Dental Guides

On this page we include various dental guides that can help you to save money, look after the products you've purchased, and improve your dental health.

2 Pin Plugs & Adapters for Toothbrushes Explained So you have just bought that new electric toothbrush, but wait, how do you charge it?  It has a[...]
Philips Sonicare Heads: The Ultimate Guide
Sonicare brush heads explained, compared and reviewed: which is best? Are you looking for Sonicare toothbrush heads? Are you confused[...]
How to get cheap replacement brush heads
Have you been thinking that the cost of brush heads for your electric toothbrush are a bit expensive? Do you[...]
Cheap Aftermarket or Alternative Oral-B & Sonicare Brush Heads
Do you find the manufacturer original brush heads for your toothbrush too expensive? Are you looking for cheaper brush heads[...]
Interdental Cleaning – Floss vs Interdental Brushes
Have you been told you need to floss or use interdental brushes? Are you wondering what the differences are and[...]
Electric vs Manual Toothbrush
Electric or manual, both toothbrushes are designed to help remove plaque, bacteria and debris from our teeth and gums to[...]
How To Use Plaque Disclosing Tablets In this post you'll learn how to use plaque disclosing tablets to check you're brushing your teeth properly. To[...]
Dental Check Up: Cost, Procedure And What To Expect
In the UK, many people go to the dentist for regular dental checkups.  Despite this, in 2018-19 only just over[...]
NHS & Private Dental Charges Explained
Dental charges may appear to be complex, and you may also be wondering how and why you are charged when[...]
Dental Veneers: Costs, Types, Procedures & FAQ
Veneers are one of a number of different cosmetic dentistry options available to improve the look of your teeth. A[...]
Invisalign Invisible Braces: Reviews, Costs & FAQ
Many of us would like nothing more than for our natural teeth to be perfectly straight.  However, the reality is,[...]
Denture Implants & Implant Retained Dentures: Procedure, Costs & FAQ
If you lose one or more teeth today, there are many fantastic options available to you, to fill that gap[...]
Dental Implants: Costs, Procedure & FAQ (UK)
No matter how good your oral hygiene routine, circumstances may lead to you losing one or more of your teeth[...]
Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative?
Veneers are one of a number of different cosmetic dentistry options available to improve the look of your teeth. Professionally[...]
Mini & Midi Dental Implants: Costs, Procedure & FAQ
If you have or are ever to lose one or more teeth, it is likely that you would wish to[...]
Dentures: a guide to types of false teeth & their costs
Quick Links The key things you should knowTypes of denturesHow much do dentures cost?NHS or private? False teeth - The[...]
Dental Crowns & Tooth Caps: Costs, Procedure & FAQ
Quick Links How much does a dental crown cost?NHS vs private dental crownsDifference between a crown and a cap Overview[...]
What is air polishing and how much does it cost?
Over time, bacteria-containing plaque can build up on teeth. This can lead to gum disease (gingivitis), calculus (tartar) build up,[...]
Dental scaling and polishing explained by a dentist
Descaling, tooth cleaning, dental scraping...these are all a number of terms for what I would call a dental scale and[...]
Colgate Omron Toothbrush Heads: The Ultimate Guide
Are you struggling to tell the difference between the Colgate toothbrush heads? Unsure which one you should use and when?[...]
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening: The Ultimate Guide In recent years, tooth whitening has become immensely popular. But when you first start researching[...]
Toothpaste ingredients: what’s safe and what isn’t?
What is toothpaste made of? Such a simple question, yet the answer is a long one. Many off-the-shelf toothpastes contain a[...]
Toothpastes with and without microbeads
Toothpastes in the UK do not contain microbeads As of June 2018, toothpastes containing microbeads can no longer be sold[...]
Teeth Brushing Guide
Looking after your teeth and oral health is incredibly important. For the majority of us, all we need to do[...]
Electric Toothbrush Heads: Buying Guide & FAQ
Where to buy them, how to get them cheap, when to replace them and more Welcome to our hub page[...]