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Where toothbrushes and other dental products are made

Where toothbrushes and other dental products are made 1

We are receiving an increasing number of requests for information about the country of manufacture of oral health care products, specifically electric toothbrushes and water flossers.

We are not entirely sure what the motivation is behind these requests — they could be political, ecological or ethical. 

This page therefore contains as much information as possible on where various oral healthcare products are made.

We will continually update this as and when we have more information.

We have sourced this information by asking manufacturers directly, consulting actual product packaging/manuals along with other reputable information sources.

Please be aware that every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate.  However, it is always subject to change. Manufacturers can and do change their processes and we recommend contacting a product manufacturer directly about the specific product you may be interested in.  In many instances, we are acting in ‘good faith’ that the information provided is correct.

Most products are made in China

It is well documented how and why China has become a global hub for product manufacturing, supply, packaging and distribution in many product categories across the world.

Oral healthcare products are no exception to this. Many of the major brands use the resources and capabilities of China to manufacture the products they sell.

Some products are made in China, but designed and / or packaged elsewhere.

As a means of organising the content below we have therefore grouped products by those made in China and those made outside of China.

We’ve also included some advice on how you can check where a product is made.

Some products are made or assembled in X but sourced / packaged in China

The best companies will be transparent about the source of their products and the parts that go into them.

However, some companies will state that a product is made in one particular country, but that might not strictly be true.

For example, it can be the case that a product has been assembled and packaged in a country other than China, but parts used within that process are still sourced from China.

We are not suggesting that any one company is intentionally trying to mislead buyers. But, our own investigation has shown that the likelihood of all manufacturing, assembly and packaging having been carried out in a single country other than China is low.  It is not impossible though.

Some are designed in X but made in China

We have seen that some brands will clearly highlight how a product is designed within a particular country, for example, the USA or Canada.

Just because it was designed in these countries, it does not mean it was also made in these countries.

If the country of manufacture is important to you, please be sure to do your research on the product you are considering for purchase. 

A list of products that are not made in China

The following is a list of all the products, by category, that are not made in China.  This includes all manufacturing, assembly and parts having been made in countries other than the People’s Republic of China.

Made In Germany Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

  • Colgate
    • Connect E1 – Made in the Philippines
  • Oral-B
    • Vitality – Made in Germany
    • Vitality Plus – Made in Germany
    • Vitality Pro – Made in Hungary
    • Pro 500 – Made in Germany
    • Kids 3+ – Made in Germany
    • Kids 6+ – Made in Germany
    • Junior – Made in Germany
    • Junior Smart – Made in Germany
    • Teen – Made in Germany
    • Pro 1000 – Made in Germany
    • Smart 1500 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 600 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 650 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 2 2000 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 2 2500 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 3 3000 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 5000 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 6000 – Made in Germany
    • Pro 7000 – Made in Germany
    • Smart 3000 – Made in Germany
    • Smart 4 4000 – Made in Germany
    • Smart 5 5000 – Made in Germany
    • Smart 6 6000 – Made in Germany
    • iO Series 3 – Made in Germany
    • iO Series 4 – Made in Germany
    • iO Series 5 – Made in Germany
    • iO Series 6 – Made in Germany
  • Sonicare
    • CleanCare+ – Made in Romania
    • DailyClean 1100 – Made in Romania

Water Flosser

  • Sonicare Airfloss – Made in Romania

Leading dental care brands

We have reached out to the leading dental care brands to get their statement on where their products are made.

Please consult the table at the end of this article for our full list of dental care products and the country of manufacture.


The vast majority of electric toothbrush handles, brush heads and even the toothbrush chargers are made in Germany.  

The country of manufacture does however depend on the particular product within the Oral-B range.

Their rechargeable electric toothbrushes, all PRO, Professional Care and Triumph toothbrushes are made in Germany.

The Oral-B Genius Series handle is made in Germany, but the travel case is made in China.

The Oral-B iO Series handle is made in Germany, but the iO charger and travel case are made in China.

All of their brush heads, with the exception of the TriZone and Deep Sweep heads, are also manufactured in Germany.

All other products are made in 2 possible locations:

  • Germany
  • China

The company advises checking packaging or the bottom of the handle for information. 

In some instances there is the possibility that it was made in Germany, but packaged in China.  The packaging should state this.

Here is a copy of an email we have received from them.

Oral-B Country Of Origin


Philips Sonicare have stated that some products are made in China, whilst others are made in Europe.

What is somewhat surprising and rather disappointing is that their customer services team are unable to provide a list of products or any real clarity around which product is made where.

The result is that it is down to us as consumers to do the research.

They state it is best to check the packaging of the product.

All of the products we own and have tested from Sonicare are labelled as having been made in China.

Here is a copy of an email we have received from them.

Sonicare Country Of Origin


All of Colgate’s electric toothbrushes, with the exception of the E1 are made in China.

The E1 is designed in France and made in the Philippines.

Here is a copy of an email we have received from them.

Colgate Country Of Origin


Although all the parts are manufactured in the USA, all Waterpik products are assembled and packaged within China.

Here is a copy of an email we have received from them.

Waterpik Country of Origin


All TePe products are manufactured and packaged in Malmo, Sweden.

This is stated on their website. However, the website did not make mention of the actual packaging.

We have had confirmation that the complete process is completed in Sweden.

Here is a copy of an email we have received from them.

TePe Country Of Origin

Oral healthcare accessories

It is typical, although not always the case that accessories for oral healthcare products such as replacement brush heads, travel cases and holders are made in the far east.

Resources including materials and labour tend to be cheaper and as a direct consequence, the sale price tends to be lower.

Products made in the west, such as the USA, UK and central European countries tend to be more expensive.

How to check the country of manufacture

The best approach to find out where a product is sourced and made is to consult with the product manufacturer.  

It is best to be as specific as you can with this request for information.

You will want to ask where it is made and if all the parts are made in that country too.

For example, if it says made in the USA, you might want to check that ALL parts within that product are too made within the USA.

In most cases, they will be forthcoming with this information.

In some instances, they will not.  If that is the case, there is likely a reason they do not want to disclose this and you and you may wish to consult other sources or avoid that product.

  • Contact the manufacturer and ask the question
    • Check their product pages on their website
    • Call, email or live chat with the customer services team
  • Consult the seller/supplier of the product
    • Check their product pages on their website
    • Call, email or live chat with the customer services team
  • Consult other online listings for the product
    • Leave a comment/question if possible on a review
    • Contact the site of publication
  • Consult online reviews of the product
    • Leave a comment/question if possible on a review
    • Contact the reviewer/site of publication
  • Ask existing owners/users where possible
    • Amazon and other retailers often have an FAQ section or the ability to ask specific questions about the product
    • Marketplaces, where a product is being sold, can allow you to contact a seller directly
Made In China Water Flosser

Dental healthcare products made in China

This is a list of products that are made in China or consist of parts sourced from China.  Some parts may have been sourced from countries other than China.  Assembly and packaging may also not have been completed in China, but some part of the product or process relies upon China.

Braun Oral-B

  • Genius Series – Handle and brush heads made in Germany. Travel case and charger made in China.
    • Includes:
      • Genius Pro 8000
      • Genius 9600
      • Genius 9000
      • Genius 10,000
      • Genius X
      • Genius X 20,000
      • Genius X Luxe editions
  • iO Series – Handle and brush heads made in Germany.  Travel case and charger made in China.
    • Includes:
      • iO Series 7
      • iO Series 8
      • iO Series 9
      • iO Series 10
  • Guide – Handle and brush heads made in Germany. Charger made in China.

Philips Sonicare

  • 2 Series 
  • 3 Series
  • DailyClean 3000
  • 1000/1100 Series
  • 2000/2100 Series
  • 3000/3100 Series
  • 4000/4100 Series
  • ExpertClean 7300
  • ExpertClean 7500
  • FlexCare Platinum Connected
  • HealthyWhite
  • Kids
  • Kids Connected
  • ProtectiveClean 4100
  • ProtectiveClan 4300
  • ProtectiveClean 4500
  • ProtectiveClean 4700
  • ProtectiveClean 5100
  • ProtectiveClean 6100
  • DiamondClean 9000
  • DiamondClean
  • DiamondClean Smart
  • 9900 Prestige


  • ProClinical 250R
  • ProClinical 250+
  • ProClincial 250
  • ProClinical 350
  • ProClinical Pocket-Pro
  • Hum


  • Cordless Freedom
  • Sidekick
  • Sonic-Fusion
  • Ultra
  • Ultra Professional
  • Whitening Professional

Other brands

  • 30 Second Smile
  • Aquasonic
  • Burst Oral Care
    • Sonic – Handle made in China, brush head from Japan.
  • DazzlePro
  • Fairywill – All models – Chinese company
  • Foreo
    • ISSA
    • ISSA 2
    • ISSA Kids
    • ISSA baby
    • Mikro
    • Play
  • Gleem
    • Rechargeable
    • Battery
  • Goby – Made in ‘Asia’ but they utilise a company in China for parts
  • Oclean – All models – Chinese company
  • Ordo
    • Sonic Plus
  • Quip – All models
  • Shyn
  • Solimo
    • Total Power
    • Sonic Rechargeable
  • SURI
  • Triple Bristle
  • V-White – All models – Chinese company
  • Xiaomi – All models – Chinese company

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8 thoughts on “Where toothbrushes and other dental products are made”

  1. Just about to place an order on Philips Sonicare toothbrush and then I suddenly thought of the place of manufacture issue. It is vital that I avoid any product from CCP regime for what they did to the entire mankind. Thank for providing the info, great website!

  2. Just want a new electric toothbrush NOT MADE IN CHINA a sensetive one please been of mature years my Son of much younger years obviously needs a new one too dont like Sonic far too severe please can you help me so confused looking on websites my mine is befuddled.

    Thankyou in anticipation and so pleased there are people like you around………..stay safe…..kind regards.Jenny Stanley

    • Hi Jennifer.

      Thanks for the question.

      If you do not like sonic toothbrushes and you want a product made in a country other than China, then my recommendation is the Oral-B Pro 2 2500, as per this article on our site.

      I would suggest purchasing an Sensi UltraThin brush head for this as this has softer bristles. Also be sure to make use of the 2nd cleaning mode on the handle, sensitive, which is a little more gentle.

      All being well you don’t find this too powerful or uncomfortable to use. It is the only option I can think of that I have tested that fits your needs.

      If you really don’t get along with it, you can take advantage of Oral-B’s money back guarantee.

  3. Many thanks for this information, it will save me some time in the future. I have avoided Chinese made/sourced/packaged products for years for a variety of reasons: animal cruelty, human rights abuses, Hong Kong, the consumption of dogs, cats, lizards etc and now, of course, the spreading of a deadly virus across the globe. It is almost impossible to find out where things are made unless you write to the company and even then, it can be ambiguous and misleading. On-line sellers should be obliged to state where the product is made.

    • I completely agree. If it does not state where it is MANUFACTURED, I will not buy it. Just found out what Waterpik is manufactured in China, so will not purchase that.

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