Oral-B Sense: What Is It & When Is It Available?

Oral-B Sense: What Is It & When Is It Available? 3

Oral-B has for many years been pushing the boundaries of electric toothbrushes, trying to make them better, smarter and ultimately more useful to you and me.

The iO is their best effort yet — it makes use of sensors built into the brush handle and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track your tooth brushing and educate you on ways in which you could improve your technique and general dental health based on the data it obtains.

I don’t think their current approach is all that bad, I really like it. But, this hasn’t stopped them from working on a slightly different approach, which I think many users will find more practical in day to day use than the current setup of smart toothbrushes.

With statistics suggesting 23% of adults only brush their teeth once a day, despite the NHS recommendations being 2 times, something needs to be done to encourage better brushing habits.

Enter then Oral-B Sense.

Oral-B Sense Explained

Be – A battery free powered toothbrush

The toothbrush that blends innovation, and eco-friendliness

Update 06/02/2020:

3 years after achieving successful funding the product has not shipped. There have been continual delays and it is now expected to ship mid-2021.

Update 15/06/2019: 

The final product has yet to begin shipping, but beta units are now being offered for final testing.

Update 12/12/2017: 

The funding campaign has now ended on Kickstarter with the Be achieving $423,143 in funding, surpassing the $30,000 target.

For those who missed out, you can now visit this Indiegogo page to get yours.

Be is the first battery-free, powered toothbrush, a new kind of eco-friendly, sustainable and electric-free toothbrush, that is powered by you.

Standing for Beyond Electric, Be is a toothbrush with moving/vibrating bristles powered via a built in kinetic storage device.  Just 2 simple twists of the bottom of the brush and the movement begins.