the cleaning modes until your heart is content.

You can make brushing modes up to 4 minutes long. You can even make them much more precise. 2 minutes and 37 seconds if you wish.  

You can change the focus areas and the time for each quadrant or even have 6 sections to each cleaning mode. 

Each customised mode can be given a unique name, so you know exactly what it is.

You can see each mode explained so you know how to use it properly.

Whilst the brush has 4 modes by default within the app there are 11 preconfigured modes. None have the same name as the modes on the brush handle. Oclean calls these ‘plans’ within the app.  But essentially they are different cleaning mode configurations.

Each of these have different names and settings.  You can push each ‘plan’ to the handle. But you can only push and use any one ‘plan’ at a time.

If the mode you have chosen from the app is called ‘Braces’ it doesn’t show up on the brush handle display as braces.  This is because when you create the ‘Braces’ plan you actually choose 1 of the 4 cleaning modes the X Pro Elite offers.  So if you select sensitive, the ‘braces’ configured plan shows up as sensitive on the brush handle.

Quite honestly it is confusing.

If you want to switch between the standard clean mode and then braces it is clunky.  But, then again I am an advocate for picking 1 mode and sticking with it.

It is nice to have the granular control. But it is a little restricting if you can’t add multiple modes to the handle or clearly see what each one is.

I am sure a software/firmware update can fix this. But, this issue existed when I reviewed the Oclean X Pro well over a year ago. So how likely this is I am not sure. I don’t advise buying a toothbrush based on the promise of an update.

Unlike many other toothbrushes, with the Elite you can update the software wirelessly. I had a firmware update come through and it updated the brush in about a minute.

Maybe I am being overly critical? All this choice and customisation almost gives too much control. The number of modes and how you customise each isn’t going to have a significant impact.  Perfecting your technique and routine will.

Sadly, the Y2087 (as the Elite is otherwise known) does not come with a travel case. A case can hold and protect the toothbrush and brush head when travelling.

It would have been a nice addition had it been included. These can be purchased separately.

In the box, you do get a small plastic cap that slides over the bristles of the brush head to protect them. This could be lost, but it is better than nothing.

Included in the box is a magnetic wall mount/holder for the Elite.  This is without doubt an underrated accessory. I would love all electric toothbrushes to be compatible with this.

Magnetic wall mount Oclean X Pro Elite
Magnetic wall mount supplied with X Pro Elite

It is a white circular plastic disc.  It is 6cm wide and just under 1cm deep.  

On the back is a large adhesive pad.  This sticks to a wall in your bathroom.

With the holder mounted on the wall, you can then attach the brush handle to it. 

Thanks to a magnet in the handle and holder the 2 come together nicely. The magnet is on the back of the handle behind the display.  It is fairly strong.

When attached to the wall holder the brush hangs free. It is a nice option for keeping the brush off of a countertop and out of harm's way. The brush is oriented vertically when mounted.

The images illustrate this best. Innovative, I like this a lot.

It would have been great if the brush could charge when mounted on this plate. Imagine a power cable feeding into it. Charging pins on the plate could connect to pins on the handle. Charge could then be transferred. By no means a deal breaker.  The brush doesn’t need charging all that often.  It would have been a nice touch.

Oclean wall holder

To conclude this part of the review, the Oclean X Pro Elite is a toothbrush I could happily use on a daily basis.  There is scope for improvement, namely the app, but it is a solid option nonetheless. 

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

Stylish handle
Built-in color touchscreen display
4 cleaning modes
32 intensity settings
Built-in timer and pacer
Built-in pressure sensor
Cleans the teeth well
Bluetooth connectivity to record your brushing activity
No-real time tracking in the smartphone app
A brushing score displayed on screen after each brushing session
Magnetic wall holder is really useful
No travel case included

Battery life

Sealed inside the handle of the Elite is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

It has a 800mAh capacity and is claimed to last 35 days.  This is based on 1 user, brushing twice a day for 2 minutes using the full brushing intensity.

The battery life of electric brushes is quite often quoted lower than what is achievable.

In my hands-on testing I achieved 35 days, but no more.

Now, in fairness, if I chose a more gentle brushing mode and lower intensity, I may have gotten longer from it.  But, I had hoped that it might far exceed the claimed 35 days.

With over a month's use on a full charge, this is very good. It passes my 2 week holiday benchmark that I like a toothbrush to pass.

When it does need charging it is very simple to charge and it does so quickly.

It charges in as little as 3.5 hours on the provided wireless charging stand.

The stand itself is circular at just over 6cm wide.  In the centre is a circular recess onto which you can sit the brush.  Or for a little more style and stability, mount the silicone cover over the stand.  When you do, you now have a perfectly shaped cutout for your brush handle.  It sits on the stand much more securely with this fitted.

Oclean X Pro Elite on charging stand

Hard wired into the stand is a USB cable.

The cable is about 80cm in length.

Connect this to a USB port on a computer or laptop or wall socket to recharge the brush.  The USB connector means it is easy to travel with the stand if you need to. You are not restricted by voltages and plug adapters.

No USB plug adapter is included in the box.  However, you can use one if you have one to connect to the wall socket.

The stand, cover and USB cable are white in colour.

When on charge the display on the Elite will light up to show you the charging status. You can also see the exact battery percentage via the smartphone app.

Summary of battery life

Built-in rechargeable 800mAh Lithium-Ion battery
Claimed 35 days of battery life
Achieved 35 days usage
Use slower/less intense modes to extend battery life further
USB charging
Charges in just 3.5 hours

Price & where to buy

I have included links to buying options here at the start of the review.

In the section below, I discuss the price more generally and in relation to similar products.

The recommended retail price of the Oclean X Pro Elite is £74.

Based on my experience, given the number of features, this is very reasonable.

£100-200 would likely be the retail price of an equivalent  Oral-B or Sonicare brush. 

As is often the case, eastern brands like Oclean tend to focus on delivering very good value for money.

Oclean Electric Toothbrush

The Elite does offer some nice extras that do justifiably command a premium.  The very low noise levels are one such example.  The touchscreen has an impact too as does the magnetic wall mount.

As is to be expected in the oral care market, there is the retail price and then the actual selling price.

The difference can be quite significant. Anywhere from about 10-60% discount, subject to brand and model.

Of course prices and offers are always subject to change. It is quite reasonable to suggest that the average selling price is around the £59 price point.  This equates to a 20% discount.

The more stockists, often the more competition there is with pricing.  Oclean is not that widely sold.  You can buy direct, as well as via Amazon and some other online marketplaces, but you won’t find this in your local pharmacy or dentist's office.

With all toothbrushes, you need to replace the brush heads every 3 months on average.  The price will vary depending on the pack size, but expect to pay around £5 per brush head.

Here at Electric Teeth, we like to price the brush over a 3 year period to give a bit of a benchmark of what it will cost to own.

Over 3 years, you will need a further 11 brush heads at £5 each (£55).  Add on the cost of the brush at £59 and you have a total ownership cost of £114 or £0.10 per day.

By no means a bad price.  It is a touch more expensive than I had expected.

Our most recommended electric toothbrush comes in at just £0.07 per day.  That brush is the Oral-B Pro 3 3500.  It comes with a travel case that the Oclean does not. It is much louder. It has an inferior battery life, has no Bluetooth connectivity or touchscreen display.

One option to save a little money is to buy one of the bundles Oclean offers.  Often there are extra savings to be had if you buy extra replacement brush heads at the same time.  

For example at the time of review, you can pay just £7 more and get 4 extra brush heads.  This brings the cost per head in at well under £2.  A sizable saving.

The company does too often have quite big promotions on their online store and offer extra money off voucher codes that can lead to quite significant savings.

It is also worth noting that the 3500 is an oscillating rotating brush rather than sonic brush.  How important this is to you will have some bearing on your overall opinion of the price.

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 is one of our top recommended Philips toothbrushes. This comes in at £0.14 per day.

The Elite is not a must buy toothbrush. But, for what it offers it is very good value.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

Recommended retail price of £74
Generally available for around £50 - 20% saving
Replacement brush heads cost £5 on average
Costs £114 or £0.10 per day over 3 years
Save money by purchasing one of the Oclean bundles
Discounts often available on the Oclean webstore

Reliability & long term use

From the few weeks I have spent testing this brush I have not observed anything that gives me cause for concern.  Everything feels well made and durable.

There are no obvious gaps or breaks in the toothbrush body which may cause issues in the long run.

I don’t have lots of experience with Oclean. I have little reason to believe it won't last as long as the market leading brands.

Going in its favour is the fact that it comes with a 2 year warranty.  Unlike some lesser known brands who only offer 1 year, this extra 365 days gives a little extra peace of mind.


The Oclean X Pro Elite packs a punch. I like this toothbrush a lot.

It is the quietest electric toothbrush I have ever used.

It has an intuitive colour touchscreen built into the handle that works.

It cleans the teeth well. It is not quite as intense as Sonicare or Oral-B, despite the 32 different intensity settings.

If you are looking for a good value sonic electric toothbrush, this should be on your shortlist.

It isn’t perfect, but what is perfect?

The Bluetooth and smartphone app feel a bit of an afterthought. They are not all that intuitive. The app lacks some of the features you might expect.  Software can be improved.  Just don’t buy it in the hope that it will be.

When you consider all the things it offers, for the price you could do a lot worse.

Size guide

  • Toothbrush height with head - 24.5cm / 9.6 inches
  • Toothbrush height without head - 18cm / 7.1 inches
  • Width - 2.4cm / 0.9 inches
  • Depth/thickness - 2.4cm / 0.9 inches
  • Weight with head - 99g / 3.5oz
  • Weight without head - 95g / 3.3oz
  • Travel case size - 21.2cm / 8.3 inches (L) x 6.4cm / 2.5 inches (W) x 3.4cm / 1.3 inches (D)
  • Travel case weight - 110g / 3.9oz without brush or 209g / 7.4oz with brush
  • Package weight - 331g / 11.7oz


  • 45dB - Came in at approx 48dB in hands on testing

Country of manufacture

  • China
Author: Jon Love

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May 22, 2024

Wow, that is the best review I have ever read. So specific. I know about this toothbrush more than what I would know after trying it myself. I just hope I will feel the pressure sensor working.

August 30, 2021

I have an Oclean X Pro Elite and I really love the battery life and the brushing odes as well.

Louie Faye Lapez
August 30, 2021

Oclean never really disappoints me since the beginning. Now that I am using Oclean X Pro Elite, it exceeds my expectations. From the design, battery, and quality itself. I can't find any electric toothbrush better than this one.

July 22, 2021

I have Oclean Elite X Pro as my first sonic toothbrush and I must say it cleans very well and leaves my teeth feeling cleaner than my usual oral b could ever get. I highly recommend this. Fully customizable with multiple settings make this the most versatile electric toothbrush

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