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Unico Smartbrush – Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 1

Update 31/03/2020:

Limited updates or shipments appear to have been made by the team at Unico. What updates have been made appear to lack detail and clarity.

There appears not to be any method to order this and we continue to recommend avoiding this.

Update 27/09/2019:

Information from backers confirms that Unico has been subject to even more delays, but backers have begun receiving products.

Whilst it was acknowledged by the team that the design had to change, the result is quite far from the original design and the products received are poor quality in both build and performance.

It would appear Unico have shipped a slightly modified mouthpiece style toothbrush that anyone can buy for less than $20 on certain online marketplaces.

The companies updates on the project and response to customers appears to have stopped.

We do not recommend purchasing any Unico product at this time.

Update 15/06/2019:

Despite successful funding the product has only just begun shipping.

There have been problems with the design and manufacturing.

Update 12/12/2017:

Just days before the funding campaign was due to end on Kickstarter the project has been pulled and moved to Indiegogo.

There are an array of comments on the Kickstarter project page questioning the design, electronics, authenticity and capability of the Unico team to actually produce such.

Some are claiming this project is fraudulent and will never come to fruition.

Electric Teeth are unable to confirm or side in this debate.  We are affiliated with nor endorse either party.  We urge all to be cautious when investing in campaigns and make informed decisions you are happy with understanding the terms and risks.

Unico’s official response is:

 We are honest, unfortunately we had a problem with Kickstarter, a few days before the end of the campaign they asked us to show the functionality of the app and we replied that it has not yet fully developed so according to them the project does not respect their guidelines. We are very sorry for the incident since:
1) They have had almost 60 days to ask for such information and more opportunities to do so and we do not understand why this was asked just a few hours from the end
2) Most of the Kickstarter campaigns that have an app have not developed it yet, especially when the app is not a critical part of the project
3) The Kickstarter guidelines tell us to present a working prototype, and we presented it. What a toothbrush has to do is have rotating brushes, the last thing you need to brush your teeth is an app. We emphasize that the Unico app only serves to set the parameters the first time you use it, then no one should use it any more, otherwise the product would lose the reason why it was created: brush your teeth perfectly in the shortest possible time. Certainly the app was the less important part of the product and it is still something that is easily achievable and that we would have done in a short time (if only we had been asked before and not a few days before the end).

we are sorry for all our supporters, however do not worry, Unico is available at this link on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unico-smartbrush–3#/

Thanks to all our backers for understanding.

For years dentists and brands have been trying to get us to pay more attention to cleaning our teeth.  Many of us feel it is a necessary evil.  

Earlier this year Amabrush launched their innovative product via Kickstarter that allows the teeth to be cleaned in just 10 seconds!

We were impressed and are eagerly awaiting delivery of ours.

But it seems this has started a new wave of products there is the Ufunbrush and now we have the Unico smartbrush, that promises to clean your teeth in 3 seconds!

Designed for children and adults Unico Smartbrush is currently being funded on Kickstarter and already has achieved its funding goal of €75,000 with 46 days to go Indegogo with €99,000 pledged in funding, exceeding the €75,000 funding goal, with 20 days remaining.

We have explained more about this kind of brush and how it works in our mouthpiece toothbrushes article.

What is Unico?

It is a patented smartbrush that cleans the teeth in your mouth in just 3 seconds.  That is 117 seconds faster than the recommended cleaning time.

It looks like an oversized mouth guard, you know the sort of thing you would wear if getting involved in physical contact sports, that is attached to a little black box.

How does it work?

A very simple and fast way of cleaning your teeth the following image shows how the mouthpiece attaches to the power unit.

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 2

Inside the power unit is a battery and electric motor that power the rubber belt in the mouthpiece.

Unlike a regular toothbrush or a typical electric toothbrush, although you brush your teeth for 2 minutes, you actually spend considerably less on each tooth.

Adults have 32 teeth.  Split the 120 seconds (2 minutes) across those 32 teeth and that is 3.75 seconds per tooth.  Divide that by 3 (the number of sides of exposed teeth we have) and that is just 1.25 seconds per exposed tooth surface.

Theoretically, just 1.25 seconds use of Unico is the equivalent to brushing with a manual or electric toothbrush available today.

The way Unico works is that the brush will actually be exposed to each tooth surface for a full 3 seconds, thus essentially 3 times the time you would spend brushing each tooth now.

How do you use it?

First, you insert the toothpaste into the power unit.

Place the Unico into the mouth.

You then double tap the power unit to start the device, wait 3 seconds and then you are done.


Unico has been designed to be functional and appealing.

Using high quality materials the Unico smartbrush will look and feel the part.  Using a built-in lithium-ion battery, the main power unit will deliver 30,000 revolutions per minute to give the right scrubbing power.

Having studied the correlation between people’s height and size of their mouths Unico have 4 different mouthpieces that work for men, women, adults and children.

The Unico is available in Black, Glossy White or Satinated Grey colour options.

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 3

They are:

  • Large size – for people over 170 cm (over 5ft 7in)  
  • Medium size – for people from 155 cm to 170 cm (from 5ft 1in to 5ft 7in)  
  • Small size – for people from 140 cm to 154 cm (from 4ft 7in to 5ft)  
  • Extra Small size – for children from 125 cm to 139 cm (from 4ft 1in to 4ft 6in)  

Each replacement is priced at €14.

What about the toothpaste?

The mouth unit of Unico essentially injects the right proportion of toothpaste right to the teeth surfaces.

By using a toothpaste that comes in a special bottle, you inject it into the power unit.  A micro pumping system then carries the toothpaste though the unit and distributes it between the various nozzles in the mouthpiece.

You will ideally need Unico’s special toothpaste and not your regular tube is unlikely to work.

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 4

UV Lamp

It’s common to rinse your brush head off after use but UV technology has for a long time been used to kill bacteria.

Unico have developed a Dock & UV Station with a separate UV rack for each month unit.

Dock it in the station you have the mouthpiece cleaned with powerful UV rays and you can be assured of a sterilized mouthpiece before your next use.

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 5


The Unico power unit is rechargeable thanks to USB Type-C cables.

Better still the docking station is modular meaning that it is easy to expand for multiple users and family environments where you each have your own mouthpiece.

Smartphone Connectivity

Whilst the aim is to clean the teeth in 3 seconds, Unico know how we are all different.

Through the app which will be available for iOS, Android and Microsoft device you can control settings of the Unico including the washing timer, speed of brush rotation.  Settings can even be saved for each user.

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 6

Funding, Rewards & Shipping

Unico set out to achieve €75,000 and at the time of writing update they have already achieved €111,000 €99,000 which means this product will be coming.

The first units are due to begin shipping in February June 2018.

The opportunity to support, fund and get your own Unico smartbrush will continue until Saturday 9th December 2017 31st December 2017.

Prices start from €99 for 1 x Power Unit, 2 x Mouth Unit 1 x Dock & UV Station and 1 x Toothpaste bottle.

Unico Smartbrush - Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth 7

To find out more, head over to the Unico smartbrush Indiegogo page.

We can’t wait to get hands on and even go head to head with Amabrush and uFunbrush to see which is best.


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7 thoughts on “Unico Smartbrush – Just 3 seconds to clean the teeth”

  1. I paid 154 euros on the 12/12/17 and they have now stopped responding and no product has turned up 2 months after they say it was sent and over a year later than promised. I am one of many!

    • It is not currently for sale Fernando. It will likely go on sale in the near future when the final product has been designed and shipped to those that backed the campaign.

        • Hi Freddie.

          I don’t have any additional insight I am afraid. There are comments from the Unico team as recently as a month ago on the Indiegogo campaign. They comment like products are shipping to people.

          Whilst I can’t say for sure I fear the reality of the situation is you are unlikely to receive the product any time soon, if at all.

    • Hi Jarrad. You might want to get in contact with the Unico team about this. We are not Unico or affiliated to be able to advise on this.

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