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Toothpaste Tube Squeezers: How Do They Work & Do You Need One?

Toothpaste tube in squeezer

We have all been there, fighting with the tube of toothpaste to get the very last bit out of the tube.

We know there is more in there, but it isn’t coming out without a fight.  We fold, shake and twist the tube, pressing with all our might to get those last couple of pea sized drops out of the tube.

Often we succeed, but there has to be an easier way?

Thankfully there may well be in the form of toothpaste tube squeezers.

What is a toothpaste tube squeezer?

The clue is in the name really.

They are small tools that help you squeeze out as much toothpaste from a tube as is possible.

Although toothpaste tube squeezer seems to be the most common name, they are also referred to as:

  • Tube key
  • Tube squeezer key
  • Toothpaste squeezer
  • Tube squeezer
  • Tube flattener

The principle behind them is simple.  They are designed to make the process of getting all the paste out of a tube of toothpaste easier, and they are particularly useful for people with arthritic hands or limited hand movement.

How do they work?

There are a couple of different styles of squeezers or tube flatteners.

In both instances, the intention is that the squeezer applies a level of pressure to the tube of paste in such a way that as much as possible is extracted from the tube.

This results in less waste and more satisfaction for you.

I got hands-on with 3 different styles of squeezers.

Read on to see what I thought of each.

Buying Options

Here are some choices for you to consider if you are looking for a toothpaste tube squeezer, and to stop leaving paste in the tube.

1. Mosuch Metal Tube Squeezer

A simple style of tube flattener, it looks a little like an oversized key.

Made from metal, is not very heavy, but feels solid and robust and like it will do a good job of squeezing the paste out of the tube.

The whole squeezer measures 1.42 x 3.23 inches.

You get 3 keys included in the pack when you buy them.

Mosuch Silver Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

The single molded piece of metal has a tubular design that then flattens out to what I call the head of the tube squeezer.

This larger flatter piece of the product allows you to grip and turn the tube squeezer.

The rounded body of the squeezer, or tube key if you prefer, has a cutout into which the end of the toothpaste tube fits into.

Turn the squeezer towards the cap of the toothpaste tube as you use the paste over weeks and months, until it pushes all the paste out.

A series of grooves give a texture to the squeezer and helps press the paste out of the tube and have it grip to the tube.

It does the job relatively well.  The biggest downside I have found that it has a tendency to try and unwind and can slip off the tube, or if not come of require re-rolling.

Preview Product Rating Price
Mosuch Metal Tube Squeezer Mosuch Metal Tube Squeezer 2,531 Reviews $7.99

2. Raynag Tube Squeezer Stand

This tube squeezer stand takes a similar principle to the stainless steel tube squeezer featured above, but it is made from plastic and built within a stand

It makes squeezing all kinds of tubes much simple whilst keeping the tube upright.

It really means that the contents inside the tube is actually pushed by gravity to the opposite end of the tube to which you need it, but the squeezer reverses this and applies the pressure to get the paste out.

Toothpaste tube squeezer stand

You simply put the tube into the slit opening at the top and open it. Then you turn the little key on the side until the needed amount has been squeezed out of the tube

It can be a little awkward for applying paste to a brush.  You either need life the stand with the tube attached and pop some paste on the brush, or move the brush over the top of the tube and scrape it off and reposition the brush before it falls off the brush head.

Despite the plastic not being quite as strong as the metal it feels fairly robust in hand.

3 squeezers are included in the pack.

Preview Product Rating Price
Raynag Tube Squeezer Stand Raynag Tube Squeezer Stand 679 Reviews $7.99

3. LoveInUSA Toothpaste Tube Flattener/Ssqueezer

The simplicity of this product is great.  With 4 included in the pack you have multiples suitable for use with other tubes, rather than just your toothpaste.

For the most part, they do the job intended.  They slide over the end of a tube easily and by applying the relevant pressure can help squeeze the paste out.

The problem I found is that the very end bit of paste was most difficult to get out., just as you reach the nozzle of the toothpaste tube. You still needed to use your thumb to push that last bit out.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezers: How Do They Work & Do You Need One? 1

4 tube flatteners are included in the pack. They are random colors, you have no choice over this.

There is too a hole in the body of the squeezer if you want to hook it up off a countertop for convenient storage. It should hold the tube within the squeezer even when hanging.

Preview Product Rating Price
LoveInUSA Toothpaste Tube Flattener/squeezer LoveInUSA Toothpaste Tube Flattener/squeezer 18,334 Reviews $7.89 $4.99

Do I recommend toothpaste squeezers?

I don’t think that tube squeezers are a life transforming product that everyone must go out and buy right away, but they are a handy accessory.

If you do find that it can be a bit of a struggle getting the paste out of the tube, then they can be very helpful with this.

I believe those with limited hand movement, or maybe those who suffer with arthritis will gain most from these nifty accessories.

Which tube squeezer should you buy?

I personally like the stand style, I think it did the best job of extracting the paste, holding the tube securely and doing the job with least hassle.

Sadly though the plastic construction and the larger size works against it compared to the likes of the stainless style flattener offered by some.

The stainless steel construction is stronger and the profile smaller.

If you do buy one, spend more now to get one that stands the test of time.  There should be little need to replace one of these regularly.

Where to buy a toothpaste tube squeezer?

There is no one best place to purchase a squeezer from, but they are a little unique in that they are not widely stocked.

I have found the best places to purchase these from are online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.  Just do a search for tube squeezer and you will see all the different results and options, if you are not keen on those I have reviewed above.

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