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Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Chhaya Chauhan

(GDC Number: 83940)

On this page we’ve included some before and after photos for both professional bleaching and stain removal products.

If you’ve just started researching teeth whitening, we recommend checking out our teeth whitening hub page.

The main purpose of the page is to show you the kind of results you can expect from tooth whitening, and also to demonstrate the difference between what can be achieved with professional bleaching compared to products that simply remove stains, such as toothpastes, powders, strips, kits, etc.

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching is something you have done professionally by the dentist. We cover it in more detail in this article.

Below are some examples that have been taken by a dentist before and after the teeth have been professionally bleached.

Bleaching for a full set of teeth

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 1
Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 2

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 3
Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 4

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 5


Single tooth bleaching

We have covered single tooth whitening, also referred to internal whitening, in more detail in this section of our professional whitening article.

This usually happens because one tooth has darkened more than others because it has died.

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 6
Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 7

Stain removal products

Below we’ve included some of our own before and after photos from testing products for our teeth whitening reviews. Some are pastes, some are powders, some are kits.

The problem with testing whitening products is that it is hard to create a controlled test, for several reasons:

  • Everyone’s teeth are different, and react differently to whitening products and procedures.
  • These products will only remove stains.
  • If your teeth are already stain free, they will have little effect.
  • Someone who brushes their teeth correctly twice a day (like our testers do) will have few, if any stains.
  • One stain removal product is unlikely to have any significant beneficial effects over another.

In the following circumstances, stain removal / whitening products will have little (or appear to have little) effect:

  • Your teeth are already stain free
  • Your teeth have a base colour of yellow. The stains on your teeth are a similar colour, so even when they are removed your teeth still look yellow.

Some people will find that stain removal products have a ‘whitening effect’, restoring the natural tooth colour by lifting the stains on the exterior tooth surface.  Those most likely to see benefits are:

  • Anyone who has not previously used a stain removal product before.
  • Those who brush irregularly of with a incorrect technique.
  • Those who smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Heavy drinkers of coffee, red wine, tea.
  • Those who eat lots of foods that tend to stain teeth such as curries and bolognese.

The photos below should give you a rough idea of what you can expect from an off-the-shelf whitening product.

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 8

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 9

Teeth Whitening Before & After Photos 10

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