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Can you whiten your teeth with braces on?

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Chhaya Chauhan

(GDC Number: 83940)

Can you whiten teeth with braces on

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Can you have teeth whitening with braces on?

Whitening Your Teeth With Braces On

It is best not to whiten your teeth whilst wearing braces or undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It is better to wait until the braces has been removed and then whiten the teeth.

Wearing braces can certainly straighten your teeth, but oral hygiene can be impeded whilst wearing them and therefore the braces process often leaves teeth stained and yellow.

However, good oral hygiene using interdental cleaning and regular visits to the hygienist during your braces treatment can help to minimise staining. Using a whitening toothpaste and refraining from activities, food and drinks that stain teeth can also help.

If you do notice that stains have started to occur whilst you are wearing your braces, it is usually recommended to wait until after you have finished your brace treatment before you start tooth whitening.

Wearing braces can make your teeth feel sensitive due to movement of teeth, and one of the possible side effects of tooth whitening is increased tooth sensitivity, so the two combined could be even more painful.

Can you whiten your teeth with braces on? 1

If you have fixed braces you will definitely not be able to whiten teeth during your brace treatment as the brackets will impede the whitening gel reaching all surfaces of the tooth evenly, creating a patchy effect. You will have to wait until after you have your brace off to whiten your teeth.

If you are wearing clear aligner type braces with no attachments on the teeth it is possible to whiten your teeth towards the end of the treatment by placing the whitening gel inside your aligners. But before doing this you should always consult your treating dental practitioner to take their advice on whether or not this is recommended for you.

Whitening Your Teeth After Braces

If you’ve now completed your treatment and had your braces removed, your dental practitioner is the best person to consult about tooth whitening — they know the history of your treatment the best and can advise accordingly.

In most instances, our recommendation is to opt for professional whitening instead of products you can buy online or in store, so speak to your dentist about this.

If you would like to do some research before speaking to your dentist, check out our video below, our teeth whitening hub pageand especially read our article on safe teeth whitening before you go ahead with anything.

How to begin teeth whitening


  • How to get white/whiten teeth with braces?
    • The best thing you can do is to brush your teeth regularly, with the correct technique and clean all the interdental spaces.
    • Doing so gives the best chance of removing the plaque, debris and molecules that may stain the tooth surface.
  • Do you get your teeth whitened after braces?
    • You do not have to get your teeth whitened after braces, but if you are going to do it at any time, this is the best time to do it.

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