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Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 1

One of, if not, the best manual floss/flosser I have ever used!

This is not some spammy title just to get you to read on.  This is the truth. I now floss regularly which before…..well I am not the only one who thinks it is ok to skip the odd day.

Review & where to find them cheapest

At the time of writing, there is much public debate into the pros and cons of flossing.  There is validity in both sides of the argument, but what appears to be consistent is that neither camp have evidence that supports without doubt their case, thus  it is still recommended to floss.

The rhetoric from my dentist has been the same for years, despite regular flossing I am continually told to keep it up and make sure I am getting all areas of the mouth.

The best manual flosser I have ever used.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 2

String floss or flossing tape on a reel is on the whole a thing of the past when a product such as the Easy Glide daily flosser from Wisdom exists, it has transformed my desire to floss and the ease with which I complete the task.

Many don’t bother to floss or do so poorly as it is fiddly and can take longer than cleaning your teeth for 2 minutes, if done properly.

Whilst the process is not all that much quicker, it is considerably easier and less hassle with this flosser.

Best described as a conventional manual toothbrush with the brush head replaced with a floss attachment, this ingenious tool makes flossing even the hardest to reach and tightest of gaps easier.

There are 2 key reasons as to why it is easier.  

The first is the long handle.  Compared to your hands which you normally use for floss on a reel, the long thin handle allows the flosser to reach deeper into the mouth with a greater degree of movement than if you are trying to get your hands in.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 3

You can even do it one handed.

The second is that you can bite down on the top of the flosser to gently ease it into gaps that you would normally really struggle to negotiate.

Once in between the teeth the principle remains the same, moving the floss side to side and right up against the teeth and down into the gumline, gently rubbing against the tooth to remove a buildup of food particles and bacteria.

The flosser has a removable floss head attachment which is designed for a one time use.  So a new floss head each day as you normally need only floss once a day.

Theoretically you can use the floss head again if you wish but it is advised to replace it.

There is a little flex between the two arms that hold the floss and the length of floss between these is 1.5cm.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 4

I have been using the Wisdom flosser for over 6 months now and I have yet to have the floss break, although it has a tendency to stretch a tiny bit more than I would like.

The floss is more of a tape rather than a string, but another 2mm of so in width and this in my opinion would make the experience a little better.

The flossers comes in a variety of colours, Purple, Green, Blue and Orange.  You generally don’t get a choice when you buy them online and if you buy multiples you often get a variety of colours sent to you.

In each kit is one floss handle and 25 replaceable floss head attachments, so one kit will last you just under a month.  Why 25? I am not sure.  I would have thought 30 would be more logical as it is closer to the length of a month so you buy a new one every month!

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 5

I think the cost of these are very good, making them overall very cost effective.  Prices range from £15.29 to £11.94 for a pack of 6 which works out at typically 8-10p per day or per floss.

One thing that frustrates me a little is that there is no option to bulk buy the floss head attachments or the handles on their own.  The cost is such that I guess it makes just as much sense to buy the whole kit again, but the handle looks and feels like it will last for a long time.  

I would like to buy a handle with say 3-6 months of floss head attachments rather than just the 25 it comes with.

The handle has been well designed.  It is made from an almost transparent plastic that has a colour tint to it and is finished smoothly with no rough edges.

It measures 17.5cm long with the floss head attached and approx 17cm without.  

At its widest point it is about 1.4cm wide on the handle and with the floss head attachment fitted this increases to approx 2.2cm.

The handles has a bit of flex but not too much and there are 2 perfectly located rubber grips one on the top and one on the back of the handle.  The back grip has a series of raised ridges which allow for a better grip in the fingertips.  The whole product looks and feels more premium than the price would suggest.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 6

The upper third of the handle has been designed to arch slightly so the floss is easily angles and positioned in the mouth and at this point the plastic is slightly thicker to ensure strength and stability in what is clearly normally a weakness point in the handles.

How do they compare to normal floss?

Unlike the string floss, because you can bit down on the back of the handle it gives that extra pressure and guides the floss down in between the teeth and is particularly useful on molars at the back of the mouth which we all know are hard to get to if you have to stick your hands in your mouth.

The reach of the handle allows you to go deeper but the size also allows for more movement.

If you have always struggled to get right to the back, you may find the first few weeks a bit unusual and maybe a little uncomfortable with the Easy Glide flosser, but that will soon ease off.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 7

Do be careful not to bite down too hard as you can easily send the floss are full pace into the gum line and this can be a bit uncomfortable.  No lasting damage will likely be done but you may whince.

Replacement heads pull on and off fairly easily, although sometimes they can be a little tight.  Just a firm pull to remove and a firm push to clip it into place.  

When removed the floss head does have a sharper point on one end, this can be used as a toothpick if you like to remove larger more obvious food particles stuck between the teeth.  However when slotted into the handle it also forms a stronger and more rigid attachment.

You have to apply a lot of force to actually break the plastic components. They are quite forgiving overall though.

After 6 months I see no justifiable reason to go back to string floss, it is harder, messier and I can’t reach as deep into my mouth as I would like.  

For me the only real benefit of the reels of floss is that they tend to work out a little cheaper and they are more portable and perhaps better suited if you are travelling as they are more compact.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 8

These flossers also work well for families as it is easy to interchange the floss heads.

No simply way to store them though.  They do come mounted quite neatly on a piece of plastic, but some may like to keep them covered which is another pro for string floss.

A small but possibly consideration before switching from conventional flossing tape is the benefits of the floss.  There are lots of different floss tape options from the cheap, to the more expensive each offering their own benefits, like easy glide or being part of a whitening range. With the Wisdom flosser you get just conventional piece of floss, no fancy options or overhyped reasons to buy.

But if you have a favourite floss, you may want to bear this in mind when trying out this product.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 9

Price & where to buy

Sadly the Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser is not a product you see everywhere.  I wish it was more prevalent that it was, but you can pick it up online through sellers on Amazon and direct from Wisdom themselves.  You may see it in some pharmacies and possible available direct from your Dentist.

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 10

The price will vary depending on where you purchase the flossers from, but the following is provided as a guide.

At the time of writing I can buy a pack online through Amazon’s marketplace for £3.38 including shipping (view on Amazon).

Based on the 25 included floss heads, this gives a daily cost of £0.13.

That same seller offers a pack of 6 for £15.29.

Based on the 150 included floss heads (6 x 25) this gives a daily cost of £0.10.

Going direct to Wisdom for just 1 pack is expensive as a £3.50 shipping charged is added onto the £1.99 price, giving a total of £5.49.  This gives a daily cost of £0.22.

However, purchase 6 and the shipping charge is fee, making the total £11.94.  This gives a daily cost of £0.08.

Generally speaking for convenience you will want to buy multiple packs of these flossers, as with just 25 heads in the pack, you will soon run out.  Buying 6 or more seems to be a cost effective option, and will last you for several months.

For the sake of comparison a typical string floss works out a lot cheaper.  Again, prices vary considerably, but as a guide a typical 50m reel will cost around £2.30. Based on using approximately 30cm for each floss, that is 167 uses from a reel. Thus, it would cost £0.01 to floss each time.

That does make standard at least 7x cheaper, but is there a price for the convenience of the Wisdom flosser?

Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser Review 11

Conclusion – Should I switch?

Overall it will be personal opinion as to whether you feel that a product like the Wisdom Easy Glide flosser is for you.

String and tape floss still has a place and still works.  It is a lot cheaper and more compact and generally convenient for those on the move.  However for me, I know what I will be sticking with for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, I believe the reason why, is because it makes the process of flossing teeth (which the vast majority of us would rather not do) simpler.  Being simpler, encourages me more to do it and better look after my teeth and gums.

So, if you find the process of flossing a bit of a hassle, giving such a product a try might just change your perception and the possible health benefits for the small additional cost over regular floss will likely be realised.

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