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Encompass Toothbrush

Encompass Toothbrush

Encompass is a new type of electric toothbrush that has been engineered to offer effortless brushing.

Designed by dentists, this J shaped brush is another approach to achieving somewhat of a revolution in the way that we brush our teeth.  It looks to overcome the 2 biggest problems with teeth brushing today, technique and brushing time.

Too few people brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time and the technique used is often incorrect.

Encompass solves this (in theory at least) by allows brushing to take just 20 seconds, applying the correct pressure and angle whilst brushing each tooth evenly.

The following promotional video explains the concept.

The Encompass | Game changing half-mouth toothbrush

To date, mouthpiece toothbrushes have been created by a number of different companies, but none have (as yet) to really deliver an effective clean and at least get close to the performance of a regular manual or electric brush.

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The Encompass brush is another attempt by RYCA international.

RYCA is headed up by Ryan Schwartz and his dentist father, Cary Schwartz.

Unlike the mouthpiece toothbrushes that aim to clean all the surfaces of the teeth in the mouth at the same time, this approach cleans all surfaces of the teeth in one half of the mouth.

A ‘half-mouth’ toothbrush, you would brush the right side of the mouth (both upper and lower teeth) and then the left side, all in a fraction of the time you would normally.

Encompass half-mouth toothbrush

As I write this, the Encompass toothbrush is not yet a physical product that you and I can actually buy and receive now.  But, you can pre-order it.

You see, Encompass was first introduced in 2019 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo

Looking to achieve $30,000 the company managed has to date achieved $442,000 of funding.

This looks to be a very interesting product, but I am not sure if it will deliver the results claimed, I hoped to be proven wrong.

Encompass sports not only a unique design, but a patented air pump system is also being used to deliver 100 brush strokes per second to the teeth.  I have never come across such a system.

A pump built into the handle pushes air into the bladders within the head. As they inflate and deflate they move the bristles uniformly across the teeth.

Images of the brush look very promising and it is certainly, in my opinion at least, one of the more appealing brushes to use.

Encompass toothbrush features

Of course, every mouth is different, but a one size fits all approach tends to be good enough for most of these types of products.

The half-mouth brush head with what are called ‘flex fingers’ and a longitudinal flex point allows the head to adjust to your mouth and teeth to provide a custom fit and incur proper bristle contact for every tooth.

Unique this product is, it is nice to see it has not been designed with lots of unnecessary features. 

With just 1 cleaning mode and a built-in rechargeable battery, Encompass isn’t claiming to be a smart toothbrush and deliver you pearly white teeth in just 3 days.  It simply promises to clean your teeth really well and evenly, in less time than a regular toothbrush.

J-shaped encompass toothbrush

Many wonder how it can clean all your teeth in less time.  The simple fact is that with regular brushing, each tooth surface is brushed one at a time.  With encompass and other mouthpiece brushes like this, they are cleaning 3 surfaces of the teeth at once, so it is going to be quicker.

Taken from the Encompass crowdfunding page:

“The recommended brushing time of 2 minutes means you brush one surface of each of your teeth for approximately 1.25 seconds (assuming you are spending the right amount of time on each tooth). With Encompass, you brush all 3 surfaces of the teeth in half of your mouth simultaneously for 10 seconds. When you think about it, that means you are actually brushing each tooth for 8 times longer with an Encompass toothbrush!” 

I won’t list out all the different perks and prices, but there is a cost advantage to backing now, before the product begins shipping.  But, the risk is you can’t be sure just how good it will be.

The brush is due to begin shipping in December 2020 early 2023.

Rest assured, I will go hands-on as soon as I can and will provide detailed feedback when I do. In the meantime, you can learn more at https://encompassbrush.com/

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2 thoughts on “Encompass Toothbrush”

  1. Hi Jon!

    Thanks for reviewing the (not yet physical product) kickstarter of Encompass.
    Have you looked at the kickstarter of CleanFreak?


    I was wondering about your opinions for that one. They did point out that after they’re done with the kickstarter they plan to send you one, but I was wondering if the kickstarter materials were enough to point any obvious massive flaws or anything.


    • Hi Yoni.

      Thanks for the comment. I can confirm that whilst I have not had any hands-on with CleanFreak, just like Encompass, I have put a few of my thoughts together in this article: https://www.electricteeth.com/uk/cleanfreak-initial-thoughts/

      I can’t see any obvious flaws. But I am not an engineer and companies like CleanFreak are all innovating and trying new approaches to get the best results. Add into this the fact that products can change quite dramatically throughout a Kickstarter campaign it becomes difficult to make too much comment prior to hands-on. What gives me some more faith with CleanFreak is the fact that they have put together a good set of materials and show plaque disclosing tests which many others do not. Plaque is the reason we brush our teeth, so being upfront about the performance here is commendable.

      It is interesting to see that they suggest that they will be sending one to me for review. I have had no communication with them to date that I recall.

      We don’t typically accept samples from manufacturers here at Electric Teeth as our approach is to test from the consumer’s point of view. This is why we have backed the campaign and have one on order ourselves.

      When we do receive the unit we have paid for I will be sure to give it the proper review treatment.

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