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We pride ourselves in being honest in our reviews and accurate with dental advice.

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Our electric team

In-house dentist

Chhaya is a general family dentist based in Essex. She graduated from Barts and The London school of Medicine and Dentistry in 2004 and completed her vocational training year in Peterborough.

In-house dentist

Gemma qualified from Cardiff University School of Dentistry in 2015. She went on to complete her Foundation Training and a further two years in the Armed Forces, primarily based around Wiltshire.


Jon is our chief product reviewer and content specialist. He graduated in Business Management but has since gone on to work in several tech-related roles, fuelled by his passion for gadgets.


Chris is in charge of keeping the Electric Teeth website running smoothly and developing new features. He also researches, writes and co-authors some of our informational content. 

Recognition and awards

Our website and videos have been commended by the dental industry for their service to the public.

Badge for Dental Industry Virtual Awards 2020 - winner for best use of social media and marketing Badge for dental industry 2019 awards - highly commended for website of the year

We strive to be an authority on dental hygiene you can trust

Expert contributions
Dentists feature in both our written and video content, contributing advice, knowledge and insight.
Hands-on testing
We buy and test all of the products we feature on the site to ensure that our advice is accurate and transparent.
Community focused
Where possible we reply to any comments and questions our readers leave on our site and social media.
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Genuine hands on testing

We buy, use and compare products and share our thoughts, good or bad, with you.

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What we're about

Oral health is vitally important, but finding the right dental care products can be confusing and costly. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Electric Teeth is a free resource that simplifies dental care. We help you choose the most effective toothbrushes, toothpastes, and other products for your needs and budget.

Our content enables you to better understand common dental health issues like cavities and gum disease. We clearly explain routine dental treatments so you know what to expect.

The bottom line is that maintaining good oral health doesn’t require complication or expense. Electric Teeth empowers you to make smart choices so you can have a healthy, vibrant smile.

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How we make money

In order to fund our site, we make money from affiliate advertising. This means that if you click on a link for a product we recommend, we may earn a commission.

We only recommend products we truly believe to be worth your money. We also tell you which scam and fad products you should avoid.

We do show adverts on some post but keep this to a minimum so our content is easier to read. We don’t accept sponsored posts and wherever possible we buy products ourselves in order to retain full creative control over our content.

We're in the news

Thanks to our toothbrush expertise, Electric Teeth has been featured in national newspaper publications, including The Financial Times, The Times and The Mail Online.

What our readers say

We continue to be a trusted source for dental hygiene

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Thank you you have been very helpful love your reviews.
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Gillian Sanders
Thanks so much for taking the time to give me the numbers I needed. If not for your review, I would have had so much trouble succeeding with this.
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Rui Almeida
I have just discovered your website and Youtube channel, and they are really helping me out.
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Terry Clarke
Just to say that your web site is really helpful and informative in re selecting my new Oral B replacement.
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It’s really good what you do! Very helpful!

A bit more about us

The story behind Electric Teeth and what we stand for.

In 2014, Jon decided to buy a new electric toothbrush, but quickly discovered how complicated the process of choosing a new toothbrush had become.

He shared the frustration with his colleague and friend Chris. We didn’t understand why the process was not simpler.

Therefore, in 2015 we founded Electric Teeth in an attempt to ensure others did not have to go through the same time-intensive and confusing process.

We are passionate individuals.

We want genuine, honest, and unbiased opinions.

We seek accurate information and the answers to questions that may not be asked elsewhere.

This, therefore, is our focus in everything we do and create at Electric Teeth.

We do away with fluffy marketing-speak and cut to the core.

We complete our own hands-on testing and tell you our true thoughts on products; are they any good, how much do they cost and ultimately, are they right for you?

Several years on we still help people select the best dental products.  We have completed hundreds of reviews on toothbrushes and related products.

The site and the team have naturally evolved.

With practicing dental professionals now on the team we also offer information on a whole variety of dental health topics.

We don’t over complicate the topic.  We don’t promote the expensive options (unless justifiable).

We remain 100% independent.

You have and will always be the key priority for us.  We are here to serve you in any way that we can so that we can all enjoy better standards of oral health.

Let’s be honest, it costs money to create and maintain a website.

There are bills to be paid.

We have families and pets that require food and shelter, and occasionally we would like to have some money to enjoy some life experiences.

But, we wish to remain independent and we want the content we create to be free for you and others to use.

Oral care does not need to be expensive, and we have no intention to add to this cost.

We, therefore, make this promise:

‘Our content will always remain independent and impartial.’

We started the site with our own money and have received no external funding to grow the site to where it is today.

All content we create is our own choice and is not directly influenced by any persons, companies or brands outside of Electric Teeth.

We will never accept payment to create a piece of content.

We may communicate with companies about their products and services to help us create informative content. This can include asking questions about what they offer as well as being sent press releases and supporting information.

No person, company or brand sees the conclusions, rating or outcome of any content before it is published to the site for all to see.  You see it as soon as they do.

We retain full creative control over all content.

To achieve our promise of independence and impartiality, it is necessary to generate income or revenue.

None of the methods we use for monetisation cost you anything or alter the service we offer at Electric Teeth.

There are 2 primary methods for this.

  1. Affiliate commission

This is the primary source for our income.

Within content, notably product reviews and comparisons, there will likely be links to online stores that stock and sell the product in question.

These links will often have a special piece of code attached to them.  This code tells the seller’s system that you have come via Electric Teeth.

We are an ‘affiliate’ for that company, because for every sale made, Electric Teeth will earn a small affiliate commission.  This could be a fixed price or a percentage of the total order value. The arrangements do vary between companies.

No affiliate link will ever increase the price you pay.  We receive a part of the seller’s profit.

You always have the right to buy from a seller without using our affiliate link.

  1. Adverts

Adverts can come in a number of forms.

We do not allow reviews, comparisons or any individual piece of content on our website to be funded or sponsored by a brand.

Ratings or conclusions of reviews or comparisons are not influenced by a person, company or brand outside of Electric Teeth.

We do not accept or negotiate any direct advertising with companies or brands.

You would not for example see an advert on our site for an Oral-B or Philips Sonicare product that we have arranged with them directly.

The only adverts you will encounter (if at all) are what are known as banner or display adverts.

These are usually images that are positioned at the left or right side of the website and on occasions in the centre of the content.

These adverts are automatically generated based on the cookies and privacy policy that you agree to.

We use a third party service to supply and display these adverts.

We gain a small fee for each time an advert is shown, and an additional fee every time an advert is clicked.

We have limited control over the adverts that are shown.  We monitor adverts as best as we can and will try to eliminate those we do not feel are appropriate.  However, the complex and dynamic nature of adverts means we will not always see the same adverts as you.

There are a number of other monetisation methods that websites similar to ours may use.  We do not use them, but they can include:

  • Sponsored posts/articles
    • This involves being paid a fee by a person, brand or company to create a piece of content.  This content will usually promote a particular message or product in exchange.  This content might be on the website or social media channels.
  • Selling your data
    • This involves passing on valuable information to other people or companies in exchange for a fee.  A common instance is your email address.  For example, you may sign up to receive information, but your email address is passed to another company in exchange for a financial reward.

We DO NOT partake in any of these activities.  We will always do whatever we can to remain independent and impartial.

It is necessary for some anonymous data to be shared with other companies to enable our site to function, but we are not ‘selling’ your data. Please consult our earnings and privacy policy for more information.

By the very nature of the content we create, recommendations and opinions will be given.

We endeavour to remain unbiased in these opinions.

We have a number of criteria we aim to measure and test products by, all with you, the end user, in mind.

When highlighting positives or negatives about products and services, we do so with reasons to justify this viewpoint.

Not all will agree with our content and opinions.  We acknowledge that there may well be a ‘better’ or alternative solution in particular circumstances.

Our goal is to provide fair, justified and reasoned conclusions and comments.  However, it must be accepted that we are human.  From time to time, mistakes or errors will be made and the experiences of one writer may vary to another, influencing the conclusion slightly.

Our star ratings within reviews are a reflection of our overall opinion of a product or service and should be taken as such; they are a means of expressing an opinion at a glance.

We use our own framework for concluding star ratings and always try to be as fair as possible, taking into account our research and hands-on testing.

Naturally, such decision-making frameworks are not perfect, and as mentioned, they are opinion-based.

Therefore we urge you to use our star-rating as only part of your overall assessment when making a buying decision. We also welcome any comments you may have, and actively respond to and maintain comments sections on all posts.

With very rare exceptions, all the products used to create content such as reviews and comparisons are purchased by Electric Teeth.

In the interest of being able to remain independent, we go to great lengths and expense to purchase products instead of receiving free samples.

We wish to test and review products from the consumer’s perspective. This includes paying the retail price.

In some instances we may accept a sample if it allows for us to create content we would otherwise not have been able to do.

We will also accept if it allows us to create the content sooner (before a product is on sale) or to a higher standard.

In every situation we will look to purchase our own unit as soon as is feasible.

Where a sample product is provided, and not purchased, this will be disclosed.

While some companies do not request review samples be returned, all are considered the property of the manufacturer and are available for recall at any time.

Certain low-value exceptions exist, such as consumables and accessories. These are retained for reference or given away.

The provision of a sample product does not give the person, brand or company any control over our content.

No content produced or added to these social media platforms contains any sponsored or promotional content.

The way in which we manage these is the same as the Electric Teeth website.

Adverts can appear on these platforms.

The vast majority of these adverts are inserted by the platforms themselves.  Advertising space is sold to other companies using an auction style arrangement. .  It is the platforms that gain revenue from you seeing or clicking that advert.

The exception is YouTube. Where adverts are overlaid on video content or around the video itself, Electric Teeth will receive a small fee for it to be displayed and a fee should it be clicked.

These adverts are selected by Google’s AdSense platform.  Aside from occasionally disallowing certain content categories (such as political ads), Electric Teeth has no input into those advertisements or affiliation with the companies that produce them. This can mean adverts for products or services we do not agree with may be shown.

Currently, dentistry is an industry that creates a significant amount of pollution. We would like to be part of the journey to change this.

In surgery, many products can only be used once for health and safety reasons and are made of materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle, such as plastic.

Many consumer products are also plastic-based and have a relatively short life span. There is also the issue of e-waste from electronic products.

However, some eco-friendly alternatives already exist and new products and technologies are continually emerging.

Here at Electric Teeth we are committed to providing transparent information so we will endeavour to update our existing pages with honest information about the ecological impact of products, and take this into account when reviewing new products.

We are committed to testing and promoting eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible. But, we also want to make sure they are actually sustainable.

There is an increasing amount of ‘greenwashing’ and misleading data around eco alternatives and as such some of our recommendations are not as eco as we would like them to be because we are conducting thorough research to provide information on the most practical and sustainable solutions.

If you have any experience in sustainable dentistry or if you are an expert on sustainable dental products, we would love it if you could get in touch.

Every effort is made to minimise the amount of travel required, in the interest of efficiency, cost and the environment.

Preference will be given to calls, email exchange and online demonstrations in preference to face to face events.

In instances where it is necessary to travel we will always look at the most efficient and effective routes of travel.

As much cost as is possible will be covered by Electric Teeth, but in some instances travel costs may be covered by companies other than Electric Teeth.  This external funding has no bearing on the amount or extent of coverage we provide. That is an editorial decision based on the interest we believe it will have with our audience.

Electric Teeth does not own or partake in any long term rent of any office space.

The team work from their own home offices/buildings that are funded personally.

Direct costs such as the computers, tools and camera equipment that are necessary to produce such content will be paid for by Electric Teeth.

In some instances office/conference space will be hired for a short period (usually daily) to enable certain activities to be completed.

This ethics policy will never be perfect.  We have tried to think of and include all instances where our ethics come into play.

We caveat this by acknowledging that there may be the odd exception that has been missed.  In this instance we will operate by the spirit of the ethics we have explained.

We have no intention to change this policy but the internet and the world around us is always changing and it can be necessary to adapt.

We will limit these changes and expect the only changes to be to the methods through which we generate income.

We will always put your data/privacy as well as honesty and impartiality at the forefront of whatever we do.

Jon and Chris

If you have any questions, comments or criticisms, please do get in contact with us.

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