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Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Gemma Wheeler

(GDC Number: 259369)

best water flosser for braces

In this post I recommend the best water flosser for braces, having previously worn braces myself and regularly testing the various water flossers available.

Fixed braces have and will continue to transform the smiles of millions around the world for many years.

This highly technical wire and bracket system might be able to change tooth alignment for the better, but it does provide many ideal locations for plaque build-up. If not removed it can potentially cause irreversible damage to your teeth and gums.

Brushing and flossing are the fundamentals to this all important plaque removal and good oral healthcare

When wearing a brace, the intricate bracket and wire system can make the process of keeping your teeth clean much more difficult though.

Keeping your mouth clean when wearing a brace will take longer than without, but there are many tools that can help you achieve more effective cleaning results with less effort and in some cases less time.

I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the best electric toothbrushes for braces and there are other flossing tools that can help you remove the bacteria and debris.

One other type of flossing product is the water flosser.

Combining the power of electricity and water, a water flosser can for some, revolutionize the way they clean their interdental spaces and dental appliances such as braces.

I run through my recommendations immediately below.

I then explain each choice in more detail and offer further advice in my buyer’s guide.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 1
Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius
  • Excellent cleaning action
  • Various pressure settings
  • Water control button on handle
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Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 2
Waterpik Complete Care 9.5
  • 10 pressure settings
  • More effective brushing & flossing
  • Space-saving design included
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Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 3
Turewell Oral Irrigator
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Storage area for tips
  • Water tank size
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Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 4
Waterpik WP-560 Advanced
  • 3 pressure settings
  • Good sized tank
  • Easy to recharge built-in battery
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Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 5
Waterpik WF-03 Cordless Freedom
  • Interchangeable tips
  • 2 pressure settings
  • Powered by AA batteries
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Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Water Flosser For Braces

As you can see, 4 of the 5 suggestions are Waterpik models; why that is will become apparent as I provide more information below on each, how they work and why these are my top picks.

1. Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius

Water flossers don’t really get much better than the Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius.

The 22 ounce (650 ml) tank offers up to 90 seconds of usage time.

Preview Product Rating Price
Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius 2,075 Reviews CDN$ 109.07

You can choose from 1 of 10 different pressure settings to find the one most comfortable for yourself.

The unit even has a built-in timer and pacer so that you clean the interdental spaces of your mouth evenly.

Whilst you may not need all 7, there are this many different tips included in the box, 1 of which is the Orthodontic tip, specially designed for braces.

A fully rotatable nozzle (360 degrees) means you can move the water jet to any angle in the mouth.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 6

Water flossers can be quite noisy due to the pump inside but the WP-660 is a little quieter than most, making for a more enjoyable user experience.

Available in a range of colors, you do not have to stick to the default ‘White’ color.

Your choices are:

  • White – WP-660
  • Black – WP-662
  • Blue – WP-663
  • Radiant Orchid – WP-665
  • Mint Green – WP-668
  • Gray – WP-667
  • Burgundy – WP-669
Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 7

What we like

  • Excellent cleaning offered
  • Good box contents
  • Various pressure settings
  • Largeish water tank given the units size
  • Water control button on handle

What we dislike

  • The massage mode seems a little unnecessary
  • Not the largest tank given its one of the more premium models

Read our full Waterpik WP-660 review

2. Waterpik Complete Care 9.5

An all in one oral healthcare unit, the Complete Care 9.5 is made up of a water flosser and electric toothbrush.

Not combined, like the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion, the products can be used independently, but the toothbrushes charging station is the main water flosser unit rather than a separate stand which is more conventional.

Preview Product Rating Price
Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 1,130 Reviews CDN$ 133.23

From a convenience point of view, this is great as it offers a neat countertop solution and is even 40% smaller than the previous generation.

Better electric toothbrushes are available from Sonicare and Oral-B, but this does a decent job. It has a built-in pacer and 2 minute time and comes with a travel case for those times you need it.

You even have the choice between a high, low and massage mode on the toothbrush, so you choose the setting that is perfect for you.

The water reservoir gives in excess of 90 seconds of usage and 5 different tips are in the box making it suitable for various users without the need to buy extras. 2 toothbrush heads are included too.

10 different pressure settings are available on the water flosser, all controlled by a rotary dial so that you can get the perfect pressure for you and your teeth.

One of the only all in one solution available, from a trusted brand

  • What we like
    • All in one solution
    • Large water reservoir
    • 5 different tips included
    • 10 different pressure settings
    • Electric toothbrush included
    • Built-in timer and pacer with the toothbrush
    • Toothbrush travel case
  • What we dislike
    • Not the best electric toothbrush

3. Turewell Oral Irrigator

Whilst the countertop water flossers can not exactly be re-designed to look too much different from each other, you would be forgiven for thinking this looks like a market leading brand.

The big difference here is the price.

Preview Product Rating Price
Turewell Oral Irrigator Turewell Oral Irrigator 328 Reviews CDN$ 43.99

Basically half the typical price for a product like this, the Turewell offers a variable pressure from 30 to 135 PSI, selected through 10 water pressure settings, controlled by a rotatable dial.

3 tips are included along with a storage unit for them.

The handle allows for the nozzle to be rotated 360 degrees, there is sliding water control on the handle, so you can easily control the water flow.

A great value option for those not wanting to spend a lot on a product of this type.

  • What we like
    • Good value
    • Various pressure settings
    • Storage area for tips
  • What we dislike
    • Replacement nozzle availability
    • Lesser known brand
    • Quality is not the best

4. Waterpik WP-560 Advanced

Countertop options are going to provide the most power, versatility and practicality for those who wish to clean effectively around a brace.

However, there are circumstances where cordless options are more practical or necessary.  Maybe you are always on the road, or you are off on a camping trip?!

Preview Product Rating Price
Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-560 Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-560 4,856 Reviews CDN$ 119.99 CDN$ 107.66

This cordless option from the brand leader does still boast the fact that it has been approved by the ADA.

The 360 degree rotating nozzle allows for excellent access to all areas of the mouth just like the countertop options.

You will get around 45 seconds of usage from a full tank, which is enough for a very quick clean, but because of the extra surface area a brace offers, my feeling is to clean most effectively with this unit, you will need to refill it 2 or 3 times.

Included are 3 different flossing tips, 1 of which is the all important orthodontic style.

You can choose from 1 of 3 different pressure settings when in use, so you can select the pressure you find most comfortable.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 8

An innovative magnetic rapid charge system ensures you can easily recharge the unit when required.  No fiddly cables, the magnets align the charger.

To keep everything together on the go a travel pouch is provided.

And for those who like a bit of color in their lives, you need not be stuck with the clinical White color option as the 5 choices:

  • Pearly White – WP-560
  • Brilliant Black – WP-562
  • Classic Blue – WP-563
  • Radiant Orchid – WP-565
  • Rose Gold – WP-569
Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 9

What we like

  • Trusted brand
  • Cordless
  • Interchangeable tips
  • 3 pressure modes
  • Good sized tank
  • Easy charging

What we dislike

  • Price

Read our Waterpik WP-560 review.

5. Waterpik WF-03 Cordless Freedom

Built-in rechargeable batteries are all well and good but there is a certain convenience to removable and user replaceable batteries.

This then is why the AA battery powered WF-03 cordless water flosser from Waterpik is a top choice.

Preview Product Rating Price
Waterpik Cordless Freedom WF-03 Waterpik Cordless Freedom WF-03 4,784 Reviews CDN$ 53.65

Particularly convenient for travelers, you get a pouch in the box to store the unit and the tips.

3 tips are included, 1 of which is the Orthodontic tip that is best suited to braces.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 10

It is a fairly chunky unit, but then again, the water unit is built into this handheld device.  You will need to refill it 2 or 3 times to complete a decent overall clean of the brace and gums, rather than a quick clean.

There are 2 pressure settings to choose from and unlike a lot of the alternatives, it does not have the 360 degree rotating nozzle.

However, it is water resistant for use in the shower.

It does not feel quite as good quality as some of the more expensive alternatives, but then again this is a ‘cheaper’ option from a trusted brand.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 11

What we like

  • Trusted brand
  • Cordless
  • Interchangeable tips
  • 2 pressure modes
  • Reasonable sized tank
  • Good battery life

What we dislike

  • Bulky
  • Feels a little cheap

Read our Waterpik WF-03 cordless freedom review.

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Buyer’s Guide

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser is an electrically powered piece of equipment that delivers a stream of water at pressure through a nozzle.

As the liquid touches the tooth, gum and brace surface it blasts away the plaque, bacteria and food debris.

Where regular flossing or interdental brushing relies on the contract of a piece of floss or the bristles of an interdental brush, water flossing relies on pressurized water.

Think of it a little like a pressure washer for your teeth!

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 12

Of the many reasons people give for not flossing, some of the most popular are, it hurts, its awkward and it makes my gums bleed.

A water flosser is a tool that is designed to help overcome these issues as it delivers similar, or potentially better results than regular floss, whilst being easier to use too.

Although manufacturers do make many different shaped nozzles/jet tips for their flossers, the basic concept is that they are designed this way to help push water deep into the mouth and point the water jet at angles not normally easily achievable with regular flossing tools.

You get 2 main types, corded (countertop) and cordless (portable/wireless) flossers.

As the name implies one can be moved around with more ease than the other, with the other being the most feature rich and practical when used everyday with braces.

Why would I need a water flosser with a brace?

Hassle and effectiveness are the two words that come to mind to answer this question.

Feeding floss or interdental brushes in and around brackets and archwires can be a test of patience and will power.

Most who wear a brace are unlikely to want to leave their teeth at increased risk of decay or indeed take the risk of getting gum disease.

However, there can be times where it all just feels like too much effort.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 13

The water flosser solves this problem for many.

By a simple press of a button you can get a constant stream of pressurized water to blast away all that bacteria that accumulates on the brace.

It may take you 5 minutes to floss properly with conventional floss, but a water flosser allows you to do this in a fraction of the time.

It also presents an option to floss when you would have otherwise chosen to skip because time was not on your side.

And with independent clinical studies showing Waterpik to be 3 times more effective than regular brushing and flossing (Sharma et al 2008) then it is a bit of a no brainer right?!

Are water flossers safe for braces?

Yes, they are.  They will not do damage to your dental appliance.

The pressure or the way in which a water flosser works is in no way going to damage your brace if used correctly.

In fact, many water flosser manufacturers, including market leader Waterpik, have specialized tips for braces, to achieve even better results.

The following animation shows how a water flosser with an orthodontic tip cleans around a brace.

Waterpik® Orthodontic Tip with Braces Animation

Water flossing v string flossing with braces

This is and will always be a topic of debate and I don’t think there will ever be unanimous agreement on which is better.

Some dental professionals are not massive fans of water flossers, because they believe that the physical contact of the floss or brush is better.

To be fair, this is logical, backed by some clinical evidence, but the water flosser has too undergone many studies and its worth has been proven several times over.

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 14

Brand leader Waterpik have spent many years perfecting their products to create an equivalent alternative and I am sure most dental professionals would agree that they rather a patient complete some form of interdental cleaning than none at all.

Dentists such as Dr Szymanowski still believe regular string floss is the answer, whilst Hygienist’s like Jamie Collins who writes at Dentistry IQ essentially conclude that whilst regular flossing is the gold standard, it is about finding a product that works for you.

One of the consequences of not cleaning the teeth and gums properly can be gum disease or where the condition is more serious, it is classed as periodontitis.  Given that this condition starts out as a result of plaque buildup, the words of Dr. David Jolkovsky, a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, should then be taken quite seriously.

Dr Jolkovsky wrote a literature review that addressed the safety of the water flosser and found that: “The studies unequivocally showed that a Waterpik Water Flosser reduces inflammation, removes bacteria from deep periodontal pockets, does not cause damage to mouth tissues and is in the same range as brushing teeth, flossing, and using wooden sticks in the incidence of bacteremia.”

Best Waterpik / Water Flosser for Braces 2021 15

I am not here to say that one is better than the other, I clearly state the pros and cons of water flossing are outlined in our Best Water Flosser article, but there is clear evidence that water flossers are beneficial.

In an ideal scenario, it will be best to use both a water flosser and more traditional string floss and interdental brushes when time allows.  The more attention you can give your teeth, the better your oral health will ultimately be.

How to floss with a water flosser

Pushing water at your teeth and gums can be messy and splashback is most certainly a result of not having the right technique when using a water flosser.

Practice makes perfect and many products come with some good instructions.

The best way to show you is to watch someone else.

The following video from Waterpik gives a good demonstration of how to do it right. There is also a written guide here.

How to Use a Waterpik® Water Flosser

Your opinions & feedback

Have you bought and used a water flosser to clean your brace?

Which model did you buy and why?

What did you think of it?

Please share your comments below, so that I and other readers can benefit from your insights.

You can too leave any questions you might have in the comments section and I will get back to you.

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