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Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme

Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme 1

Recycle your oral care products

What do you do with your toothbrush or tube of toothpaste when it needs replacing?

I suspect you just throw it in the bin.

You are not alone, millions do, because there is little in the way of other options.

Your local council may offer kerbside recycling or have local recycling centres, but finding a way to get rid of these products is difficult, because the plastics and materials used in toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and other dental health products are hard to dispose of.

Even Recyclenow indirectly says, you are probably going to have to throw your toothpaste tube in the bin.

However, things are changing, thanks to Colgate.

They have teamed up with Terracycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste.

Together they have launched a completely free recycling programme for oral care products and packaging.

You can now recycle your toothbrush.

You can now recycle toothpaste tubes.

You can now recycle electric toothbrush brush heads.

Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme 2

How it works

Rather than throwing away your toothbrush and empty tube of toothpaste, you can recycle it.

All you need do, is pop them into the appropriate bin at one of the many drop off locations around the country.

Once full, the bin is collected and sent into TerraCycle’s facilities for processing.

The recyclable products are then separated by material composition, shredded and melted into hard plastic pellets.

From there they can be remoulded to make new recycled products such as benches.

TerraCycle rewards shipments of over 200g, approximately 15 pieces of oral care, with points which can equal a donation to the school, charity or nonprofit of the sender’s choice.

A shipment over 1kg will be rewarded 100 points, the equivalent of £1.

Anyone can sign up to the programme as a private collector or a public location which will be visible on the TerraCycle map.

What is accepted

  • Any brand of toothbrushes
  • Any brand of toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads
  • Any brand of toothbrush outer packaging
  • Any brand of toothpaste cartons

In order to recycle this waste stream properly, please make sure all excess product has been removed (i.e. leftover product) and place all the accepted packaging in a box.

If you choose to rinse your product, please note that it must be completely dry prior to placing in a recycling bin.

What is not accepted

  • Dental Floss and Floss Containers
  • Interdental Brushes
  • Toothache Kits
  • Breath Sprays
  • Denture Adhesives Packaging
  • Denture Tablets Packaging
  • Denture Cream Tubes
  • Battery Toothbrushes
  • Mouthwash Plastic Bottles
  • Tubes that did not contain toothpaste
  • Outer packaging that did not contain toothbrushes
  • Cartons that did not contain toothpaste

Where can I drop them off?

Click here to be taken through to a map, where you can find the nearest location to yourself to recycle your oral care products.

Noteworthy facts

  • An estimated 850 million – 1 billion toothbrushes are put into landfill each year in the USA alone.
  • 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of within Australia each year.

The following video promotes a more sustainable toothbrush, but it tells the story of the impact our oral care products are having on the world today.

Journey of a Toothbrush - A Short Film About Plastic Pollution


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48 thoughts on “Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme”

  1. Hi, I’m not able to get the address off the map, as it doesn’t seem to function. Could you please provide me with an address detailing my closest drop off point. Thanks.
    Postal code is: SK13 6LY

  2. Thanks for all the information. Unfortunately some of the collection points in my area of London are no longer available. Terra cycle don’t seem to update their website to show this so it’s not entirely accurate.

  3. Hello.
    Could I ask in the current climate , do you have any address that I could use to post old electric toothbrush heads to? I live on the west side of Edinburgh and I see that there are , I think , only two drop off points in the area.
    As we are still very uncertain when we can start going out for non essential reasons, any help in recycling would be very much appreciated.
    Kind regards and stay safe

    • Hi Michael.

      The programme is not run by ourselves and I am not aware of an option under the Colgate scheme to post the items to be recycled. You could potentially contact the host of a recycling point and see if they offer such. But this would be very much on a location by location basis.

      You could however also consider the Philips dental recycling system which is currently offering the ability to ship items direct to the recycler. https://www.philips.co.uk/a-w/about/dental-recycling-scheme.html

      • Hi Jon.
        Thank you for your reply. You cleared up my query. I will look into the Philips programme.
        Best wishes

  4. Could you please provide me with the exact address for my closest drop off point as I’m not able to get the address off the map.
    I’m in Wythenshawe M22

    Thank you.

    • Hi.

      According to the map, the closest addresses to you are:

      20 Patterdale Road, Northenden, M22 4WG – This is a residential address and the bins are available 9am-5pm


      Tithe Barn Primary School, Mauldeth Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 3NG – Available most weekdays 8.30am to 4.30pm during the week

      Or alternatively,

      Arundel Dental Practice, 33 Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall, Greater Manchester, SK7 2DN – Available 8.30am to 3.30pm during the week

  5. I want to recycle my oral products but getting to a drop off point is really diffcult for me. Is there a way to post them to a location?

    • Hi Sonea. Thanks for the question, it is a good one to ask. I am not aware of any that accept postal deposits. You could, however, contact a local location and ask the question, I am sure some would allow this.

    • Hi Diana.

      Sadly not as far as I am aware. You might be able to contact a location that has a collection box and ask if they would allow you to post them and they can deposit them on your behalf.

  6. What a shame there is nowhere on the isles of Harris or Lewis in outer Hebrides?
    There is a private dental practice in Stornoway if you approached them could be an idea.
    Or even the ferry ports for we get lots of tourists !
    Stornoway & Tarbert ( on harris)

    • Hi Sue.

      It is a shame. It is possible they could potentially be placed there. The dental practice would need to sign up to the recycling programme themselves.

  7. Great up-to-date information. Glad I found this to read. Wanting to recycle our oral care as I feel so bad just throwing them in the bin.

    I believe my nearest place is Nationwide?! Can this be confirmed? I am in the NN15 postcode.


    • Hi Lydia.

      I have just checked myself and yes, Nationwide, 42-44 High Street, NN16 8SW appears to be your closest drop-off location.

  8. Hello, on your post it appears electric toothbrush heads are accepted by colgate recycle program. However when I access TerraCycle’s website it says electric toothbrush and their parts are not accepted? Thanks for clarifying!

    • Hi Laraine.

      The brush heads from an electric toothbrush is accepted.

      What I believe the Terracycle website means is that if your electric toothbrush stopped working, you could not recycle the handle that includes the battery and electronics.

      This poster shows what is and is not accepted. It states ‘any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads’.

  9. I can see from the map my closest.drop off is Hook Hampshire however it looks to be a private residence. How do I contact the person to arrange drop off?

    • Hi Paula,

      In these instances, if there are no contact details provided (which there appears not to be), there is usually a clearly labelled bin/place to deposit the items outside the property.

      The one near you appears to have 24 hour access so I would expect this to be the case.

  10. Is there any way to send it directly to Terracycle? I don’t drive and both of those drop off points will take me ages to get to by bus. So if walking to the post office is an option, I’d rather take that.

    • Not as far as I am aware.

      The only way it can go direct to Terracycle is if you personally buy one of Terracycles own recycling boxes (available here), which is an expensive option, for dental products alone.

  11. Hi, it’s lovely to see a programme like this running, but the map is so crowded it’s imposible to use. Is there no way of entering a postcode which then leads to your local site. I was looking for my mother who is 86 she doesn’t drive far so somewhere local to CM83 would be great

    • Hi Amanda.

      You should be able to zoom in to see those most local to you.

      I believe you are referring to the area around ‘Whitam’ with the CM8 postcode.

      If so, the closest drop off point is:

      Dental WizardsDental Practice
      Lockram Lane
      CM8 2BJ

  12. Hi there, I also cannot access the map to find where I can drop off tooth stuff to recycle. Is it because there isn’t one around here?

  13. I can’t seem to get the list of drop off points loaded
    Is there another way I can access them please?

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