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Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review

warpaint natural teeth whitener review

Lifestyle habits can cause stains to build up up on the outside of the teeth and make them look darker than they once were.

This product may make your teeth appear whiter, by removing surface stains.

It will not change the natural colour of your teeth in the same way that professional whitening / bleaching can.

Activated charcoal is not proven to be effective as you might think. You can learn more about charcoal toothpaste in this article.

If your desire is to actually whiten your teeth, it is best to learn about the best teeth whitening methods.


  • It can potentially improve the colour of your teeth by removing stains
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Not tested on animals


  • Everyone will get different results
  • Can be messy
  • Lacks any real flavour
  • The true effects on the teeth are not known

Does it actually work?

We understand you want whiter teeth, but this might not be the right product for you.

Tooth whitening is a complex process and every person’s circumstances and results are different (although the adverts and claims from many manufacturers don’t make this clear).

This product may work to remove surface stains from your teeth, but it will not change the natural colour of your teeth in the same way that professional whitening / bleaching will.

Teeth whitening – a quick explainer

There is a general misunderstanding of how whitening products work, which is why we’ve covered the topic in detail.

Some products, such as the one being reviewed here, remove stains. This is not the same as professional bleaching carried out by a dentist, and this is where much of the confusion stems from.

Before choosing a product or procedure, it’s important to understand the basics. This small investment of time will save you money and improve your oral health.

Whether opting for a stain removal product or professional bleaching, there are cost-effective options available, which we cover throughout our content.

We encourage you to learn more about teeth whitening, and the following articles (created by our in-house dentist)  are a great place to start:

If you’re interested in whitening, our overall advice is to visit the dentist before using a whitening product, but you can find a more detailed explanation of this by reading the links shared above.

We’ve also created this short video, which further explains how stain removal products may not work the way you think:

How to remove stains from the teeth

Before & after results

Everyone’s teeth are different.

Our lifestyles, genetics and medical conditions all have an influence on our teeth.

Some people have heavily stained teeth, whilst others do not.

Warpaint teeth whitener works by removing surface stains and may make your teeth appear whiter, but it will not change the natural colour of your teeth.

The results you achieve by using Warpaint will be different to me.

I have tried many different products and have little to no staining on my teeth.

Because of these circumstances, it would therefore be inaccurate to show before and after images to suggest what results you might get, because simply put, your before and after results may be very different.

However, to give you an idea, visit our teeth whitening before and after page, and you can see the kind of results you can expect from a stain removal product such as this, and the results you can expect from professional bleaching.


A tub of Warpaint costs $39.95 which is approximately £30, with free worldwide shipping when bought direct from the manufacturer.

Prices may vary from other sellers.

Where To Buy

The best place to buy is direct from Warpaint.  They offer free worldwide shipping when you pay their retail price of $39.95.   You can buy through the website here.

It is possible to buy from other retail outlets, online only from what I have seen.  However, the price tends to be even higher.

Taste, Packaging etc

Despite the name, this is not the stuff that you put on your face if you want to blend in with the surroundings of a forest if you are in an of the armed forces.

This is not paint.

However, in what is one of the more fun marketing and social media campaigns, Warpaint does encourage applying a single stroke of this to your cheek and sharing on social media. Check out some of the images here.

Warpaint is, in fact, a product that is designed for cleaning your teeth.

The main ingredient is activated charcoal, which is made from coconuts.

Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 1

Charcoal is very popular at the moment when used in a powder form, to clean and whiten teeth.

The super white smiles that adorn the social media profile of Warpaint would suggest it is fantastic.

The reality is not perhaps quite as effective as the images would have you believe.

If your daily routine involves drinking or eating products that contain lots of tannins; coffee, tea and red wine being notable culprits, then maybe you will see an improvement by using Warpaint, but for most, there will be little or no improvement.

This is because of the way it works.

Like many other whitening products, this does not actually change the colour of your teeth.  It needs bleaches and peroxides to do this and they are not included here.

What Warpaint does is remove the external (extrinsic) staining that exists on our teeth.

Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 2

However, not everyone has staining on their teeth, so not everyone achieves whiter teeth as a result of using.

This whitening effect is the lifting of surface stains to restore the natural tooth colour.

Think of it like washing a mucky white t-shirt.  Once it has been through the wash and had a good clean, it looks much whiter, but no chemical agents have been used to make the t-shirt whiter, just cleaning products to remove the dirt and stains.

Where Warpaint differs is that it is using activated charcoal, rather than chemicals and man-made components like silica to do the work.

In other words, the ingredients in Warpaint are 100% natural.

Activated Carbon or Charcoal is a porous substance, which can essentially absorb molecules.  It is this absorption property that is one of the key draws and is said to capture tannins and plaque that are harmful to the colour of your teeth and oral health.

Charcoal is something that has been used in medicines for many years, primarily with poisonings as the properties of charcoal are known to help remove the toxins.

Sadly, despite the recognised ability of charcoal to absorb things, specifically targeting toxins in the mouth is not possible.

More study and research is needed, but do be aware that it is not as simple as some make out.

The other ingredients mixed with the charcoal in Warpaint are Bentonite, Organic sweet orange peel, organic mentha piperita, organic lemon myrtle.

Together these ingredients work to help the carbon do its job whilst leaving a fresh taste to the product.Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 3

When in use I was able to tell that the taste was not as earthy as other charcoal powders, and there certainly is a subtle flavouring.  For me though, this was not pronounced enough.  In fact personally, the more earthy taste of others made me feel, like they were more effective and more natural.  There is no noticeable smell either.  I find this fairly consistent with the other products I have tried previously.

After cleaning your teeth do feel clean, just in a way that you might not be used to.  You are not left with that zingy fresh clean that is common from most regular mint flavoured toothpaste.

I did also find the powder not to be quite as gritty as some and had more of a flour-like texture in the mouth, but with a noticeable ‘bite’ to it.

I wish not to be all critical on Warpaint, but another concern is that activated charcoal has become a bit of a health and beauty industry fad.

A couple of years ago, nobody was really using it and now several brands have created a resurgence in the demand for it, and now lots of equivalent products exist and literally, thousands and thousands of people have tried it.  Many have shared their success or failure on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

I must give Warpaint credit for their success.

Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 4

Originally launched in Australia, it is available around the world now and their website and supporting content is far better than many of the other brands I have tried.  There is more content on the website, with good directions and they have an active social presence.

This does not necessarily make their product better, but it gives me and it should you more faith in the product and the team behind it.

Sadly at $40/£30 a tub, this is not a cheap solution.

I feel a lot of the price is to pay for or recoup the cost that has and is going into paying for the marketing and ‘celebrity’ endorsements.

The black plastic tub has a screw top lid that opens to reveal the 30g of dark black powder.  Funny how something that should whiten your teeth is the opposing colour, or is there a clever thing going on here?

The packaging is smart and it’s on point with the branding.

It would be nice if it was a more eco-friendly packaging, given the all natural ingredients, rather than a plastic tub.

Vegans should be aware, this is perfectly suitable for you.

Animal lovers (me included), should note this is not tested on any animals either.

Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 5

Directions for use vary slightly from brand to brand with activated charcoal products, but Warpaints instructions are in line with the common thought process, which is to apply a small amount to the bristles on your brush head, brush for 2 minutes, then leave for a couple of minutes to let it work.

Once done, rinse your mouth out.

The cleaning process does coat the teeth in a grey/black sludge looking solution.  It is not pretty.

Post rinse, you may like me need to brush again with a regular paste to remove any residual greyness.

The fact that your mouth turns a dark grey/black colour when brushing is not unsurprising given the colour of the powder.  However, psychologically it’s easier to think your teeth look whiter post brushing because your mind compares your now clean teeth to the black looking ones from a  few moments ago.

Warpaint like other brands acknowledge within the FAQ’s that it will work at different rates for some and those with heavy staining and a poor oral routine may see the greatest benefit and improvement in results.

Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 6

The manufacturer suggests it is safe, but there is a lack of evidence to support this.  Most dentists would advise against using charcoal, but they themselves have little evidence to suggest charcoal has a negative effect.  What they have is evidence to show how regular toothpaste work effectively.

While I used my Genius 9000 electric toothbrush, you may wish to use a separate or different toothbrush when using Warpaint.  The charcoal can stain bristles, brush head and toothbrushes a darker colour as a result of use.

Be careful when opening, this powder is very fine and is like flour.  Drop it or spill it and it goes everywhere.

Once opened, the tub should last about 2.5 months if used daily, longer if used less frequently.

The recommended life of the powder is 6 months, but it can last for longer if stored in a cool dry place.  Just check the consistency.  It should look like the day you got the tub.  If it has gotten a bit clumpy, discoloured or just looks different, do not use it.


The ingredients within Warpaint are:

Activated coconut shell charcoal, Bentonite, Organic sweet orange peel, organic mentha piperita and organic lemon myrtle.

These are all natural ingredients.

Not included is fluoride, a recommended ingredient by dental professionals.  Fluoride can help protect your teeth but is often excluded from powders like this.


I am not here to say you really should or should not use this product, but I do urge you to be very cautious about doing so.

It is ultimately up to you to make the decision, but I have written at length and summarised the pros and cons of charcoal toothpaste and powder for you.

Your dentist, as well as our in-house dentists, suggest using sparingly.

How abrasive Warpaint is and what the lasting damage to your teeth will be after extended use is not known, but sticking with proven less abrasive fluoride based toothpaste is a good option, particularly when they can remove external staining too.

Warpaint Teeth Whitener Review 7

Is it eco-friendly?

The ingredients included in Warpaint are all natural, so in some respects, you could argue it is eco-friendly.

However, the plastic pot it comes in is not so good for the planet.

This is a bit of a criticism of Warpaint, and although not a defence other companies are the same and plastic tubs are very effective at keeping the powder in and moisture out.

Perhaps you can re-use the pot if you do finish it.

What we would like to see improved

Whilst Warpaint does say it removes stains, they don’t directly say (front what I have seen) you will be x number of shades whiter after use.

This is good because not all will see colour improvement.

However, their very aggressive social media campaigns, imply significant whitening effects, which are not really caveated with an explanation that results will vary.

Essentially, what I would like to see Warpaint do, is the same as what I want of most other companies selling this sort of product.

I would like them to be clearer about the difference between stain removal and teeth whitening.

Too much confusion exists between these terms and too often, as is the case here, the word whitening is used when really stain removal is a more appropriate description.

Whilst removing stains or discolouration on the exterior surface of the teeth can make them look whiter, it is not technically teeth whitening.

Those people who have no staining on the external surface of the teeth will see no benefits from this product.

Ratings / Conclusion

As we’ve mentioned in the results section, it’s difficult for us (or anybody else) to systematically test numerous whitening products.

For this reason, we have chosen to omit star ratings.

However, below you can find a summary of our closing thoughts.

Whilst social media and stories from friends might suggest activated charcoal is a great option to whiten the teeth, Warpaint is not a product you want to try in my opinion.

At £30 for a tub, this is one of, if not the most expensive product of this type I have used.

The marketing and brand is on point with Warpaint and their supporting website and content is better than the competition, but this is not enough to justify it.

Just like any other product, it will only remove external stains and discolouration on the tooth surface, it does not actually change the natural colour of your teeth.

There is absolutely no reason to pay this price unless you particularly want to be seen using this brand.  You can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, at £30 you are not far off the cost of having a scale and polish from a dental hygienist, that will, without doubt, return better results, more quickly and safely.


  • Where can I buy Warpaint natural teeth whitener powder?
  • Does it contain peroxides?
    • No.
  • What does it taste like?
    • There is no real taste to speak of to it even though there are natural orange and lemon flavours in the mixture.
  • How does it work?
    • The activated charcoal absorbs bacteria that forms the stains found on teeth.  Absorbing and removing these bacteria helps whiten the teeth by removing what would normally stick and discolour the teeth.  It essentially whitens the teeth by removing stains to reveal the teeth’s natural whiteness rather than itself staining or bleaching the teeth a different colour.
  • How much should I use?
    • Just enough to coat the tips of the brush bristles.
  • How long should I brush for?
    • It is advised to brush for 2  minutes, leave the solution in the mouth for a further 2-3 minutes and then rinse.  You may find that you wish to brush again with a regular toothpaste..
  • Does it hurt?
    • I had no sensitivity, pain or side effects from using this.  Should you should gain additional sensitivity or side effects as a result of using it, stop doing so and consult a dentist.
  • How long does it last?
    • One tub gives 150 uses.  If used every day twice a day this is approximately 2.5 month’s worth of powder.
  • Is it safe? / Does it damage the enamel on my teeth?
    • Warpaint suggests that this charcoal based powder is safe for everyday use.  The reality is that the actual evidence to confirm this is lacking.  That said, any evidence to suggest it is dangerous or detrimental to your teeth is also lacking.  Dentists have concerns over the use or activated charcoal and the long term implications on the teeth and the enamel surfaces are unknown.  The powder is very fine, which certainly makes it feel less abrasive.  By all means use, but use with caution.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Warpaint natural teeth whitener?

Are there certain things that you really like or dislike?

Let me and other readers of this article know what you think, by commenting below.  Your feedback and opinions are incredibly valuable.

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