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Published: January 14, 2024

Fairywill products are no longer available on Amazon

Author: Jon Love (20 Comments)
Fairywill products are no longer available on Amazon 1

In 2021 stopped recommending Fairywill as the budget choice in our best electric toothbrush post.

At present we do not recommend opting for Fairywill as a cheap alternative to brushes from better known brands.

This is due to direct reports we have received about the rate at which Fairywill products fail.

Further to this point, Fairywill products were removed from Amazon due to the company abusing the review system.

They were found to be offering free products in exchange for positive reviews, and offering replacements of broken products in exchange for positive reviews.

In the sections below we have included information about this event from when it first happened.

Fairywill products come with a 1 year warranty, which is less than the 2 years offered by leading brands such as Oral-B.

In our testing Fairywill products worked well for the period during which we tested them. However, we are unable to test all brushes for a long period of time, and the reports we have received suggest products have a good chance of failing within 6 to 12 months.

Should the situation around the reliability of Fairywill’s products change, we will reconsider this advice.

Previous updates

Update 08/21

Fairywill has now launched its own online store.

Update 12/07/21

Although not confirmed by Fairywill themselves, news stories like this from Cnet would suggest the actual reason for Fairywill disappearing from Amazon is that they have been removed/banned from the marketplace.

This is a more logical explanation for the very sudden departure from the platform. And it would also explain why their products are still being sold elsewhere.

The reason for the ban is due to abuse of the Amazon review system. In simple terms, 'free' products were offered in exchange for 5 star ratings on their products supplied.

Original article


As of 6th July 2021, all Fairywill electric toothbrushes, water flossers and accessories have been removed from sale on Amazon.

This move has come with no warning or notice from the band itself.

This has taken us somewhat by surprise as the company had over the last few years been building a really strong brand and portfolio of products.  

We have recommended many of them, more often than not because of the excellent value they offered.

According to an update posted on their Facebook page, the company is in the process of rebranding.

As a consequence, all products have been taken off sale from Amazon stores.

The rebranding means that there will be a new brand name, replacing the Fairywill name we have become familiar with.

Fairywill products are no longer available on Amazon 2

According to Fairywill, the new brand will be stocked and sold on Amazon as the Fairywill products have been in the past.

It is not yet clear how the products will differ under the new brand.  They might be different or they may well be the same, just with a new brand name and model number.

Fairywill uses the word ‘re-branded within their announcement, which makes me think that we might get the models we have seen and used before.

The companies intention of the rebranding “is to strengthen their growth and commitments by helping our customers identify with our brand in the marketplace...This rebranding will energize our company making it clearer on our purpose, vision, and values. This will be a process of changing what people see and think when they look at our business. We are rebranding for various reasons, including adding to our target audience, and a new company vision.”

Fairywill Announcement

At this time we are not entirely sure what this means for existing Fairywill customers.

As we understand it, support will continue to be provided, so things like warranties will be honoured.

It is a little strange to remove all products from the Amazon marketplace.  Particularly when customers require replacement brush heads and nozzles. Quite often an old brand is phased out, as a new brand is phased in.

For those requiring replacement parts, you need to source these from, Ebay or AliExpress.

We do hope that Fairywill/the new brand continues to support existing Fairywill users in the coming months and years.

We shall continue to update this article as and when we have more information.

For now, anyone who was considering a Fairywill product will either need to wait until the new brand and products are announced.  Or, opt for a different brand.

Author: Jon Love

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November 20, 2023

I've been using Fairywill for years and never had one fail yet, bought them for gifts for family and they're all still going strong as well! I tend to treat myself to a new one every 3 years or so just because they're so cheap. I've left good reviews in the past but never got one for free sadly lol. I'll just get them from eBay instead.

Malaika javed
January 10, 2023

Are fairy will electric toothbrushes safe to use just want to know I got one for Christmas and haven’t used it yet

Jon Love - Chief tester
January 11, 2023

Yes. We have no immediate concerns over their safety.

May 22, 2022

Hi I've had a fairywill toothbrush for 3 years now it was the most expensive one at the time, £29 I think🤣 actually I have the flosser too, anyway the toothbrush holds the charge like no other electric appliance in the universe, funnily enough it cleans your teeth too, I've gone from 6 monthly to 12 monthly check ups in that time, I put it down to the brush, never misses a beat. It cost £29 why would it need replacing in or out of warranty or a requirement for spare parts? It cost 1/2 a meal out, great for the price and does the job fine. When/if it does die it will go to the great recycling facility in the sky.

April 22, 2022

Hi We have a Fairywill electric toothbrush which has lasted over four and a half years. When we first got the toothbrush, the battery would last for weeks on a quick charge. The battery is no longer holding it's charge and we were hoping to replace it with another one the same.

February 28, 2022

Hello, Its interesting why Amazon dont put Fairywill on their marketplace anymore. I was a novice when buying their electric toothbrush 2.5 years ago. I got on well with the product but the motor stooped working after 14 months so I bought a new one-still working well now after 6 months. I dont know how long the last, I thought 1 year was common when I decided to buy a new one but of course its going to be expensive in the longer term if thats the case. I am now very happy to use electric toothbrush, they are good for my dental health. Any recommendation of alternative product will be nice. Thanks

Jon Love - Chief tester
March 1, 2022

Our top recommendations on electric toothbrushes can be found here.

Mr. Steven S Clendenon
February 10, 2022

Please email me the moment your rebranding is over as I would like to be a rebranded client who has expensive implants that need your products to keep healthy! Thank you!

December 28, 2021

I couldn’t work out why nothing was showing up when searching Fairywill on Amazon… until I read this! Got two Fairywill toothbrushes - white one is coming up to its 2nd birthday & the black one is 4 & half years old & both still running strong… Both brushes amazed my dentists at the Specialist Dentistry Unit recently at their cleaning ability & below £20 price…

Stephen Casey
December 22, 2021

I'd be very curious to kmow how many Fairywill sonic toothbrushes are still working. I bought six last Christmas, for myself, and friends and family. Without exception, every one has failed. Most within 3 months. I'm an Engineer, so I opened one, to see what the problem was. The vibrating element is a mobile phone motor, designed for making the phone buzz. In the Fairywill it was being massively overdriven, considerably above its specification, to provide adequate energy for toothbrushing. These brushes could never last longer than a few months. The Amazon reviews, before Fairywill were pulled from the site, revealed this. Absolutely shocking quality. It is clear that their plan was to sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible, before the wheels came off. Which they did. However, I am seeing other 'sonic' toothbrushes appearing now, with very similar styling, and advertising, to Fairywill. Be aware - these toothbrushes are absolute garbage.

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 22, 2021

Stephen. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Have you got in contact with Fairywill support to see about having them replaced?

Stephen Casey
December 22, 2021

Hi Jon, Thank you for your reply. I did contact Fairywill. They replaced one, then asked me to leave a 5 star review. I left a four star review, as at the time it was the only failure, and their service appeared good. I then had another failure. They demanded that I edit, and upgrade the review to 5 stars, before sending a replacement... So, I did edit the review, after opening the two failed units. Then I updated it to one star, with an explanation about the phone vibrator motor, and review system, abuse. They weren't my friends after that. It wasn't long before they were canned by Amazon. They were a very shady outfit.

Jon Love - Chief tester
December 23, 2021

Hi Stephen. Thanks for the extra detail. This isn't my experience personally, but this is not a practice I support and I would agree that this could be considered a shady approach.

December 13, 2021

I have never seen a brand fly high so fast and then crash a burn with no notice as Fairywill. WOW! It was breathtaking to read. I wish them well but it might be a tough road ahead. Rebranding is a difficult thing especially for a brand kicked off Amazon. Good luck.

Charlotte Kelly
November 12, 2021

My sonic model Fairywill tooth brush # 508 has stopped working even though fully charged. How do I get a replacement?

Jon Love - Chief tester
November 14, 2021

Charlotte. You will need to contact Fairywill using the email address [email protected]

October 23, 2021

Any update on the rebranding?

Jon Love - Chief tester
October 23, 2021

Not as yet Karen. I have sent a couple of emails but no reply. 🤔

October 2, 2021

I have been using one for the last month. So far, I've used my wife's Philips SonicCare (of course, with my own head brush). I am very happy with the Fairywill D7 brush. The difference between these brushes is in the pulsation: Philips has fewer pulses (30,000) but the amplitudes are larger. Fairywill has a higher vibration frequency (40,000) and amplitudes are smaller. That's why the feeling during brushing your teeth is different: Fairywill gives you a tingling feeling, Philips a more rough feeling, as if "scratching". All in all, I am very happy with that brush, I made a good choice.

August 6, 2021

I bought a P11 pro from Fairywill on I was never offered a free gift for my review. The only thing I got was an extra year warranty for registering on their site. Ive had big name products so the same.

July 10, 2021

Was disappointed to see fairywill taken off of Amazon. Read about all the rebranding and such. I got mine from Amazon a few months ago and was very pleased with it. The first time I keep waiting for the recharging light and it did come over two months later. It was working to its peak and was surprised it need to charge. I did charge it with my laptop ubs port. Was looking for one to send my grandson. I just love this brush, and was a sonicare user for over 15 years. Thinking about what to do next.

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