How we do our product testing

Learn more about our simple and straightforward testing process.

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Who tests our products?

All of our testing is completed by our experienced team.

Our chief product tester is our co-founder Jon Love, who you see throughout the site and on our YouTube channel.

Jon has been testing and reviewing consumer goods for over a decade.

Our in-house dentists also test products in order to provide extra insight for our reviews and buyer’s guides.

Key testing considerations

We aim to consider as many possible factors as we can in our testing. Whilst it isn’t possible to make detailed comments in every piece of content we are thinking about users with all their natural teeth to those with none. We consider those of different ages, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Person brushing teeth with electric toothbrush

Cleaning performance

  • What’s the brushing experience; is it soft, hard, awkward, painful?
  • How clean do our teeth and gums feel; can we see or feel plaque or debris on the teeth and gums after use?
  • We carry out plaque disclosing tests. If the results are below the standard expected they will be shared within the review.
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  • The placement of buttons, ports, and controls.
  • The feedback buttons and other elements of the product gives.
  • How grippy, slippy or awkward a product is in hand.
  • How simple a product is to use irrespective of someone’s prior experience.
  • Do features actually work as suggested by manufacturers?
  • Do the features and functions improve or negatively affect the day to day use?
  • Is the product easy to maintain?
  • Is the product noisy? We record the decibel reading so we know which brushes are the quietest.
Electric toothbrush on its charging stand

Battery life

  • We fully charge the battery. We then run the product through continuous cycles of the default mode until the battery is flat.
  • During this time the toothbrush is on the desk and not being used to clean the teeth. This is to ensure we have a consistent test scenario.
  • This process is repeated multiple times.
  • The same test will be run on other modes, if appropriate.
  • Where possible we will look to achieve this same test with in-hand use.
Water flosser with USB cable plugged into it


  • The build quality and construction of the product.
  • Gaps and potential weaknesses that may exist between joins in materials.
  • Manufacturers warranty periods and support mechanisms.
  • Feedback from existing users of the brand’s products.

What makes our site unique

We have intentionally designed our testing process to be simple and straightforward. We test products like you would use them yourself, at home. We want to give you our opinions as fellow users. With our content, you get the same verdict and advice as we would give to our closest family and friends.

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Dental products are our thing

We stick purely to dental products and have done so since 2015.

This allows us to be more focused and informed about the products, tools and services we cover.

Dr. Gemma Wheeler & Dr. Chhaya Chauhan

Supported by dental professionals

Products, good or bad, can have a lasting impact on your oral health.

Our small team includes dental professionals, who assess the products in relation to the clinical and scientific evidence (or lack thereof) that exists.

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We are impartial

We are an independent, self-funded organisation with a strong ethics policy.

We are not paid to say things, good or bad, about a company. The brands we review get no input into what we say in our content.

The vast majority of products we review have been purchased by us.

If a sample is provided we disclose it within the review. We don’t do ‘sponsored’ content.

All of these things combined enable us to create honest and unbiased reviews with clear conclusions.

Oral-B replacement heads stood next to each other

We make choosing easier

Our goal is to help you make clearer, more informed decisions about your oral health.

We aim to give a clear verdict about any products or services we test.

We give warnings when we think there is a product you should avoid, such as new types of products that don’t perform to the standard required.

Positives and negatives are highlighted and we make recommendations when we believe there are better alternatives.

Honesty is the best policy

Here's how we make sure our content remains truthful and transparent

Transparent approch
We believe in being open and clear about what we do and how we do it. We operate by a strong ethics policy.
Genuine hands on testing
We physically test all the products we cover to ensure we can provide the most accurate information and verdicts.
Unbiased monetisation
We earn money through affiliate commission when someone buys a product we recommend. We only recommend products we trust.
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