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This toothpaste guide has been created by our in-house dentists and makes it simple for you to choose the right toothpaste.

We’ve got simple answers if you want to make a quick choice, or more detail if you need a specific type of toothpaste.

We also cover common questions and answers, and provide information about toothpaste ingredients.

Browse the sections below to find the content that interests you most.

The best toothpaste — our recommendations

Eco-friendly toothpaste options


Our hands-on toothpaste reviews look at specific products in detail.

If you’re interested in a particular product that we haven’t reviewed, let us know in the comments.

Index of toothpaste ingredients

Our A-Z of toothpaste ingredients explains the roles of the various chemicals that are included in toothpastes.

We also have a post that looks at fluoride vs fluoride free toothpaste.

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