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Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review

Our Verdict

Despite being a touch bulky and quite loud when in operation, the benefits of using this water flosser outweigh the negatives.

Clinical studies show how effective it is and the American Dental Association have even given it their seal of approval.

If flossing is a chore that you simply hate doing and want an easier but effective solution, serious consideration should be made for the Waterpik Ultra.

But, do check the price on the newer WP-660 Aquarius, as this takes the edge.


  • Large water tank
  • Pressure settings
  • Box contents
  • Tip storage
  • ADA accepted


  • Size
  • Messy
  • Price
Preview Product Rating Price
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100 Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100 11,762 Reviews $58.13

The 3 BIG questions about the Waterpik WP-100 Ultra water flosser

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the Waterpik Ultra. If I have missed something, let me know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read the full Waterpik WP-100 Ultra review further down the page.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this water flosser?

No. It is a strong performing water flosser that will suit a great number of users.

2. Which other water flossers should I consider?

The Ultra is a solid option for anyone considering a water flosser.

However, the newer WP-660 Aquarius is quieter and sleeker looking.

For those wanting a travel friendly option, the WF-04 Sidekick is a very appealing option.

Our Choice
Waterpik WP-660 Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Professional Oral Irrigator For Teeth, Aquarius, White
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
Waterpik Sidekick Portable Water Flosser Perfect for Travel & Home, White/Chrome
Brush Name
Waterpik Aquarius WP-660
Waterpik Ultra
Waterpik Sidekick
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Waterpik WP-660 Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Professional Oral Irrigator For Teeth, Aquarius, White
Brush Name
Waterpik Aquarius WP-660
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
Brush Name
Waterpik Ultra
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Waterpik Sidekick Portable Water Flosser Perfect for Travel & Home, White/Chrome
Brush Name
Waterpik Sidekick
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

3. Where is the best place to buy the Waterpik Ultra water flosser?

Typically we tend to recommend Amazon because it is very competitive on price and has special offers running. It also offers free delivery. However, it’s always worth checking out other retailers as well.

Check the links below for the cheapest price for the Waterpik Ultra water flosser amongst US retailers. It’s always worth checking eBay too.

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And now for a bit more detail….

Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health, so keeping your teeth and gums healthy is essential.

You may have been advised by your dentist, friends or family to floss regularly and they would be right to suggest this.  However, flossing can be difficult and painful for some.

Although flossing might be that task most of us wish we didn’t have to do, our teeth and gums will thank us for it.

The task can be made easier with countertop water flossers like the Ultra being reviewed here.

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser uses the power of water to wash away food particles and bacteria that builds up along the gum line and in between teeth.

How does this large electric powered flosser really work in practice and compare to the cheaper and more regularly adopted standard flossing technique? Find out below in our Waterpik Ultra water flosser review. 

What is the Waterpik UltraWater Flosser?

This is a countertop water flosser.

It has to be connected to mains power to be used and cannot be used wirelessly.

Taking water from a refillable on board tank, the pump inside the flosser takes that water and feeds it out through a nozzle on the handle of the flosser.

The water jet that exits the flosser can be altered in its pressure, the angle at which it is directed and more.

An alternative to string floss, the water passes in between teeth and gums as well as under the gumline to remove plaque, bacteria and food particles that make up the 35-40% of teeth surfaces that do not get cleaned with regular brushing.

Manufactured by the market leading brand, clinical trials have resulted in significant improvements in oral health.

If you’re choosing a new water flosser, check out our best water flosser 2020 article.

How to use the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

There is certainly a technique to using a water flosser.

The mains steps are as follows

Step 1: Fill the water tank/reservoir with lukewarm water (tank can be lifted out and replaced).

Step 2: Fit the appropriate nozzle to the handle of the flosser ensuring it has clipped into place.

Step 3: Adjust the pressure dial on the unit to your desired pressure level (can be adjusted later).  If it’s your first time using, turn down to a lower setting.

Step 4: Press the power button to switch the unit on.

Step 5: Lean over the sink and place the tip of the flosser into your mouth. Close the lips enough to prevent splashing while still allowing water to flow from mouth into the sink.

Step 6: Slide the switch on the handle from off to on, the water will begin to flow.

Step 7: Aim water at the gumline at a 90 degree angle. Follow the gumline and pause briefly between teeth.

Step 8: When complete, slide the button to ‘off’ and then press the power button to turn it off.

During the clean you can adjust the pressure, turn the nozzle and control water flow by sliding the switch to the on or off position during the clean.

Here is a video to show you how it is done.

How to Use a Waterpik® Water Flosser

Variants of this water flosser

Whilst White is the standard color option for the Ultra, it does come in a couple of other color options that you might like.

There are no technical differences between these different models, it is only the color of the unit that differs.

The variants of the Waterpik Ultra are as follows:

  • WP-100 – White Ultra Water Flosser
  • WP-112 – Black Ultra Water Flosser
  • WP-113 – Blue Ultra Water Flosser
  • WP-115 – Orchid Ultra Water Flosser

What’s in the box?

  • Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
  • 2 x Classic jet tip
  • 1 x Toothbrush tip
  • 1 x Plaque seeker tip
  • 1 x Orthodontic tip
  • 1 x Pik pocket tip
  • Documentation

Key Features

  • Removes 99.9% of plaque
  • 2 times as effective as string floss
  • 3 times more effective than string floss when cleaning around braces
  • 10 pressure settings
  • 2 year warranty
  • 22oz/650ml tank

Pros & Cons

Here is a list of the pro’s and cons having used the Waterpik Ultra water flosser.

The Positives

  • Large water tank – Floss for longer or multiple times between sessions thanks to a 600ml tank
  • Pressure settings – 10 pressure settings to choose from.
  • Box contents – Nice number of tips included.
  • Tip storage – A lid to the unit acts as storage for the different tips.
  • ADA accepted – The American Dental Association (ADA) have approved this unit for its cleaning effectiveness.

The Negatives

  • Size – A bit chunky.  Takes up work surface space which might be limited for some.
  • Messy – Whilst you can master a technique, the steps involved and the amount of water pushed into the mouth means this is not the most enjoyable or flattering experience, you need a sink and even then you can make a bit of a mess.
  • Price – It is not ‘cheap’ alternative to regular floss, but long term convenience is worth something.

Design, usability, clean & general use

There is no denying that this unit does take up a reasonable amount of space.

If you have a large family bathroom with plenty of surface space then great.

However, if you are living in a cramped city apartment where space is at a premium then this is not necessarily the ideal unit to own.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 1

It needs to be sat on a secure flat surface and within about 3 feet of a power outlet as this requires power to be used, it is not cordless nor does it have a battery built-in.

The unit is compatible with 120VAC/60Hz outlets, for Use In North America.

The White unit looks a bit clinical and would probably look more at home in a dental office than your bathroom, but hey it does a great job of cleaning the teeth and gumline.

The Ultra is available in 4 different colors.  White, Black, Blue, and Orchid are your choices.

The White Ultra shown in the hands-on images has a Blue colored water tank whereas the others have a transparent colored tank.

Other accents on the unit are different in color as you will see from the image below.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 2

Use of the Waterpik Ultra water flosser should be in conjunction with brushing the teeth. It is not a replacement to this.  It may too be necessary to still continue to use floss at times in your mouth, subject to your teeth.

Waterpik claims that if used daily, within 14 days of using this you will have healthier gums and back this up with a money back guarantee.

This is great peace of mind if you are a little uncertain whether Waterpik is right for you or not.

Compelling evidence from trials and research has shown how effective the Waterpik units can be.  You can find lots of details on the Waterpik clinical research web page.

One particular study by Gorur in 2009 found just a 3 second treatment can remove 99.9% of plaque biofilm.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 3

The effectiveness and suitability for a water flosser as part of your daily healthcare routine is given further credibility by the American Dental Association (ADA).

This and other Waterpik flossers have been awarded their ‘Seal of Acceptance’.

To achieve such accreditation, the product must demonstrate efficacy according to requirements developed by the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs.

The unit itself is fairly simple in its design and need not be more complicated.

The main unit is fairly weighty containing all the electronics and pump that delivers the water at pressure through the handle and nozzle.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 4

Mounted on the front, the handle is stowed in place within a plastic holder and the hose that connects the handle to the unit coils up inside a storage area.

To the left side of the unit is a pressure dial that can be twisted to the appropriate pressure setting, whilst a simple switch turns the unit on or off.

On top of the base unit sits the water tank, that holds up to 22 ounces (650 ml of water), enough for approximately 90 seconds of flossing.

On top of the tank, the lid to the unit can be placed.  This also doubles up as a storage container for the additional tips that are included in the box.

It holds 4 of the 6 tips.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 5

It is not the most unsightly thing really, it has been designed as best as it can for a bathroom, with sweeping curves and no sharp edges.

From the power button to the pressure gauge, buttons, parts are easy to use even for those who may have limited movement in fingers and when fingers are wet.

Waterpik manufacture 6 different styles of tips.

The 6 tips are named and designed to do as follows:

  • Classic Jet Tip (JT-100E) – For general use offering twice as effective results than string.
  • Toothbrush Tip (TB-100E) – For brushing and flossing at the same time.
  • Plaque Seeker Tip (PS-100E) – Ideal for those with implants, crowns, bridges or veneers targeting plaque in hard to reach areas.
  • Orthodontic Tip (OD-100E) – Great for those with braces offering up to 3 times more effectiveness than traditional floss.
  • Pik Pocket Tip (PP-100E) – Delivering medicament and rinsing deep below the gumline those with periodontal pockets and fucations benefit most here.
  • Tongue Cleaner Tip (TC-100E) – Freshens the breath by removing bacteria from the tongue’s surface.
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 6

The Ultra comes with 6 tips, but 2 of those are Classic Jet Tips.

It is the Tongue Cleaner Tip that is not included.

Any can be purchased separately and fitted to the unit.

For the vast majority, the classic tips are the best option to use.

The different tips clip into place on top of the handle of the flosser.

A button on the rear needs to be pressed to unclip/eject each of the different tips.

The number of tips provided and the storage unit, make it ideal to share this flosser with other users in the same house, just change the tip each time.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 7

Tips like a toothbrush need changing every so often.

If using the Classic Jet Tip, this can be used for up to 6 months before requiring replacement, whilst all others should be replaced after 3 months use.

Once the desired tip is connected and the tank filled you can begin flossing.

When you fill the tank, the idea is you fill it with water, this can be cold or lukewarm if you prefer.  The advised is the warm water. You could add a dash of mouthwash too if you wanted an extra burst of freshness.

The handle of the flosser is connected to the machine via a small white hose which is conveniently tucked away within the body of the flosser.  Just pull the hose out to extend the reach. When extended the hose and handle combined has a length of about 3 feet.

This allows a little distance between the unit and the sink you use it over.

The elliptical design of the handle fits comfortably in the hand and the large, pale Blue button on the front is the key to controlling the water flow.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 8

From the moment the power button is flicked to the on position this thing is spouting out water.  Press and hold the Blue button on the handle to stop the flow and then release to allow it to restart.

The tip can be rotated a full 360 degrees thanks to the top of the handle rotating.

Ridges around the top make it easy to grip onto to rotate, although it is not all that easy mid floss, in my opinion, it can be a bit fiddly.

It seems too much hassle to turn the unit off and adjust, so you need to press the pause button and do it.

The length of the tips certainly meant that I could reach more areas of the mouth more easily than with traditional floss and the clean felt invigorating thanks to the adjustable pressure settings.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 9

There are 10 different settings, adjusted via a rotatable dial on the front of the unit.

Ranging from 10 to 100 PSI you can find the pressure setting that is right for you.

If you have never used a water flosser before, you will likely make a mess the first few times you use it.

Thankfully I do not suffer from sensitive gums so I tended to use this on the pressure setting around 7-8 and found it quite comfortable and effective.  It felt like a good balance between power and control.

I am not lying that for the first couple of uses, the mirror in front of me and my chin and shirt got a bit of a wash too.  It is just a bit odd.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to how this works.

When running the machine does produce quite a bit of noise due to the pump inside.  It is a bit noisier than an electric toothbrush.

A full tank which holds 22oz will allow for about 90 seconds of flossing time.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 10

Once you have perfected your approach, you can get 2 flossing sessions from a full tank, 45 seconds each.

Whether your choice for interdental cleaning is dental floss, interdental brushes or a water flosser.  Failing to clean properly between the teeth and gums can lead to a buildup of bacteria and plaque that in turn can result in gum disease.

The pressure and flow of water that this flosser offers, reaches bacteria deep between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and traditional flossing can’t always reach.  The flow of water does too massage and stimulate the gums to improve circulation and keep your gums strong and healthy.

There is certainly a convenience and ease that water flossing offers in comparison to string floss.  The fingers and thumb approach can feel more awkward, harsh and just a hassle. The Ultra takes away much of this.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 11

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • Countertop unit
  • US 2 pin power supply
  • The water tank holds 22oz (650 ml)
  • Approximately 90 seconds of usage time
  • 6 different tips provided
  • Storage unit for the tips
  • 360 degree adjustable nozzle
  • 10 different pressure settings
  • Efficient cleaning with clinical evidence
  • Approved by the American Dental Association

Price & where to buy

I have included links to buying options here at the start of the review.

In the section below, I discuss the price more generally and in relation to similar products.

$59.99 is the suggested selling price of the Ultra water flosser.

The biggest discount on this price I could find was about $12, with most selling it between $50 and $60.

It is widely stocked.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 12

The unit comes with a  year warranty, but something we like to do at Electric Teeth is price the unit over a 3 year period, to try and give a rough calculation of what it would cost to own this unit.

Whilst the Ultra comes with 6 different nozzles, we need to factor in the cost of replacing these as you will unlikely use all 6.  Most tips work out at about $5 each.

Assuming 1 user, using the Classic Jet Tips the cost will work out to be $70 or $0.06 per day.

Considering the benefits this brings, this is actually relatively good value.

Of course, string floss is cheaper, but there is a price to be paid for convenience.

If you can share with other family members, this will bring the cost down further.

This Ultra unit might be slightly older than the updated Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius model, but it is quite a bit cheaper.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • We have included a live price comparison here
  • Recommended retail price of $59.99
  • Selling $50-60
  • Replacement tips work out at about $5 each
  • Daily cost around $0.06 over 3 years

Reliability & long term use

We put all products like this through 6 weeks of testing to simulate everyday use and really get a feel for the product.

We have encountered no problems to date with the flosser nor can we really see any major issues with the design or construction.  A regular clean should keep the flosser looking as new and operational for many years.

If left unused, it is advisable to run some water through occasionally to keep things in working order and avoid leaving water standing in the container for extended periods of time.

Do avoid to run the tank on empty for too long as this can damage parts as it tries to draw through liquid that is not present.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Review 13

We were unable to simulate in just 6 weeks, but the hose that connects to the flosser may become less taut over time, which could be beneficial to you, but coiling the cable back up neatly will keep it taught.

Research from other users would suggest some can fail which is the case for any product and we have seen no evidence that should pose a concern to you in deciding to purchase this Waterpik flosser.

It comes with a 2 year warranty for support and peace of mind.


The negatives for me on this unit are outweighed by the benefits.

Initially, the size of the unit and the new approach to flossing can be awkward.  However, with a little time and practice, it is possible to adjust and really enjoy the benefits it brings.

Clinical studies show how effective it is and the American Dental Association have even given it their seal of approval.

If flossing is a chore that you simply hate doing and want an easier but effective solution, serious consideration should be made for the Waterpik Ultra.

It is not the cheapest option, but cheaper than some models and comes from the leading brand within the space and a lot of desirable features.

Our Choice
Waterpik WP-660 Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Professional Oral Irrigator For Teeth, Aquarius, White
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
Waterpik Sidekick Portable Water Flosser Perfect for Travel & Home, White/Chrome
Brush Name
Waterpik Aquarius WP-660
Waterpik Ultra
Waterpik Sidekick
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Waterpik WP-660 Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Professional Oral Irrigator For Teeth, Aquarius, White
Brush Name
Waterpik Aquarius WP-660
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
Brush Name
Waterpik Ultra
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Waterpik Sidekick Portable Water Flosser Perfect for Travel & Home, White/Chrome
Brush Name
Waterpik Sidekick
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth 5 Star Rating

Size Guide

  • Height (with tip) – 9.9 inches
  • Width – 5.6 inches
  • Depth – 5.3 inches
  • Weight  – 1.48 Lbs

All are approximates


  • How often do the nozzles need replacing?
    • Nozzles should be replaced every 6 months if using the classic or tongue cleaner.  All others should be replaced every 3 months.
  • Can I use mouthwash in the Waterpik?
    • You could, but it would be expensive and wasteful.  Best adding a dash into the water used in the reservoir for a burst of freshness.
  • How much water or mouthwash does it hold?
    • Approx 220z/650 ml which will last for approximately 90 seconds.
  • My gums bleed when I use cordless flosser. Is that normal?
    • Bleeding gums may be a sign of infection and a little bleeding can be normal when starting a new oral care routine, as you may be cleaning in areas not previously reached. However, if bleeding is excessive or does not stop within a few days of regular use, consult a dental professional.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about it, and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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