Fairywill FW-917 Review

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Gemma Wheeler

(GDC Number: 259369)

Fairywill Toothbrush Review

Editor’s Note

October 2019: The FW-917 covered in this review, has been discontinued by Fairywill.  The company still offer a range of great value toothbrushes.  The FW-507 (view or review here) or view it here on Amazon is the logical replacement within the Fairywill range. We do strongly advise considering the Oral-B Pro 2 2500.

Editor’s Note

Please be aware this review looks at just one electric toothbrush from Fairywill, the FW-917.

They do have a number of other models, that offer different cleaning modes, features and box contents. At this time we have not completed separate reviews of these other models.

There are similarities across these models, but the naming convention for these brushes is complicated, so be sure to take care in picking the right one for you.

Whilst we have yet to review all the models independently, by reading this review you may pick up some information and insight that might apply to those other models and allow you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Our Verdict

The Fairywill FW-917 is a toothbrush that represents absolutely excellent value for money.

It does not feel the most premium, but it offers what you need including a brilliant battery life.


  • Slim and lightweight
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Built-in timer and pacer
  • Up to a month’s battery life
  • Box contents is good


  • Feels a little cheap
  • As a new and unknown brand reliability and support concerns
Preview Product Rating Price
Fairywill FW-507 Fairywill FW-507 3,836 Reviews £25.99

The 3 BIG questions about the Fairywill FW-917

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the Fairywill FW-917.  If we have missed something, let us know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read our full Fairywill electric toothbrush review further down the page.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

Given the price, unknown brand and what is included with this brush, it has performed exceptionally well. In fact, we rate it as the best budget option in our list of recommended brushes.

Refreshing as it is to see a new brand and contender within the electric toothbrush market, the resulting clean could be better, and Chinese brand gives concern for long term support and reliability.

We compare Fairywill to the two bigger brands in our post Fairywill vs Sonicare & Oral-B.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

In many respects there is little need to consider alternatives.  The FW-917 Fairywill offers higher end features at a fantastic price.

However, if like me you would like the peace of mind of a better known brand, you should consider the Oral-B Pro 2500, or the Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50.

For a full comparison of buying options, see our post comparing the best electric toothbrushes.

Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Christmas Gift for Men/Women
Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush with Pro-Results Brush Head - HX6511/50 (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Christmas Gift for Men/Women
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush with Pro-Results Brush Head - HX6511/50 (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Brush Name
Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

3. Where is the best place to buy the Fairywill FW-917?

Amazon is the only outlet through which you can purchase this sonic electric toothbrush at the time of writing.

Exclusively sold through the online retailer it is manufactured in China but is available for dispatch from the UK for delivery as soon as next day from the date of order.

It is amongst one of the top-selling products within the electric toothbrush category for Amazon, spurred mostly by its price.

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Fairywill Electric Toothbrush Review

And now for a bit more detail…

Fairywill is a Chinese manufacturer of electronic products, or so it would seem from doing a bit of research on them.

They are not a brand I am familiar with and seem to be a new entry to this market.

They have quickly risen to be one of the most popular electric toothbrushes available on Amazon today, but whilst the features vs the price is extremely favourable you have to consider whether this purchase is best for you.

Limited knowledge of the brand, supporting evidence on the performance of their brush and the post sale support come into question.

What’s in the box?

  • Fairywill FW-917 (White)
  • 3 x brush heads
  • Charging stand
  • USB to microUSB cable
  • Documentation
  • Interdental head (free)

Fairywill FW-917 Review 1

Key Features

  • Up to 35,000 brush strokes per minute
  • 2 minute timer
  • 30 second pacer
  • 3 cleaning modes (Clean, Soft & Massage)
  • 30 day battery life
  • Waterproof

Pro & Cons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of the Fairywill FW-917.

The Positives

  • Design – Slim and lightweight
  • Battery Life – Up to a months battery life – considerably more than the competition.
  • 3 cleaning modes – Clean, soft and massage mode that can be selected before you begin the clean and have LED’s to show you which cleaning mode is in action.
  • Box contents – Good box contents with additional brush heads
  • Automatic power off – Turns off at the end of a cleaning cycle.
  • Price – Cheap

The Negatives

  • Quality – Product feels cheap in the hand and the finish whilst on the whole good, concerns about waterproof claims.
  • Cleaning – The resulting clean may not be as good as other brands
  • Reliability – A new brand with an unproven track record.  1 year warranty with CE, ROHS and FDA certifications that cannot be necessarily be confirmed.

Design, usability, clean & general use

Depending on your expectations for the price, initial impressions when you get the Fairywill FW-917 in hand is pretty good.

For a start, the packaging is a lot smaller than many of the other brands with a good number of items included for the price.

The box is smart with a run down of what is included and the brush features.

On this packaging are some claims which I can find no evidence to support.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 2

According to the box, with the Fairywill you can remove 100% more plaque within 1 week, improve gum health in just 2 weeks and achieve noticeably whiter teeth in just 2 weeks, when compared to a manual brush.

Super, all sounds good, if only it was clear how they have come to this conclusion.  These are claims seen by other leading brands who have at least at some point conducted some clinical studies.  With some digging, you can find other brands supporting evidence, but Fairywill lacks this.

I have no evidence to suggest so, but I have reservations about the use of the CE and ROHS safety labelling that appears on the box.  It also appears on the manual, but there is no supporting documentation to say how they comply etc.  Sadly there is no way to check this easily.

They also show the FDA logo which is that of the US Food and Drug Administration.  They have registered with the FDA here. I am unclear what checks have been performed into product safety etc and whether they can display such a logo on the box. To my knowledge, they have simply asserted their intention to sell this product within the USA.

Not shown on any of the promotional images on the outer box is the inclusion of an interdental brush head.  This is a style of head that can be purchased separately.

This one head is individually boxed with the wording ‘To thank you for leaving your honest review’ on the box.  Included as a sweetener to get a good review for the product it would seem.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 3

In hand the brush feels ok, it looks quite smart.  It is very plastic with polished silver plastic accents at the top of the brush handle and around the power and cleaning mode button.

Solid enough, it does not have the satisfying weight or build quality of an Oral-B model for example.

The body of the brush is primarily white in colour.

On the front towards the top is a separate power and mode button that are a white rubber and surrounded by a silver piece of plastic.

Below the buttons is a panel containing the name of the 3 included cleaning modes with an LED above each.  This LED shines blue when the brush is in use and the cleaning mode selected.

Within the same panel but towards the bottom is an LED for the battery power in the brush, it has the label ‘charge’ underneath it.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 4

Outside of the panel, but below this charge indicator is the Fairywill logo.

Turn the brush around and the handle as a slightly squarer than rounded look to it. The sides are a gloss plastic whilst on the back are a series of grips at the top and bottom that the fingers catch on to hold the brush.

On the base is a recess into which the charging stand fits.  

Inside the brush is the motor, the electronics and the battery.  This technology is pushed in from the bottom of the brush handle during the manufacture.  There appear to be some gaps around the bottom edge.  Whilst not overly concerned I am not sure how long term this will withstand any water ingression.

The brush is said to be ‘waterproof’ but with an IPX7 rating, it is a resistance rather than waterproof.  A rinse under the tap and maybe use in the shower is fine.  Avoid complete immersion in water at all costs.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 5

The brush head is detachable, but they do not just pull on or off.  

You need to twist the brush head 45 degrees to the right (when looking at it) to unlock it.  You can then pull it off and replace.  Then turn the head 45 degrees to the left to lock it in place.

Each of the 3 brush heads included in the box has a detachable coloured rubber band at the bottom that can be removed/replaced.  These can also be used to differentiate between users.

Also included in the box is a small plastic cover that can be placed over the brush head when not in use/ it can act like a travel cap.

The Fairywill toothbrush heads in the box are said to be medium/soft bristled and I would tend to agree. The bristles are coloured and cut to varying lengths.  The bristles do not appear to fade in colour and as mentioned earlier I am not sure how tested the design of the bristles are.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 6

Packs of replacement Fairywill toothbrush heads can be purchased for £8 for a pack of 4 (view on Amazon).

There is also the option to purchase a pack with hard bristles if that is your preference (view on Amazon). The dental recommendation is usually to go for the softer option.

Included was the interdental brush head which was a little strange and can be best described as a bristled head that has been shaped to a point.  I found it a bit odd and can’t see it replacing my flossing routine or even the interdental brushes that I use.  I get the principle of it though, and some may like it.

A pack of 2 interdental heads will set you back £7, so they are a bit pricier than a standard head.

The physical size of the Fairywill brush head is larger than that of Oral-B’s round heads but appears smaller than Sonicare’s larger brush heads.  It should fit, for most people, even in the hard to reach areas in the mouth.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 7

The charging stand included is one of the smallest I have seen.  I like the compact form factor.  Build quality is ok, it looks and feels a little cheap.

Unlike most other charging stands that have a moulded power cable from the stand to the plug, this charging stand has a microUSB connector on the back of it.

It comes supplied with a separate USB to microUSB cable that can be connected to a computer’s USB port or a compatible mains charger you may have.  It does not come with a power adapter.

Whilst this setup is not ideal for a bathroom, it is a convenient option for use internationally and gives more flexibility in the way in which you charge it.  If your smartphone has a microUSB connector, you can use that to charge this brush.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 8

The brush motor offers a sonic technology with a maximum of 35,000 strokes per minute.

This maximum power and movement are felt on the Clean mode.

The soft mode has movements of 28,000 per minute, whilst Massage fluctuates between 28 and 35,000.

What this brush does do right is that you can select the cleaning mode prior to powering the brush on and you can see what mode you are using.

Even Oral-B brushes that retail for upwards of £100 do not offer this.

There is a 2 minute time and 30 second quadpacer built in but no pressure sensor.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 9

A standard cleaning cycle lasts for 2 minutes as this is the recommended brushing time by dentists.  You should do this twice a day.

During the 2 minute cleaning cycle, a timer in the brush keeps track of what is going on.  At 30 second intervals, the brush will provide an audible and psychical warning via a slight pause in the brush motor at to tell you to change quadrant. This is your built--in pacer.

Imagine your mouth broken up into 4 sections. Upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left.  

You should spend 30 seconds cleaning each quarter in your mouth.  The pacer helps you keep an even brushing time on these 4 sections.

At the end of the 2 minutes, the brush automatically powers off.  You can turn it on again if you like but this is a great feature that not only makes it clear that time is up on the clean, but conserves battery life too.

Brushing for the full 2 minutes is very important, but just as important if not more so is the right technique. Make sure you learn how to clean your teeth properly.  

Fairywill FW-917 Review 10

The brush is louder than a Sonicare brush but quieter than an Oral-B in everyday use.

When it comes to the actual clean I have conducted no scientific tests.  My mouth felt cleaner, as it should after the clean, but I did not feel as great about the cleanliness of my teeth as I do when using an Oral-B brush.  Maybe the Oral-B is a bit harsher or creates a feeling of being better than it is, but I feel more refreshed after use with that. In any case, the evidence seems to show that the rotating-oscillating technology used by Oral-B is more effective at removing bacteria.

This may also be partly backed by my concern of how well engineered is the brush and the bristles.  How good a clean do they really offer?

Fairywill FW-917 Review 11

Boasting a months battery life, when the brush is low on power the charging indicator light will flash 10 times to remind you to charge.  The amount of time it takes to charge the brush up completely might depend on how you are charging it, be that from mains power or a USB port on a computer.  15 hours should be more than enough time.

It is worth noting the brush is very light considering the length of usage time it offers.  No mention of the battery technology, I surmise Lithium-ion.

I am more than happy for brands like Fairywill to come in an encroach on the market share that big brands occupy, I think there is the need for competition.  However, some may struggle to have overall confidence in the product when things like the user manual are not written all that well.

It is readable and makes sense, but it is clearly not written by a native English speaker.

The 10 page manual covers the English, German, Spanish, French and Italian languages.

Not that you would expect it but the brush has no Bluetooth connectivity/smart features, no full-sized travel case or brush head storage is included.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 12

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • Slim and light to hold in hand.
  • Looks ok but it is cheap to the touch
  • 3 cleaning modes – Clean, Soft and Massage
  • Can switch cleaning modes before switching the brush on
  • Need to switch the brush on to change cleaning modes
  • 3 Fairywill toothbrush heads included
  • Free interdental brush head included.
  • Built-in quad pacer and 2 minute timer tells you when to change quadrant
  • Automatic power off at the end of a clean
  • 30 day battery life, but no percentage indicator for clear feedback of remaining power
  • Small charging stand, nice to power from MicroUSB
  • Claimed waterproof but water resistant is more likely the case
  • 1 year warranty

Battery life

The box suggests 30 days battery life.  I was sceptical given the weight and price of this brush.

It soon proved me wrong, it lasted for 30 days and then some.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 13

Now whether I got lucky or not, but during my testing from full charge to flat, the brush managed 134 cleaning sessions.

That is 268 minutes of usage time.  Simply incredible.

In truth that is 67 days of usage.

I would not suggest that all will last this long, I couldn’t quite believe it lasted as long as it did, but it clearly has the ability to last a month.

There is no information to say what capacity the battery is or what technology but it must be Lithium-ion.

To put this into perspective, the Pro 2 2000 from Oral-B is one of the most popular brushes and is similarly priced (although slightly more expensive). Its battery life is 66 minutes, which is equivalent to 16 days.

I was a bit concerned about the charging stand.  It feels a little cheap and it and the brush get a little warm to the touch when charging, something I have not really experienced on other models.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 14

Supplied with a microUSB to USB Type A cable (normal full sized USB connector) this is not the normal charger you would expect with an electric toothbrush.

In some ways it is more convenient and versatile, accepting a connector like many popular smartphones, but it poses a potential safety risk for the bathroom or no way to charge it in a bathroom.

You need to connect the brush to a USB port on a computer, wall socket or compatible power adapter to charge it.

It is unclear exactly how long it takes to fully charge the battery, but I would suggest an overnight charge should be more than enough time.

When fully charged, the indicator light will turn off so you get some idea that it is charged.

It should apparently turn off to avoid overcharging too.

If the battery is low on the Fairywill the charge LED will flash 10 times to remind and alert you that it needs to be plugged in.

Summary of battery life

  • Suggested 30 day battery life
  • Achieved 67 days or 268 minutes of usage time
  • Incredible performance given the weight of the brush
  • Charging stand included
  • USB cable provided to connect to charging stand.
  • Charging light goes out when fully charged
  • Light will flash 10 times when the battery is low

Price & where to buy

The FW-917 has a recommended retail price of £69.99.  

I have not seen it for sale at this price over the time I was tracking this model, up until the time of purchase. I do believe its rise to success is in part as a result of its price.

The average selling price seems to be around 60% less at £25, in fact, due to additional promotions I paid just £21.

The brush heads for this model are available in packs of 4, retailing at £8.  At £2 per brush head, this is more expensive than I would have expected given the initial purchase price.

However, you do get 3 brush heads in the box, where typically you would get one so there are some cost savings here.

Fairywill FW-917 Review 15

If you have seen any of our reviews here at Electric Teeth, we like you work out the cost of the brush over a 3 year period, which we see to be the typical ownership period.

Using the average cost (based on one user) and ownership over 3 years the Fairywill will cost £43 or 4p per day to own.  

This price does exclude the cost of water, toothpaste and electric to charge it.  This price also works on some assumptions, but you get a rough idea.

This is by far one of the cheapest electric toothbrushes to date.  However, when you consider my comments regarding potential reliability, it may be worth pricing this brush over a shorter time period.  Doing so would make it much more similarly priced to the bigger, more recognised brands.

You can bring the cost down further if you were to share it with other members of your household.  All you need do is invest in extra brush heads.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • Recommended retail price of £69.99
  • Generally available with 60%  or more off RRP; circa £25.
  • Works out at around 4p per day over 3 years
  • Share brush handle with another user to extend value

Reliability & long term use

Unlike the Sonicare, Colgate and Oral-B brands where there is a history of products and reliability, we have nothing to go on here.

We have and know of Oral-B and Sonicare brushes that are still working 5-10 years later.

My initial feelings are the Fairywill will not fare so well

Fairywill FW-917 Review 16

For a start it comes with a 1 year warranty compared to the 2 year offered by the other brands, in fact, Oral-B allows you to extend it to 3. However, register online and you can extend this by 6 months.

I have not tested their warranty process or seen comment on any failings in it as yet, but past experiences make me question just what that will be.  I suspect if you were to suggest the brush was faulty, they would send you a new one rather than repair.

Whilst the build of the brush is strong enough, it feels cheap and does not give the same confidence in hand as major brands.

My biggest concern is the sealing, particularly around the base of the brush, there are obvious gaps.

Claimed to be waterproof, the product is most likely water resistant as the manual says do not soak the product in water for a long time.

During my testing, the brush continued to work but this is one of the first brushes that I can’t confidently say will stand the test of time.

Unlike the 2 or 3 year warranties offered by the big brands, Fairywill offer just 1 year.

There are no troubleshooting tips in the manual and the support email address is on a VIP card included within the package rather than the user manual.


As value for money goes the Fairywill have this pretty tied up.  I can’t deny that you get a lot for your money.  They also have some nice touches which the big players should really consider ensuring are in more of their brushes.

However, whilst value for money is one thing, ongoing reliability and peace of mind are another.

For me, I recommend this brush with caution. Personally, I would spend a little more to get a more tried and tested brand and model, despite the fantastic battery life.  I urge you to seriously consider the same. The Oral-B Pro 2 2500 is my suggestion.

Whilst it may be cheaper and offer some nice features, if it fails in 18 months, it will cost you as much as a known brand model with the other proven benefits associated with them.

Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Christmas Gift for Men/Women
Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush with Pro-Results Brush Head - HX6511/50 (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Christmas Gift for Men/Women
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush with Pro-Results Brush Head - HX6511/50 (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Brush Name
Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth Rating

Fairywill FW-917 Review 17

Size Guide

  • Height (without head) – 19.9cm
  • Height (with head) – 22.6cm
  • Width – 2.5cm
  • Thickness – 2.5cm
  • Weight (without head) – 51g
  • Weight (with head) – 56g

All are approximates


  • Is the Fairywill an oscillating brush?
    • No, it is a sonic toothbrush.
  • What cleaning modes does it have?
    • It offers 3 cleaning modes, Clean, Soft and Massage.  Clean operates at 35,000 movements, Soft at 28,000 and Massage fluctuates between 28 and 35,000.
    • Does it have any other cleaning modes?
  • Does the Fairywill have a pressure sensor?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does the Fairywill have Bluetooth?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does the Fairywill come with a warranty & how long is it?
    • It is a 1 year warranty. Register online and you can extend this by 6 months.
  • Does the Fairywill have a built-in timer?
    • Yes.  Often referred to as the timer and quadpacer;  the brush will provide an audible and psychical warning through a slight pause in the brush head mode to tell you to change quadrants.  There are 4 quadrants to the mouth, and brushing is normally for 2 minutes.  At the end of the 2 minutes the brush will automatically power off.
  • How long does the battery last?
    • Suggested 30 days.  Lasted 67 days!
  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes, it comes with a charging stand that has a detachable microUSB to USB cable.  It does not come with a plug adapter, you will need to use one you have or purchase separately.
  • Can I use the Fairywill in the shower?
    • Yes, you can although we have highlighted our concerns with the resistance to water. Avoid submerging it in water.
  • Does it come with a travel case?
    • No, a travel case is not included in the box, but a small plastic travel cap for the brush head is included.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Fairywill FW-917?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush
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15 thoughts on “Fairywill FW-917 Review”

  1. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you’d have a chance to review their FW-508?

    I just took the plunge and while sceptical, I’m so far very impressed, I think their build quality may have increased in the newer models as the 508 seems quite solid and reasonably weighty in the hands with no gaps or such in the frame.

    The plastic appears to now be matte ( I went for the black so don’t know if that’s true of the other colours) and the cleaning quality feels very good, even if I did feel like I was going to vibrate my brain out of my skull using the interdental brush on the whitening mode!

    Also this one is said to oscillate 40,000 times a minute but I have no way of confirming that and would like your judgement!

    The one thing I will say that’s a definite downside compared to this one is it doesn’t have a stand, only a port for the cable which is annoying as it pretty much forces it to be on its side when charging.



    • Hi.

      Thanks for the comment.

      I haven’t yet reviewed the 508 model, but from what I know/have heard, I do believe quality and production standards have been improved, so I do not doubt what you are saying.

      In terms of the number of movements, I have no way of confirming this also, but I know quite a few brushes now offer 40,000 movements. From my testing of similar brushes I can tell they have more movements, but the reality is these extra movements are going to make little difference to the actual cleaning performance. It sounds like they will, but when many brushes move many thousands of times faster than a manual, the biggest difference is the switch from manual to electric.

      In fact your brushing time and technique will likely have a bigger impact on how well it cleans more than the power itself.

  2. I see that Fairy Will also have rotatory toothbrush (fw-2205). Could you also do a review of this which seems like a better comparator to the oral b models you recommend?

    • Hi Tom.

      Thanks for the comment.

      We are aware of this brush and hope to review it in the near future.

      Sadly, due to current commitments, I cannot say precisely when that will be, so please do not wait just for us to review this.

      I am sure the cleaning will be comparable, but possibly not quite as good as an Oral-B brush. Only when I fully test this will I be able to say.

      Sorry I cannot offer more information at this time.

  3. Absolutely awesome toothbrush, it’s cheap, gives well over a months power, cleans really good and it’s amazing value.
    Thank you very much! Keep up the good work.
    Miss N Spencer.

  4. Received my Fairywill toothbrush as part of a Christmas present 2017. Have used other electric toothbrushes in the past and liked using them. After using Fairywill for a few months I felt it didn’t clean as well as others have done but the packaging, extra brush heads and usb charging really good. On visit to The States in October for a month, my husband and I shared the toothbrush (using different heads) and was able to use the usb charhing witjout any hastle. The problem I have now is that the toothbrush stsrted turning itself on throughout the day and has now stopped vibrating!!! Unfortunately – it is now out of its guarantee and I will have to buy a new toothbrush. Do I go for the same one again- don’t think so….

    • Hi Jean.

      Thanks for the comment and insight into your experience with Fairywill.

      This user feedback is extremely valuable to me and the visitors to this site.

  5. So basically, just like Huawei phones, they have ripped off Western technology and are selling it on the cheap as they don’t have the same labour laws, and therefore costs, over in China. And as the article mentions, it’s not clear how safe the electrics are (the charger gets warm). I was going to buy one but will swerve it now that I know what it is.

    • Hi Tim,

      Having spent many years (prior to Electric Teeth) in the mobile phone industry, I see where you are coming from and to some degree I am in agree with what you say.

      I do think Fairywill and other brands exploit to some extent the cheaper labour market but like Huawei phones they also show what features can be included as standard for a fairer price rather than a massive premium.

      That said, there are benefits to the premium pricing of other better known brands for the peace of mind, standards and support that comes with them.

      • Hi Jon,
        I did some research and it looks like premium brands are also made in China so it’s just higher profits! The standard of the electrics/build quality is the clincher for me though.

    • Hi Zastekani,

      Thanks for the comment. You are correct it does not have inductive charging. We have not mentioned this in our review. However, USB-Inductive does show up in the 5 bullet points that ‘sell’ the features of the brush. This is fed automatically by Amazon/Fairywill and sadly we are not able to remove this claim from those bullet points.

  6. A bit unsure if it is really cleaning my teeth properly as dosnt seem to move much just a strong buzzing that tickles your tongue and feels a bit strange

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