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  • Tooth Decay: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments
    Tooth decay is amongst the most common diseases to affect the human race. Statistics show that 35% of the global population, that is some 2.4 billion people, have untreated decay in their permanent teeth. The World Health Organisation ranks tooth decay and oral diseases as the 4th most expensive health conditions to treat. Scary figures these
  • Gingivitis (Gum Disease): Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & FAQ.
    Gum disease might not be a headline-grabbing news story like cancer, but it is a condition that, according to the British Society of Periodontology, affects more than 45% of adults in the UK. The technical name for gum disease is ‘gingivitis’, and is a disease that affects the gums, causing inflammation and bleeding.  The good
  • Root Canal Treatment: Cost, Procedure & FAQ
    The exterior of our teeth might well be made of the hardest substance in the human body, enamel, but inside each tooth is a complex network of tissues and nerves that are much more delicate. This softer area is called the pulp. If the enamel becomes damaged bacteria, liquids and food stuffs can come into
  • Best mouthwash & gels for ulcers
    Quick Links Best Mouthwash for Ulcers Best Gels For Ulcers Do’s & Don’ts Overview Despite being only a matter of millimeters in size, an ulcer can be very uncomfortable in the mouth. Whilst they will normally go away naturally within a matter of days or weeks, the discomfort they cause can potentially be eased with
  • Tooth repair: how to fix a chipped, cracked or broken tooth
    We have all heard about, if not seen the stories where people have chipped or broken their teeth. Many of these are as a result of unfortunate accidents; but failure to take adequate precautions in certain circumstances can result in chipped, broken or cracked teeth. You may have chips in your teeth or maybe you
  • White Spots On Teeth: Why Are They There & How Do You Get Rid Of Them?
    Introduction The news coverage and social media we come into contact with often leads us to believe that everyone has the Hollywood smile, with super white and perfectly aligned teeth. Sadly this is not the case and many people have conditions, such as white spots or marks on the teeth that can make us feel
  • Bleeding gums when brushing teeth
    Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing your teeth is not normal or healthy! Let’s get straight to the point here… Lots of people complain about bleeding gums, and so it may seem normal…but at no point should you be content with finding that your gums are bleeding! If your gums are bleeding you need to
  • Tooth Extraction: Healing Time, Cost & Removal Process
    With proper care and maintenance, the natural teeth that you have in your mouth will last a lifetime. However, there may come a time when you need to have one or more of those natural teeth removed. The reasons why can differ. In this article, I will explain the main reasons for tooth extraction. I
  • Emergency Dentist – Instructions, Costs & FAQ
    As much as you might try, you cannot always plan life and what goes on. Accidents happen and situations arise where you need urgent dental care. Thankfully there are dental professionals available at all hours of the day and night that can be called upon if necessary. However, unlike medical emergencies where there is an
  • Tooth, mouth & gum abscess treatment: a detailed guide
    An abscess in the mouth is not the most pleasant thing to experience. It can be painful and uncomfortable. The good news is that they can be treated, but you will need to see a dentist. If you are concerned you may have an abscess, this article is for you. Read on to understand what
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: Cost (UK), Recovery Time, Pain Relief & FAQ
    This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about wisdom teeth removal. It is made up of short, informative sections and has been medically checked by our in-house dentist, Dr. Gemma Wheeler. Find the sections most relevant to your current question, and if there’s anything you would still like to know, leave a comment
  • How to identify and treat a dead tooth: advice from a dentist
    All teeth have a nerve inside of them, and it is perfectly possible to damage this nerve. If there is a lot of damage, or if there is damage over a long time, the tooth can die. Before you get too concerned, and to calm your nerves, I want to reassure you that having a