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Curaprox Black is White Review

Curaprox Black is White Review 1

If you are short of time, the answers to the following four questions should give you a great overview of Curaprox Black is White charcoal toothpaste.

More detail is provided in our full Curaprox Black Is White review further down this page.

Does it actually work?

The results are limited at best.

Unless you are a heavy, tea, coffee, smoker or red wine drinker, it is unlikely that you will see any significant improvement in tooth color.

The charcoal within this paste is what makes this product stand out, but please be aware that charcoal works by removing what are known as ‘extrinsic’ stains from the teeth.

These are stains or discoloration on the outside surface of the tooth that comes from food, drink and lifestyle choices.

Many Americans have discoloured teeth due to age, illness, or as a result of the internal structure of the tooth dying or being dead already. Curaprox, nor any other conventional whitening toothpaste or powder can whiten teeth ‘intrinsically’ (inside the tooth).

That being said, if you are looking to try a charcoal toothpaste, it is one we would choose above others, as per our best charcoal toothpaste article.

How much does it cost?

The suggested selling price is $29.99, that is for a tube of the paste and 1 x Curaprox manual toothbrush.

Or you can buy it for $25 without the toothbrush.

Where can I buy it?

With little difference in the price there is no best place to buy it form.

Imported into the USA from Switzerland, the best retailers to buy this from is Curaprox own online store or buy from Amazon.

Preview Product Rating Price
Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste Set Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste Set 1,412 Reviews $59.00

Black is White vs White is Black

Curaprox make 2 activated charcoal based toothpastes.

For the most part, they are the same.

  • Black is White – Black colored paste and packaging – Fresh lime-mint flavor
  • White is Black – White colored paste and packaging – Extra mild taste


  • Safe for everyday use
  • Score of 59 on the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) scale
  • No bleaching agents within the paste
  • Provides protection against decay


  • Expensive
  • Will not whiten teeth for all
  • Particular ingredients used to make the teeth look whiter than they might actually be

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would, with a small caveat.

With an ever increasing range of ‘activated charcoal’ tooth cleaning products, this is one of the best given it has been given a rating for its abrasivity, it has gained the endorsement of dental professionals and is manufactured by a trustworthy brand.

The caveat to all of this is that the whitening effects are likely to be limited, most noticeable for those who have a poor oral healthcare routine and consume reasonable amounts of food and drink that are known to stain teeth.

It also comes at a cost too.

Full Review

Curaprox might not be a brand that you are familiar with, particularly here in the USA, as they originate in Switzerland.

Founded in 1972, in Europe, in particular, they have become a well known name, with a reputation for quality and an attention to detail that exceeds most.

Manufacturing toothbrushes, interdental cleaners, tongue cleaners and toothpaste.

Curaprox Black is White Review 2

Black is White is one of their newer products and blends a quality paste with the appealing properties of activated charcoal.

The idea is it not only cleans your teeth well, but helps whiten them and do so without being very abrasive.

How I tested Black is White

Black is White can be used as a daily toothpaste and is not designed to be used in addition to a regular toothpaste like many other activated charcoal products are.

In our detailed article on charcoal toothpaste there is discussion and explanation on the effects and suitability of charcoal based products for teeth cleaning.

One of the more highly regarded within this space, I replaced my regular toothpaste with Black is White for 3 weeks.

Whilst it can come packaged with Curaprox own manual brush, I opted to use my Genius Pro 8000.

Curaprox Black is White Review 3

I brushed twice a day for 2 minutes each time.

I flossed once a day too and made no other significant changes to my diet or habits that could influence the results.

I made no changes to my brushing other than introducing activated charcoal alongside my regular brushing.

Summary How I tested Curaprx Black is White

  • The test lasted for 3 weeks
  • Used Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 electric toothbrush
  • Brushed twice a day for 2 minutes with Black is White
  • Flossed once a day
  • No changes in diet

Daily Usage

I wish to start this section of the review, by being quite specific about how this paste works.

There is a lot of content online that preaches the benefit of activated charcoal as a way of whitening the teeth and there is some truth to this, but pure activated charcoal or this Curaprox paste is not a guaranteed whitening fix for your teeth.

It will only remove the external stains on the teeth, that have dulled their natural white color.  It does not, nor cannot make them whiter than they are naturally.

Smokers and heavy coffee drinkers with a perhaps less than perfect brushing routine will likely see the biggest improvements and whitening effect.

Many whitening toothpastes or powders work in this way.  The exception being those few that contain peroxides or bleaches that can change the tooth color.

Black is White does not contain bleach or peroxides.

If you want a dramatic color difference, the best course of action is to undergo a professional cosmetic whitening treatment, carried out by a registered dental professional.

To be fair to Curaprox, whilst they do class this as a whitening toothpaste, they do not claim certain results or oversell the whitening.  They actually promote some of the other benefits too.

Curaprox Black is White Review 4

So how does it work?

The activated carbon absorbs stain particles and gently eliminates them.  It is the natural properties of the carbon that make it effective.

Those same particles can also help absorb the bacteria and odor causing bacteria that grows in the mouth.

Unlike many activated charcoal products, this paste has been tested to see how abrasive it actually is.

Every toothpaste has a different level of abrasivity.

This is measured on a scale, known as the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) scale.

Curaprox Black is White Review 5

The scale runs from 0-250 and is categorized as follows:

  • 0-70 – Low abrasive
  • 71-100 Medium abrasive
  • 101-150 Highly abrasive
  • 151-250 Regarded as harmful limit

Anything under 250 is considered safe in the eyes of the American Dental Association.

A large proportion of popular pastes come in under 150.

Curaprox is rated at 59, so well within the ‘low’ category.

The higher the abrasiveness of the powder or paste potentially the more damage it could do to your teeth and gums.

Curaprox Black is White Review 6

Charcoal, the stuff that makes this paste black in color has not undergone extensive testing and trials.  As such dental professionals suggest proceeding with caution with such products.

Our article on charcoal toothpaste presents more detail on this.

However, the RDA rating works in favor of Curaprox here. As does the the backing if 2 leading dental hygienists, Patti DiGangi, Judy Zack Bendit.  They remark in an article on Dentistry IQ

What we do know, as of this writing, is there is only one toothpaste containing activated charcoal that appears to be safe. Black is White toothpaste (Curaprox Inc.)

Black is White has quite an extensive ingredient list:

Aqua, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Carbon Black, Bentonite, Aroma, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Tocopherol, Mica, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyapatite (Nano), Titanium Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Potassium Acesulfame, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Menthyl Lactate, Methyl Diisopropyl Propionamide, Ethyl Menthane Carboxamide, Sucrose, Zea Mays Starch, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl, Alcohol, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Citric Acid, Lactoperoxidase, Glucose Oxidase,Amyloglucosidase, Potassium Thiocyanate, Tin Oxide, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Limonen, CI 75815, CI 77289

Exactly what all these do and why so many are needed is a little beyond me and I am sure the science behind them all would give argument as to why they are present.

Curaprox Black is White Review 7

It is quite interesting when the phenomenon which is activated charcoal is really centered around one pure, natural ingredient.

One of the ingredients here, hydroxylapatite is beneficial to the teeth as it creates a thin film on the teeth and even fills small pits in the teeth to protect the tooth and the enamel coating.

More considerate of the teeth and their long term health, this less abrasive, protective paste is a good thing in my eyes.

Curaprox Black is White Review 8

When brushing, the black paste goes to a grey color and the teeth psychologically (to me anyway) look whiter post brushing

But, the inclusion of Titanium Dioxide actually works in such a way that it filters the light that hits the teeth to make them look even whiter.  A bit of trickery then which I am not sure I am a big fan of. But, I guess it is helping to achieve the overall result many, including yourself, might want.

Despite the long list of ingredients, it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or triclosan.

The Black is White is the paste I have here, but Curaprox somewhat confusingly make a White is Black product too.

They differ as follows:

  • Black is White – Black colored paste and packaging – Fresh lime-mint flavor
  • White is Black – White colored paste and packaging – Extra mild taste
Curaprox Black is White Review 9

Both come in a 90ml tube, which stands upright on the screw cap.  I personally would prefer a flip lid.

The actual tube itself has a matt touch to it with a very slight accent and gloss finish to a pattern that runs over roughly half of the front of the tube.

It really shouts premium.

Curaprox Black is White Review 10

With a $30 price tag is one of the most expensive pastes available today.

It’s not your average $5 tube though.

Charcoal based products typically retail around $15 and up, so there is some justification in the higher price.

I actually found the paste ok to use, the taste was a little different to the typical mint you expect.  I didn’t get the same punchy freshness from the lime-mint of this tube, but my teeth did feel clean.

Curaprox Black is White Review 11

Because the paste is black, as you brush your teeth, lips and brush head are covered with the grey solution.

It rinses off better than pure activated charcoal and the majority came out as spit, without the need to rinse.  Just be aware as you spit a white sink will be left with a grey/black trail but a rinse of water soon resolves that.

The paste does stop it from being as messy as the powder alternatives.

Curaprox Black is White Review 12

Suitable and safe to use as a daily paste you can replace your normal toothpaste with Black is White, do make sure you brush twice a day for 2 minutes and floss too.

Over the 3 weeks I used this paste I did not notice any improvement in my tooth color.  To be fair, I am not the ideal candidate as I have for a long time taken good care of my teeth, used different products and don’t believe my teeth could be any whiter, unless I explore the cosmetic route.

The tube is sealed with a little foil cap when first purchased and Curaprox have labeled it with a 6 month shelf life once opened.  I expect you to get about 3 months usage from the tube, so you will have used it in most cases by the time it is essentially out of date.

Curaprox Black is White Review 13

Having used the paste for several weeks I have no significant complaints about it.

It is a shame the ingredient list is so long and that the whitening effect is a little artificial.

However, the low RDA rating and the fact it has been given a seal of approval from dental professionals means I would be happy to use this daily.  Problem is, it is a little pricey given for me at least the lack of significant benefits over a more typical tube of toothpaste.

Summary of Daily Usage

  • The tube contains 90ml of paste
  • Premium looking tube
  • Screw lid
  • Black colored paste
  • Lime-mint taste
  • Extra fresh flavor available with the White is Black product
  • Can be used as a regular toothpaste
  • Brush twice a day for 2 minute
  • RDA score of 59
  • Whitens teeth by removing surface stains on teeth
  • Uses a bit of trickery to make teeth appear whiter
  • Can’t help intrinsic discoloration
  • Not as messy as powder
  • Shelf life of 6 months
  • Expensive

The Results

With 3 weeks of daily brushing using Curaprox Black is White, I am afraid to report that I noticed no color difference.

However, this was to be expected given that I am not exactly an ideal candidate to use this toothpaste for purely a whitening effect.

Curaprox Black is White Review 14

Whilst this is part of the possible benefits of the paste, it is not all about the whitening and the other benefits such as a protective film on the tooth surface is impossible for me to report on.

Had I had a lot of staining to the teeth, the results may well have been different.

Conclusion, is Curaprox Black is White Charcoal toothpaste any good?

I believe ultimately the paste is unlikely to bring and of the noticeable color changes you and I desire in a short space of time.

Over weeks and months color improvement may come.

Black is White is a more highly regarded paste than other charcoal alternatives.

Although more expensive than most, it is gentle on the teeth with a low abrasivity scale, something that cannot be overlooked.  There is a definite peace of mind that comes in here.

Safe for everyday use, this paste can fit within your daily life with more ease and less concern than some other activated charcoal products.

Being a paste rather than a powder it is also more manageable and less messy.

Those with heavy staining may see more noticeable improvement, but overall this paste is going to offer a gradual and gentle whitening and protection of the teeth.

Preview Product Rating Price
Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste 1,412 Reviews $59.00


  • Where can I buy Curaprox Black is White toothpaste?
    • It is sold at Curaprox as well as through Amazon.
  • What are the ingredients in Curaprox Black is White?
    • Aqua, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Carbon Black, Bentonite, Aroma, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Tocopherol, Mica, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyapatite (Nano), Titanium Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Potassium Acesulfame, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Menthyl Lactate, Methyl Diisopropyl Propionamide, Ethyl Menthane Carboxamide, Sucrose, Zea Mays Starch, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl, Alcohol, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Citric Acid, Lactoperoxidase, Glucose Oxidase,Amyloglucosidase, Potassium Thiocyanate, Tin Oxide, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Limonen, CI 75815, CI 77289
  • Does it contain peroxides?
    • No
  • What does it taste like?
    • A zesty flavor to the paste.
  • How does it work?
    • The principle behind how it works is that the charcoal particles in the paste absorb the stain creating particles whilst other ingredients in the paste help protect the teeth.
  • How much should I use?
    • A pea sized amount like you would with regular toothpaste.
  • How long should I brush for?
    • It is advised to brush for 2  minutes, twice a day.
  • Does it actually work?
    • Mixed results, but you can achieve whiter teeth as explained above in the full review.
  • Does it hurt?
    • I had no sensitivity, pain or side effects from using this.  Should you should gain additional sensitivity or side effects as a result of using it, stop doing so and consult a dentist.
  • How long does it last?
    • You should get roughly 3 months from the tube of paste.
  • Is it safe? / Does it damage the enamel on my teeth?
    • The manufacturer suggests it is safe.  It has an RDA rating and has been endorsed by dental professionals.

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9 thoughts on “Curaprox Black is White Review”

  1. Hi

    I am considering buying this toothpaste – but I am not 100% convinced it will work – I am sceptic at best.

    I drink loads of coffee (5-8 cups a day) and lots of pepsi max – but besides that I try to take care of my teeth.

    I have recently discovered Curaprox, and want to switch completely to Curaprox – floss, paste and brush.

    My original idea is to mix the new gentle Curaprox “Be You” toothpaste as a daily paste, and then use the Black is White 1-2 a week.

    Do you think that would make a difference in whiteening?

    Have you tried the Be You?


    • Hi Lars.

      We have not completed any extensive testing of the ‘Be You’ paste.

      The combination you suggest is one option. Naturally, another is to reduce the staining drinks you consume, but I appreciate this might not be so easy.

      If your teeth are already heavily stained, you might find that a professional clean of the teeth is a good place to start. This will bring them back to their natural whiteness and then from there you can instigate a good routine.

      If you don’t already, rinsing with water after drinking the coffee can help reduce the chance of the stains forming.

    • Yes, toothpaste usually does. There is usually an expiry date printed on the top of the tube, where it is crimped at the end?!

      Typically that expiry date is 18 months-2 years from data of purchase. I suspect it will have now expired.

      It normally has to be used within 6 months of being opened. I am assuming this tube has not been opened before.

  2. Hi, thanks for your review. I am concerned that the ingredients list maltodextrin and cornstarch — are these not cariogenic fermentable carbohydrates? The American Dental Association will not endorse any toothpaste that contains cariogenic ingredients. I checked Curaprox’s US site and noticed the toothpaste isn’t ADA approved, which made me feel more worried. I have a tube of the toothpaste and did not see an endorsement on it from any dental professional association.

    • Hi Tanya,

      This toothpaste is not to my knowledge approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). It does not appear on the list of products that have their seal of approval, which you can see here.

      I cannot say whether such products are considered cariogenic. I am not educated enough in the pros and cons, safety and danger with each ingredient.

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved maltodextrin as a safe food additive but it is a sugar and can be linked to tooth decay.

      I also understand that cornstartch might not be ideal but its not that bad in small doses.

      I believe there will always be concerns over nay ingredient and debate as to what is good or bad. Some may argue that the charcoal particles are just as bad, if not worse?!

      If you are particularly concerned about the ingredients in your toothpaste and want detailed advice, speaking to your dentist might well be the best option.

      • Jon, thanks for your detailed review and response to the comment regarding the carbohydrates in this product. I wanted to add that it also contains sucrose. Yup, there’s actual SUGAR in this toothpaste! As someone with many white spot lesions (early stage cavities) and who has elimanated sugars/starches from my diet, I was shocked and horrified when I saw this in the ingredients today. Not to mention that there is also citric acid which erodes enamel. So disappointed, as I use many of their other products religiously. I’ll be contacting the company for their explanation and a refund. My trust in this company has been shaken and I question whether I will continue paying a premium for their products. Adding sugar to toothpaste is an utter disgrace. Shame on them.

        • Monnie, I agree. I wanted to add that I contacted Curaprox with my original question in July. I got the response “Thank you for your email I have asked Switzerland for an explanation and will one back to you shortly. ” I never heard back. I’d be delighted to use the toothpaste if it was safe (it really made my teeth look great) but of course I would refuse to use a toothpaste with cariogenic ingredients.

          • Response from Curaprox:

            The toothpaste Black Is White contains a special enzymatic system, which mimics and supports the body’s own defence against bacteria in the mouth. It needs a small amount of carbohydrates to start the enzymatic reactions. This enhances the function of the antibacterial enzyme Lactoperoxidase, which naturally occurs in the human saliva and is also part of the Black Is White toothpaste.

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