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UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review

Lifestyle habits can cause stains to build up up on the outside of the teeth and make them look darker than they once were.

This product may make your teeth appear whiter, by removing surface stains.

It will not change the natural colour of your teeth in the same way that professional whitening / bleaching can.

Toothpaste can in some circumstances make your teeth appear whiter.  If you actually want a brighter and whiter smile, you need to turn to a cosmetic procedure.  Our detailed guide to teeth whitening methods provides all the key information you need to know.

If you then want to dive deeper into the topic our teeth whitening hub page offers the extra insight you need.


  • It can potentially improve the colour of your teeth by removing stains
  • Can improve bad breath
  • Protects and restores enamel
  • Smart packaging
  • Certified gluten free, kosher and suitable for vegans
  • Does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • Money back guarantee


  • Screw top lid
  • Everyone will get different results
  • A bit pricey

Does it actually work?

We understand you want whiter teeth, but this might not be the right product for you.

Tooth whitening is a complex process and every person’s circumstances and results are different (although the adverts and claims from many manufacturers don’t make this clear).

This product may work to remove surface stains from your teeth, but it will not change the natural colour of your teeth in the same way that professional whitening / bleaching will.

Teeth whitening – a quick explainer

There is a general misunderstanding of how whitening products work, which is why we’ve covered the topic in detail.

Some products, such as the one being reviewed here, remove stains. This is not the same as professional bleaching carried out by a dentist, and this is where much of the confusion stems from.

Before choosing a product or procedure, it’s important to understand the basics. This small investment of time will save you money and improve your oral health.

Whether opting for a stain removal product or professional bleaching, there are cost-effective options available, which we cover throughout our content.

We encourage you to learn more about teeth whitening, and the following articles (created by our in-house dentist)  are a great place to start:

If you’re interested in whitening, our overall advice is to visit the dentist before using a whitening product, but you can find a more detailed explanation of this by reading the links shared above.

We’ve also created this short video, which further explains how stain removal products may not work the way you think:

How to remove stains from the teeth

Before & after results

Everyone’s teeth are different.

Our lifestyles, genetics and medical conditions all have an influence on our teeth.

Some people have heavily stained teeth, whilst others do not.

UltraDEX sensitive recalcifying and whitening toothpaste works by removing surface stains and may make your teeth appear whiter, but it will not change the natural colour of your teeth.

The results you achieve by using UltraDex will be different to me.

I have tried many different products and have little to no staining on my teeth.

Because of these circumstances, it would therefore be inaccurate to show before and after images to suggest what results you might get, because simply put, your before and after results may be very different.

However, to give you an idea, visit our teeth whitening before and after page, and you can see the kind of results you can expect from a stain removal product such as this, and the results you can expect from professional bleaching.


The selling price varies depending on where and when you purchase the toothpaste.

Typically, a tube of UltraDEX sensitive recalcifying whitening toothpaste will cost around £8 and will last for about 3 months.

For this, you get a 75ml tube of paste. (view on Amazon)

Based on comparable products this price is fair and slightly cheaper than some of the other options within this whitening paste market.

There is no denying that compared to your normal toothpaste, this is more expensive.

Where To Buy

UltraDEX may well be a brand that is well known within the dental community, but it is one that doesn’t quite have the power to fight for premium shelf space in all retailers.

Therefore your local supermarket will unlikely stock this paste, but head to a chemist like Boots or Superdrug or head online to Amazon and you will certainly be able to pick this up (view on Amazon).

Typically we have found Amazon to be the most competitive when it comes to price.  That said Boots are often very close, within tens of pennies rather than pounds difference in the price.

Taste, Packaging etc

British firm UltraDEX is one that produces a number of products, generally at the more premium end of the market.

Having tested some of their mouthwashes, in this review I am looking at one of their toothpaste that is designed to whiten and strengthen teeth via a recalcifying process.

Despite what we might like to tell ourselves, the packaging does convey a message and it can influence what we think of a product.

UltraDEX generally goes with quite a clean and minimal packaging style but it is done in such a way that looks smart and clean.

Use of white and green does not shout look at me, but it also says sophisticated and well thought out; well that is what it conveys to me anyhow.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 2

There are a few clearly labelled statements about what this paste can do, so you can be won over by these.  

It also is marked about how this has been developed in conjunction with a university (Institute of Dentistry at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University London), giving extra confidence and thought that some really smart people are behind this product.

To be fair there are some very smart individuals behind it; but does it really do the job, that is what I am concerned with.

All excited by the smart packaging, my bubble is soon burst when I find the tube has a screw cap.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 3

I will admit this is purely a personal feeling but flip lids are much easier to handle.  With one hand you can open, distribute paste and close.  This is not so easy with a screw cap.

It does stand upright on the screw cap, just more fiddly to open and extract the paste.

There is upon first use a small foil cap over the hole in the tube, this is present to seal the tube and retain freshness.

The paste itself is white in colour and tastes of a dull mint I would say.  There is quite a strong initial smell to it, it smells clinical.  

There was limited frothing of this paste too during use.

The 75ml tube measures some 14cm long and contains a similar amount of pastes to most other whitening pastes at this price point.  I have seen some larger tubes that offer a bit more paste for the money, but at 75ml you will get about 3 months use from this tube.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 4

White teeth is something many strive for as they look more pleasing than a set of yellow teeth.

So can this whitening toothpaste make your teeth shine and give you the confidence to smile?

The key thing to note here is that by using this toothpaste or any other labelled whitening, they do not actually whiten your teeth.

Your teeth may appear whiter after use, but this is because the paste has removed surface stains on the exterior of your teeth, restoring your natural colour.  The teeth therefore look whiter, but the actual baseline colour of the teeth has not changed.

Only a chemical bleaching process, carried out by a dental professional can actually make the teeth whiter, by changing the baseline colour of the teeth.

Clinical studies have proven that this toothpaste can whiten teeth within 14 days.

The amount of ‘whitening’ or what is really stain removal, however, will vary from one person to another as everyone’s teeth and the amount of staining is different.

The colour change to your teeth is significantly impacted by your dental history and diet and will for most not transform the teeth overnight, it is a long process taking weeks rather than days.

In this particular instance, although studies may have found results in as little as 14 days, UltraDEX has a Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) score of just 38. A paste like Opalescence has an RDA rating of double this.

This means the paste is more gentle on the teeth and gums and because it is less abrasive it will take longer in most instances to achieve the whitening effect.

The paste gently restores natural whiteness to teeth by oxidising organic stains such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco and leaves teeth smoother, brighter and more resistant to discolouration and acidic food & drink.

See what UltraDEXthemselves have to say in the following video.

You may well be keen to know that a good brushing routine with a regular toothpaste can achieve similar, if not the same results as a ‘whitening toothpaste, according to a recent study by the TV programme Supershoppers.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 6

Sensishield Enamel Defence is a formula that is designed to mimic the way saliva would naturally recalcify the tooth enamel, only faster and more effectively.  Whilst hard to prove this is actually working; the taste this paste leaves and the feel of the teeth post clean, certainly suggest the paste is trying and working to this.  

Another benefit of the paste is that it is designed to eliminate bad breath on contact by destroying odour-causing compounds, not just by masking them. Using what UltraDEX refer to as iQ+ AciveOxi Technology, this works with the natural PH level of your mouth to release the appropriate amount of active ingredient to meet your individual needs.  The anti-bacterial action helps prevent tooth decay, gum problems & plaque by killing bacteria and inhibiting regrowth.  This is said to last for up to 12 hours.

For me personally, I could not taste or see evidence of this lasting up to 12 hours.  Sure post clean my mouth and breath felt fresh, but this quickly dissipated.  However, I do not suffer from bad breath or halitosis, therefore the potential difference for individuals who suffer could well be considerably greater as it tackles this very problem.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 7

UltraDEX are so confident of the effectiveness, they offer a replacement product or Money Back Guarantee for new consumers on their first purchase of certain products.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of this UltraDEX toothpaste, just send the product back in its original packaging, together with your original proof of purchase receipt and a letter of explanation within 28 days of the date of purchase. Send to, Periproducts Limited (2864374) of Venture House, 2 Arlington Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1WA, United Kingdom.

You must include details of your name, address and telephone number and/or contact email address. Do please then let them know if you require a replacement product or a refund. Any refund and postage charges will be refunded to you by cheque. If you prefer to return the product via Freepost, please contact them using [email protected] to ask for details.

I think this is a pretty good option if you are not sure or not happy with the product.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 8

In addition to this, UltraDEX is also gluten free, suitable for vegans and is Kosher.

At £8 or thereabouts for a tube of this paste, it is not cheap but you often get what you pay for.  The science and ingredients in this specialised product command a higher price.  

Many whitening pastes are easily £10 per tube, so actually, it could be argued that you get better value from UltraDEX than some other the other leading brands.  

It is however at least double if not 4 times the price of more conventional pastes.

UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste Review 9

Suitable for anyone of any age, children under 6 should be supervised when using.

The paste itself has a shelf life of 24 months once opened.

You may also be pleased to learn that this is made in the UK.

Whilst I experienced no side effects when trying this toothpaste if you should notice any abnormalities or extra sensitivity from using a different toothpaste you should stop and consult your dentist.


If you are interested, the ingredients in this toothpaste are:

Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Hydroxyapatite, Cellulose Gum, Sodium, Monofluorophosphate, Trisodium Phosphate, Sodium Saccharin, Aroma, Menthol, Citric Acid, Sodium Chlorite, Limonene, Sodium Bicarbonate, Linalool, CI 77891*

Active Ingredients: SensiShield powered by Stoichiometric Micro Hydroxyapatite. iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology powered by Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Monofluorophosphate.

Contains Sodium Monofluorophosphate (1000 ppm Fluoride)

An omission that will please many is the exclusion of SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a chemical that gets a lot of negative press for some justifiable reasons.  SLS does have a purpose but UltraDEX has managed to come up with a solution that does not need it.

Whilst many pastes may well be able to claim this, I do like that this is certified gluten free, kosher and suitable for vegans, accommodating an array of users who might otherwise not be able to use the paste.

The fluoride included is good, but is below the NHS guidelines for adults, but some is better than none.


I have no concerns about the safety of this toothpaste.

The paste has been designed to have a very low abrasivity and really put the health of your teeth and mouth first.  With an RDA score of just 38, this is particularly low and commendable.

Fluoride is present although below the NHS recommendation for adults.

Is it eco-friendly?

This paste has not been designed or marketed as eco-friendly.

The tube in which is comes provided is hard to recycle and will more than likely end up in landfill.

What does commonly happen with some dental health products is users buy a toothpaste hoping for certain results, that are not achieved.  As a result, they move onto new products before the old tube of paste is finished.

It might not be just because of claimed results that are not achievable, it may well be to do with taste.

By reading this review, you are one step ahead in your avoiding potentially wasting a product like this.

What we would like to see improved

UltraDEX is quite upfront in their product descriptions and explanations of their products.

They do make it clear that the toothpaste can restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, although many people still don’t truly understand this.

I cannot verify the claims of 12 hours of breath freshness, particularly as I do not suffer from halitosis.

If anything, I think UltraDEX should work on pricing their product cheaper to compete with some of the bigger brands better and gain more attention from what on the whole appears to be a pretty good toothpaste.

Ratings / Conclusion

As we’ve mentioned in the results section, it’s difficult for us (or anybody else) to systematically test numerous whitening products.

For this reason, we have chosen to omit star ratings.

However, below you can find a summary of our closing thoughts.

The low abrasive nature of this toothpaste will not deliver rapid overnight stain removal

This toothpaste is about longer term, slower but safe restoration of natural whiteness through effective cleaning of the teeth.

This might not be fast enough for you, but this clinically designed paste looks to do more for you than just whiten, by protecting and restoring strength in your teeth.

Whilst for me the freshness did not last as long as the suggested 12 hours, trying to measure this is difficult and for those with halitosis, the effects will likely be greater.

There is a lot to like about this paste.  It appears to work and does so in a considerate way that does not put your teeth at risk in exchange for a quicker whiter smile.

Developed and made in the UK there is a sense of quality, professionalism and a high standard of consideration that has gone into this product.

At up to 4 times the price of regular toothpaste, I do question whether this is a worthwhile investment for most?

Some justifiably premium comes from being SLS free, as well as suitable for vegans, gluten free and kosher, but unless you are specifically directed to it by a dental professional to aid in your particular circumstances, I suggest sticking to a good quality cheaper paste.


  • Where can I buy UltraDEX Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste?
    • Boots, Superdrug and Amazon are the three key outlets from which you can obtain the UltraDEX range of products.
  • Does it contain peroxides?
    • No.
  • What does it taste like?
    • It has mint flavour.
  • Does it hurt?
    • I had no sensitivity, pain or side effects from using this paste, should you should gain additional sensitivity or side effects as a result of using it, stop doing so and consult a dentist.
  • How long does it last?
    • Approximately 3 months based on 2 pea sized amounts being used each day.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the UltraDEX sensitive recalcifying and whitening toothpaste?

Are there certain things that you really like or dislike?

Let me and other readers of this article know what you think, by commenting below.  Your feedback and opinions are incredibly valuable.

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  1. I suffer from oral lichen planus and have for some years used ultradex low abrasive toothpaste without any problem (as it doesen’t contain any sodium laurel sulphate). But I have found over the last few weeks that it has become painful to use and has caused a sore mouth. I would like to know if the specification has been changed at all that would cause this as I have now had to stop using Ultradex and find an alternative that does not contain SLS, colour or flavour.

    • Hi Claire.

      I am sorry to hear you are suffering, but we cannot comment on this. You are best directing your question direct to the manufacturer as we are unaware of any change in the ingredients.

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