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Electric Toothbrushes With Timers

Electric Toothbrushes with timers
Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 1

Although you probably already know this, I will reiterate it, most dentists advise cleaning your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes.  That is 4 minutes brushing per day.

But how do you know how long you have been brushing for?

Do you guess? Do you countdown? Do you use a watch? A timer?

The reality of the situation is that many people guess or do not accurately time how long they have been brushing their teeth for. This means they may not be brushing their teeth for the desired amount of time each day.  

In fact, statistics show, that 4% of adults brush there teeth for 30 seconds of less!

Cutting short the brushing time, can over time have a negative impact on our oral health.

The good news is that the majority of electric toothbrushes have a timer built in to help us brush for the right amount of time.

We actually class a timer as one of the most important features to consider in our toothbrush buyer’s guide

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 2

What is a 2 minute timer?

One definition given by Google’s online dictionary is: “a person or device that measures or records the amount of time taken by a process or activity.

In respect to an electric toothbrush it is most certainly a device, an electronic device.

Built into many electric toothbrushes, the timer, counts up (or down if you prefer) to that 2 minutes, from the moment the brush is powered on.

Normally the brush will then alert you when the 2 minutes is complete.  This alert will be either via a pause or change in sound from the brush head motor or an automatic power-off of the brush at the end of the cleaning cycle.

The digital timer built into the brush is accurate and eliminates the guessing that you may previously have been guilty of.

I suspect those 2 minutes feel a lot longer!

Timer - Electric Toothbrush Features - How Important?

Which toothbrushes have a built in timer?

Most electric toothbrushes from reputable brands have timers built in as standard.  

However there is also the consideration for quad pacers or 30 second timers, that I explained later in this article.

Most do have the quadpacer as part of their timer.

It is not always the case, but generally it is the cheaper toothbrushes that retail for less than £20 that do not have a 2 minute timer built in.  I would generally advise, if you can opting for a brush that offers a timer if you can afford to go for one of these or it fits in with your needs.

Oral-B electric toothbrush with timer

  • Stages Power Kids (no 30 second timer)
  • Junior
  • Junior Smart
  • Junior Start Wars
  • Teen
  • Vitality (no 30 second timer)
  • Vitality plus (no 30 second timer)
  • Vitality 100
  • Vitality 100 Plus
  • Pro 600
  • Pro 650
  • Pro 670
  • Pro 680
  • Pro 2000
  • Pro 2 2000
  • Pro 2500
  • Pro 2 2500
  • Pro 2900
  • Pro 2 2900
Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 3
  • Pro 3000
  • Pro 3 3000
  • Pro 3 3500
  • SmartSeries 4000
  • Smart 4 4000
  • SmartSeries 4500
  • Smart 4 4500
  • Smart 4 4900
  • SmartSeries 5000
  • Smart 5 5000
  • Smart 5 5900
  • SmartSeries 6000
  • SmartSeries 6500
  • Smart 6 6000
  • Smart 6 6200
  • Pro 7000
  • Genius 8000
  • Genius 8900
  • Genius 9000
  • Genius 9900
  • Genius 10000
  • Genius X
  • iO Series 4
  • iO Series 5
  • iO Series 6
  • iO Series 7
  • iO Series 8
  • iO Series 9
  • iO Series 10
Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 4

Sonicare electric toothbrush with timer

  • Kids
  • CleanCare+
  • DailyClean
  • EasyClean
  • 2 Series
  • 3 Series
  • 5 Series
  • HealthyWhite
  • FlexCare
  • FlexCare+
  • FlexCare Platinum
  • FlexCare Platinum Connected
  • 1100 Series
  • 2100 Series
  • 3100 Series
  • ProtectiveClean 4300
  • ProtectiveClean 5100
  • ProtectiveClean 6100
  • ExpertClean
  • DiamondClean
  • DiamondClean 9000
  • DiamondClean Smart
  • 9900 Series

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 5

Colgate electric toothbrush with timer

  • ProClinical 150 (no 30 second timer)
  • ProClinical Pocket-Pro
  • ProClincal 250
  • ProClinical 250+
  • ProClinical 250R
  • ProClinical 350
  • Proclinical 600
  • ProClinical A1500
  • Connect E1 Smart

Please be aware that every effort is made to keep this list up to date and in line with the leading brands ranges, but models and features do change.  Please do check yourself before purchase.

Brushes without a teeth brushing timer

  • Any manual toothbrush
  • Oral-B Advance Power

Different cleaning modes will have different cleaning times

Whilst the ‘standard’ cleaning mode on most electric toothbrushes is programmed for 2 minutes, some brushing modes last for longer.

The mode and running time can vary from one brand and brush to another, but typical longer lasting modes include deep clean and whitening mode.

There are also modes that last less time, such as tongue cleaning mode.

As such the brush behaviour and brushing time alters.  

A tongue cleaning mode for example may will be set for 15-30 seconds, whilst a deep clean or whitening mode will go on for around 3 minutes.

It is those electric toothbrushes with a timer and pacer built in that normally have these extra modes.

There are 2 parts to a timer – 2 minute timer and a quad/30 second pacer (quadpacer)

Quadpacer/30 Second Timer - Electric Toothbrush Features - How Important?

With the most modern of electric toothbrushes, the built in timer is a little more advanced than simply a 2 minute timer.

Many have what is referred to as a 30 second or quad pacer.

This is like a secondary timer, that runs at the same time as the 2 minute timer.

The reason behind this, is that generally speaking the mouth is split into 4 sections.  The upper right and upper left quadrant as well as the lower right and lower left quadrant.

Each of these 4 sections should get brushing attentions for 30 seconds.  This ensures a balanced clean around the mouth and tries to ensure that time is not focused just on the front or back teeth, but an equal time is applied to all teeth.

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 6

This then is where the quadpacer or 30 second timer comes into play.

A typical brushing routine will run like this.

  • Power the brush on, the timer begins running.
  • You begin cleaning your upper right quadrant.
  • After 30 seconds you hear a brief change in the brush motor noise and there is a slight pause in the motion of the brush head movements.  This is the 30 second pacer.  Mover to the upper left quadrant.
  • After another 30 seconds you hear that same brief change in the brush motor noise and there is a slight pause in the motion of the brush head movements.  This is the 30 second pacer again.  You have now completed 60 seconds/1 minute of cleaning. Move to the lower right quadrant.
  • 30 seconds pass and the pacer kicks in again.  Move to the lower left quadrant.
  • 30 seconds pass and now the 2 minute timer kicks in to confirm the clean is complete.  The brush will either automatically power off, or there will be a longer pause in the brush head movements that signifies to you 2 minutes have passed, but you have to now manually switch the brush off.

For longer cleaning modes like Deep Clean or Whitening a similar pattern will occur, but the intervals are longer, or extra intervals are added to focus on the front or back teeth for example.  Consult the manual for your particular brush and cleaning mode to find out more.

Very useful is this quadpacer, some user prefer not to switch this off, if possible.  Some brushes, notably Oral-B do allow this.  You should consult your toothbrush user manual to find out if this is possible and how to do this.

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 7

Electric toothbrush with timer – things to know

Believe it or not timers and pacers built into a toothbrush can be a little more complicated or have more features associated than you might first think.

Some brushes will automatically power off

Listening to the sound of the brush motor or waiting for a pause in the brushing cycle can seem like a hard thing to become aware of, but trust me you soon get used to it.

However some brands of toothbrush, notably Colgate and Sonicare make it very clear to you when the 2 minute clean is up, because they actually turn the brush off completely.

I really like this, it is a small but neat convenience.

You can of course continue to brush for longer if you wish, but you will need to power the brush on.

Popular brand Oral-B do not switch their brushes off automatically. Although the timer is present, you will need to switch the brush off manually, this is to encourage longer cleaning times.

Some brushes will light up

Few brushes do this, but on those that do, it is a nice feature.

This is something you see on Oral-B models, the Pro/Smart Series 6000 and 6500’s pressure sensor will at 30 seconds and at the 2 minute mark, illuminate the pressure sensor.  However rather than the normal red warning colour you get a green light flash instead.  

I think it is a smart addition and is another visual clue f you are not listening to the rush motor.

Slightly newer models including the Genius 8000, 8900 and 9000 have an LED Smart Ring, where the same principle applies but rather than green the LED ring which is always lit when the brush is running just flashes your chosen colour.  Same principle but not green in colour.

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 8

Oral-B Timer – Smart Wireless Guide

A really underrated feature in my opinion is what is known as a wireless timer, or Smart Wireless Guide from Oral-B.  Predominantly seen with older Oral-B models, the Smart Wireless Guide is essentially a digital toothbrush timer, designed to be positioned near you when cleaning your teeth.

When not in use it shows the time, but when you activate your brush, it begins showing on screen the time you have been cleaning for.

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 9

It rates via a star system and via an emotive face how well you are cleaning.

A sad face will show with maybe a 2 star rating if you clean for just 1 minute whilst a happy face with 4 stars will show if a full 2 minute clean has been achieved.

If you apply too much pressure when brushing, you may also get an angry face on screen.

It does also have a guide as to what quadrant of the mouth you should be brushing as the timer counts too.

Designed to be an aid, it keeps you focused and motivated to achieve a good clean.  I liked this a lot and for children I believe it worked well too as it was a big clear and visible sign.

Our Oral-B Wireless Smart Guide article explains what it offers in detail.

It is no longer provided in the box as standard with newer models, but it is compatible with Oral-B’s Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes, meaning for many it is possible to buy this digital toothbrush timer and make brushing for 2 minutes more enjoyable.

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 10

Timers are moving to apps

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 11

Initially introduced by Oral-B with their Smart Series brushes, but now also available on many other models including those from Sonicare is Bluetooth connectivity.

This is where the toothbrush communicates with an app on a smartphone wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

Data is transferred to the 2 devices, to log the cleaning performance and what is going on, but the main displays usually show a bold timer and visual indicators that represent the quad pacer.

This is the modern equivalent to the Smart Wireless Guide and built in timer to the brush that works for those who are attached to their phone.

Many other benefits do follow, but it is now possible for some models to take advantage of this feature.

Electric Toothbrushes With Timers 12

Kids timers – apps and sand

So far I have been generally speaking about toothbrushes designed for adults.

For older children, aged 6 years and up, there are electric toothbrushes with associated smartphone apps, that make the process of cleaning your teeth a game, which makes it more enjoyable for children. A few of the best options can be seen here

There are apps that can be used alongside a manual brush also.

It is really important to teach children the importance of brushing and there are some great toothbrushes available now that really do promote good oral hygiene to children.

As the name implies, Brush-Baby Babysonic’s electric toothbrush is designed for babies and even this has both a 2 minute timer and pacer built in, which is fantastic.

However, it is quite common that for children under 3, a manual toothbrush is used.

In this instance, for the child and parent alike, it is useful to find another style of timer that can help promote brushing for the right time.

Sand timers that can work really well as they are engaging.  View on Amazon a range of options, and see if it encourages your child to brush for the correct amount of time. 

A bit more expensive, but a bit more modern and engaging is this teeth brushing timer that has a red and green light to alerts the child.

Toothbrush timers for adults

If you use a manual toothbrush or your electric toothbrush does not have a timer, there are plenty of alternative 2 minute toothbrush timers available to you as an adult.

A sand timer works well.  Using a stopwatch, be that on your phone, wristwatch or an actual dedicated stop watch are options.

For those with smart speakers like Google home and Alexa, you can ask a timer to be set whilst you brush also.

There is little excuse not to brush for 2 minutes.

Got a question?

Hopefully I have covered all you should need to know about timers and what they do and how they work.

However, if I have missed something and you want to know more or have a question, ask away in the comments below.

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    • Only really through testing a different charger and running various tests. You can always contact Oral-B for support & assistance.

  1. The one thing you don’t explain: how does the timer actually work? Is there a tiny watch clock (Quarz frequency system) in there? Or a wig I connection to an atomic clock? Or a dome capacitor that discharges in a 30 second interval?

    • Sorry auto spell. Here is the cleaned up version:
      The one thing you don’t explain: how does the timer actually work? Is there a tiny watch clock (Quarz frequency system) in there? Or a wifi connection to an atomic clock? Or a discharge capacitor that discharges in a 30 second interval?

    • I don’t know the exact technical name/correct explanation for it, but the clock is controlled by the electronics built into the main board inside the toothbrush.

  2. Hi, Jon,
    Do you know how these brushes detect the time, technologically?
    Are there any toothbrushes that can detect trickery – i.e. a kid just turns it on but doesn’t brush their teeth?

    • Hi Brayden.

      As far as I am aware, all brushes use timers built into the electronics of the toothbrush.

      What this means is, whether you are brushing your teeth or not, the timer/pacer still functions.

      There are applications for kids that help encourage them to brush, but there are none that I know of that can effectively detect trickery.

      Some brushes (Oral-B Genius X & Sonicare DiamondClean Smart) do have real-time tracking via smartphone applications, so you can see what/if any teeth were brushed. However, these are premium brushes not really aimed at children.

      I am sure in time such features/functionality will come but as yet (to my knowledge) there is nothing that can accurately tell if a child has or has not brushed for 2 minutes, or adjusts the timer until they achieve a full 2 minutes of brushing.

  3. My husband has a smart timer and now i have purchased the same toothbrush and I have one. I have noticed he has come onto my timer when he cleans his teeth are we doing something wrong. I don’t want him on my timer.

    • Georgie.

      Are you suggesting you could be brushing your teeth and he then does his at the same time, when your timer picks up his brush?

      I have seen it before where brushes automatically are detected by the timer.

      In theory, you have to programme the brushes to the Smart Guide.

      You could share 1 timer by following the pairing process on this page or pair both brushes to each timer and that should stop the conflict.

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