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DuraPik – initial thoughts and reaction

Durapik - Initial Thoughts

Editor’s Note

We have created a hands-on review of DuraPik, having received our flosser in the summer of 2021.

Read our DuraPik Reusable Zero Waste Flosser Review.

DuraPik is a sustainable approach to flossing and interdental cleaning.

It has begun shipping, and our review will be available soon.

You can order one from Durapiks website – https://durapik.co/

In the sections below I give my initial thoughts and reactions based on previous testing of similar products, and explain in detail what Durapik is and how it works.  

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DuraPik - initial thoughts and reaction 1

There is a real need for a reduction in the use of plastics within dentistry and oral health care, but particularly single-use plastics.

Durapik is a simple solution to this problem.  It is essentially a handle for your floss.  

Unlike typical floss picks that are designed to be used once and thrown away, this is reusable.

The company have focused on the eco-benefits, but I think it offers benefits in the ease of use too.  Less fingers and thumbs as you floss, because it is tied to the handle and not your fingers.

They supply floss, but you can use your own preferred option if you would rather.

Yes, it takes a couple of seconds to load the floss, rather than using a pre-loaded flosser each time.  But, long term the environment and I suspect your wallet will thank you.

Will the squarer edged metal feel colder and rougher against the cheeks and gums compared to plastic floss picks, possibly, but it isn’t the biggest issue.

To be honest, there is little not to like here.  I am looking forward to testing it.

Timeline of updates

  • 4th June 2021 – Unit received. Review now available here.
  • 23rd April – Told shipping has begun, but no confirmation as yet of ours having been dispatched.
  • 8th February 2021 – Delayed until April.
  • 5th January 2021 – Delayed until February.
  • 8th December 2020 – Delayed until January 2021.
  • December 2020  – Due to begin shipping.
  • August 27th 2020 – Campaign moves to Indieogo.
  • August 27th 2020 – Campaign ends with 8,159 backers and CDN $565,890 approx £328,162 of funds.  3193% over the target.
  • July 22nd 2020 – Campaign fully funded on Kickstarter.
  • July 21st 2020 – Campaign launched on Kickstarter goal of CA $17,720 approx £10,275.

DuraPik Explained

Durapik is a handle to which you can attach a piece of floss.  You then use this tool to help you clean between your teeth, a task you should be completing at least once a day.

It has been designed as an alternative to the pre-loaded plastic floss picks that you can buy.

This is the main reason for this product being created.  It has been designed to be better for the environment, focusing on daily reuse rather than the throw away approach that is often promoted to us.

Gold Durapik

Using Durapik instead of a floss pick can save on average 350 single-use floss picks per person from going into landfill each year. 

It even comes with environmentally friendly floss, that is organic and vegan.  So, although you need to use a new piece of floss each time, the floss itself is as harmless to the planted at it can be.

Made from recycled surgical grade stainless steel the handle is designed to be durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

DuraPik - initial thoughts and reaction 2

Available in a range of colours, including charcoal (black), mermaid (pink), gold, artic (electric blue) and silver.

It is even dishwasher safe, so you can give it a thorough clean when you want to.

It even comes with a toothpick built into the bottom of the handle. Just pull it out to use as and when you need to.

The Durapik team is headed up by Keirin Shaw the founder and CEO, with staff in both Australia and Canda.  None of the team are dentists or medical professionals, but they are focused on making the world around us more sustainable.

2 flavours of floss are available, plain or peppermint.  You get some included with the Durapik when you first buy it, but you can use your own if you prefer.

It takes just a couple of seconds to load the floss onto the handle.

Durafloss is made up of organic bamboo at the core with organic peppermint essential oils and then coated in organic candelilla wax.  It is vegan friendly and compostable.

Each reel is 30m (98 feet) long.

Durapik will be offering the floss on a flexible subscription plan for those who want it.  You will be able to control how much it delivered and when.

Whilst the creators don’t really promote it, I actually think it is a very handy tool for those who might find regular flossing difficult.  It takes the pressure off of the fingers and thumbs, allowing for a more convenient and hassle-free approach.

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Jon is a leading voice on electric toothbrushes and has been quoted by mainstream media publications for his opinions and expertise.

Having handled & tested hundreds of products there really is very little he does not know about them.

Passionate about business and helping others, Jon has been involved in various online enterprises since the early 2000s.

After spending 12 years in consumer technology, it was in 2014 that he focused his attention on dental health, having experienced first-hand the challenge of choosing a new toothbrush.

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5 thoughts on “DuraPik – initial thoughts and reaction”

  1. have u been following the Verified reviews on Kickstarter the past 2 momnths? Ttey are terrible. Durapik is a horrible faulty product for 95% of verified reviewers. These scammers wont even lt u leave a negative rview on their webiste.They also knw this but continue to manufacure a faulty product that will go in the trash,s o much forconcern for thee planet.all marketing all scam. terrible people keirin shaw should be ashamed.they completely lied to IGG orders too, put them all the way at end of shipping with no notification.

    • We backed the campaign and received ours recently. I haven’t gotten around to testing it as yet. What do you believe to be faulty about it?

      • I am using mine for the first time now and whatever floss you use in it, either the algae one provided or normal floss from the supermarket shreds after 3 or 4 teeth meaning you have to replace. So time consuming and will also end up using much more floss that conventional methods if you persevere and use for your whole mouth. Absolute waste of money so far. Also took 18 months to arrive but that was kind expected with it being kickstarter and delays due to covid. Did no one in the company test this product themselves? Have you a actually tested it or just get sucked in by the marketing like I did.

        • Hi Jake.

          I can confirm I have now tested Durapik and the review should be on the site (and linked from this post) within the next week or so.
          I have had a similar situation to you. The finished product is quite poor all things considered. A disappointment for sure.

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