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Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide

Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide

Editor’s Note

It would appear that support and compatibility for the Smart Guide is being phased out by Oral-B.

This means fewer new brushes now and in the future will work with it.

The latest firmware installed on brushes at the time of production (version 13 and above) no longer allows the brush to connect to the Smart Guide.

We are aware of this affecting primarily D700/D701 brush handles. This includes, but not limited to, models such as Genius 6000, 8000, 9000, 8900, 9600, 10,000 Smart 6 6000.

It is likely more models will be affected in time.

If you have any additional feedback or insight, please do share this in the comments section.

If you have been looking at electric toothbrushes it is quite possible you may have come across brushes from Oral-B which include a SmartGuide.

You may have found it difficult to really understand what a wireless smart guide is and what it does, there is not a great amount of detailed content on this accessory.

Let us help take some of the mystery away and explain what it is.

What is a Wireless SmartGuide?

The smartguide is a compact digital unit powered by 2 x AAA batteries that has been designed to placed in your bathroom.

It is essentially a visual tutor that encourages and guides you to do a better job when it comes to cleaning your teeth.

Acting as as a clock when not in use; but when you switch on one of Oral-B’s Bluetooth enabled brushes (no complicated pairing process required), the display is triggered and shows a timer and visual indicator. It provides real time feedback to you as you use the brush.

This timer counts up, how long you have been brushing your teeth for whilst showing what quadrant of the mouth you should be in.

It will also show the cleaning mode you are on via a symbol at the top of the display.

Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide 1

The principle behind it is to be a tool to you as you clean your teeth, to do so for the correct amount of time in total whilst spending the correct time on each quadrant and generally cleaning your teeth better.

A face appears within the quadrant guide with either a smile or a sad face depending on your performance.  Brush too hard and you get a sad face.  Brush for 2 minutes get a happy face.  

As you complete each quadrant a star appears at the bottom of the display. When all 4 quadrants are complete, 4 stars show.

Oral-B demonstrate and explain this themselves in their very own video below.

Brushing teeth with SmartGuide electric toothbrushes

Different versions of the SmartGuide

There have been 2 different versions of the Smart Guide developed by Oral-B over time.

Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide 2

They work in a similar way and achieve a similar result, but the current model is more compact and reliable.

It is this newer more compact variant that we refer to throughout this article.

Part code: 3742

It is available in both White and Silver colour options.

It is our understanding that there are different variants of the 3742.  Each has slightly different part codes, the latter being labelled with a ‘B’ on the plastic ridge between the 2 battery slots under the back cover.

The older, larger variant has part code: 3741 and looks as per the image below.

Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide 3

This was supplied with what would now be considered my older Oral-B brushes that are no longer produced or sold. This 3741 variant does not work with newer brushes.

Which brushes have a SmartGuide

At the time of writing the brushes that come supplied with or work with a wireless smartguide are.

  • Pro 5000
  • Pro 6000
  • Pro 6500
  • TriZone 5000
  • TriZone 6000

SmartGuide compatible brushes

Not all SmartGuide compatible brushes come with a guide included in the box, in fact only the Smart Series Pro 6000/6500 does.

But, despite not coming with a Smart Guide in the box, many of the Bluetooth enabled models work with the latest 3472 variant of the SmartGuide.

What are the brushes you can use with the Smart Guide?

They are:

Providing the brush you are trying to use with it is made by Oral-B, has Bluetooth connectivity and you have the latest 3742 variant (stamped with a B inside) then you should be good to go, bar a couple of exceptions listed below.  There (in theory) is no complicated pairing process. Just power the brush on and the wireless guide will begin tracking your clean.

Brushes not compatible with the wireless SmartGuide

  • Oral-B Genius X
  • Oral-B iO Series
  • Oral-B Sense
  • Oral-B Guide

Buy a Wireless SmartGuide

If your electric toothbrush does not come with a Wireless SmartGuide, but you would like one, the good news is you can buy one as a separate accessory.

You can purchase them from Oral-B approved parts retailer www.shavers.co.uk

The White Smart Guide will cost £20 and can be bought here, whilst the Silver one costs £25 and can be purchased here.

Whilst you need a compatible brush, if more than one person in the household has a brush you can actually programme the smartguide to work with up to 2 different brush handles.

Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide 4

It works with more than 1 brush handle

To do so, follows these steps.

  1. Push the «h/min» button in the battery compartment for at least 3 seconds.
  2. When SmartGuide shows «L—», turn on your brush handle to start the synchronisation process.
  3. When finished the SmartGuide will show «L-1-» on the display. Turn off the handle.
  4. To assign a second handle to the same SmartGuide turn on the other handle until «L-2-» is displayed. After having synchronized the second handle, «Full» will be displayed.
  5. Exit the synchronization mode by pressing the «h/min» or «set» button, otherwise it will end automatically after 30 seconds.

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229 thoughts on “Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide”

  1. I have two identical-looking Braun Oral-B’s:
    Type 3765 – compatible with the SmarGuide
    Type 3771 – incompatible with SmartGuide

    • Type 3771 is a newer version of 3765. They look ideanitcal but how they work (inside the handle) is slightly different.
      I totally get your frustration.
      Many 3765 models now don’t work as a result of software and firmware updates.

  2. In DEC 2022 I purchased the Oral B Genius 7000 from Walgreens. In JUN 2023 I sent the brush in for warranty repair as something happened that caused the pressure sensor to become way too sensitive. I included the charger and smart guide in the box as the instructions specified to include all accessories. I received back a warranty replacement brush, along with my original charger and smart guide with a note inside saying my old brush was replaced with a new one (though I believe it is likely refurbished.) I spent considerable time troubleshooting to get the new brush to sync with the smart guide to no avail. Both brushes were Type 3765.

    After a call to Oral B support, I was informed that the brush I received back was “an upgrade” that no longer worked with the smart guide because “it doesn’t need to anymore.” The lady explained you can use the features of the phone app instead of the smart guide. Finally after lots of dialogue, she conceded that it may not quite be an upgrade, as she couldn’t list anything more the new brush did that my old one didn’t but only something the new one now couldn’t do. She said that the company made the decision to quit supporting the smart guide after customer feedback told them people did not use it or want it. It’s dissapointing because that was one of my favorite aspects of the whole brush, far easier to see the display’s info versus taking out my phone, opening an app, and placing it on a mount on the bathroom mirror, and then removing the phone when finished. I was told no new brushes currently sold by them work with any kind of wireless smart guide, and that the repair station must not have had any brushes available that worked with the smart display. The new brush has Firmware 13 installed, and guessing the original brush had older firmware, which is the cause of it not working with the new one. The only bright side is that within the last few weeks sometime, the Oral B app now supports my cell phone (Samsung S22 Ultra), which it didn’t previously. After voicing my dissapointment they did offer to send a $25 gift card as compensation, since I lost a part of the product functionality due in no part to my actions.

    • Hi Bobby.

      Thanks for the comment and detailing your situation. It doesn’t make for great reading.
      A lot of time spent sorting a problem you didn’t originally have.
      I like you enjoyed the smart guide, I think it is a bit of an opportunity missed here. I’m from a generation where we use smartphones a lot, but despite this I don’t want to get it out when brushing my teeth really. I do, when I want to. But the Smart Guide was so convenient. It’s a real shame.

  3. I have just bought a Oral B Smart 6000 electric toothbrush. I already have the clock timer which I prefer from the previous toothbrush.

    The timer has 0 024064RB inside but I cannot synchronize the Bluetooth pairing. Do I need a new timer clock please? I get the L..switch on the toothbrush but nothing happens when I try to pair them.

    Any help greatly appreciate Jane.

    • Hi Jane.

      I suspect you will not get your existing or any SmartGuide connected to this toothbrush.
      This is because the brush handle itself has software installed on it that no longer supports pairing/connecting to the guide.
      For a long time it was possible but in the last year or so this support has been phased out.
      You could contact Oral-B to see if they have any suggestions, but truthfully I don’t think they will.

  4. I want to change one of my to brushes and connect a new 6000n with the Smartguide. But the guide is full. How kann I reset the guide o delete one of the older brushes? Thanks

    • I don’t think there is a reset procedure as such. You can try taking the batteries out for a few minutes and replacing them. And/or follow the instructions under the heading ‘It works with more than 1 brush handle’ to see if it will let you do this.

  5. Hi there,
    Is there any way to get my Smart Guide 3742 which was bought with my Triumph toothebrush to
    Work with my new IO8?
    If not it is now just a clock in the en suite.

    • Hi Mike.

      To be honest I wasn’t personally aware the Vitality Pro was compatible with the SmartGuide.
      I can’t confirm that the one on Shavers.co.uk will be compatible. They might be abl to advise if you call or email them.

  6. Hello – I have two Genius 6000 in Rose Gold, type 3765 Oral-B and I am trying to decipher which brush was manufactured first by using the production code on the bottom of each handle. The production code on the first is BC202070937 and the second is BC204010339. Can you help decipher the code to determine which was manufactured first? What do the letters and each number mean? Kind regards and I appreciate your time.

  7. I’ll share my experience with a new Smart 4 4000N, type 3767. I was able to make it work with 3742 B but it was not very straightforward. First, I enabled SmartGuide connection from the app. At this point, pairing with SmartGuide did not work yet. 10 second button press would not work with this model because 3 second press will toggle Bluetooth off/on. Then I did two things: removed and reinstalled SmartGuide batteries, and disabled Bluetooth on my phone. After that, pairing with Smart Guide was successful. I guess disabling Bluetooth on the phone was the important bit. Then I removed the app from phone and re-enabled Bluetooth on the phone. SmartGuide is now working with the brush.

    Don’t know what the brush firmware version is, could not find this info in the app.

  8. I ad the triumph model unfortunately it has not been working anymore and now I have the gennius 8000, which according to you post is possible connect to the 3472 smart guide, however in following your instructions did not synchronize both. Could you provide any suggestions

    • Cristian, you could try pressing & holding the power button on the toothbrush for 10 seconds and see if this hen allows you to connect. You could too try taking the batteries out the smart wireless guide for a short while before replacing and trying again.

  9. Having trouble toggling between the smartguide and App.
    It has worked on the Smartguide and the app before, but I fear an app update has meant the brush will only work now on the App.
    Do you have any advice please, I would prefer to use the smartguide over the App?


  10. Hi
    I am unable to connect my new oral B 9900 genius with my old timer or smart guide. I pressed h/m button and it showed L – – but when I switched brush on, nothing happened. All help will be appreciated. Thanks

  11. My OralB Pro TriZonz has its wirelesSmatGuide working very well for years. I succeed usely to change my time tice a year. But this time I can’t do it for this summer time : add one hour.
    Can you help me?

    • It would seem odd that you suddenly can’t change the time. Are other parts of it working? Could the button be faulty?

      • Everything is working… I am the only one who dosn’t…
        I choose the 24 h work . I d’ont take attenton to L . I press set and I get to the departure again. And then?

        • I am not sure what you are asking.

          The process to change the clock is:

          Press and hold the «set» button until «12h» is displayed.
          By briefly pressing the «h/min» button, you can toggle between «12h» or «24h» daytime format.
          Push «set» to confirm your choice. Then the hour digit starts flashing. Press the «h/min» button until
          the right hour appears and confirm with «set». Proceed same way to set both minute digits.

  12. The smiley face part of my smart guide appears to have stopped working. Can I reset it or is my unit faulty? If I can reset it how do I do it?


    • Hi Malcolm. Odd that just the smiley face part should stop working. The timer is still going when you turn the brush on then?

      There isn’t a rest procedure as such. Try taking the batteries out for half an hour and then replacing them.

  13. I received my third in-warranty replacement for a Braun 3765 handle during November 2020 (because I have not been – and it continues – satisfied with Braun’s claims of the new Li-Ion battery life in these units, especially given they are not replaceable like my old NiMH-powered Triumph handle previously so once they go, they go – to hell with the environment says Braun).
    Anyway, when I first got the brush set, I bought a Type 3742 Smart Guide as my previous Triumph model had come with one included and we found it very useful – and disappointingly one was not supplied with the new unit. The original handle and the first replacement connected to the 3742 Smart Guide with no issue, but on researching why the second replacement handle does not connect at all, I find myself here (again) to discover the succinct and disappointing answer which Braun of course are not exactly shouting from the rooftops. The first time I found myself here was because my (then) new 3765 handle didn’t connect with my older version Smart Guide – to hell with the environment says Braun…
    I’ll now ring their customer services again and ask them what they propose to do about making my Smart Guide obsolete without telling me.
    p.s. I couldn’t work out how to display the firmware version for the 3765 handle, there seems to be nowhere in the App this would be shown; I even registered myself with Braun (*shudder*) as I read one post that said it was in the account information (it wasn’t) and went further by installing a version of the App from mid-2019 in case this feature had been obsoleted out recently in an App update. You only mention a mystical version 13, but do not say how to check this?


    • Hi Huey.

      Thanks for sharing your experience, even if it is negative. It is great feedback for us and others visiting this site.

      I only hope that despite the less than favourable reasons for finding yourself on our site, we have at least been a slight light in the dark tunnel that is the poor experience and communication from Oral-B.

      It is disappointing that they are discontinuing support. I have seen no official mention of this anywhere and it is only through snippets of information and experience from others that we really learn of this.

      There is no way I know of to find out the version of firmware on the brush. It does not show within the app when the brush is connected as far as I am aware.

      There is no option to update the firmware in the app either so only Oral-B know based on the date of manufacture.

      I would be interested to hear the outcome to your story.

  14. Hi

    I purchased a twin pack of 2 x 3765 and to my amazement we were able to pair one of the toothbrushes with the little silver Braun timer that I had used as a clock in the bathroom.

    Both toothbrushes have the same number,

  15. Hi! I’m having issues with connecting my Genius 8600 with the smart guide type 3742. Can you tell me if these are compatible?
    If so, please tell me how to connect them. I have tried resetting the settings in the app and by holding the power button for 10 seconds, but with no luck.

    • Hi Henrick.

      As far as I am aware this brush should be compatible.

      However, as per the comment within the ‘editors note’ section at the top of this article:

      It would appear that support and compatibility for the Smart Guide is being phased out by Oral-B.

      This means fewer new brushes now and in the future will work with it.

      The latest firmware installed on brushes at the time of production (version 13 and above) no longer allows the brush to connect to the Smart Guide.

      I am aware of this affecting primarily D700/D701 brush handles. This includes, but not limited to, models such as Genius 6000, 8000, 9000, 8900, 9600, 10,000 Smart 6 6000.

      It could be your model is included here too. Is it a new brush you have recently purchased?

      • Thanks for replying.

        I bought the brush about a month ago, so the issue might actually be the firmware.

        I have not been able to see the current firmware version in the oral b app.

        Do you have any other other suggestions?

        • Ahh ok Henrik. This is very likely the case then.

          I don’t think there is going to be a solution to get this working, I am afraid to say. However, as a last resort, I would suggest you speak to Oral-B directly to see if they can confirm the firmware version or have any additional advice.

  16. Hello. I’ve recently bought a Genius 8000 toothbrush, on the recommendation here that it works with a Smart Guide. I’m not interested in the app as i don’t tend to carry my Smart phone to brush my teeth and am not really interested in fancy brushing advice. Sadly it seems as though I may have one of the “improved” machines which don’t sync with the SM any more. I’ve tried removing it from the app, re-setting the toothbrush (on button for 10 secs) and resyncing, batteries out of the SM, as per the suggestions here but nada. My ageing Genius 9000 reliably re-syncs every time but the battery is unfortunately running down. If this problem is actually due to the later models having new firmware, does it mean they actually have more up to date features or simply that Oral B have removed the one feature I find useful? I wonder why they have to send a raft of accessories I’m never likely to use ( a huge holder for the smartphone you are never going to have with you, a plastic box which looks like it will break on my first journey, and a large tray which might only ever contain a couple of brush heads) instead?
    Can anyone suggest anything I can do other than send this back and buy another make of toothbrush? Many thanks.

    • Hi Stephen.

      Thanks for the comment. I am sorry you have not been able to get your brush to work with the smart guide.

      I am not privy to the exact changes or reasons for the changes to the firmware installed on these brushes. It is a real shame that they have dropped support for the Smart Guide as I myself still use this.

      I suspect the update is all focused on pushing more users to use the smartphone app and in turn improving the reliability and experience with this.

      My cynical view is that they can collect more useful and meaningful data from the application and it is therefore in their interest, but I have no evidence to support this thought.

      You may well be able to pick up a model that is compatible, rather than another make of toothbrush but I will admit it is likely going to be a bit hit and miss now and potentially some hassle to find this. I am afraid I have no other suggestions.

      • This was the reply I got from Oral B regarding the Smart Guide.
        “the Smart Guide is compatible with some toothbrushes with type number 3765, which explains why it’s compatible with your older Genius 9000 model. However, they’re not compatible with these type brushes with a firmware version higher than 13 – you can check yours via the Oral-B app, if you’ve connected. the Smart Guide is compatible with some toothbrushes with type number 3765, which explains why it’s compatible with your older Genius 9000 model. However, they’re not compatible with these type brushes with a firmware version higher than 13 – you can check yours via the Oral-B app, if you’ve connected.”
        I gather the only models that may be compatible are the Series 4, Series 5 and Teen brushes. Not sure I’m willing to take the risk tho’.
        Hope this helps

          • Just to let you know I bought the Smart 5 5000 toothbrush and it does work with the Smart Guide. It runs as fast as the Genius brushes (which now don’t work with the SG) and being a bit slimmer I find easier to handle. Also much cheaper.
            You might want to revise the advice above about the Genius (and possibly even the latest Smart 6) brushes working with the SG as they now don’t.

  17. Hi!

    I’ve Just bought the new io9 toothbrush, because my old model broke. Having realized that my old Smartguide 3742 doesn’t work with the io9, I decided to just use it as a bathroom clock. However, I want to reset the Smartguide, because there are two “stars” left on the display from the last time I used my old brush when it collapsed. I have already removed the batteries for 24 hours but the stars are still there, when I put them in again. Is there any way to reset the Smartguide or how long have the batteries to be removed?

    Regards, Sebastian

    • An interesting question Sebastian.

      Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you. This might be one to direct to Oral-B themselves.

      • Ok, no problem. I try to keep the batteries removed for several days an then check again. If this won‘t work, I’ll ask Oral-B

  18. I have recently purchased replacement brushes oral b 9900 duo pack to replace 2 x 9000 series. The previous worked perfectly well with smart guide but the new will not pair – we are so disappointed- when you are older and glasses wearers they are invaluable for correct teeth cleaning – please can you advise or if there are any smart guides that will work with 9900 duo

    • Josephine.

      I presume you have tried the pairing process?

      Have you tried pressing & holding the power button for 10 seconds on the toothbrush and then seeing if it works with the Smart Guide?

        • Sorry to hear this Josephine.

          I have heard that some brushes are now coming with newer software installed on them that is stopping this compatibility, it is quite likely this is the case here.

          Unfortunately, as yet I am unable to determine what models are getting the new firmware. I suspect it is based on ‘new’ stock being made and that is when the firmware updates. As such there will be some older stock that may be compatible. Sadly I can’t say for sure.

  19. Hi. I have 3762 type toothbrush with 3741 SmartGuide. Everything worked fine, but after battery replacement, I can’t pair them. SmartGuide shows “L – -“, I turn on the toothbrush and nothing happens. I’ve waited for 20-30 seconds – nothing. Tried to turn off the SmartGuide for a night(batteries remove) – did not help.
    What else can be done?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alexsander.

      Was the battery replacement completed yourself or by Oral-B?
      Have you tried pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds?

      • I’ve replaced it by myself. I have pretty much experience in soldering so it was done well. I even tried to turn on and off the radio module by press and hold Power and Mode buttons. It turns SmartGuide indicator on/off. It didn’t help…

  20. I have spent two months trying to connect various allegedly compatible Lithium Ion toothbrushes with my SmartGuide. OralB Customer Services responds quickly enough to every email, but never with a working solution on how to connect the two devices.

    This is made worse by OralB not being explicit on their website as to which toothbrushes are Lithium Ion (my preferred upgrade) and which are the inferior Nickle Metal Hydride.

    For example, Customer Services states that the Smart 6500 is compatible with SmartGuide and is Lithium Ion. I am fairly certain that only one of these statements is correct (it is available bundled with a SmartGuide).

    All comments and advice gratefully received.

    • Hi Gary.

      It could well have changed, but I believe the Smart Series 6500 uses a Nickle Metal Hydride battery as opposed to Lithium. It should work with the smart guide though.

      • Great News
        I had purchased an Oral-B Smart 4 4000N ( this definitely has the Lithium Ion battery) for my mother and before wrapping it I decided to check this Bluetooth toothbrush with the SmartGuide. It worked first time using the registration process you describe.
        Plus it is well priced at under £45 on Amazon, so I will purchase another 4000N for me.
        Many thanks.

  21. I have the 3742, and need to check whether A or B variant. It belongs to a used up Triumph that I now want to replace. I understand that if I want to connect to the SmartGuide then I should go with a Teen, Smart or Genius, but should stay clear of Genius-X, Io, Sense and Guide.

    What I’ve read in the comments is making me doubt. I have read two different stories, and I don’t understand which to believe:
    1) Once connected to the App, you cannot connect to the SmartGuide anymore until you reset the handle.
    2) If the handle is of a certain firmware, you cannot connect to the SmartGuide ever again. (D700 and D701 handles with firmware version 13 and higher)

    Can I buy new handles now and connect them to the SmartGuide?
    Does connecting to the App automatically do a firmware update?

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Your questions are very valid based on recent comments. It certainly seems the compatibility is changing.

      Oral-B have been making updates that are reducing compatibility and in truth, I am still trying to grasp the exact implications.

      In response to your questions:
      Can I buy new handles now and connect them to the SmartGuide?
      Yes, in theory, you can, but this appears to be dependant on the model and the firmware on the handle.

      Does connecting to the App automatically do a firmware update?
      No, not that I am aware. I don’t recall ever seeing any notification in the application of an update to firmware having been made. Perhaps this goes on in the background without notification. However, I would have thought the app would need to pause and the brush be out of use for longer. With a Sonicare toothbrush for example the app clearly has an update facility and process which is not present in an Oral-B app. I believe (but I may be wrong) that the firmware is loaded onto the handle a the time of production.

      I think given what appears to be changing circumstances around Smart Guide connectivity, once you have decided on the model best suited to you, speak to Oral-B. They should be able to advise on a model by model basis as they have the most up to date information that I simply do not have access to.

  22. Hi all,

    I have just bought a new Smart 6 6000N and it just would not pair with the smartguide I already had from my old 6000. I checked all the part codes etc and went through all the processes you go through here to try and pair but nothing…I contacted Oral B who we’re really helpful and finally came back with this answer:

    I’m sorry to let you know that all D700 and D701 handles with firmware version 13 and higher will no longer be compatible with the Smartguide.

    So any newer firmware versions will just not work…Hope this is helpful to anyone having the same problem.

    • Hi, where can I see/confirm which firmware my 6000N has? It was purchased a couple of weeks ago from Amazon (to replace my SmartSeries 6000 so I guess it’s v.13. I’m trying to pair with my Smartguide (B) – not having much luck!

  23. Hi Jon
    Thanks for the useful article.
    I’ve got a smart 6 6000 and a b version of the clock but can’t get to pair
    I’ve tried the both the handle buttons for ten seconds
    I’ve not connected to the smart app at all
    Please help!

    • Hi Anne.

      I have to be honest, I am not sure I have the answer for you.

      Try removing the batteries from the smart guide for a few minutes. In the meantime, press and hold the power button on the Smart 6 for 10 seconds.

      Replace the batteries and turn the brush on.

      If this doesn’t work, you might want to give Oral-B a call.

  24. Hello..

    I cant get my oral b pro 6000 to pair with my smartguide?. I have tried 100 times by pressing h/ min and it shows “L” turn my brush on and leaves it on but after about 20 – 30 seconds the amartguide just turns back to the clock? What do I do wrong?.. please help 🙏 the brush is brand new and it came together i think paired out of the box. When trying out the smartguide to set the time it lost the connection?.. regards Toni

    • Hi Toni.

      Have you tried pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds? If not try this and then see if the smart guide connects.

  25. Hello , yes I have held the power button until the toothbrush resets and that didn’t work. Also I downloaded the phone app and then reset my toothbrush via the app, after that I deleted the app and still no joy. I even spoke to oral b who said my smart guide was compatible but couldn’t advise me why it doesn’t work with my new toothbrush and that I should buy a new smart guide. I’m confused that it worked on my old toothbrush but not my new one even though its compatible.

    • Hello again Stephen.

      I am as confused as you are. I don’t know all the technicalities of the configuration to be able to advise further. You have even spoken to Oral-B, which would have been my next recommendation.

      It could be some odd quirk. I guess one last thing you could try, if you haven’t already, is removing the batteries from the smart guide for a short time, and then replacing them to essentially reset the smart guide. Failing that it might have to be a new Smart Guide.

  26. Hello , will my smart 6 6000 be compatible with my old smart guide I used to use with my old oral b toothbrush. I have tried to pair my smart guide and reset my smart guide and toothbrush and it still doesn’t work. I have checked my smart guide and its the newer b version. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Stephen. Yes, in theory, it should work. We have tested it previously and it worked.

      Try pressing and holding the power button on the Smart 6 6000 for 10 seconds and then connecting to the smart guide to see if it works.

      Are you using the smartphone application with the Smart 6 at te same time?

  27. Hi. It Seems you can no longer have your brush connected with the app and use the smart guide. Mine was working with both up until the recent update. I have emailed [email protected] with this problem, they seem to think i am the only one with the problem. Perhaps if more people emailed in they will do something about it.

    • Hi Mo,

      We have not had a chance to test it yet, but an update for the Oral-B app has just come through on the Google Play store so maybe that will resolve the issue. In the change log it says there are connectivity fixes for the Smart Guide, so hopefully it addresses the issue you are experiencing.

    • No I am 99% sure the Sense Series will not be.

      The handles are configured differently due to the way Sense works.

      I have the Oral-B Guide which has sense technology, and that does not work with the SmartGuide.

      I haven’t used as yet the Oral-B Sense only product as it is not available to buy.

  28. Absolutely brilliant been trying to sync my toothbrush with smart guide over the last week.Ten seconds on the power button job done.
    You’re a star
    Many thanks

  29. My 3742 b
    Just stopped working. Any advice on how to repair it. I’m quite savvy with electrics but can’t see how open the back motherboard

  30. I had smart guide brought with Pro7000 a few years ago. it is great tool. Now it is time to replace my Pro7000, I got Smart 4 that supposes work with Smart Guide. At first time when I turn on the smart 4, it did connect to smart guide and works great. However, suddenly it stop working. When smart 4 handle turns on, smart guide doesn’t have any display except time clock. I then, checked following. Smart 4 handle is 3767. It works with mobile app via bluetooth. Can’t find any place in mobile app regarding smart guide settings. (or maybe I didn’t find it). Smart guide I have is 3742 type B. it still work with Pro7000 (3764). Tried to pair smart 4 handle. when display L -, turn on Smart 4 handle, it not doesn’t anything. while turning on Pro7000, it will display L-1. A bit confused now since Smart guide works with smart 4 handle once.

    • Hmm odd William.

      Have you tried resetting the smart guide? Basically leave the batteries out of it for a while and then replace it?

      Potentially try disconnecting the toothbrush from the app on the phone and then see if it works.

      To be honest, I am not sure if either of these will solve it, but worth a shot.

      • Tried leave battery out for a few hours and reset time. No help. And tried to pair the Pro7000 to mobile app. still Smart 4 handle is not pair with Smart guide

        • William. Thanks. Another thing to try. Press and hold the power button on the Smart 4 for 10 seconds and then see if it works with the Smart Guide.

          • Did a further play to see what really happened. If I connect the Smart 4 to mobile via bluetooth once. Then, it won’t work with Smart Guide anymore. Do a hard reset, press for 10 sec on power button. and resync to smart guide, it works. While Pro7000 can do both.

            • Thanks William for the feedback. I think it might have something to do with recent updates to the Smartphone app which has stopped the 2 working side by side.

              • As an computer engineer, after all my tests, I felt the smart 4 handle can open connect one bluetooth device, either mobile phone or smaer guide. So if I like to change settings of toothbrush, then, you can’t connect to smart guide. Or leave the toothbrush as default settings to link to smart guide. A lot devices are using computer technology or linking method like Bluetooth or wireless, but they have little knowledge how to get right without experienced computer engineer input.

  31. Hi

    I have an older Triumph professional care 5000, smart 3762 (v2) Toothbrush. Despite having its battery replaced the toothbrush no longer brushes as well (the brush heads seem to be loose even with oral b genuine brush heads).
    Is there a replacement toothbrush that would be compatible with my smartguide?

    • Hi Kim,

      Here is an image: Oral-B Smart Guide Wall Mount

      The smart guide comes with a clear plastic frame, that the main smart guide unit fits inside. Attaching to this is the small round plastic mount, that in turn attaches to a wall using an adhesive pad that is normally supplied.

  32. Hi I have just bought the smartguide 81477967, it has a B inside the battery compartment. I am trying to pair with my genius 9000, when I press the h/m I get the L— although it does not flash. Turn on my toothbrush, nothing happens. Can you help please?

    • Hi Nina.

      Have you paired the brush to the smartphone application?

      What happens if you turn the brush on? Does the Smart Guide do anything at all?

      • I originally paired to the smartphone app, but found I never took my phone into the bathroom, hence I bought the Smartguide. I have since turned my bluetooth off on my iphone to ensure the toothbrush is not trying to connect to the app, tried pairing to the smartguide and nothing, the L— does not flash or turn to L 1.
        thank you

        • Nina.

          A couple of things to try.

          1. Download the app and reconnect the toothbrush and then go to the app settings and choose the option to reset the handle. Once complete. Uninstall the app. Without trying to pair the toothbrush to the smart guide, turn the brush on and see what happens.

          2. If step 1 above does not work, try pairing the brush and smart guide and see if that then works.

          3. If 1 & 2 fail, press and hold the power button on the brush and try to reconnect to the Smart Guide.

          If these don’t work, it might be worth speaking to Oral-B. I am out of ideas.

          • Hi Jon

            Option 1 and 2 did not work.
            Option 3 finally worked, the only thing is I can’t choose the colour of light (I had pretty pink 🙂 ), once paired the light changed to white. The main thing is it finally paired, thank you so much. Really appreciated.

  33. Hello
    The Smart Guide does not exit from demo mode. What can I do?
    I tried everything like synchronizing again with the handle (push h/min for 3 seconds), remove the back and the batteries or remove the back and push the h/min button to set time but nothing works.. 🙁

      • Does not work.. I forget to mention that I used the toothbrush not in the same place with the Smart Guide for more then 28 days. Maybe this is the reason why are they disconnected.
        This is what I found in the Owner manual “Please note that your SmartGuide display will selfactivate this demonstration mode when you do not use your toothbrush for 28 days.” Do you have a solution for this??

  34. I have just purchased a genius 9000 brush and decided after downloading the App it wasn’t for me. A. I would never take my phone into the en-suite and B I’m short so have no where the camera on my iPhone is happy even though I was keen. So apart from changing the colour of the Smart Ring I’ve found the App redundant. So I brought a smart Guide. This I’ve connected after resetting my brush handle. My question is how can you change the colour of your Smart Ring ? As it appears I can’t use the Smart guide and the App together. Once I reconnected the App the Smart Guide stopped working. I Decided that I wanted to use the Smart Guide but my Smart Ring is white.

    • Hi Lynn.

      As far as I was aware you can use the smart guide and app at the same time, but things might have changed since I last tested.

      The colour of the ring is controlled from the app, so if you are having to reset the handle this will clear the choice made.

      A potential approach to try, is to pair with the app, change the ring colour, then rather than resetting the handle, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and then try brushing and see f the smart guide works.

      • Thanks Jon. I used my toothbrush this morning with the Smart Guide. When I came back from dog walking I brought the toothbrush upstairs (an upside down house). Just to make sure that the Smart Guide was well away from my phone/app I did as you suggested. The Smart Ring changed colour after syncing but when I went downstairs to the en-suite the handle wouldn’t talk to the smart phone. I can only assume that the Smart ring must be in the default colour or it doesn’t like communicating with two things at once. On second thoughts I didn’t hold the power button for 10 seconds. I didn’t reset the handle in the App. I will go down again and press the power button for ten seconds until I get the red light flash on the handle and try to communicate with the Smart Guide again. I just did what I said I’d do. The handle Smart Ring flashed Red. The handle communicated with the Smart Guide once again but the Smart Ring is back to the default of White. So I guess they have changed the App. The handle will only talk to either the App or the Smart Guide.

          • Thanks Jon. I’ve come from a Philips Sonicare Diamond clean in fact my last 4 handles have been Philips . I decided it was time to change the handle as changing the head didn’t make my teeth clean therefore I thought that handle was loosing its power. After much reading and deliberation I decided to try the Genius 9000. I said previously I wouldn’t take my phone near the en-suite so the App using facial guidance would be out. Plus I have Matt tiles and the mirror/cabinet is too high (left over from previous owner that was taller). So I purchased a Smart Guide after reading one of your articles that it would possibly work with the 9000. I’m a techie person retired I.T.Manager. I like the 9000 all be it I have a white Smart Ring. Thanks I’ll stick with the 9000. I can Sync now and again with the App and use the Smart Guide by pressing the power on the handle (all be it the Smart ring will be white)10 seconds. This seemed to work yesterday. You never know they could modify the App. Regards Lynn

          • The handle works and reconnects to the App once the App is open when BT is on. I can change the colour of the SR The SG will ignore it until BT is turned off on the phone thus shutting the connection between the phone and the handle. The handle will not talk to the SG (the SR is still green)?until power button is pressed for 10 seconds on the handle. Then the SG will see the handle and the SR on the handle turns white.

            Observations:- Turned BT off on the phone and cleared the App from the phone’s memory. The SR was still green on the handle until the power button on the handle was pressed for 10 seconds then the SR turned white and the SG would work again.

            SR = Smart Ring
            SG = Smart Guide
            BT = Bluetooth

  35. It doesn’t work with mine I don’t know what Model it is but it has a blootouth logo on it. The guide has also got the b at the end.
    Thanks in advance

  36. I do not have a smartphone. Can i still change modes for the Oral B 6000? Need to replace my Oral B 5000 after 5 years it won’t charge/

    • Hi Erica.

      Yes, the Oral-B 6000 can be used independently of any smartphone. The smartphone features are there for those who want/need/desire them. YOu don’t need a smartphone to make use of the toothbrush.

      You can change cleaning modes via the buttons on the brush handle.

      • Thank you for responding to my question. The information on your website was very helpful in helping me figure out which model to purchase. I have ordered the Oral B 6000! Thank you again.

  37. Hi john, i have a new oral genius 9000 but it doesnt work with my old smartguide timer(which came with 6500) How do i sync them?

    • Hi Ridhima,

      Does your smart guide have a ‘B’ stamped on the plastic ridge in between the 2 battery slots in the smart guide?

      To try pairing, if it is not automatically, try:

      Push the «h/min» button in the battery compartment for at least 3 seconds.

      When SmartGuide shows «L—», turn on your brush handle to start the synchronisation process.

      When finished the SmartGuide will show «L-1-» on the display. Turn off the handle.

      To assign a second handle to the same SmartGuide turn on the other handle until «L-2-» is displayed. After having synchronized the second handle, «Full» will be displayed.

      Exit the synchronization mode by pressing the «h/min» or «set» button, otherwise it will end automatically after 30 seconds.

  38. Hi my smart timer batteries died so I’ve replaced them and the time has reset. When I hold the h/min button it just comes up with the L- for me to sync the handle (it is already synced). It won’t bring up the 12 to set the time. Please help

    • Sarah.

      Could you try the following:

      Press and hold the «set» button until «12h» is displayed.

      By briefly pressing the «h/min» button, you can toggle between «12h» or «24h» daytime format.

      Push «set» to confirm your choice. Then the hour digit starts flashing. Press the «h/min» button until the right hour appears and confirm with «set».

      Proceed same way to set both minute digits.

      • Nick, the Smart Guide is not designed to be used in the shower.

        If it could potentially be positioned in the shower out of the way of water or direct steam then maybe. It depends on your shower/bathroom. It is not water resistant though.

  39. I have set up all the connectivity with no problems at all, I’ve set it up for extended clean by default and get 5 stars every time. The question I have is, when I first started using the device the smiley face winked at me, it hasn’t done it since, and I’d like to see it more often, was this just a one off?

    • Hi Tim.

      Good question.

      I am not entirely sure. I have seen my smart guide wink at me, but I haven’t ever thought about the pattern or when it does or does not.

      I am inclined to say it does this the first few times you get it right. Once you have mastered your technique, I think it is just all smiles.

  40. My problem is, how do I unlink an old handle to allow me to replace it? Is there a reset function to do this? I already have two handles connected, but one is leaving.

    • Mike,

      This is a good question.

      Personally I have had many toothbrushes connect automatically with the Smart Guide with no need to actually perform a physical button press/configuration process.

      There is therefore a good chance the new brush may just work, without any involvement from yourself.

      Failing that try removing the batteries from the guide and then refitting them after a few minutes.

      You could also try resetting the brush handle that is leaving, via the smartphone application to give yourself the best chance of success.

      • The problem is that the guide came with my wife’s handle, then I connected my handle too, making two linked handles. However, she has a replacement handle without a guide and wanted to keep the guide. Any attempt to connect the new handle results in a FULL message.

        I doubt removing the batteries or resetting a handle will do anything. After all, the guide and handle used to be supplied ready linked in the EPROM of the guide.

        I am sure the brush will work with the guide, it tries to connect, but the guide is limited to two handles and I have no idea how to remove two existing handles.

    • Hi Jacky.

      Yes, these brushes are Bluetooth enabled. So, if you have the latest version of the SmartGuide, they should work together.

      • Hi Jon

        Yes it is the latest SmartGuide that I have – Part Code 3742. I have the same problem as Mike below. The L is displayed but when I turn my toothbrush on it is not recognised. The display just reverts to a clock when I turn the toothbrush off. No timer is displayed.

        I have paired it with the smart phone app no problem.

        • Jacky,

          Thanks for the info.

          Perhaps try resetting the brush handle via the smartphone app and then try again to see if that works?

          Also try taking the batteries out the smart wireless guide for a few minutes and then replace.

          • I have about the same type of problem, first connected my new brush with my old smart guide which worked fine. After some months just wanted to try the app for once just for fun but now I can’t connect my brush again with de smart guide… I have tried the procedure as above already😢

  41. I have just bought the 6500 and it comes with the smart guide. I don’t seem to be able to par the two devices. I have followed the instructions (wait for L to appear etc) but it doesn’t show anything just the time.) eg when I change modes it doesn’t show on the screen. Any clue what I’m doing wrong?

    • Hi Mike.

      Sorry to hear you are having these problems.

      So, if you turn the brush on there is no timer shown, it just remains as a clock?

      Seems daft, but have you tried taking the batteries out, leaving it for a few minutes and replacing them, before trying again.

      Have you paired the brush to a smartphone as of yet?

  42. Thank you! I’ve been going to and from my new Oral B 6500 all week, trying to work out what the heck this clock thing is for… the instruction manual is utter pants!

    Now, if the Bluetooth pairing would actually work…

    • Hi, I just purchased the genius 9000 and was pleased to actually see it connect to my smart clock from a previous toothbrush. However…. it seems that since downloading the Oral-B app on iPhone, it has stopped it working! Very frustrating as I would not use my phone. I have tried deleting the app and resetting the clock, can you help with this please?

      • Hi Jute.

        I have an Android phone and not an Apple so am unable to comment if the latest app update has broken anything.

        I have checked my brush and app are up to date and it is still working with the smart wireless guide. Without checking specific app versions, one would assume both the Android and iOS updates are rolled out at the same time so you might think if the app has stopped it, I would find the same.

        I am limited on ideas or suggestions on what to do, to be honest.

        Presumably the clock element of the smart wireless guide still works and the toothbrush appears to work fine?

        Perhaps reinstall the app, pair the brush and in the settings is a ‘reset’ option. This might work.

      • Hi Jute, I had the same problem and found the solution: Press the power button on your toothbrush for 10 seconds. This will reset your toothbrush and make it connect again.

  43. Hello Jon. Great website!
    I bought the new Oral-B Genius 10000N (Midnight black), but I don’t like the smartphone app. Does the Smartguide (silver or white version) work with my toothbrush?
    Kind regards.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes as far as I know version 3742 will work with the Genius 10,000N. Just make sure it is the version with ‘B’ stamped on the ridge between the battery slots.

  44. I have a Smart 6 which is Bluetooth and have acquired a smart guide 3742 but it is A not B. I can shoe L but it won’t pair. It did connect automatically to my sons 3742B. Can it be connected to my one, if so how

    • Hi Richard,

      The Smart 6 cannot connect to a Smart Guide unless it is part 3742B.

      The B relates to Bluetooth, the connection used to pair the brush and the guide.

      Your smart guide 3742A will not work as it cannot communicate with the Smart 6 toothbrush.

  45. Hi Jon-
    We’ve had an Oral-B Triumph for many years. The smartguide it came with stopped working so I found one on E-Bay (advertised as “new,” and it’s a model 3741) and bought it. Now I’m trying to sync it with our Triumph and it doesn’t seem to be working. The smartguide will correctly go into sync mode (showing “L – – “) but when I turn on the brush it won’t connect. Any advice?

    • Hi Deepak

      Ahh things like this are frustrating and I would love to say I had an answer that would work without fail.

      Presumably the old (not working) smart guide has been disposed of. Therefore the Triumph is unable to see the old smart guide to even try and make a connection. If you haven’t gotten rid of it yet, make sure you take the batteries out.

      I am not sure whether the ‘new’ smart guide came with batteries in or not or whether even if is was claimed as new it had ever been used.

      Therefore would try fully charging the Triumph toothbrush, remove the batteries from the new smart guide as to in theory erase any previous connections.

      Pop the batteries back into the new smart guide, set the time and then try the pairing process again.

      I am afraid if this does not work, I am not sure what the solution is.

      Could try Oral-B customer support, but given the age of the brush I am not sure they will be much help.

    • Mine did that as well, syncing Pro 9000. I sorted it by syncing it twice . One with L — and again showing as L-2 and showing full.

  46. My toothbrush was working fine and syncing correctly for a good 10 months. But since I’ve moved into a new house, my smart guide won’t sync with mine anymore and has started syncing with my housemates one instead! I’ve tried to re-sync with mine holding down the h/min button and then switching it on but it’s not picking mine up. Any ideas??

    • Hi Abby,

      It is a little odd that is should suddenly pick up your housemates and forget yours!

      My only suggestion would be to pull the batteries out for a while, replace them and then try and sync the brush and timer together.

      If you follow the steps outlined in the article, hopefully you can pair both.

      Out of interest, what toothbrush are you using? Is it a Bluetooth enabled brush?

  47. I have an Oral B Triumph 5000 with wireless Smart Guide toothbrush. I got it as a present for about 2 – 3 years ago but I did not used it because at that time I had another toothbrush.
    Now I want to use it but unfortunately the wireless Smart guide does’t function. Wath can I do? I tried with two different brands of batteries but it does’t help

    • Given the age of the brush there is little you can do.

      It will now be outside of the warranty period I suspect and could not be repaired or replaced.

      The best alternative I think you have is to perhaps buy a second hand smart guide (you will struggle to buy a brand new one) and see if that works with it. You will need model number 3741.

    • Sora,

      The timer shows but not the smiley face? Seems odd, but possible I suppose if dropped.

      No reset button. Just take the batteries out and give it a minute before replacing.

  48. Hi I have a type 3738 n2820 triumph 5000 I bought a second hand version 1 smart guide type ic 6856A-3741 but can not get the brush to pair. It’s definitely the older guide however the colour of the rubberised plastic on the back is grey and not the older light blue colour which is on the base of the brush. I hold the min button till L — comes up and then turn on the brush but it does not pair. I also have an old triumph 4000 which won’t pair with it either model type 3745 n2820. Any ideas?

    • Hi Alex.

      To be honest I am not sure what is going on here. Sounds like something is not working right. Could be the brush handle or it could be the timer.

      Sounds odd, but perhaps sit the brush on the charging stand and then take it off right before the pairing process and see if that works.

      You could always try contacting Oral-B to see if they can give any extra insight.

  49. I just got an Oral B 7000 that includes a smart guide. When I’m using the brush it’s bluetooth enables, and I see the timer. When the toothbrush is off the smart guide screen simply scrolls between what looks like the time (not at all the correct time),followed by a short timer displaying the various ‘feedback icons'(diamond, feather, tooth…) followed by the smile and the incorrect time again… I’m sure this should work differently! Thank you for any help you can give!

    • Brenda,

      I could be wrong, but this sounds like the demonstration mode.

      The SmartGuide comes with a demonstration mode out of the box. You can deactivate this mode by removing the compartment cover in the back and push the «set» or «h/min» button. A flashing «12:00» indicates that you can now adjust
      the clock time.

      I hope this helps.

  50. REGARDING TYP3 3742 ‘B’.
    Does anyone actually have a type B smart guide? If so, what is the IC number? I believe I have the original Type 3472 with IC 6856A-3472 and my numbers in the ridge are 32731349RA – are those the similar ones for the B type? Where do I find the letter B?
    Thank you all very much!

    • Vadim,

      I have 2 x 3742 smart guides to hand, which I believe to be ‘Type B’.

      On the removable back panel, I have, on both, just like you 6856A-347.

      However on the ridge in between the batteries end with a B whereas yours ends with an A.

    • Hi David,

      I am not sure that you have an option now. The newer brushes with the latest batteries are going to work with the newer Smart Guide.

      Presumably you had an Oral-B brush that did work with the guide. Perhaps best looking to source a replacement to that one, if at all possible.

  51. I have an oral b 5000 – after being away for 11 days handle will not synchronize with clock – tried new batteries but still does not synchronize.

    • Hi Mike,

      Is your 5000 a version that has Bluetooth? If so, have you recently paired it to a smartphone app?

      If not, have you tried pairing the brush with the smart guide again?

  52. If anyone is struggling to get their Smart Guide 2.0 (type 3742) working with their Oral-B bluetooth enabled handle then check you have “Smart Guide Enabled” turned on in the Oral-B app. You can find the setting at the end of the “Toothbrush Handle” settings page. You will need to sync your handle with the app (by turning it on while the app is running) to get the settings updated on your handle. I hope this helps someone – I spent quite sometime trying to get my smart guide paired with no luck until I spotted this setting, it would appear that it is off by default for the Genius 9000 handle.

  53. I have just bought a oral b genius 8000 type 3765 IC: 6856A-3765
    The model supports bluetooth for phone app connectivity.

    However pairing with the Braun Oral-B D34 SmartGuide 2.0 Type 3742 does not work.
    Can you advice what to do?

    • Benedikt,

      Are there any letters shown inside the battery cover of the Smart Guide. Others have commented that theirs have been labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’ is the one you need for it to work.

        • Ovi. Have you spoken to the team at shavers? They may well be able to resolve it for you. Given by the reviews, others have had success with that model.

          • I’ve also left a review there which wasn’t published 🙂
            Yes, I’ve reached out to them, currently waiting to hear back. Will update you with the outcome.

            • Got it sorted out with the help of the folks from shavers.co.uk. The “Enable SmartGuide” option in the mobile app was turned off. I can confirm the SmartGuide bought from them is working just fine. FWIW, the exact model I have is 6856A-3742. Bonus: there’s also an option in the mobile app to turn off vibrations every 30 seconds if you don’t like it.
              Thanks Jon!

  54. That is the correct smartguide for that brush.
    Have you already tried the pairing procedure by holding down the time button inside the smartguide untill the display changes and then turning toothbrush on?
    If this doesn’t work then I would think there may be something wrong with the smartguide.

    • Thanks for your help Jenny. I managed to get a 3741 smart guide with the blue back instead of silver and it works great using your pairing method. Regards, Tim

  55. Hi, thanks for a really useful site.

    I have an older Oral B Triumph 9900 and lost the smart guide it came with. Trying to pair it with the 3741 Smartguide that came with a slightly newer Oral B Triumph 5000.

    Following your instructions I can pair the 5000, but not the 9900. It just doesn’t link when I turn it on. Any ideas?


      • Thanks Jon, you’re right. The 3741 model comes with blue back for the 9900 model and silver back for the 5000 triumph. I bought a blue one and it works perfectly.

    • The older brushes won’t pair with the 2 newer style oval smartguides. Also the newest brushes with Bluetooth won’t pair with the 2 older smartguides (silver faced) only the white faced ones.

      • Hi Jenny thanks for the quick reply. I have an older style smartguide white faced 3741, it’s square on the left and rounded on the right. Pretty sure It looks just like the original. So which model of smartguide would I need for the 9900 brush? Thanks, Tim

  56. I bought both of my childen oral b with smart guide and 1 of the toothbrushes just does not connect to the smart guide please advise

    • Hi Noreen. Which toothbrush is it that you are trying to connect to the smart guide? If possible please provide more information on the smart guide you are using etc.

        • Noreen.

          OK so you bought this brush brand new with a smart guide included in the box and you are unable to get it to connect to it, is that correct?

          You mention you have another child and theirs is working. Do they have the same brush?

          Are the children brushing their teeth at the same time?

  57. Sync process failed.
    I have a Smartguide from TZ5500 pack (year 2014-15?). Recently bought a Genius 9000, and I can´t get it to sync to Smartguide.

    According to Oral b support only older handles will sync to Smart guide.

    • Hi Wicke,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes Oral-B do suggest this, but as you can see from this post and the comments on it, other users have gotten the Smart Guide working with their brushes.

      There are different versions of the Smart Guide. Can you confirm by looking at the section ‘Different versions of the SmartGuide’ of this article, which one you have?

      You will find the part code by removing the battery cover.

      • I couldn’t get my first flat sided smartguide or my newer oval silver faced smartguide to sync with the new brushes but the newest white faced one I have would.
        Oral b said that the older smartguides (version A) won’t sync with the newer Bluetooth brushes but the newer one (version B) will as it’s the only one with Bluetooth technology.

  58. I have 2 oral b Genius 8000’s. I have 2 smart guides one with an A on the ridge of the battery compartment and another with B. Neither will pair with either of my brushes, and it’s fair to say I’m getting more than a little annoyed trying to pair the smart guides. I only bought them because of this guide. Can anyone please help. Thanks. Luke

    • Luke. Sorry to hear you are having problems with these.

      First of all can you confirm what model of smart guide you have and where you bought it from?

      What’s happening when you try to pair? Anything on the displays etc.

  59. Cannot get my genius 9000 to work with the smart guide, Bluetooth on, done the L pair process with smart guide but nothing happens.
    Smart guide works fine with old 6500 brush.
    Hate the oral b app and really want to use the smart guide

    • Hi Steven,

      This is really odd given that most other have managed to get it working. Perhaps try resetting the Smart Guide by pulling out the batteries for a minute of two, then try again.

      • Hi Jon,
        Thanks for the advice, tried with a spare smart guide that has been off for over a year and neither our 9000 black or rose gold will pair.
        We have Four smart guides in the house two of each type (older and new version) and unfortunately none will work with the brushes, shame really as the app is a pain to use.
        I will keep trying and let you know if I find a fix.

        • Hi Jon, turns out our smart guide is a code A (shown on the ridge in the battery compartment) and so is an older version not compatible with the genius 9000.
          Need a code B smart guide to work.
          Thanks for the advice

          • Hi Steven.

            Oh right. This is strange. I was not aware of different versions of the same smart guide.

            I guess you can get a new one from Shavers.co.uk as shown in the post.

            Disappointing that given you have 4 smart guides none work.

            Your experience will come as a help to others reading this article.

  60. What an awesome page, I couldn’t find anywhere how to ‘pair’ my old 5000 wireless smartguide with my new 9000 toothbrush that doesn’t come with one, that is until your very informative page about it.

    But this statement may not hold true – ‘Providing the brush you are trying to use with it is made by Oral-B, has Bluetooth connectivity, then you should be good to go. There is no complicated pairing process. Just power the brush on and the wireless guide will begin tracking your clean.’

    In practice with any Bluetooth device you do need to pair – but your steps on how to add another toothbrush are perfect – so just follow the steps you outlined with your old or new toothbrush and it will work which is brilliant!

    To do so, follows these steps.

    To Pair – ‘Push the «h/min» button in the battery compartment for at least 3 seconds.
    When SmartGuide shows «L—», turn on your brush handle to start the synchronisation process.
    When finished the SmartGuide will show «L-1-» on the display. Turn off the handle.’

    Cheers from NZ 🙂

    • Adrian.

      Glad I could help.

      I do stand by the fact that a pairing process is not normally required, but there are always exceptions 🙂

  61. Hi! I have an Oral B toothbrush with the new SmartGuide assistant. It just recently died and I replaced the batteries with new AAA’s, however, it is not turning back on. I’ve searched for a reset button and tried holding down the set & h/min button to get a response but nothing seems to turn it back on. Help please! 🙂

    • Ellyn,

      Thanks for the comment, but based on your comments, I think sadly the SmartGuide is broken and won’t work any more. There is nothing more you can do to my knowledge.

      You can buy new ones if you so desire.

  62. Great website and reviews!
    I agree that the smart wireless guide is better than using a mobile for convenience and simplicity. Does what it says, pity that the 9000 is not available with one, pushing instead the smart agenda. ( prefer the 9000 mainly due to the Li-Ion battery vs Ni-MH and smaller size.)

    Wondering if you can you pair 2 toothbrushes with one wireless guide though?

    Have been sharing a toothbrush with my wife daily but the removal of heads is more cumbersome and not good for the head attachment longevity, thus 2 brushes with one smart guide seems a better combo.

    • Hi Markus,

      Thanks for the compliment on the site. Got to admit, always good to read such. 🙂

      Based on your question I did a bit of testing. Using a Genius 9000 in Black and one in Rose Gold.

      Now let me stress I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results, but…

      The 2 Genius 9000 brushes worked with the Smart Guide, thus doing exactly what you desire. I did nothing other than switch the brush on.

      I presume the most likely scenario is you will use the brush and the guide followed by your wife, not at the same time. In this instance, it seems it will work.

      Now as you can probably appreciate they can’t both run at the same time and both show on the display.

      However, I stared the Black Genius 9000, let is run for 5 seconds, it showed on the Smart Guide, I then stopped it. At this point I turn on the Genius 9000 Rose Gold and it gets picked up by the Smart Guide and starts a new timer, not continuing from the 5 seconds on the clock from the Black.

      After 15 seconds, I turned the Rose Gold one off and the Black back on to see that the Smart Guide picked the handle up, but continued on from the 5 seconds it had reached previously!

      So, it would seem (although unlikely officially supported) that you can use 2 different brush handles with one Smart Guide.

      I hope this helps.

      • Thanks Jon for testing, much appreciated.

        Good to know it works with two brushes, even if in worst case one might need to restart the brush (start > stop > start ) to clear a previous timer if it hasn’t been reset all though one should exceed the main 2mins timer anyway and thus probably would not run into this issue 🙂

        Still debating whether to get the 9000, especially as we still have an older one that works and the 6500 seems to be mainly sold as duo pack around 135£ even with 1 basic travel case is much better value then the premium black edition for £ 103 or the 9000 currently being cheaper at £85. Not easy 🙂

  63. I cannot seem to find anywhere that sells the Oral B 5000 smart guide. My one fell onto hard ceramic tiles and has broken, the sticky pads had lost the adhesion. HELP

  64. Hi Jon, Many thanks, I will ring this company within the next few days and post further comments. This has been most helpful. Yes I am in the UK sorry about previous reply I have since looked uo the Olympic Co and found they are based in UK.
    Thanks again,

  65. I have recently bought 2 OralB Genius 8000-9000 one I black for my grandson and one in white for myself and I am wondering if I can buy a smart guide with a smiley face for them. For the price paid I feel that this this should be provided as it is with the cheaper model it is not always convenient to use my smart phone in bathrooms This is something you should urgently consider. I have read all the reviews and this is something that comes up all the time. I find the genius an excellent toothbrush is all other respects. Your comments please.

    • Hi Virginia, Thanks for the comments. You are not the first to say or suggest this. As you say yourself the reviews say they should include it.

      Are you in the UK? We have had others who have purchased a Wireless Guide separately and had it working with their Genius brush.

      You should be able to ring Olympic Shaver Company on 0115 965 7440 and ask for the smart guide – Type 3742 & IC: 6856A-3742. Delivered in the UK it comes to £25.

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