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Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review

Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review 1

We have recently stopped recommending Fairywill as a cheap alternative to better known brands.

This is due to direct reports we have received about the rate at which Fairywill products fail. 

Further to this point, Fairywill products were removed from Amazon due to the company abusing the review system.

They were found to be offering free products in exchange for positive reviews, and offering replacements of broken products in exchange for positive reviews. 

We have a news post here that covered this event when it first happened.

Fairywill products come with a 1 year warranty, which is less than the 2 years offered by leading brands such as Oral-B. 

In our testing Fairywill products worked well for the period during which we tested them. However, we are unable to test all brushes for a long period of time, and the reports we have received suggest products have a good chance of failing within 6 to 12 months. 

Should the situation around the reliability of Fairywill’s products change, we will reconsider this advice. 

For now, we have still included the Fairywill 5020E (the model up from the 5020A) in our best cordless water flosser post so that we can explain the situation. Another alternative recommended in that post is the Panasonic EW-DJ10, which you can check out on Amazon or Ebay.

Editor’s Note

As of 6th July 2021, Fairywill products are no longer available on Amazon.

It is now selling products via eBay, so we have included this as a buying option below.

Our Verdict

There is no denying that the Fairywill 5020A is a good water flosser for the money.

It has 3 pressure settings, a long battery life and rotatable nozzle.

For the price there isn’t much to dislike.

Yet, for only a few pounds more you can get the 5020E.  This has a water tank twice the capacity of the 5020A.  You also get an extra 6 nozzles included.

This 5020A is more compact. Unless you travel frequently opt for the 5020E and enjoy the longer flossing times.


  • Cordless – not restricted by wires
  • Rechargeable built-in battery lasts up to 3 weeks
  • 3 pressure settings
  • Good value for money


  • 150ml water tank – may need a refill to complete thorough flossing
  • The materials feel a little cheap in places
  • The nozzle is difficult to rotate
  • Easy to lose charging port cover
  • No travel pouch included

The 3 BIG questions about the Fairywill 5020A

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the Fairywill 5020A cordless water flosser. If I have missed something, let me know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read the full Fairywill water flosser review further down the page.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this water flosser?

Absolutely not.

The 5020A water flosser does what you need it to and what you expect of it.

Yes, there are small areas for improvement but it is more than good enough.

2. Which other flossers should I consider?

Fairywill delivers good value for money with the 5020A.

But, unless you need or want a compact option, it is well worth considering the larger 5020E.

It offers twice the capacity in the water tank at 300ml. Plus you get 6 extra nozzles for only a few extra pounds.

The best cordless water flosser is the Waterpik Cordless Advanced.  It is a more refined product.  It addresses some of the negatives associated with Fairywill.

The downside is that you will have to pay quite a bit more for it.

Our Choice
Waterpik WP-562UK Cordless Advanced Water Flosser - Black Edition (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Water Flosser, Fairywill 300ML Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 8 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 3-Weeks Continuously Use, Dental Oral Irrigator for Travel, Home
Water Flossers for Teeh, Fairywill Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 2 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 21-Days Use, Oral Irragator for Travel, Office
Flosser Name
Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced
Waterpik 5020E
Waterpik 5020A
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Waterpik WP-562UK Cordless Advanced Water Flosser - Black Edition (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Flosser Name
Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Water Flosser, Fairywill 300ML Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 8 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 3-Weeks Continuously Use, Dental Oral Irrigator for Travel, Home
Flosser Name
Waterpik 5020E
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Water Flossers for Teeh, Fairywill Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 2 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 21-Days Use, Oral Irragator for Travel, Office
Flosser Name
Waterpik 5020A
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

3. Where is the best place to buy the 5020A water flosser?

The Fairywill 5020A cordless flosser is available only from eBay at the time of review.

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Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review

And now for a bit more detail…

Fairywill are fast becoming known for their great value products.  Starting with electric toothbrushes they have evolved their range into other products including water flossers.  Whilst the range might be expanding the prices remain competitive.

What is the Fairywill 5020A

This water flosser is a tool that can be used in addition to string floss or interdental brushes.

It is a handheld device that is made up primarily of a pump and a reservoir.

In the reservoir or water tank if you prefer, you place water.  

When the unit is powered on, a pump draws the water out of the tank and pushes it up and out of a nozzle on the top of the flosser.

The water is used to blast away plaque and debris on and in between teeth and under the gumline.  The force at which it is delivered and the fact that the jets can reach tight gaps, make it effective.

Although a powerful water stream, many find it a more convenient option to ensure they get the best clean of their interdental spaces.

How to use Fairywill water flosser

Step 1: Fill

Open the reservoir door and fill the compartment with water.

Close the door and ensure a tight seal.

Step 2: Prep & Position

Choose the pressure setting of your choice, by pressing the mode button on the unit.

Lean over the sink.

Place the tip of the flosser into your mouth.

Close lips to prevent splashing, while still allowing water to flow from the mouth into the sink.

Step 3: Clean

Power it on.

Aim water at the gumline at a 90 degree angle. Follow the gumline and pause briefly between teeth.

Repeat this for both the upper and lower teeth.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Fairywill 5020A cordless water flosser
  • 2 x Jet tips
  • 1 x USB power cable
  • Documentation
Fairyiwll 5020A box contents

Key Features

  • 3 pressure settings
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 3 week battery life
  • USB recharging
  • Rotating nozzles
  • Portable

Pros & Cons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of the 5020A water flosser from Fairywill.

The Positives

  • Cordless – You are not tethered to a power socket with this wire free option.  You can move about with more ease.
  • Rechargeable battery – The built-in battery lasts 3+ weeks on a single charge. That charge takes just 4 hours.
  • Pressure settings – 3 different settings so you can find the most appropriate mode for you.
  • Value for money – You get a lot of product for the price asked of it. 

The Negatives

  • 150ml water tank – The small capacity means for a thorough floss you are probably going to have to refill the tank.
  • Materials – The look and feel of some of the plastics are a little cheap.  
  • Nozzle rotation – Despite rotating 360 degrees it is stiff and difficult to do so.
  • Charging port cover – Small, removable and easy to lose. 
  • Travel pouch – No pouch or protective case to protect or keep things together if travelling.

Design, usability, clean & general use

Water flossing is a great tool for those that will not use floss or interdental brushes.  The powerful water jet disrupts plaque and bacteria. 

Ideally, this should be used as well as floss and interdental brushes. This way you get the greatest possible benefit.

A large proportion of the best water flossers are corded.  This means you are physically limited by the length of the cable and hose.  They require mains power.

Cordless water flossers are an alternative option. The 5020A from Fairywill is a cordless water flosser.

Some use removable batteries. The Fairywill has a built-in rechargeable battery.

This model doesn’t look all that different from most other cordless flossers.

It is available in 1 colour only, black.  Whilst it is nice that the default option isn’t white, black is not for everyone. It would have been nice to have a white colour option.

Fairyiwll 5020A Black next to box

The overall size of the flosser is pretty typical for a product like this.  It is not the most compact, nor is it the largest.

Looking at the unit head on it doesn’t look too large, but most of the size is in the depth or thickness of the unit.  Do bear in mind it needs to be able to hold the water that is used as part of the flossing process.

There are 3 key parts to this flosser.  You have the main unit, the removable water tank and the detachable nozzle.

Both the nozzle and the water tank need to be connected to the main unit for things to function correctly.

Inside the main unit are the rechargeable battery, pump and other electronics needed to make this work.

On the front of the flosser are 3 key buttons along with 3 LEDs and a charging port.

Looking at it head-on, just below where the nozzle attaches is the nozzle release button.  As the name implies it has to be pressed to be able to release and detach nozzles.  It keeps the nozzle securely locked in place when fitted.

A little below this, within a clearly framed panel are the main controls for the flosser.

Fairywill water flosser

The panel is shaped like a stretched teardrop.  Albeit upside down.  Wider at the top and thinner at the bottom.

The on/off button is the first and most noticeable. It is circular with a concave design to it.

Beneath this is an oval shaped mode button, also with a concave design.

Both buttons are black like the body of the flosser.  Both have a gold ring around them, to draw attention to the button and give it more of an accent.

You press the mode button to change between the 3 modes/pressure settings available on this unit.

This button can be used to change the mode when the flosser is switched on or off.  Continually pressing it will cycle through the modes.

Underneath this are the names of the modes and LED’s.

Clean, soft and massage are the options.  As each mode is selected, the LED is lit with a blue light.

The massage LED also doubles up as a charging icon when the power cable is connected.

Cleaning mode icons on Fairywill flosser

The panel in which these controls sit stand out from the gloss white body.  The colour of the panel depends on the colour option chosen.

Beneath the panel is the Fairywill logo in muted gold font.

The last notable feature on the front is the power connector.

Plugged into the connector is a small rubber stopper.  You pull this out to reveal the 2 pin connector. Into this, you can connect the provided power cable to recharge the battery.

The base of the water flosser is flat so that it stands upright on a countertop. 

The front of the unit has a slight curvature to it.  This becomes much more pronounced at the side and back which is made up of the water tank.

Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review 2

The tank itself can be detached from the flosser if you desire. But on the back is a water tank cap that can be opened and allow you to refill it without needing to detach it.

The 5020A has a 150ml capacity to its water tank.  This is around the lower end of average for a tank size. Typically they are around 150-200ml.

What this means is that in use, to get a thorough floss you may have to refill the tank as the 150ml might not be quite enough.  

A noteworthy design feature here is the placement of the water tank cap.  

Iit is good practice to make sure all water is drained from the tank after use to avoid bacteria build-up etc.

The low position on the tank for the cap makes it slightly easier to remove any residual water. Some flossers have the door much higher up the tank. This can make it slightly more awkward to remove any excess water.

Water flosser door Fairywill 5020A

Towards the top of the reservoir, on the back, the plastic body tapers inwards to make it a bit thinner. This helps with keeping a firm hold of the unit. It is here also that there are a series of ridges on the tank, giving something for the fingers to grip onto.

At the top, is where the nozzle attaches. It is from here that the water is pushed out, at pressure to clean the teeth and gums.

One of the benefits of water flossers is the reach they offer. The handle, plus the nozzle can make it easier to clean the tighter spots in the mouth, like the back teeth. 

It does take some practice to get the technique right.  You will also need to be leant over a sink to expel the water from the mouth. So, although cordless you are not completely free of the bathroom.

The rotating nozzle should make it easier to angle the water flow and reach critical spots. Whilst the nozzle does rotate a full 360 degrees, it is quite stiff. It is hard to do this when actually flossing. 

This is quite frustrating because the feature is present. It is just too difficult to use properly when you really need it. Waterpik nozzles can be rotated with considerably more ease.

Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review 3

As I have mentioned, there are 3 modes or pressure settings if you prefer.  These are clean, soft and massage. Many cordless water flossers will offer modes just like this.

I use the term mode/pressure interchangeably. This is because the pressure of the water flow changes with each mode selected. 

The 5020A does not offer a constant stream of water, although it looks like it, when you see it in action. Instead, it actually offers a series of short bursts.  This is supposed to make the experience much less messy.  The consequence of this is the water flow feels a little sharper and more intense. It will not be for everyone.

Here are how each mode differs.

  • Clean
    • Everyday cleaning
    • 1800 bursts per minute
    • The most powerful mode
    • Lasts up to 35 seconds
  • Soft
    • For a more gentle cleaning
    • 14000 brushes per minute
    • The most gentle mode
    • Lasts around 40 seconds
  • Massage
    • To clean and stimulate the gums
    • 1400-1800 bursts per minute
    • Lasts around 38 seconds

You need to find the mode best suited to yourself.  

Many will start with the soft mode before proceeding up to the higher powered clean mode.

I would also recommend using lukewarm water.  You can use cold water, but it can feel more intense. Particularly if you have sensitive teeth and gums.

Fairywill are not explicit about exactly what the pressure is on each mode. They do quote 30-110PSI.

It is then fairly safe to assume that the soft mode is the most gentle at 30PSI. The Clean being the most powerful at 110 as you get the 1800 bursts.

I could tell the difference between all the modes.  On some other models, the difference is much less noticeable.

My mouth felt clean after use and I couldn’t say it did a bad job.  

It is of course personal opinion, but the small 150ml tank showed its weakness.

It is a bit of a struggle  to achieve a thorough floss in the 35 seconds it takes to drain the tank with the clean mode.  It can feel like a race to finish before the water runs out.  In which case either you sacrifice how thorough you are or you have to refill it.

I guess it depends on how important the size of the flosser is vs how thorough you want to be.  If you would rather have a smaller unit size but have to refill then this is fine.

If you would prefer a refill free option, consider the 5020E from Fairylwill.

Your default action will likely be to turn the flosser off when you have used it.  But, if you rather save yourself the effort, it will automatically turn off after 2 minutes.

Even having tested many water flossers I do still find them a bit messy and awkward at times. But, they can be much more convenient than interdental brushes or floss.  

In use this does make some noise. It is not silent.

Fairywill state on their packaging that this has a low noise design. I am not so sure I agree.I measured the sound to be up to 79 decibels. I can’t say this is particularly quiet.  I would have said it was fairly typical of a product of this type. In fact, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced is around 8 decibels quieter.

Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review 4

Different manufacturers recommend you replace your nozzle at different times.  Generally, the recommendation is every 6 months.

Included in the box with the 5020A are 2 black nozzles, to match the colour of the unit itself.

With 2 included it is 1 year before you need to replace them.  

When you do a pack of 4 costs around £10, so £2.50 each.

It should be noted that all tips provided and sold for Fairywill flossers are jet tips.

Waterpik makes a more comprehensive range of tips for more specialist needs.  Whilst you can still use the 5020A if you have a bridge, implants or periodontal pockets.  You will typically be better served by Waterpik and their more bespoke range of nozzles.  With those tips you will likely get better results than you will with Fairywill.

The overall build quality of the 5020A is perfectly satisfactory. You can tell that some of the materials are of slightly lower quality. This is reflected in the price.  It is by no means bad, but noticeable when compared to the likes of Sonicare or Waterpik options.

The unit itself is IPX7 rated so it will resist water and you could use it in the shower if you really wanted. 

I do find this charging approach a bit frustrating. It does the job for sure, but there are neater, more convenient options.  On the plus side it does charge via USB. I will talk more about this in the battery life section of the review. 

It is a little disappointing that there isn’t some sort of travel case or pouch included in the box. It is by no means a deal breaker, but it would have added some extra value. At least this way you could keep nozzles, the flosser and power cable together.

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • 5.28oz 150ml water tank
  • Available in just 1 colour option
  • 3 modes, clean soft and massage
  • 30-110PSI (subject to mode)
  • LEDs clearly show which mode is selected
  • 2 jet tip nozzles included
  • No other nozzle types available
  • Nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees, although stiff
  • 35-40 seconds of usage time
  • Cleans the teeth and gums well
  • Automatic power off after 2 minutes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Battery charge/status LED
  • Produces up to 79 decibels
  • Water resistant 
  • No travel case/pouch provided

Battery life

Built into the Fairywill cordless flosser is a 600mAh Lithium-Ion battery.

Fairywill suggest that once charged you will get up to 21 days of use from it.

Most people will floss once a day.  If you want to use it more often you can. But, this usage time is based on 21 uses.

In my hands-on testing it achieved 360 days of use. 

This is an almost unbelievable amount of time in comparison to the claimed 21 days.  I think it is safe to say you won’t need to charge it all that often.

That was using the standard clean mode which lasts approximately 35 seconds.

Due to the limited time I can spend testing each model, I do have to simulate the battery life.  This is completed by turning the water flosser on and letting it run until it turns off automatically after 2 minutes. I repeat this until it won’t turn on any longer.  I multiply the number of 2 minute sessions by 120, to get the total running time in seconds.  I then divide this by the 35 seconds running time of the Clean mode.

When the battery is low, the charge light will flash blue as you use the flosser. The charge light is the same LED as the massage LED.

If you miss the flashing LED, eventually the flosser will stop working.

To recharge the battery you connect the provided power cable to the charging port on the front.  

Fairywill water flosser on charge

It should take about 4 hours to charge it.

Whilst on charge, the charge LED will flash. Once complete the light will turn off.

4 hours to charge and this battery life is pretty good. I can’t complain.  

Supplied is a proprietary USB power cable. At one end a standard male USB A connector and at the other a 2 pin style connector. It looks similar, but different to a figure 8 cable.

I like the fact it is a USB cable as this makes it widely accepted and offers a few options for charging. 

You can charge from your PC, laptop, USB wall socket or via a USB power adapter or even battery bank.

No power adapter is supplied. So, if you do want to connect it to a wall socket, you will need to acquire a USB plug adapter. You will more than likely have one for other technology products you own.

The cable is about 120cm/4 feet in length.

Because the flosser doesn’t need frequent charging, it is possible you might misplace the cable. Do be mindful of this.

I do however have a bit of a gripe about the way it charges though.

Now, I do admit this isn’t a massive issue. Particularly when you consider the other positive elements of this water flosser. Nonetheless, it is just something to be aware of.

My gripe isn’t so much with the fact that this is a proprietary connector. Fairywill do sell replacement cables if required. I have most issue with the removable port cover on the front of the flosser.

Fairywill are not the first, nor the last to offer this I am sure. But to access the port you need to remove this little rubber plug that protects the connector from water.

Fairywill fiddly port cover on 5020A water flosser

The plug is not physically attached to the flosser. At just 1cm wide and tall when removed, this could very easily be lost. If lost, your flosser now becomes very susceptible to water getting into the charging port.

If you do use your flosser in the shower, I can easily see the rubber plug getting washed down the drain if it were not securely seated.

Perhaps Fairywill would send a replacement if you requested.  But that is a bit of hassle we would all rather do without.

Other manufacturers typically offer other charging solutions.  One option is a stand the flosser sits on to recharge, like an electric toothbrush. Or a more innovative solution is a magnetic power adapter like that on the Waterpik Cordless Select or Cordless Advanced.

A simple fix, if you can call it that would have been to have the rubber plug remain connected to the flosser somehow.

It is a small issue, granted. But, given the other alternatives, I would have liked to have seen a different approach.

Summary of battery life

  • Rechargeable 600mAh Lithium-Ion battery built-in
  • Claimed battery life of up to 21 days/3 weeks
  • Achieved 360 days in hands-on testing
  • Charge light flashes blue when requiring a charge and when on charge
  • Charge light goes out when fully charged
  • Takes approximately 4 hours to charge
  • Proprietary USB cable
  • Fiddly and easy to lose port cover for the flosser

Price & where to buy


In the section below, I discuss the price more generally and in relation to similar products.

Fairywill products are sold online via eBay. You won’t typically find this stocked in your local high street pharmacy or supermarket.

Unlike many oral care brands, Fairywill does not heavily discount their products.

Many companies give their product a high retail price. Within days of launch it is discounted by 20-50% to make it look like a better deal.  

With Fairywill the product is priced competitively from the outset.

The retail price of the 5020A is £31.99.  This is slightly odd as this is the same as the larger 5020E.

I did say that Fairywill doesn’t typically discount. The average selling price, the 5020A is a few pounds less at around £27.50.

A £4.50 savings isn’t massive, but on a product of this price it is!

On rare occasions the price does drop further. But, if you think this is the product for you, I wouldn’t hold out hoping the price will drop.  

5020A water flosser in hand

Here at Electric Teeth we like to price products over a 3 year period. his gives some form of benchmark to the cost of actually owning the item.

With a typical selling price of £27.50, we need to factor in the cost of replacement nozzles.

Each nozzle should be replaced every 6 months.

The 5020A comes with 2 nozzles. This means over 3 years you will need to purchase a further 4.

Replacement nozzles are sold in packs of 4 and cost approximately £10.  Or to put it another way, £2.50 each.

This is competitive pricing yet again.

So over 3 years the total price of the Fairywill cordless water flosser is £37.50 or £0.03 per day.

This is without doubt a good price and not much more expensive than string floss.

For the same price though, you could own the larger 5020E model.

If you want the best water flosser on the market you are going to have to pay 3 times the price. That product is the Cordless Advanced from Waterpik.

Whilst there are benefits, it is quite difficult to justify 3x premium.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • Available to buy via eBay
  • Recommended retail price of £31.99
  • Average selling price of £27.50
  • Replacement nozzles come in packs of 4 for approx £10
  • Total cost of £37.50 or £0.03 per day to own over 3 years
  • Very cost effective

Reliability & long term use

During my time testing the 5020A, I have not had any performance or reliability issues.

Nor do I have any specific reason to think or suggest that ongoing reliability should be an issue.

As is the case with many Fairywill products, one does question, what is the catch with such a good value product.  Have corners been cut somewhere?

As standard it comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty from Fairywill.

It is disappointing that it does not come with a 2 year warranty. There is an option to extend it by a further 6 months, if you register as part of their VIP programme.

Strictly speaking under UK/EU law you should be offered a 2 year. You could potentially challenge Fairywill about this.  In truth, it probably wouldn’t be worth it for the monies involved.  


The Fairywill Cordless water flosser does what it is supposed to.  

It isn’t perfect though.

The small water tank helps it remain more compact. But the sacrifice is the usable time on a single fill of the tank.

The power port cover is fiddly and there is no travel pouch included.

It is great value, but for more people the 5020E (view it here on eBay) is better value. Double the tank capacity, a further 6 nozzles included and all for only a few pounds more.

Our Choice
Waterpik WP-562UK Cordless Advanced Water Flosser - Black Edition (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Water Flosser, Fairywill 300ML Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 8 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 3-Weeks Continuously Use, Dental Oral Irrigator for Travel, Home
Water Flossers for Teeh, Fairywill Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 2 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 21-Days Use, Oral Irragator for Travel, Office
Flosser Name
Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced
Waterpik 5020E
Waterpik 5020A
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Waterpik WP-562UK Cordless Advanced Water Flosser - Black Edition (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)
Flosser Name
Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Water Flosser, Fairywill 300ML Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 8 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 3-Weeks Continuously Use, Dental Oral Irrigator for Travel, Home
Flosser Name
Waterpik 5020E
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Water Flossers for Teeh, Fairywill Cordless Portable Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, 3 Modes and 2 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof, USB Charged for 21-Days Use, Oral Irragator for Travel, Office
Flosser Name
Waterpik 5020A
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth Rating

Fairywill 5020A Water Flosser Review 5

Size Guide

  • Height (with nozzle) – 27.5cm / 10.8 inches
  • Width – 5.7cm / 2.2 inches
  • Thickness – 7.2cm / 2.8 inches
  • Weight (with nozzle) – 275g/9.7oz

All are approximates


  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes.  It is a USB cable.  It does not come with a power brick.  You will need to source your own. You can charge it from any USB port.
  • How often do the tips/nozzles need replacing?
    • Nozzles should be replaced every 6 months on average.  You get 2 included in the box.
  • Can I use mouthwash in the Waterpik?
    • You could, but it would be expensive and wasteful. Best adding a dash into the water used in the reservoir for a burst of freshness if you so desire. 
    • The majority of users, myself included use with water only.
  • How much water or mouthwash does it hold?
    • Approx 5.28oz 150ml) which will last for 35-40 seconds.
  • My gums bleed when I use cordless flosser. Is that normal?
    • Bleeding gums may be a sign of infection. A little bleeding can be normal when starting a new oral care routine. This is because you may be cleaning areas not before reached. If the bleeding is excessive or does not stop within a few days, consult a dental professional.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Fairywill water flosser?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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  1. I woke up this morning and one was dead bot working and I put in charge as well but no sign of charging no blue light etc .. I don’t know what to do ?

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