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Oral-B Glide Floss Picks Review

Editor’s note: since we first renewed this product, the branding and packaging has changed slightly, but the product itself remains the same.

Flossing should be an essential part of your oral hygiene routine. Ideally is should be completed daily!

Brushing alone only cleans 60% of the tooth surfaces.

If you don’t even feel the difference from flossing, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have made every effort possible to ensure your teeth and mouth are clean. Unlike a reel of dental floss where you pull it out to the length you want or need, these Oral B Glide Floss Picks (view on Amazon) have a set amount of floss on them.

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I talk you through the advantages in the video below, or if you prefer you can keep reading and see some photo close-ups.

Keep reading to see my full Oral B Glide Floss Picks review, or watch our hands-on video review:

Oral-B Glide Floss Pick Review

The floss itself is set in between two plastic arms and measures 1.7cm or 17 mm wide.

oral b floss pick close up

The floss is strong. I never experienced it break and it did glide between my teeth very nicely, and I do have some tight gaps. Even when I tried to force the glide floss picks to break using a finger I had to apply a lot of pressure.

It looks unusual, but the pick actually has a patented tension control design that allows you to make the floss itself tighter or looser by applying or removing pressure on the body of the Oral-B floss picks.

oral b glide floss pick review photo

By managing the tension of the floss with your fingers, you can more easily insert and remove the oral b glide floss picks between teeth and adjust the floss to suit your mouth.

Less fiddly than a reel of floss, I was able to reach more places of the mouth more easily than I would using a reel. The shape and size made it much easier for me to get to the rear teeth, which I would struggle with if using a reel.

The glide floss picks measure 7cm or 70mm long and 2.5cm or 25mm at its widest point.  They sit about 6mm high at its tallest point.

handheld floss pick photo

These one time use dental tools effectively remove tough plaque between the teeth and gum line as well as gently stimulating the gum tissue which in turn can help prevent gingivitis.

As the name implies there is a pick on the other end and that serves many purposes but primarily assisting with the removal of larger food particles that may be stuck in the teeth and can be used if desired to scrape gently against the tooth or gum line.

The glide floss picks come in a resealable bag which makes for ideal storage and transportation.

In fact these could be handy to keep in the car or in a drawer at work for those moments where you feel you need a freshen up.

When you are done with the pick just throw it away.

oral b floss picks in packet

Price & where to buy

Available generally in packs of 30 these are not the cheapest flossing solution. Whilst prices vary, at the time of writing, a pack of 30 on their own cost £5.99 or just under from Amazon, which works out at 20p per floss pick.

You may also find them fairly cheap on ebay.

floss pick close up at top

How do they compare to normal floss?

You can compare to a reel of floss but they are two very different products.

As a guide (prices vary considerably as do lengths) a 50m reel will cost around £2.30. Based on using approximately 30cm for each floss, that is 167 uses from a reel. Thus, it would cost £0.01 to floss each time.

However when it comes to convenience, the awkward nature of flossing and making a mess, which is better?

oral b floss pick in hand

Cheaper alternative brands maybe, but made by one of the leading brands you can be assured of quality and this is evident in my everyday use and the innovative ability to adjust the tension of the floss can be a deal breaker for some.

I personally do find that the Oral-B Glide floss picks are better to use because I could reach areas of my mouth more easily than with a reel and the actual experience was better, however I do find the picks a little expensive for everyday use and you need to generally purchase more regularly unless you bulk buy.

Ultimately it will be your preference, but even for those not convinced that they are worth the money, I think it is worth investing in a pack for those odd occasions. I keep a pack at home, in the car, at work and in a travel bag when away. They do not date or lose value so what is the harm.

oral b floss pick packet close up

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  1. Horrible! It took 4 of your dental picks to finish flossing my lower teeth alone! What an incredible waste of money!!!

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