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Oral-B Pro 6000 Review

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Gemma Wheeler

(GDC Number: 259369)

Oral-B Pro 6000 Review

Editor’s Note

Since this review was published, newer models have been released.

The Oral-B Pro 3 3500 is currently our most recommended brush.

It cleans the teeth well, has dentist recommended features and is good value for money.

You can check the current prices for it on Amazon, Ebay and Boots.

Our best electric toothbrush article contains our other current recommendations and advice on choosing a new toothbrush.

Our Verdict

The Pro 6000 provides a very good clean of the teeth and has a number of features that make this a pleasure to use, whilst encouraging better oral health.

The box contents is good too.

The Bluetooth function works, but requires dedication from the user to gain value from it.


  • Good box contents
  • Pressure sensor – Be alerted when brushing too hard
  • Smart wireless guide
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • A larger and bulkier brush handle
  • Bluetooth connectivity will not be for everyone
Preview Product Rating Price
Oral-B Pro 6000 Oral-B Pro 6000 13,909 Reviews £229.99 £77.99

The 3 BIG questions about the Oral-B Pro 6000

For those of you that are in a rush, we’ll start this review by answering the 3 burning questions that you’re likely asking about the Oral-B Pro 6000. If there are any that we’ve missed, be sure to let us know in the comments!

For those of you that want more detail, you can read the full review further down the page, or watch our video review

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

No,  this is a great brush – we gave it a rating of 5/5.

We look at the pros and cons further down the page, but one of the main drawbacks is the weight of the brush. This may not be an issue for some, but others may prefer a lighter brush.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

We strongly recommend checking out the Smart 6 6000, which is the updated version of the Pro 6000.

But, you could also consider the Pro 6500, which is almost identical to the Pro 6000.

If you’d like more buying advice, you make like to see our roundup of the best toothbrushes.

Our Choice
Oral-B Smart 6 6000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 Blue App Connected Handle, 5 Modes, Pressure Sensor, 3 Toothbrush Heads, Premium Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug, Gift for Men/Women
Oral-B SmartSeries 6000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 White App Connected Handle, 5 Cleaning Modes with Whitening and Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Toothbrush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Oral-B SmartSeries Black 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 App Connected Handle, 5 Modes with Whitening & Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Brush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Smart 6 6000
Oral-B Pro 6000
Oral-B Pro 6500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Oral-B Smart 6 6000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 Blue App Connected Handle, 5 Modes, Pressure Sensor, 3 Toothbrush Heads, Premium Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug, Gift for Men/Women
Brush Name
Oral-B Smart 6 6000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B SmartSeries 6000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 White App Connected Handle, 5 Cleaning Modes with Whitening and Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Toothbrush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 6000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B SmartSeries Black 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 App Connected Handle, 5 Modes with Whitening & Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Brush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 6500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

3. Where is the best place to buy the Pro 6000?

Typically we recommend Amazon because it is very competitive on price and often has special offers running. It also offers free delivery. However, it’s always worth checking out other retailers as well — below we have included a live price comparison of UK retailers stocking the Pro 6000, and it’s always worth checking out eBay too.

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Video Review

Braun Oral-B Pro 6000 Electric Toothbrush Review

And now for a bit more detail…

A Bluetooth equipped toothbrush will likely have you asking yourself the question as to why?

I would not blame you. A toothbrush is a toothbrush is is not?

Braun would have you think not with their Oral-B Pro 6000 (pictured left).

​Find out what we thought of this brush in our detailed Oral B Pro 6000 Review below.

Variants of this toothbrush

The Pro 6000 is also known as and referred to the Smart Series 6000.

Originally launched as the Pro 6000 with one of the features being Bluetooth connectivity, as the range of brushes with Bluetooth increased, Oral-B decided to rename these to differentiate from those without.

The Pro series on the most part does not include this whereas those known or labelled as Smart Series do. Therefore whether referred to as the Pro 6000 (not to be confused with Pro 600) or the Smart Series 6000, it is the same brush.

What’s in the box?

  • Braun Oral-B Pro 6000 Toothbrush
  • Charging dock
  • Brush head holder and tidy
  • Wireless smartguide with 2 batteries and wall mount
  • Travel case for brush and two brush heads
  • 4 different brush heads (1 x CrossAction, 1x Sensitive Clean, 1x Floss Action & 1x 3D White brush head)

Key Features

  • Rechargable
  • 5 customised brushing modes (Daily clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage and Deep clean)
  • Comes with a wireless smartguide to assist in achieving a balanced clean
  • Built-in pressure sensor and LED notification light
  • Battery status icon
  • Bluetooth technology for connection to a smartphone app

Pro & Cons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of the Oral-B Pro 6000.

The Positives

  • There is a good box contents, including a charging station with brush head storage and travel case.
  • 5 different cleaning modes – Daily clean, massage, sensitive, polish and deep clean.
  • A pressure sensor illuminates when you press too hard with the brush.
  • Audible notifications give you an indications when to change quadrant for cleaning.
  • A good battery life lasting up to 10 days (based on 2 daily cleans of 2 minutes)
  • The Smart Wireless Guide can be a great visual indicator to help perfect brushing, especially with children or those wishing to perfect their brushing technique.
  • Various different brush heads are available (some sold separately).
  • It uses blue as the illumination colour.
  • The brush is equipped with Bluetooth

The Negatives

  • The RRP purchase price is not justifiable. Thankfully you can generally find it £70-100 cheaper at which point it is justifiable if your needs align with the Pro 6000.
  • The different cleaning modes will not be for everyone.
  • Thicker and heavier than many electric toothbrushes, the 6000 feels a little large for those with smaller hands.
  • The included wireless smart guide is not that much use once you have perfected your cleaning technique, but it does act as a helpful reminder.
  • The Bluetooth pairing is not as good as it should be unless you are prepared to always have your phone to hand and want the best oral hygiene record documented.

Design, usability, clean & general use

Packed with more computing power than the Apollo 12 guidance system, this brush will perform nearly 48,000 precision movements per minute. Using oscillation, rotating and pulsating, the brush head and performance of the brush mimics that of professional cleaning tools and is capable of removing up to 100% more plaque.

At 168 grams with the brush head (162g without) the Pro 6000 is one of the heavier and thicker electric brush solutions on the market, but this in turn means battery life for up to 10 days.

Sitting less comfortably in a smaller hand the back of the brush is covered with a soft grip rubber material and a perfectly positioned rest for the index finger.

Allowing you to retain a grip on the brush when wet the Pro 6000 would benefit from something similar on the front and side of the brush, but that would affect the aesthetics.

Oral B Pro 6000 Electric Toothbrush

Continuing the styling theme seen on other Braun brushes, the power button is the larger of the two physical buttons on the front of the brush, with a smaller brushing mode button underneath.

Each button illuminates a cool blue colour which comes as a welcome change to the green seen on most previous brushes and gives it a more modern feel in my opinion.

Should you press the brushing mode button, you press it once to select each of the five different cleaning cycles, these are Daily clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage and Deep clean.

In order to ensure you can easily interact with the brush when not looking, the two buttons are raised and offer a tactile feedback when pressed. There is too a small amount of resistance meaning there should be no or few inadvertent activations of the brush.

On the front lower third of the 6000 is where the Bluetooth and Wireless SmartGuide communication icons are found along with a 3 stage battery icon.

Also illuminated blue (unless the battery is depleted at which point it flashes orange/red) the modern colour scheme continues.

On powering off the brush the battery status indicator stays on for approximately 15 seconds so you can easily see the remaining power in the battery.

The upper rear side of the brush is home to a piece of smoked plastic which appears to flow out of the stylish grey and white chassis of the brush.

It is this that illuminates red to alert you when you are brushing too hard. It also pulses green when in a brushing cycle to indicate along with an audible tone to change quadrants in your cleaning regime.

Pro 6000 Pressure Sensor

On commencement of any brushing mode providing within range, the compact SmartGuide kicks into life and begins monitoring your clean.

Many question the necessity for this but it is a surprisingly useful tool, especially for older, if you want to improve theirs or your oral health, by the simple fact it encourages you with a visual timer and star rating.

The display shows the cleaning mode you have selected in the form of a visual icon, whilst a timer is displayed when the brush is in use.

Consider the recommended daily two minute clean (that should be performed twice a day); the timer counts up to the two minutes, whilst the quadrant graphic changes colour as each 30 seconds passes.

When it is time to change quadrant, after 30 seconds, the brush provides an audible tone as the head reduces its spin speed for a second, the pressure sensor pulses green and the highlighted quadrant on the SmartGuide changes.

Once 120 seconds have passed (or longer for some cleaning modes) the brush will beep 3 times, but continue to operate if you wish to brush for longer.

On the wireless smartguide you are then presented with a final star rating based on your performance. 4* is easily possible if you brush for the full 2 minutes and do not apply too much pressure at any point.

When not in use it acts as a bathroom clock.

Pro 6000 with wireless smart guide

Included in the box are several different brush heads, but more are available separately. Each brush head is designed to achieve different results, so it may be worth investing in the different heads, depending on your needs. Being a Bran brush, no adapters are required, all the heads are easily interchangeable and the Pro 6000 has a storage tray for up to 4 heads when not in use.

A design flaw in my opinion, although I think the only solution is a regular clean, is that the storage box for the different heads has a tendency to get quite dirty as residue moisture from the heads collect in the tray.

Few people have the same oral hygiene requirements. The 5 different cleaning modes mean that this brush suits a wide variety of people and can be easily justified in a typical family household. The interchangeable heads mean you do not need a different electric brush for each user, just the head.

Compared to a manual brush, up to 100% more plaque can be removed from the gum line which can have a radical impact on your life. Less painful dentist visits maybe!

I particularly like the fact that if you are switching to this brush as your first electric brush, whilst the increased motion and cleaning power may come as a surprise to some, the sensitive mode will really help those who suffer from sore, bleeding or infected gums.

Even on the basic daily clean I can feel the difference. You might think the claim of removing 100% more plaque is false, but having used the brush, I would tend to agree.

Now I can not move on until I talk about the app and the pairing via Bluetooth.

I could spend a lot of time talking about the app, but for your benefit I will keep this short.

The idea is right, the implementation is not bad but you will stop using it after about 3 days.

On its own merit the app has the potential for the obsessed oral hygiene individual to be their best friend and motivational tool to achieving perfection. Many elements work on it, there are helpful tips as well as bringing in news and weather and more along with the timer to help keep you entertained whilst brushing your teeth.

The downside to this Android and iOS app is that you need to physically open the app for the brush to appear to sync with it (I was using an Android phone). Even-though I had my phone with me and Bluetooth on, if the app was closed nothing happened and no data seemed to transfer from brush to app. It may have been a glitch or I was not using it correctly?!

Oral B Pro 6000 being controlled by smartphone

Having your phone in the bathroom whilst brushing your teeth is potentially a recipe for disaster as unless your phone is IP rated it could come into contact with water or a hard tiled floor as you hold it one handed.

I also felt, as much as I LOVE technology, the app distracted me from actually cleaning my teeth properly. I felt the need to hold the phone and clean my teeth whilst reading the tips when normally, a quick glance at the SmartGuide is much easier and less distracting.

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • 48,000 brush head movements per minute
  • 3D cleaning action
  • 168g in weight, the handle is quite heavy
  • Battery life of up to 10 days
  • Rubber grip to help with a secure in hand hold
  • Separate power and cleaning mode buttons
  • Pressure sensor built-in
  • 30 second pacer and 2 minute timer included
  • Bluetooth connectivity & smartphone app
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Brush head storage compartment included
  • Smart guide to help track your clean and give feedback

Battery life

Every brushing cycle and user will mean that the amount of battery used will inevitably vary, but as a general rule you can get up to 10 days battery life from the Pro 6000 based on the 2 cleans of 2 minutes. That equates to approximately 40-50 minutes of brushing time.

As a single user, by about day 7 or 8 you can notice the power depleting and the strength of the oscillation is not quite as great. Whilst you can get those 10 days, I would suggest most will want to stick it on charge again around day 8 or 9 to top the power back up.

For a full charge I tend to leave it charging for about 10-12 hours, but just 20 minutes on charge will give you enough to get through a clean.

It is worth noting that to preserve the battery life, it is good practice at times to completely discharge the battery.

The charging stand itself comes with a 2 pin cord which is about 1 meter in length and the stand is sturdy with 4 rubber feet to keep it safe on a desktop.

The SmartGuide is too powered by batteries, this time AA batteries that need replacing approximately every 4 months. I say approximately because the range over which the toothbrush is used does have an affect.​

Oral B Pro 6000 with spare heads

Summary of battery life

  • Up to 10 days use between charges
  • Noticeable power drop by around 7-8 days
  • Full charge takes 10-12 hours
  • Charging stand included
  • Stand has a 2 pin UK power adapter

Price & where to buy

As I write this, the current price of this brush is £105 on Amazon; which is a lot cheaper than the RRP in excess of £200.

Paying over £100 can seem extortionate but if you have more complicated brushing needs or intend to use it in a family environment where there are varying needs from the brush the 6000 is a good option as it will stand the test of time and offers better value than everyone having their own brush.

Let’s say for examples sake you get 3 years from this brush. £105/3 gives a cost of £35 per year or just shy of 10p per day (when you exclude new brush heads). If there are 4 people using it, there is no denying this is reasonable value.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • RRP of £200+
  • Selling price of £105 or less
  • Works out at around 10p per day

Reliability & long term use

Having seen and handled many different toothbrushes, the 6000 shows all the signs of being a solid and reliable brush.

I tested it over a couple of months and had no issues to report about ongoing reliability. I still have it on test and will feedback should anything go wrong.

Previous models with a vast array of white material like the 6000 have shown signs of discolouration over long periods and we expect the 6000 to be similar, but it would be great to see that pure white look staying for longer.


I loved the Triumph 6000. A refinement of technology along with the new blue illumination and green 30 second pacer light make this a winner for me.

The Bluetooth is a nice idea but one that fails to win me over. The fact is appears not to detriment battery life is the biggest bonus in this failing.

Whilst a slightly lighter and more palm friendly brush would be ideal, the compromise would be the battery life and possible rigidity of this brush.

The SmartGuide has taught me and reminds me to clean better and although I do not rely on it, it’s a good visual reminder

​Oral-B know how to make a good toothbrush and the 6000 is the one that sits at the top of the portfolio and the results and performance explain why.

Our Choice
Oral-B Smart 6 6000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 Blue App Connected Handle, 5 Modes, Pressure Sensor, 3 Toothbrush Heads, Premium Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug, Gift for Men/Women
Oral-B SmartSeries 6000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 White App Connected Handle, 5 Cleaning Modes with Whitening and Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Toothbrush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Oral-B SmartSeries Black 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 App Connected Handle, 5 Modes with Whitening & Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Brush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Smart 6 6000
Oral-B Pro 6000
Oral-B Pro 6500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Oral-B Smart 6 6000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 Blue App Connected Handle, 5 Modes, Pressure Sensor, 3 Toothbrush Heads, Premium Travel Case, 2 Pin UK Plug, Gift for Men/Women
Brush Name
Oral-B Smart 6 6000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B SmartSeries 6000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 White App Connected Handle, 5 Cleaning Modes with Whitening and Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Toothbrush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 6000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B SmartSeries Black 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 App Connected Handle, 5 Modes with Whitening & Gum Care, Pressure Sensor, 4 Brush Heads, Travel Case, UK 2 Pin Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 6500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth Rating

Oral-B Pro 6000 Review 1

Size Guide

  • Height (without head) – 20.5cm
  • Height (with head) – 24cm
  • Width – 3cm
  • Thickness – 4.5cm
  • Weight (without head) – 162g
  • Weight (with head) – 168g​


  • Is the Pro 6000 an oscillating brush?
    • Yes, with Oral-B 3D motion that oscillates, rotates and pulsates.
  • What is daily clean mode?
    • This is the comprehensive everyday cleaning mode that works with the provided CrossAction brush head to effectively clean the teeth using the Oral-B 3D oscillating, rotating and pulsating technology to clean the teeth and remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush.
  • What is gum care mode?
    • Using a lower speed and power output through the brush head in conjunction with the provided Cross Action to clean the teeth and massage gums, stimulating blood flow and assisting in reducing sensitivity in the gums when brushing.
  • What is sensitive mode?
    • A gentle yet thorough cleaning mode that combined with the sensitive brush head works to remove bacteria and plaque from sensitive areas of the mouth.
  • What is whitening mode?
    • A mode engineered to offer a polishing effect on the teeth as if you were at the dentist. Suitable for occasional or everyday use it works ideally with a 3D White brush head to make teeth look whiter and shine.
  • What is Deep Clean?
    • Deep clean is an extended version of the daily clean mode.  Instead of 30 second intervals with deep clean these are extended to 45 seconds which makes for a cleaning time of 3 minutes in total.
  • Does it have any other cleaning modes?
    • No, the Pro 6000 has all but one of the cleaning modes available from Oral B.  It is just missing the tongue cleaner.
  • What brush head does it come with and what alternative ones can be used?
    • With the Pro 6000 you get 4 brush heads included, a Cross Action, 3D White, Floss Action and Sensitive. You can change the head with any others on offer from Oral-B. There are many that work with the brush handle.  There are 6 main brush head options that include Cross Action, Floss Action, 3D White, Sensitive, Precision Clean and TriZone.
  • Does the Pro 6000 have a pressure sensor?
    • Yes, it does.
  • Does the Pro 6000 have Bluetooth?
    • Yes, it does have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Does the Pro 6000 have sound connectivity?
    • Yes, it does although it is not advertised with it.
  • Does the Pro 6000 come with a warranty & how long is it?
    • If purchased new from an approved retailer the Pro 6000 will come with a 2 year warranty which can be extended by a further year to 3 in total if you register the brush online on Oral-B’s website.
  • Does the Pro 6000 have a built in timer?
    • Yes.  Often referred to as the quadpacer; subject to the cleaning mode the brush will provide an audible warning through a slight pause in the brushing mode to tell you to change quadrants.  There are 4 quadrants to the mouth, and brushing is normally for 2 minutes.  The timer will active at 30 second intervals, with a different sound at the end of the 2 minutes.  There is a visual timer in the form of the Smart Wireless Guide and the pressure sensor will flash green when a quadrant is complete and at the end of the brushing session.
  • How long does the battery last?
    • The battery lasts up to 40 minutes, which if used on the standard daily clean mode is 10 days based on 2 cleans per day.
  • Does it come with a smart wireless guide?
    • Yes, the Pro 6000 does have a wireless smart guide included.
  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes, a charging station is included with the Pro 6000.
  • The charger is 2 pin, how can I use it?
    • The charger is a 2 pin/prong charger designed to be used on voltages of 220-240 volts.  It is a 2 pin charger suitable for connecting to shaver sockets found in many bathrooms in the UK & Europe.  If you do not have a shaver socket, you can purchase an adapter that will allow the charger to be connected to a standard 3 pin UK mains socket.
  • Can this be fixed to a wall?
    • The Pro 6000 charging station or brush head holder has not been designed to be fixed to a wall.
  • Can I use the Pro 6000 in the shower?
    • Yes. The Pro 6000 is waterproof so if you choose you can use it in the shower
  • Does it come with a travel case?
    • Yes, a travel case is included in the box.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Oral-B Pro 6000?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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Having handled & tested hundreds of products there really is very little he does not know about them.

Passionate about business and helping others, Jon has been involved in various online enterprises since the early 2000s.

After spending 12 years in consumer technology, it was in 2014 that he focused his attention on dental health, having experienced first-hand the challenge of choosing a new toothbrush.

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20 thoughts on “Oral-B Pro 6000 Review”

  1. Previous Oral B models have NiMH batteries so they don’t appreciate being left on charge full-time – this results in a “memory effect” which reduces the amount of charge the battery will take. I’ve read on a few forums that the 6000 has Lithium Polymer batteries, which are perfectly happy to be left on trickle-charge with no ill effects on capacity, but I’ve yet to find any conclusive evidence – the Oral B website only takes about LiPo batteries in the Genius (8000 and 9000) brushes. Does the 6000 have lithium batteries?

    • Hi Kevin. Not to my knowledge. However models can be updated or changed during production. The Genius line does have lithium batteries. Also as do newer models like the Smart 6 6000.

  2. hello, the brush is really good but the battery life seems only to last maybe two brushes, why would this be? overall the brush is very good and powerful but maybe am missing something with the battery life issue.

    thank you

    • Hi Ryan.

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear that the brush is not lasting more than two cleans.

      Is this a new brush or have you had it some time?

      How long have you been charging it for? Does the battery indicator light flash when it is on charge?

      If you could provide more information and we will do what we can to advise further.

  3. Doesn’t the mains cord become a nuisance when it’s not charging? My old Braun smart toothbrush has a small charger that could be stored away when not needed. A stand and storage unit was separate and didn’t need the power cord obviously.

  4. I’ve just purchased this brush through a dentist friend for £50. I’m very pleased with it. I seem to have one issue, it’s been charging for over 24 hours (for first full charge from new) the manual states it stops flashing when fully charged. Mine has not stopped flashing, is anyone else finding this?

    • Hi Laura. Glad you are liking it so far. You will probably find it will stop flashing soon, sometimes it takes a little longer than you might expect as it is a relatively slow charge transfer.

  5. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for some great reviews on the electric toothbrushes, I decided to purchase the oral b 6500 dual handle pack, for my wife and myself. We have not used an electric toothbrush before, so it takes a bit of getting used to, after spraying the mirror with toothpaste for the 1st few times. We find the smartguide useful but have not used the blu tooth function yet.
    So far we are very pleased with the cleaning. I was just like to say thank you once again for your great reviews and helping us to choose the right electric toothbrush.
    Kind regards Denzil

    • Hi Denzil. Thanks for the great feedback, it is comments like this that makes everything worthwhile :-). An electric toothbrush does take some time in getting used to and the 6500 Dual Handle pack seems like a good option a his and hers if you will. Few really make use of the Bluetooth but I am a firm believer in the power of the smart guide.

      Once you have been using for a few weeks, perhaps you could leave your comments on how you have found the experience overall of switching along with the pros and cons you find personally with the brush.

  6. You obviously don’t have your facts straight.
    The 6500 is the exact same model as the 6000 BUT it includes two handles.

    Really bad fact checking, seriously.
    This site feels highly unreliable when you give the tip:

    “Also worth considering is the 6500 which is at the top of the range, but is likely to be a fair bit more expensive than the other two brushes.”


    • Johan, Thanks for the comments.

      As you have not made any comment about our review of the Pro 6000 brush covered, we trust that it has answered the queries that a reader like yourself is looking for answers to.

      We are sorry if you feel that we have presented some incorrect information when referring and comparing to the Pro 6500, but please allow us to clear up some confusion.

      You are correct to say that there is a 6500 model with 2 handles included in the box; but this is not a model that is actively sold and marketed within the UK, which this site is focused on.

      The 6500 with 2 handles actually originates from the German market (if we have our facts correct). You can see here on the German Oral-B site how what is referred to as the 6500 in the UK is actually the 7000 in Germany, that the 6500 in Germany is a different model.

      You can buy the 6500 with 2 handles from sellers like Amazon, but Oral-B’s own UK website does not promote this. You can see the Pro Series range promoted within the UK on Oral B’s site here.

      Thus our comments are based on the availability of products within the UK and the infomration we provide has been provided in conjuction with that shown on Oral-B’s site.

      Oral-B’s own website in the UK shows only one 6500 model which is shown here.

      As the 6500 is exclusively sold via Boots in the UK the price tends to remain at the RRP rather than being discounted as many other prices are, that said offers do exist from time to time, so the 6500 does typically become the more expensive brush.

      We hope that this clears the situation up. None of the information presented is intended to mislead or incorrectly inform readers like yourself. Should you feel that we are still presenting incorrect information then please do let us know where we are going wrong.

  7. Update on my comments of 1 December.

    I checked the price of this toothbrush on the Boots website yesterday (Wednesday) morning (£69.99) and looked to see my nearest store where it was available. (I wanted to buy it in store rather than via click-and-collect because I had some Advantage bonus points I wanted to use and these can’t be used online.)

    When I went to pay for this item in store, I was told the price was £114.99 (or there abouts) I told the assistant that it was showing the price of £69.99 on the website. He checked on his ipad and then asked his manager, who said that the £69.99 was an online price only. There is no mention of this on the website. After arguing the point, in order to get the reduced price I had to order the product to collect from store. Because I was ordering it in a shop I was able to use my advantage bonus points and also the £20 money off voucher. The only fly in the ointment is that I have to wait until at least Saturday to collect it from my local store but at £49.99 it seems worth it.

    • Hi NannaLyn,

      Glad you got it sorted! Thanks for coming back to update your comment as well, we appreciate it and hopefully some of our other readers will find your experience useful. That’s a fantastic price for the 6000 – well worth the trouble that you went through.

  8. Very informative review – thanks.

    Visited my dentist yesterday and the hygienist gave me a leaflet with a £20 money-off voucher for the Oral B PRO 5000, PRO 6000 or the PRO 6500 at Boots, either on-line or in the shop. You would need the hard copy if purchasing in a Boots shop but you can order online and collect it in store by just using the code. As Cheryl says, the code is ORALB20OFF and it is valid until 31March 2106.

    I was going to buy the 5000, but the 6000 is cheaper so will go for that one. (It is for a Christmas present for a family member so will not be trying it out myself.)

  9. I just bought one for £49.99 with free shipping, plus points on my reward card to use another time. Boots has it on sale for £69.99 just now from £229.99. I found a promotion offer for £20 off EACH Oral B 6000 brush! Needless to say I ordered myself a Christmas present and bought two more for gifts. Use code ORALB20OFF


    • Cheryl. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, that is an absolutely fantastic price! You grabbed yourself a complete bargain there. Let us know what you think of it when you get it.

    • Hi Richie. Thanks for the comment and pointing out that it is possible to get an even better deal. Was the discount code one you could share so others can benefit from the save cost savings? How are you actually finding the Pro 6000. What do you like or dislike? Did you read our review before buying? Any comments welcomed.

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