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Amano Tongue Cleaner Review

Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 1

Bugatti, Aston Martin and Ferrari are some of the most refined, premium and desirable brands within the automotive industry.

Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren are some of the most refined, premium and desirable brands with the fashion industry.

Amano is your equivalent within the niche of Tongue Cleansers/Scrapers.

A tongue what?

Yes, this might well be the first time you have heard of such a thing, it might be surprising, but such products exist.  In fact, it is amazing that more of us are not aware of or do not use one.

That big muscle that sits in your mouth, called the tongue, it has a soft but pitted surface that holds food debris and bacteria that can cause brad breath.

By cleaning it, we can reduce the debris and bacteria and help make our mouths feel and actually be fresher. For some, cleaning the tongue can be the difference between having and not having bad breath.

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AMANO Tongue Cleaner AMANO Tongue Cleaner 39 Reviews £14.00

Did you know?

“Tongue bacteria accounts for 80% to 90% of all cases of bad breath”American Association for Dental Research

“Cleaning the tongue after eating smelly, sticky, or greasy foods should be a routine oral hygiene activity, just as necessary as using deodorant or taking a shower”Dental Economics

When was the last time you were told to brush your tongue?  Have you ever?

Dentists tend to promote tooth cleaning rather than tongue cleaning, because many still can’t get that right!

Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 2

A toothbrush can do a similar job to a tongue scraper and is often better than nothing.  However studies by  Pedrazzi and Seemann have shown that a scraper can achieve a 75% reduction in volatile sulfur compounds that contribute to bad breath compared to the 45% of a brush.

You could check out our post on the best tongue scrapers, but if you have an eye for design, see yourself as a bit of a fashion icon and like to own the best of the best, then learn a bit more about Amano by reading on.

From the moment your eyes see and your hands touch the cleanser, you realise why and how the price is some four times that of your regular tongue scraper.

As unbelievable as it might sound the Amano range oozes quality; something I really did not think I would say of what is essentially a metal and plastic combination for scraping gunk off your tongue!

If you invest in a decent electric toothbrush, you probably too buy a decent toothpaste, so why wouldn’t you buy a decent tongue scraper to match?

Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 3

Designed and capable of lasting a lifetime, these tongue cleansers are not simply to be replaced every few months, or even every few years unless you so choose.

Different ranges are available, from the ‘Classic’ to the ‘Spring’ collection there is something to suit everyone’s taste, from the bright and colourful to the slightly more subtle and everyone will be of the same premium quality.

Delivered in a hard, rounded and opaque case, this is your travel case for your Amano scraper.

Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 4

Pulling apart in the middle the cleanser is exposed for you to remove and then use.

The head is made of 18/10 Austenitic Steel – a high-grade chromium and nickel alloy that will stand the test of time and delivers an effective cleanse of the tongue with every pass, whilst the handles bear your chosen design.

How do you use it?  Very simply.

  1. Extend your tongue
  2. Place the head of your AMANO Tongue Cleanser at the halfway point of your tongue
  3. Draw your AMANO Tongue Cleanser head gently across the surface, downwards towards the tip
  4. Rinse off the accumulated debris, under the tap
  5. Repeat as necessary – but going slightly further towards the back of your tongue each time

You can use one handed, but for greater flexibility and control, use two.

If you are a first time user, a quick rinse under a warm running tap will ease the first few uses by adding an extra lubrication to the scraper.

Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 5

The results of the tongue cleansing will vary from person to person, but I suspect you will be amazed at just what difference you feel as a result of using.

Thicker in depth than any of the other tongue scrapers I have used, I thought it may feel harsh on the tongue surface but far from it.  Despite its extra thickness, there is still a great degree of flex and facility for you to control the scraper.

From my time spent using the Amano cleanser, whilst I can’t suggest it was any more effective than say DrTung’s, I can quite honestly say it looks and feels considerably better.

Don’t just take my work for it.  Having received professional recognition from the likes of Dr Nilesh Parmer, young dentist of the year 2014, the British Dental Journal and The Malnutrition Task Force.

Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 6

We asked, Mano Manoharan a director of Amano as to why he came up with such a product.

“Many years ago I worked in the Pop Music industry (late nights, drinking and smoking).

And this meant waking up early with an awful ‘bottom of a birdcage’ mouth. A friend gave me an Indian tongue scraper (a thin steel strip) that worked a treat! I wondered why tongue scraping was not so prevalent in the West. A friend worked at The Eastman Dental Hospital and I was able to obtain loads of research supporting the oral and medical benefits of tongue scraping and the superior effectiveness of scraping v using a brush.  I felt oral care FMCGs were more interested in dealing with the symptoms of bad oral care practice – rather than the causes …We also needed a better designed scraper – one that could be seen as a real grooming aid.  So with a number of friends we set up AMANO with a mission to bring the immense benefits of tongue scraping to a wider public.”

I admire the reason behind this and can say from first hand experience that I have converted myself to become a frequent tongue cleaner, whereas I never did before.  Out of all of the tongue cleaners available, this is the gold standard.

If you are thinking about picking one of these up when you next go and do your weekly shop, I am afraid to report you won’t find it on most shop shelves.  You will need to head to Harrods, Selfridges or to https://amanotonguecleanser.com/

Online they are available to buy from Amazon.

Preview Product Rating Price
AMANO Tongue Cleaner AMANO Tongue Cleaner 39 Reviews £14.00
Amano Tongue Cleaner Review 7


The Amano Tongue Cleanser spoken about in this review was provided by Amano.  Electric Teeth did not purchase this model. No financial reward was provided to conclude the review the way that we did.

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