Best Mouthwash Tablets, Powder & Concentrate

Best mouthwash tablets

If you want fresh breath, one of the things you might use to achieve this is mouthwash.

When you think of mouthwash, I suspect you visualise a large bottle of bright coloured liquid (usually green/blue or pink) that has a very strong (often too strong) flavour to it when you use it.

You might also be thinking that you never have the mouthwash when you really need it and instead opt for some chewing gum or mints?

Well, what if I said you can do away with the large bottle of mouth rinse and instead have a small tablet that would do the same thing?!

Imagine taking mouthwash with you, everywhere you go.

Now you can, thanks to a newer type of mouthwash product.

Say hello to mouthwash tablets.

These offer an alternative option to regular mouthwash. They can be more convenient, and in some cases, although they are not truly ‘zero-waste mouthwash’, they produce less waste (in theory at least) than regular mouthwash offerings.

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