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SURI Toothbrush: Initial thoughts & reaction

SURI toothbrush

Update 13th May 2022

SURI has announced that it is now shipping orders.

If you have already placed an order, you should receive an email within the next few days with tracking details.

We’ll be going hands-on as soon as ours arrives and publishing our SURI review.

What is SURI?

SURI is a new UK-based company that is due to launch an electric toothbrush in Mid May 2022.

The brush can be pre-ordered here.

We’ll be going hands-on once it is available. If you want to find out when we’ve reviewed it, sign up for our toothbrush tech newsletter.

The name SURI is short for Sustainable Rituals. It describes the company’s mission to reduce the environmental impact of electric toothbrushes.

We’ll cover the tech specs later in the article, but first here’s a look at how SURI is striving to keep the environmental impact of its electric toothbrush to a minimum.

SURI is focusing on repairability

SURI describes its brush as having a modular design and being repairable by them, for life.

This means that if your brush breaks, you can send it back to them for repair.

SURI comes with a 1 year guarantee, but they will soon be launching a subscription service and providing subscribers with a “lifetime guarantee”.

This sounds like a strong step towards increasing the overall lifetime of the brush.

It is possible to make basic repairs to some existing electric toothbrushes yourself, provided they have a simple enough design.

But repairability is not something that leading manufacturers emphasise.

In fact, as brush designs are becoming more complicated and ‘smart toothbrushes’ are growing in popularity, repairability is becoming more difficult in some cases. It’s one of the reasons that we don’t typically recommend smart toothbrushes.

If SURI can make its brushes last longer by repairing them for customers, this will reduce its impact on the environment.

The minimalist design reduces the weight of the brush

SURI says the body of its brush is one third the size of standard electric toothbrushes.

It is made from aluminium which is lightweight and can be recycled.

This study from 2020 found that one of the biggest environmental impacts of electric toothbrushes comes from their transportation — the more they weigh the greater their impact on the planet will be.

By opting for a minimalist design SURI aims to have less of an impact than heavier brushes.

The brush heads and bristles are made from bio-based plastics

SURI’s brush heads are made out of corn starch PLA.

Whilst corn starch PLA is still plastic, it is different to other toothbrush heads in that it is made from a renewable material and is industrially compostable.

The majority of electric toothbrush heads are made from petroleum-based plastic, which is a finite resource.

The bristles on SURI’s brush head are made from castor oil, which is also a bio-based plastic.

Again, it is still plastic but is made from a renewable resource rather than a finite one.

We will be looking at toothbrush head and toothbrush bristle recycling in more detail in our forthcoming eco-friendly content series.

The brush heads can be sent back to SURI for recycling

Even though SURI’s brush heads are made from bio-based materials, they still cannot be recycled with normal household waste.

To be clear, the situation is the same with other electric toothbrush heads — they cannot be placed in household recycling and can only be recycled via specialist schemes like TerraCycle.

The difference with SURI is that they will provide pre-paid bio-mailers so that you can send the brush heads back to them for recycling via specialist schemes.

SURI will offer free recycling of its brush heads in the UK and US to begin with, but plans to expand globally at a later date.

The packaging the brush comes in is fully recyclable

SURI says the packaging that its brush arrives in will be fully recyclable.

Excessive, non-recycle packaging is something we have often found a pain point when reviewing brushes, so this is a welcome improvement.

SURI is a ClimateParter and has applied for B-CORP certification

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Essentially, they have been through a vetting process to ensure they adhere to higher standards in the criteria mentioned above. SURI has applied for B-CORP certification. You can find out more about how B-CORP certification works here.

SURI has also signed up with ClimatePartner.com to off-set its carbon emissions. You can find out more about that here.

SURI tech specs & box contents

SURI is available in the colours Midnight Black, Sea Mist (Grey) and Winter Fern (Green).

The product specifications and box contents include:

  • MicraSonic™ magnetic motor delivers 33,000 vibrations per minute. It is one third the size of standard electric toothbrushes
  • Slimline handle made from aluminium
  • 30 Day battery and 4-hour fast charge via USB C
  • Fully waterproof design IPX7 Rated
  • Built-in tongue scraper & haptic notifications/time
  • Approx. 80g brush weight
  • Comes with UV cleaning travel case and wall-mountable charging stand

The travel case comes with a UV cleaning light

We’ll go into more detail on the brush design and specs in our full review, but one feature that’s worth mentioning now is the charging travel case, which comes with a UV cleaning light.

SURI says this is a high quality UV-C LED cleaning light, which runs for a minute at a time and is enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

UV sanitisation is not a feature that is recommended as essential by dental health organisations but it can help to reduce bacteria on a brush head.

Depending on how important UV sanitisation is to you, the cleaning light is arguably adding additional unnecessary components to the product. But to be fair, this is a small addition compared to components like LED displays that are now being added to some smart toothbrushes.

A travel case does of course add to the overall weight of the package, but many brushes do now come with a travel case. They are useful for protecting your brush and preventing damage when you travel.

The SURI travel case can charge the brush via USB so it gives a convenient way to charge the brush when travelling.

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