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Published: January 6, 2024

Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650

Author: Jon Love (14 Comments)
Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 1

Which one would we choose?

Our choice: Oral-B Pro 600 / Amazon, eBay / ~£39.9

2nd choice: Oral-B Pro 650 / Amazon, eBay / ~£28.99

The Pro 600 gets our vote on the basis of being a simple, no nonsense easy to use electric toothbrush.

The Pro 650  doesn’t really offer that much more.  If a travel case or tube of toothpaste is desired then it might be worth the extra spend, but for most the 600 is the better value option.

Either are good brushes that focus on getting the job done.

If you're shopping in this price range, check out our post on the best cheap electric toothbrush for the most up to date recommendations.

Key differences

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Electric Teeth Rating
Retail price
Approximate 3 year cost
Cleaning Action
Number of cleaning modes
Brushing intensities
Pressure Sensor
Battery life
Battery type
Number of heads included
Travel case included
Bluetooth connectivity
Position tracking
Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 600
Oral-B Pro 600
Oral-B Pro 650
Oral-B Pro 650
Review Review
Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2 Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2 Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2 Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2
Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2 Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2 Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2 Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2
£50 £50
£58 £63
Oscillating-rotating & pulsating (3D) Oscillating-rotating & pulsating (3D)
1 1
- -
yes yes
30 second quadpacer 30 second quadpacer
yes yes
10 days 7 days
Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
1 1
- -
- -
- -
72dB 72dB
2 years 2 years
  • The Pro 650 comes with a black, blue or pink rubber grip on the handle compared to the blue only of the Pro 600.
  • The Pro 650 comes with either a travel case or tube of toothpaste included in the box, subject to where you buy it from.
  • The Pro 600 is generally cheaper.

Please note. Every effort is made to ensure the key differences listed are correct, but these differences are subject to change without notice. Products and the box contents can be changed without notice and different variants can exist.

Detailed comparison: what’s the difference between the Oral-B Pro 600 and 650?

In writing this comparison I almost feel that I am cheating you into believing there is more between these two brushes than there really is, but the fact of the matter is that the 3 bullet points above summarise the key differences between these two brushes.

There is a bit more context that can be added around these differences to better understand why the two models exist and how one might be better suited to you, so please find the more detailed explanation of this below.

Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 2

Starting with the naming of the brushes, the Pro 650, is often known as or referred to as the Pro 650 Black. This is because the primary colour is the black rubber gripped variant.

The Black refers to nothing other than the rubber grip colour there are no other special features, it just seems to be a marketing thing that Oral-B do.

Since first launching, the 650 now comes in the same blue colour as the Pro 600 as well as pink also.

The Pro 600 is generally only available in the baby blue colour.

As far as cleaning modes go, both brushes offer exactly the same cleaning mode, that is the ‘Daily Clean’ mode which is found on every Oral-B brush.

The more premium brushes offer additional cleaning modes which are suitable if you have more advanced oral healthcare needs or are looking for a particular programme such as whitening.

If however you are looking for a simple, get the job done electric toothbrush either of these models will suit you nicely.

When it comes to good oral health, the most important thing over and above anything else is to brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes at each time. With this you want to ensure you have the correct technique.  Why not check out our guide on how to brush your teeth properly with an electric toothbrush

However, what is great about an electric toothbrush over a manual brush is the increased consistency in cleaning motion that it can offer and this is why you will often see toothbrush manufacturers claiming up to 100% more plaque removal.

Plaque is a harmful substance that builds up on teeth and around the gumline and you want to remove this as effectively as possible.

With either of the Pro brushes shown here, the daily clean cycle lasts for 2 minutes (120 seconds) and sees 8,800 oscillations and 20,000 pulsations through that cycle, a number of movements not humanly possible.

Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 3

It is this paired with the consistent power from the motor and the scientifically engineered brush heads that ensure a clean that surpasses that of a manual brush.

Both brushes are available with a different number of brush heads.  1 brush head comes supplied in the box, but the most common heads are the CrossAction, Sensi UltraThin, 3D White and FlossAction.

Both toothbrushes will clean the teeth well. My recommendation is either the CrossAction or Sensi UltraThin brush head.

Whether the supplied head you find suitable or not will be a personal decision. The good news however is that these brushes accept a range of different brush heads that are engineered to achieve different things or may suit your preferences better.

There are 6 main types of brush head, these are:

  • TriZone
  • Precision Clean
  • CrossAction
  • 3D White
  • FlossAction
  • Sensi UltraThin

2 other specialist heads also compatible include the Ortho and Interspace/Power Tip.

Whilst technically any of the Oral-B brush heads can be fitted and used on any of the cleaning modes, some are better suited to particular cleaning modes. We discuss this and include diagrams in our Oral-B brush head comparison post.

Remember to change your brush head every 3 months and do not share with others. You can share the brush handle, but swap the heads. Original Oral-B heads have bristles that fade in colour as time passes giving you a guide when it is time to swap.

With either the Pro 600 or 650 during a cleaning cycle at 30 second intervals, you will get an audible and visible notification to change quadrant via a slight pause in the brush head movement. When this happens it is time to change quadrants.

With 4 quadrants in the mouth, (bottom right and left, along with upper right and left) you should spend 30 seconds on each during the 2 minute cycle.

Box contents in either of these brushes is fairly limited in comparison to more premium brushes like the Pro 6000, but included is what you need.

Where the Pro 650 may appeal to some a little more is the inclusion of a travel case or tube of toothpaste.  The actual contents depends on the retailer.  Most common now is the tube of paste.

If you are always on the move with overnight stays or travelling from place to place the hard plastic case provides a home for the brush and the brush heads (up to 2) and stops either coming to harm.

Whether you want or need this is personal. Some will just throw the brush into a wash bag or you can always pick up a travel case at a later date, although it will be more expensive.

It is important to try and protect the brush head a little from damage as these are what do the cleaning and damaged bristles can actually cause more damage than you think.

The paste provided does vary depending on the variant you pick up.  Buy the variant with the 3D White brush head and you get a whitening toothpaste.  Buy the option with a sensitive brush head and you get an enamel repairing toothpaste.

Where these two brushes also vary is cost. If you share the brush handle with others such as family members it can bring the cost of ownership down.

Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 4

At the time of writing and based on one user, the cost of the Pro 600 is 5p per day over 3 years compared to the 6p of the Pro 650.

Prices are always changing so this is only a guide. Generally speaking you can pick the Pro 650 up for £35 and the Pro 600 from £25-35.

There are of course many similarities between these two brushes and both have some design and features I have not touched upon yet, but I believe are worth noting.

The physical size and weight of the two brushes are the same. Both measure in at (with brush head) 23 x 2.5 x 3 cm and weighs 130g.

Both have the coloured rubber grip that runs down the front of the brush handle and a power button that is accented in white. Grips above and below the button are present and the rear of the brush handle is a gloss white plastic with hard plastic grips.

The lower third of the brush handle is where you will find the battery status and charging icon. The battery icon will run from green to orange to red as the battery depletes and when charging the battery and charger icon will slowly flash green.

When purchased brand new, both come in the box with a charging stand that has a 2 pin connector that attaches to a shaver socket in a bathroom. If you do not have one, you can purchase an adapter to allow you to connect it to a conventional 3 pin UK mains socket.

Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 5

The built in battery is rechargeable and will last for approximately 28 minutes or 7 days, based on one user.

To charge the brush, pop it on the stand and leave it typically 8-12 hours for a full charge. The brush can be left on the charger even if the battery is not depleted, it will not do any damage; although it is recommended to discharge the battery fully every 6 months.

As standard both come with a 2 year warranty, this can be extended to 3 years, if you register the brush online.

A feature that is not really marketed, but exists, is something called sound connectivity. You may see this more with the Pro 650 marketing than any other.

By no means the most reliable option is works on the basis of an app on your iOS or Android smartphone using the built in mics to listen for the sound of the brush running.

When it hears this it will provide an onscreen timer and log your cleaning schedule.

All this based on you getting your phone out when cleaning your teeth, launching the app etc and then assuming the sound pickup will be reliable, which it is often not.

It is a novel feature if you can see your cleaning records, but the Bluetooth option found on the Pro 5000, 6000 or 6500 is more reliable.

Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 6

Does one clean better than the other?

No. Both have the same cleaning mode and technology and do a great job of cleaning.  Different brush heads may have some small benefits and improvements for different users, but there is no difference between the actual brush handles and the clean they deliver.

Is one better priced than the other?

Generally speaking, the Pro 600 is the cheaper of the two, but it depends on what deals are running at the time. When you come to buy, check the price of the Pro 650 as well -- if one is much cheaper than the other then go for that one.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.


With so few differences between the brushes, the conclusion I come to will be different to yours, but at the end of the day both do a great job of cleaning teeth.

The Pro 600 gets our vote for price and simplicity.

For frequent travellers or those who like the colour black, the Pro 650 is going to be your choice.

For our latest recommendations, see our best electric toothbrush post.

Author: Jon Love

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August 15, 2020

Please fix the number of pulsation in the article if it's 20000 not 40000.

Jon Love - Chief tester
August 16, 2020

This has been updated John. Thanks for making me aware. It was not intentional!

July 10, 2019

Hi Jon.. thanks for your reviews!! How would you compare between the pro 700 vs the genius 8000? Is it worth spending the extra money to get the genius? Does it give a better clean?

Jon Love - Chief tester
July 11, 2019

Hi, My short answer to this question is no, it is not worth spending the extra. Technically, the Genius 8000 is more powerful. Therefore you get more osculations/rotations and pulsations per minute. This means, that it could in theory clean the teeth better. The reality is that the difference would be marginal, albeit almost impossible to really determine in normal use. The 8000 could be a better buy, if you want the premium features such as Bluetooth connectivity. However, this is far from essential and if you have a Pro 700 that works fine, stick with that.

July 11, 2019

Awesome! Thanks so much for your quick and comprehensive response Jon! Really appreciate the help and clarification you have given. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and keep up the good work :) Best regards, King

Jon Love - Chief tester
July 11, 2019

Glad I could be of assistance King.

May 26, 2019

Could you possibly also compare Oral-B pro 750 with Oral-B Pro 600 vs 650 toothbrushes?

Jon Love - Chief tester
May 27, 2019

The Pro 750 is not a model that is widely sold in the UK. As far as I am aware it is a model launched primarily in other European countries. I do not have a boxed unit to hand to be able to check. Having done a bit of comparison using other information online, as far as I can tell, it is identical to the Pro 650. That said, where at the time of comparison the 650 came with a travel case, it appears now in the UK is primarily comes with a tube of toothpaste supplied. The Pro 750 comes with the travel case rather than a tube of toothpaste.

January 27, 2019

Hi Jon, All want is a simple electric toothbrush up to the job. Is there any major difference in the power of the various brushes and is a more powerful brush required. The inference is that the higher the number the more powerful and therefore better cleaning action. ( ie higher number higher cost ) Can you shed some light on this for me? Thanks

Jon Love - Chief tester
January 29, 2019

Hi Raplh. Sorry for the slight delay in reply. Whilst some models do have more powerful motors and in turn the potential to clean better, there extra power does not make much difference in the scheme of things, technique and regularity have a bigger impact. However, if you were to look at the Oral-B Pro 2 2000 or Pro 2 2500, these gain extra power over the 600 but are still very reasonably priced. The most powerful brushes are much more expensive. My pick is the Pro 2 2500.

January 11, 2018

Great review 100%

Jon Love - Chief tester
January 11, 2018

Thanks John

Joe rogan.
April 3, 2017

What is the difference between this and the 790 or the 2000?

Jon Love - Chief tester
April 4, 2017

Hi Joe. The 790 from Oral-B is a dual handle pack. Essentially the 790 is 2 of the Pro 650 brush handles in the box with 1 travel case. The Pro 650 compares to the 2000 in the following ways: Pro 650 is available in only one colour compared to the 2 colour options of the Pro 2000. The Pro 2000 has the addition of a pressure sensor. 2 cleaning modes are available on the Pro 2000 compared to the 1 on the Pro 650. Pro 650 connects to an app using sound connectivity to record brushing habits. A travel case comes only with the Pro 650. Pro 650 generally cheaper to purchase. These differences are the same for the 790 except with the 790 you have 2 brush handles.

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