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Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Gemma Wheeler

(GDC Number: 259369)

Best toothbrush travel case

I am not sure what your lifestyle entails, but mine does not require me to travel all that often.

However, when I do, I have often found a problem.

That problem is my toothbrush gets put into my travel bag or wash bag but it is not protected.

The brush head is free to come into contact with items in my bag.

It can get dirty but also damaged.  Basically throwing it in the wash bag is far from ideal.

Sometimes I put it in a little carrier bag and wrap that tight around it, but this is not exactly the best option.

The handle to my brush is a bit more robust and I am less worried about what it comes into contact with, but it stands the chance of accidentally being activated.

The problem here is you arrive at your destination to find you have no charge in your brush (with no charger) or at some point on your journey (normally when going through security at the airport) you have to explain the buzzing coming from your bag!

There needs to be a good solution to stop these issues. In part, there is the toothbrush travel case.

In this post, I look at some of the best travel cases options for your toothbrush, be that manual or electric.

The article is broken up into several sections:

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 1
Hermitshell Hard Carrying Case
  • Suitable for manual & electric
  • Hard case
  • Spacious
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Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 2
GUM Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Covers
  • Simple & effective
  • Colorful
  • 4 per pack
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Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 3
Manual Toothbrush Travel Case
  • Suitable for manual brushes
  • Colorful
  • Great value
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Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 4
UCEC Toothbrush Case and Carrier
  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
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Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 5
Nincha Travel Case for Oral-B Pro Series
  • Specific to Oral-B Pro series
  • Holds handle & 2 brush heads
  • Curved design
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Our top 5 picks for the best toothbrush travel case

Like any product, there are a variety of different options. So in this article, I will be reviewing the best travel cases available, highlighting the pros and cons of each and hopefully allowing you to decide on the best travel case for your toothbrush.

I include options for manual and electric brushes.

It is unlikely that there will be a solution that works for everyone as even with a travel case we have different needs, but hopefully, I can highlight some potential options for you.

1. Hermitshell Hard Carrying Case

A bit different to most other solutions available, this case reminds me more of an oversized compact camera case.

It is certainly firm to the touch and will take quite a few knocks keeping anything inside nice and safe.

It has been advertised by the manufacturer Hermitshell to work with the slimmer handled models such as the Pro 1000 from Oral-B, but you will find that even the slightly thicker handles such as the Pro 6000 and 7000 will fit.

All of the brushes I tried fitted just fine.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 6

There are not many third party cases that can hold brushes like the Pro 7000, so this has to be a winner.

Not marketed as being compatible, but all the Philips Sonicare models I tested fitted in here too.  However, the 2 plastic brush head covers that are provided would not fit Sonicare brush heads.

Of course, a manual toothbrush would fit in here too, along with dental accessories like toothpaste and floss.

Hinging open on 1 side, 2 zips can be pulled to close the case.

There is a small D ring onto which the provided carabiner can be attached, should you want to attach the travel case in this way to a bag or similar.

Black in color, the case has a soft inner lining and 2 large compartments, one either side as the case is opened up like a book.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 7

One compartment has a mesh pocket that stretches about a third of the length of the case whilst the other compartment has 2 elasticated straps that clip together to secure the contents inside.

Unlike most other cases you can put more items in here, including the charging stand for an electric toothbrush.

The extra space does too mean you don’t have to be so particular in how you organize things in the case.

Cables and brush heads can be tucked into the mesh pocket whilst brush handles can be strapped down.

What we like

  • Universal design
  • Hard case
  • Spacious

What we dislike

  • A bulkier option
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EVA Hard Protective Travel Case Carrying Bag with 2pcs Brush Head Cover for Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun By Hermitshell EVA Hard Protective Travel Case Carrying Bag with 2pcs Brush Head Cover for Oral-B Pro 1000 Power... 40 Reviews

2. GUM Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Covers

With all toothbrushes, one of the most important things to do is protect is the bristles on the brush head.

Unlike an electric toothbrush that can be accidentally activated when in a bag, a manual toothbrush cannot.  Therefore, those cases that go just over the head of the brush are a nice solution.

A little less bulky, this pack of 4 (each a different color) from well known dental health manufacturer Sunstar GUM might be well suited to yourself.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 8

Hinging open on 1 side, much like a book, place the brush into the case and snap it closed around the bristles of the brush head.

There may well be a little movement once inside, depending on the side of the brush but most toothbrushes will fit comfortably within, without doing damage to the bristles.

An antibacterial coating is applied to the plastic, to help reduce bacteria buildup and keep it as clean as possible.

Air is able to reach the bristles and allow them to dry, even if wet when placed in the case, thanks to 4 ventilation holes on each side of the case.

What we like

  • Simple and easy to use
  • 4 in a pack
  • Colorful

What we dislike

  • Not ideally suited for electric toothbrushes
Preview Product Rating Price
GUM Toothbrush Covers GUM Toothbrush Covers 6,569 Reviews $5.26

3. Manual Toothbrush Travel Case

This is pretty much as simple as toothbrush holders come. 

It is a ABS plastic molded case that separates in the middle to encase 1 manual toothbrush.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 9

In the pack, you get 6 brush cases, more than you might need, but at this price you can’t grumble. You get a Green, Yellow, Pink, White, Purple, and Blue case.

The ends of the case are rounded to keep the size down but to make for a softer and better feeling case.

Ventilation is built-in via small holes at either end of the case, avoiding the unwanted buildup of moisture and bacteria and helping the toothbrush in the case to breathe.

The case measures 8.1 inches long and 1.2 inches wide, particularly small brushes may move about in the case whilst some oversized manual brushes may not fit.  I would suggest it is suitable for 99% of manual brushes.

What we like

  • Simple and effective
  • Colorful
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Great value

What we dislike

  • Suitable only for manual brushes

No products found.

4. UCEC Toothbrush Case and Carrier

A larger and chunkier case for your toothbrush, this pack of 2 plastic holders are able to accommodate more than just your toothbrush.

Expect to place a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste inside and have a little room to spare.

Each case measures 7.7 inches tall and has a diameter of 2.4 inches.

You might even be able to fit an electric toothbrush in here!

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 10

The case is made of 2 cylindrical halves that fit together in the middle.

Very well built, the rounded design gives strength to the case and feels good in the hand, should you be carrying it.

If you do carry it, perhaps from your tent to the showers as an example, there is a small lanyard/wrist strap too.

One of the downsides is the lack of ventilation in this case, there are no holes to allow the air to flow, but this is in part because the manufacturer, UCEC have designed it so that the case can be used as a cup if you wanted to.  I personally see no need for this, but you might.

Overall a really nice product that is spacious, durable and lightweight.

What we like

  • Hard case
  • Spacious
  • Suitable for manual and some electric brushes
  • Wrist strap
  • Lightweight

What we dislike

  • A bulkier option
Preview Product Rating Price
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5. Nincha Travel Case for Oral-B Pro Series

This is a plastic travel case that will hold 1 x Oral-B electric toothbrush handle and up to 2 brush heads.

Available in a range of colors, it is the more standard transparent/clear color case that I am testing here.

A nice case it is, something to be aware of, this case has been designed to fit a wide array of brushes, but sadly, the ‘Pro’ range of Oral-B brushes around the world are different sizes and this has been designed with more of the European models in mind than US.

The models that will fit in here are the Vitality, Pro 500, Pro 1000, Pro 1500, Pro 3000.

Larger models such as the Pro 5000, 6000, 7000, 7500 and Genius Pro 8000 will not.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 11

Assuming you have a slimmer Pro model then you can comfortably store it in this case.

The whole case has a rounded shape to it, rather than the squarer profile of some cases.

Hinged on the left side it has a clip that locks the cover in place on the right side.

The case itself measures 8.2 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches.

Allowing you to keep the handle and heads together in 1 neat package, when in this case not only will the handle and heads be protected from damage, there is no chance the brush will be switched on either.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 12

A series of small air holes in both the top and upper half of the case allow for airflow and less chance of condensation and bacteria buildup.

Fairly robust there is no reason this case will not survive many years of travel.

What we like

  • Specific to Oral-B Pro handles for a good fit
  • Good value
  • Holds the handle and 2 brush heads
  • Sweeping edges

What we dislike

  • Made from cheaper materials
  • Won’t suit all toothbrushes
Preview Product Rating Price
Nincha Portable Replacement Plastic Electric Toothbrush Travel Case for Oral-B Pro Series (Transparent) Nincha Portable Replacement Plastic Electric Toothbrush Travel Case for Oral-B Pro Series... 890 Reviews $6.99

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Toothbrush travel case – buyers guide

Travel cases or protective covers, if you prefer, are available for both manual and electric toothbrushes.

They are a means of protecting your toothbrush when traveling.

Bristles can be protected from dirt and damage and you may also prevent your electric toothbrush from being accidentally activated.

Neither manual or electric toothbrushes typically come with a travel case.

There is a higher likelihood of getting one with an electric toothbrush, but if you do, that is normally because you have bought a premium model.

If you do travel a lot and want a toothbrush that is particularly good for traveling, I list a range of options in my best travel toothbrush post.

If you already own a toothbrush but don’t have a travel case, see my recommendations below.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 13

The benefits of a travel case

Perhaps some of these are obvious to you, but the positive things to come of having a brush in a travel case in my opinion are:

  • The brush handle can’t easily be accidentally switched on, if electric.
  • The brush handle and head are protected, less likely to be damaged when in transit.
  • Gives a convenient home to the brush.  Easy to pop in and out of a bag.
  • Electric toothbrush cases normally provides extra space for an additional brush head.
Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 14

The drawbacks of a travel case

It is not all positives, there are some negatives with having a travel case for your toothbrush, in my opinion, these are:

  • The manufacturer’s own case can be quite expensive considering relatively basic design.
  • Finding one that fits your brush correctly can be difficult, if you don’t have a leading brand toothbrush.
  • Most do not offer space for a charging stand should you need to take this with you.
  • Tend to need a case per brush/per person.  Few options for families.
  • Varying quality. Lots of cheap, but weak and poor quality products on the market.
  • Bulky, some are quite large and take up a lot of space.

If you think there are other pros and cons that I am missing, be sure to let me know in the comments at the end of this article.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 15

Toothbrush covers and sleeves

You might call it a cap, a sleeve or a cover, but what I am referring to here are some very basic options that protect just the brush head bristles and nothing more.

These little caps — often called travel caps by the manufacturers — tend to clip over or slide over the brush head, giving a frame/cover over the brush head.

In some instances, a sleeve will extend down further over the brush and even protect some of the function buttons, but this is rare.

Sonicare tend to be the brand that offer these caps as default in the box with a toothbrush and they do tend to come with each new brush head you buy.

Smaller, slimmer and lighter, these tend to be the most basic, but practical option for some.

Of course, they serve a purpose, but the main drawbacks are that they are easily lost or misplaced because they are small and tend to be clear in color.  They are thin and easy to break and they are not a complete case, protecting only the bristles in most instances.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 16

Which manual toothbrushes come with a travel case?

Very few manual toothbrushes come with a travel case included.

Those that tend to break the rules are those that are designed specifically for travel.

Check out our list of the best toothbrushes for travel to see what some of the most popular options are.

With a manual toothbrush, most manufacturers expect the travel case to be purchased separately, often this is because of cost.

Which Oral-B electric toothbrushes come with a travel case?

The following brushes from Oral-B come provided with a travel case in the box at the time of purchase.

  • Pro 5000
  • Pro 6000
  • Pro 6500
  • Pro 7000
  • Pro 7500
  • Genius Pro 8000
  • Genius 9600
  • Genius X

All with the exception of the Genius Pro 8000 come with a very basic, but functional thin hard plastic molded case that will hold the brush handle and up to 2 brush heads.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 17

Provided with the 8000 is what Oral-B call a premium travel case.

It holds the brush handle and up to 2 brush heads like all of their other cases, but it allows the brush to be charged in the case as well as a USB device to charge through the case too.

I should say it also looks and feels more premium.

Take a look at my article on the Oral-B original parts and spares to find the correct genuine travel case for your toothbrush.

Which Sonicare electric toothbrushes come with a travel case?

The following brushes from Sonicare come provided with a travel case in the box at the time of purchase.

  • 3 Series (HX6631/02)
  • HealthyWhite+ (HX8911/02, HX8911/99 and HX8918/10)
  • FlexCare (HX6974/76 and HX6964/77)
  • FlexCare+ (HX6921/04)
  • FlexCare Platinum Connected (HX9192/01, HX9192/02, HX9193/04 and HX9192/30)
  • ProtectiveClean 5100 (HX6857/11 and HX6850/60)
  • ProtectiveClean 6100 (HX6876/21, HX6877/21 and HX6871/49)
  • ExpertClean
  • DiamondClean (Premium Travel Case – in case charging) (All models)
  • DiamondClean Smart (Premium Travel Case with USB cable built-in) (All models)
Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 18

The DiamondClean range come with much higher quality cases that allow for the brush to be charged in the case.

Thicker and more robust the cases hold the handle and 2 brush heads.

The DiamondClean case has a miniUSB port on the end, which the provided USB to miniUSB cable can be connected for charging.

With the even more premium DiamondClean Smart travel case, the USB cable is built into it and there is no port on the case as the cable is hardwired.

Slightly larger they are more fitting of the price tags asked.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 19

Who offers better travel cases Sonicare or Oral-B?

Sonicare without question.

Both brands offer basic functional cases and more premium options.

In my opinion in both instances, the Sonicare cases are better.

Even their cheapest travel case feels thicker, more robust and generally longer lasting than the Oral-B equivalent.

Don’t get me wrong, the Oral-B cases do the job, but there is more flex and play in the materials.

When it comes to the premium cases, Sonicare are leaps and bounds ahead here too.

Oral-B allows in case charging with the Genius Pro 8000’s travel case, but you need Oral-B’s own charger to work and this is quite bulky.

Once connected you can charge another USB powered gadget by connecting it to the travel case.

The idea is you charge your brush and smartphone at the same time. Clever, but I am not sure how necessary this really is?!  Many people think the case has a battery built-in, it does not.  In order to charge a smartphone or other USB device from the case, you still need to connect the Oral-B case to mains power.

Sonicare, on the other hand, make use of USB cables, which are compact, internationally accepted and much more convenient.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 20

In fairness to Oral-B their premium case is weighty, robust and well made.  Sonicare’s though looks the more premium when you feel and use it.

What’s the best travel case for my toothbrush?

This depends on your toothbrush and your personal opinion.

I have looked and tried many cases to come to the conclusions I have here.

I aimed to remain unbiased, but personal opinon does creep in inevitably.

All being well by me highlighting the pros and cons of each, you can decide on the one that is right for you and your brush.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 21

Where to buy travel cases for toothbrushes?

The best variety of options are via online retailers such as Amazon.

Pharmacies tend to be the best stores to buy travel cases from, but the selection can be varied.  Some grocery stores will stock a limited range too.

With all of the options shown in this article, purchase links have been provided so, you can follow those links to go and buy online today, if one of thee suits your requirements.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 22

Where can I buy an Oral-B or Sonicare original travel case?

If your toothbrush did not come with a travel case and you specifically want a Sonicare or Oral-B original, then you have a few options.

Both Sonicare and Oral-B do have their own online stores that you can buy the cases from, but they are not generally the best to navigate, with a need often to understand part codes and model numbers.

To make things a little easier, you are best taking a look at our Oral-B parts and spares article or the spares and parts article for Sonicare.

Both aim to make it much clearer and easier to find what it is you are after.  There are too links to other stores that sell them, not just the manufacturer’s own stores.

The future of travel cases for toothbrushes

Whilst there is still a definite need for the basic travel case, that is light, functional and cheap, we have seen an evolution of the travel case and over recent years they have become better quality and more capable.

Just take a look at the case that comes with the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart or the Genius Pro 8000.  Both allow for the brushes to be charged in the case and look great.

It would be nice if more of the premium cases came with more toothbrushes.  There might be a slight knock-on effect on the selling price, but for most, an extra $5 or so is likely worth it for a smart and strong travel case.

It would be great if Oral-B dropped their proprietary charger in preference for a more universal USB connection like Sonicare.

Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options 23

That said, both brands could move to the newer and more practical USB Type-C connector or like Sonicare have done on the DiamondClean Smart, wire the cable directly into the case and just offer up a USB connector.

Unlikely to ever actually happen, but it would be nice if a third party brand created a more universal, but premium travel case that would hold an Oral-B, Sonicare or other brands of toothbrush.  It would be a case you would buy separately, but know it would work with a variety of toothbrushes, should you change your brush.

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