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Published: December 31, 2023

Oral-B Aquacare 4 vs 6 Pro-Expert

Author: Jon Love (Leave a comment)
Aquarecare 4 and 6 next to each other

Our choice: Aquacare 4

The differences between these models are minimal.

For most, the Aquacare 4 will be the better choice as it is cheaper with the sacrifice of a nozzle and 1 intensity setting.

But overall we do not rate either of these products highly. You are better off choosing our best cordless water flosser recommendation.

2nd choice: Oral-B Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert / Amazon, Oral-B / ~£52

Key differences

  • The Oral-B Aquacare 6 has 3 intensities (intense, medium and sensitive) compared to the 2 intensities (regular and sensitive) of the Aquacare 4. This means the Pro-Expert has 6 cleaning modes compared to the 4 of the Aquacare 4.
  • The Aquacare 6 comes with 2 Oxyjet nozzles, the 4 comes with 1.
  • The Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert comes in a white and grey colour whilst the Aquacare 4 comes in white and blue colour.
  • The Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert is more expensive.

These differences are explained at length later in this article. However, you might wish to learn more about each brush being compared. To do so, check out our hands-on reviews:

Please note. Every effort is made to ensure the key differences listed are correct, but these differences are subject to change without notice. Products and the box contents can be changed without notice and different variants can exist.

Detailed comparison: what’s the difference between the Oral-B Aquacare 4 and 6 Pro-Expert?

Honestly, I am not sure why Oral-B have made these 2 different models. There is very little between them.

Oral-B Aquacare 4 and 6 Pro-Expert boxes

1 intensity, 1 nozzle and a colour is ultimately what sets them apart.

There is a difference in price, because of the 'extras' on the Pro-Expert version, which I discuss more in the price section below.

Oral-B suggest replacing the Oxyjet nozzle every 3 months, the additonal nozzle in the box with the Pro-Expert means you don't need to purchase a replacement for 6 months, because you have one.

Or, it means you have another nozzle available for use by another family member for example.

Colour is personal opinion. I am a fan of blue and grey, but I think I am more drawn to the blue on the Aquacare 4, it feels just a touch less clinical.

Aquacare models

The colour accents are the main buttons/controls on the front of the unit, the rubber at the top of the unit around the removable nozzle and the colour of the water tank on the back.

You do not have the option of selecting either model in different colours.

Arguably the biggest difference is what Oral-B class as the cleaning modes.

The Aquacare 4 has 4, whilst the 6 Pro-Expert has 6.

This is a bit misleading as neither have 4 or 6 labelled on the handle as you might expect.

The 4 has 2 on the handle, regular and sensitive.

The 6 on the other hand has 3, intense, medium and sensitive.

Intensity settings Aquacare 4 and 6

These labels actually refer to the intensity, the power at which the water is pushed from the nozzle.

The so called modes are achieved, when you pair these intensity choices with the 2 different water streams available from the nozzle.

Via a grey control switch on the nozzle you can choose between a focused (powerful jet) or rotational stream (air bubbles mixed in) of water.

As I mention in my hands-on reviews, the modes then are as follows:

Aquacare 4

  • Regular intensity + focused water stream
  • Regular intensity + rotational water stream
  • Sensitive intensity + focused water stream
  • Sensitive intensity + rotational water stream

Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert

  • Intense intensity + focused water stream
  • Intense intensity + rotational water stream
  • Medium intensity + focused water stream
  • Medium intensity + rotational water stream
  • Sensitive intensity + focused water stream
  • Sensitive intensity + rotational water stream
Top down view of Aquacare 4 and 6

There is a noticeable difference between regular and sensitive as there is intense and sensitive.

The pressure difference between medium and intense and medium and sensitive does exist, but it is more difficult to notice unless you are paying close attention.

Therefore the regular and sensitive on the Aquacare 4 are fine, in my opinion.

But, the choice of 3 intensities on the 6 is nice to have. We all like choice right?!

A noteworthy issue/frustration here is how does 'regular' on the 4 variant compare with those on the 6?

Why doesn't the 4 have intense and sensitive and then the 6 add in medium?

Why mix up names over models?!

Oral-B Aquacare 4 vs 6 Pro-Expert 1

The Oral-B website or supporting documentation is sadly no help here.

I tried to determine in my testing whether regular was closest to the intense or medium. I felt it was closer to medium than intense. But, its tricky to really say for sure, they can feel like they blur into each other.

I think Oral-B have overcomplicated this.

Just having low, medium and high would have been great. Most of us can understand these differences.

Does one clean better than the other?

No, is the short answer.

Both can deliver equivalent results.

The fact that the Pro-Expert has an extra intensity does provide some argument that it could clean the interdental spaces better for some people.

However, in reality proving this is almost impossible.

The different intensities really relate to the comfort and enjoyment of use. That medium option on the 6, might be the perfect balance between intense and sensitive for some.

Is one better priced than the other?

Yes, the Aquacare 4 is cheaper.

The Aquacare 4 has a suggested retail price of £99.99 whilst the Pro-Expert 6 has a £124.99 price.

A £25 premium for the few difference outlined above.

My initial reaction is that this is a bit steep, but I understand why.

The reality of the dental healthcare market is that the actual selling price is much lower and both models have an average selling price of 40% less.

What this means is that the 4 sells for around £60 and the 6, £70. A £10 premium is now more sensible.

It would cost you at least £3 to buy the extra nozzle that comes with the 6!

Priced over 3 years, the Aquacare 4 comes in at 8 pence per day compared to the 9 pence of the 6. Not a great deal of difference ultimately.

Price is of course subjective and you may value extra features more and see the Aquacare 6 as the better buy.

I would say that if the price difference was just £5, I would go with the 6, just for the extra nozzle as I would buy this anyhow and you have the option of the extra mode should you want it.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.


There are very few differences between either model.

A nozzle, 1 intensity and about £10 is really all that sets them apart.

The Aquacare 4 is the one to go for as the more cost effective model.

That said, if it was a case of paying only £5 more for the Pro-Expert, it would be worth it, for the extra nozzle and to at least have the choice.

Our Choice
Oral-B Aquacare 4
Oral-B Aquacare 4
Our Choice
Oral-B Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert
Oral-B Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert
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Amazon £62.99 £52
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Author: Jon Love

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