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Solimo Pro Advanced Review

Solimo Pro Advanced Review 1

Our Verdict

The Pro Advanced from Solimo is a strong performing electric toothbrush that does what it needs to do at a good price.

Simple and effective, for those wanting a basic electric toothbrush that cleans the teeth well it deserves serious consideration if you are not worried about what brand of toothbrush you own.


  • Grippy handle
  • 1 cleaning mode
  • Built-in timer and pacer
  • Price


  • No pressure sensor
  • Simple design
  • Battery technology
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Solimo Pro Advanced Solimo Pro Advanced 178 Reviews

The 3 BIG questions about the Solimo Pro Advanced

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the Solimo Pro Advanced toothbrush.  If I have missed something, let me know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read my full Pro Advanced toothbrush review further down the page

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

Absolutely not.  

It performs the basic function of cleaning the teeth really well and there is little to find fault with.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

The obvious alternative is a toothbrush from Sonicare, given that this is what the Solimo Pro Advanced is based on.

The Sonicare Essence is cheaper, but the ProtectiveClean 4100 is more capable for a little extra spend.

If value for money is important to you, the Fairywill FW-507 is a little more expensive to purchase initially but comes with an impressive box contents and battery life.  Over a couple of years, it works out very cost effective.

Our Choice
Philips Sonicare Protectiveclean 4100 Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Amazon Brand - Solimo Pro Advanced Rechargeable Power Toothbrush with Charger
Philips Sonicare HX5611/01 Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Mid-Blue
Brush Name
Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100
Solimo Pro Advanced
Sonicare Essence
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Price not available
Our Choice
Philips Sonicare Protectiveclean 4100 Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Brush Name
Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Amazon Brand - Solimo Pro Advanced Rechargeable Power Toothbrush with Charger
Brush Name
Solimo Pro Advanced
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Price not available
Philips Sonicare HX5611/01 Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Mid-Blue
Brush Name
Sonicare Essence
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

3. Where is the best place to buy the Pro Advanced by Solimo?

As an Amazon own brand product, it is sold exclusively via the online retailer.

You won’t currently find Solimo sold in your local pharmacy, dentist’s office or at your favorite supermarket.

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Solimo Pro Advanced Toothbrush Review

And now for a bit more detail…

Solimo is a brand, created and managed by Amazon, the hugely popular online retailer.  

The brand includes a range of products that are considered everyday essentials.  From soap to razer blades and of course toothbrushes.

During the festive/holiday season, electric toothbrushes have for some years now been popular items as highlighted within 2 different press releases (1 & 2) from the company.

Considering the massive audience and influence the organization has, it isn’t exactly surprising that they have developed their own electric toothbrush, which competes with those from the big dental healthcare brands.

I say developed their own. The brush I believe is actually designed and made by a company called Ranair (a Perrigo company) on behalf of Amazon.

This Sonic model is known as the PTB0090-001 and is essentially identical to the CVS SmileSonic Pro Advanced Clean Sonic toothbrush and the Kroger Smile Sonic Pro amongst others.

Solimo Pro Advanced Toothbrush

Variants of this toothbrush

At the time of review, Amazon have kept things nice and simple with the Solimo Pro Advanced.

There is just 1 version, the model I have written about and photographed in this review.

No different color options exist, there isn’t a version with more features or more items in the box.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Solimo Pro Advanced electric toothbrush handle
  • 1 x Brush head
  • 1 x Charging stand
  • Documentation

Key Features

  • 1 cleaning mode
  • 2 minute timer
  • 30 second pacer
  • 2 week battery life
  • Automatic power off
  • 31,000 brush strokes per minute

Pro & Cons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of the Solmio Pro Advanced.

The Positives

  • Grippy handle – Appropriately placed raised plastic ridges give a surface for the fingertips to grip onto with ease
  • 1 cleaning mode – Nice and simple, no confusing options, a single mode that will suit most users.
  • Built-in timer and pacer – Activated from the moment the brush is switched on it encourages you to brush the teeth evenly and for the recommended 2 minutes.
  • Price – Good value toothbrush when you consider price and performance.

The Negatives

  • No pressure sensor – No mechanism to alert you when you are brushing too hard.
  • Simple design – It is functional but not as exciting or classy as some other options.
  • Battery technology – Uses an NiMH battery compared to Li-Ion.

Design, usability, clean & general use

As a toothbrush exclusive to Amazon, the packaging of the box in which it comes doesn’t need to be the most stylish or eye-catching.

Whilst it is more than a plain cardboard box, it is basic and functional.  In a way, it catches the eye because it is less flashy.  

A plastic tray inside the box holds the toothbrush, brush head, charging stand and manual.

Do you need to have a plastic tray Amazon? Cardboard would have been fine.

So, to the toothbrush itself then.

Amazon have essentially copied Philps Sonicare to produce the Solimo Pro Advanced.  

Solimo Pro Advanced on charging stand

There is a great deal of similarity in design and performance to the Sonicare series of toothbrushes, particularly the 2 Series which has for a long time been a very popular and cost effective toothbrush.

The handle itself is not the lightest or the slimmest, but it is perfectly useable and what is particularly noticeable is the gripping points on it, to give a firm and secure handhold.

Looking at the brush handle, on the front, there is a circular blue colored power button.  This is positioned a little above the middle of the handle. It has a power icon embossed on it, so you know exactly what it is.

Below the power button is a rounded rectangle, that is grey in color and this runs almost to the bottom of the handle.

At the top of this grey panel are a few raised ridges that help with gripping the toothbrush and at the bottom of the panel is a battery icon, which is backlit with an LED.  This LED changes color based on the battery status.

Solimo toothbrush battery icon

Details of the battery are explained in more detail in the battery life section of the review but expect a minimum of 2 weeks usage from this rechargeable battery.

At the base of the handle is a blue colored ring, which extends to the base of the brush handle.

The remainder of the handle is white in color, with more of a matt finish rather than a gloss white.

The sides of the handle are free of any controls. 

Solimo Pro Advanced Review 2

On the back are no controls, but a series of raised plastic moldings that are more pronounced at the top and give extra surface area and resistance for ensuring you get a good grip of the handle.

There is too, at the bottom of the handle a small odd looking raised plastic molding.  What this does is actually stop the brush rolling on a countertop if it is laid flat.

Solimo Pro Advanced Review 3

The handle is not perfectly round.  In fact, there is a slight squaring to the design, but no harsh edges.

On the bottom of the handle is some printed regulatory information and a recess into which the prong on the charging stand fits.

The Solimo Pro Advanced will stand upright on a countertop.

There is a very slight tapering at the top of the brush handle where the brush head attaches.

It is here you will see a metal shaft extending from inside the brush handle.  It is inside the handle that the battery and motor are.  

Solimo Pro Advanced head disconnected

The brush head simply pushes onto and pulls off of the metal shaft.

When turned on the shaft transfers the motion from the motor to the bristles in the brush head.

Philips Sonicare is well known for their electric toothbrushes and the majority of their models offer 31,000 brush strokes (62,000 movements) per minute.  The Solimo does too.

The daily use and cleaning experience are essentially identical.

In fact, Sonicare brush heads fit onto the Solimo handle and the Solimio heads can be used with a Sonicare toothbrush if you choose.

Amazon have kept things simple with the Solimo and this is to be commended.  

Pro Advanced from Solimo laid on its side

There is just 1 cleaning mode and 1 style of brush head.

The single cleaning mode is activated when you press the power button and runs for the dentist recommended 2 minutes, at which point the brush automatically turns off.

At 30 second intervals during the 2 minute cleaning cycle, there is a pause in the brush head motion and the sound the toothbrush makes changes.  This is the quadpacer/30 second timer kicking in. This is included to help encourage you and me to brush our teeth evenly, 30 seconds spent brushing each quadrant.

There is no way to change the brushing intensity and there are no additional cleaning modes, it is what it is.  Some will potentially find the brush too powerful, or complain that the brushing sensation is ticklish. You have to like it or lump it I am afraid to say.

For the vast majority of people, this is perfectly acceptable and will clean the teeth really well.

Amazon claims 7x more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush.

Solimo tootbrush head

In use the toothbrush produces a humming sound, it is fairly quiet, but you can hear it and feel a vibration sensation through the brush handle.

Look at the handle side on and you will see that the head leans at a very slight angle and it is not perfectly upright like the handle.  This slight lean on the head aids with the cleaning of the back teeth in particular and general reach and positioning of the brush head in the mouth.

The head itself although different is similar to the W DiamondClean head from Sonicare. It is a one size fits all approach and compact/smaller versions are not made by Amazon.  

The bristles are clustered together to form 14 slightly different shaped tufts, most of which are a rounded rectangle shape. Some bristles are green in color, whilst 3 clusters are blue.

I did not expect it, but the blue bristles on the head fade.

They fade gradually over time.  The more you use the brush, the more they fade.  This is a design feature that you can use as a way of reminding you that you might need to change the brush head.

On average you should replace it every 3 months.  You should do it sooner if they are obviously worn or damaged.  It can be easy to forget when you last changed the head, but if you blue bristles fade to a white/transparent color, this is your cue to replace the head.

Solimo Pro Advanced Review 4

Finally on the brush head, for those who may be wondering.  I would class these are medium firmness bristles. I have felt softer, but they are certainly not as stiff/firm as some I have used.  They feel nice and gentle on healthy teeth and gums.

It is relatively common for people to brush their teeth with too much force/pressure.  This can be damaging to the teeth and the gums. Some brushes have a pressure sensor to alert you if you are doing this.  The Solimo does not.  

It is not a deal breaker by any means, but just be aware the bristles really need only skim the tooth surfaces.

Again, by no means really important, the Solimo does not come with a travel case.  This would have been handy to protect the toothbrush and head when traveling. However, you can buy generic style cases which would be suitable should you need something.

Solimo Pro Advanced

To look at, the brush is not as desirable as some of the premium Sonicare moels.  There is not the range of color choices and the materials are not quite as premium to the touch. But, all things considered, it would be quite harsh to hold this against the Pro Advanced toothbrush from Solimo.

The day to day use and cleaning experience is really good and I have been impressed with what you get for the low price.

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • Not the slimmest or lightest of brush handles but functional
  • Lots of gripping points for a secure in hand hold
  • Single power button to turn the brush on and access the 1 cleaning mode
  • Automatically turns off at the end of the 2 minute clean
  • Built-in timer and pacer to encourage good brushing techniques
  • Brush motor offers up to 31,000 movements per minute
  • 1 style of brush head
  • Fading bristles to remind you when to replace your brush head
  • Battery icon to alert you to remaining power in the battery

Battery life

The importance of battery might be more important to you than it is somebody else. 

For those who travel frequently or for extended periods often desire a good battery life, whilst those who send a large amount of time at home are less concerned.

Solimo on charging stand

My personal view is that a battery life of 2 weeks is really the ideal minimum.  This means that should you go on a 2 week vacation you need only take the brush and not the charging stand.  It is one less thing to carry.

If you are traveling for longer than this, you sort of accept the reality that you might need to take a charging stand with you.

Amazon suggests, that you get up to 2 weeks of battery life. 

I was therefore happy with this.

However, in actual use, I achieved nearly double this.

On a full charge, I managed 50 brushing sessions, each 2 minutes long.

That is a total running time of 100 minutes or 25 days of use on a single charge.

Solimo Pro Advanced Review 5

That is just 3 days short of 4 weeks, twice the claimed battery life.

Quite frankly this is superb and I was certainly very impressed.

Did I just get lucky with the battery in this model?! Maybe.  However, I think it is safe to say 2 weeks is the absolute minimum you will get.

The battery is built-into the toothbrush and is not user removable.

It is a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, as opposed to the more desirable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion).

I suspect cost has something to do with this decision, but I can’t complain as the battery life is solid.

Included in the box is a charging stand, on which the toothbrush sits to be recharged.  

It supports only 110/120v, so if you travel, to places like the Europe, you would need a voltage converter to support the higher voltage.  You will need a plug adapter too.

Hardwired into the stand is a 2 pin power cable. The cable is 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length.

Solimo Pro Advanced Review 6

A full charge can take up to 16 hours, which is pretty standard for a brush of this type.

There is a battery icon on the brush handle that will flash green when on charge.

When the toothbrush is in use, it lights up a solid green if the remaining power is high or orange and when the battery is a little lower.  When the battery is nearly depleted, it will flash orange to alert you.

Summary of battery life

  • Claimed 2 weeks battery life
  • Lasted 25 days, nearly twice the claimed 2 weeks
  • Uses a NiMH battery that is sealed inside the handle
  • Takes up to 16 hours to charge
  • Charging stand included and supports 110/120v
  • A battery icon on handle
  • Solid green icon – good charge in the battery
  • Solid orange icon – lower charge in the battery
  • Flashing yellow icon – battery needs recharging
  • Flashing green icon – battery charging

Price & where to buy

If you are not familiar with some of Amazon’s approaches towards selling products and delivering customer service, one of the key things they focus on is offering some of the best prices.

Whilst price is not the deciding factor for everyone, for many of us, it does play a role and if the price is favorable from one retailer over another, we are quite likely to purchase from the company offering a better price.

As Solimo is a brand owned and managed by Amazon, they are somewhat in the driving seat here.  It is sold (at the time of review) exclusively via Amazon’s online store and you won’t find it available via other retailers.

This, therefore, means Amazon can control the price that it is sold for.

Compare this to other brands of toothbrush that Amazon stock and sell and they don’t have this same level of control.  They may not have the scope to be the cheapest for one reason or another, although they will generally aim to be.

At the time of review, this Solimo toothbrush has been listed for sale on Amazon for approximately 6 months.

Power button on Solimo Pro Advanced Toothbrush

A suggested retail price is not actually shown, but by using price tracking tools I can see that the highest selling price over that period was $33.49, with the average being $32.09.

I still think this is a good price, that is affordable for most and fair for what you get.

But, truthfully this is a touch more than I would have anticipated Amazon to sell if for based on the competition and their desire to dominate.  $25 or thereabouts is what I expected the average price to be.

For the sake of comparison, the Sonicare Essence retails for about $25.

It is a larger and less refined product, compared to the Pro Advanced in my opinion, but it is still functional and has the benefit of being made by Sonicare.

The sleeker ProtectiveClean 4100 from Sonicare is one I recommend frequently and this retails on average for about $50.  It is more expensive, but not significantly so considering what you get.

This said, when you price the brush over a 3 year period, the Pro Advanced claws back a few points.

A typical price for a Sonicare brush head is around $8-10 each, but a pack of 4 for the Solimo is around $13, so just $4.33 each.  

Solimo Pro Advanced toothbrush side view

At 2 times the price, Sonicare heads can look quite expensive in comparison.

Assuming an average cost of $32 to buy the toothbrush that comes with a single brush head, over a 3 year period, you need to purchase a further 11 brush heads, which totals $48.  

Together this gives a total purchase price of $80.

This works out at just 7 cents per day.

The Sonicare Essence works out at 12 cents per day, whilst the ProtectiveClean 4100 works out at 13 cents per day.  Over 3 years that still a $50+ premium to go with a market leading brand.

You could consider the Fairywill FW-507 also.  Its initial purchase price is higher, but it comes with multiple brush heads in the box as well as a travel case.  It works out at around 4 cents per day, which is quite staggering.

Let me be clear, it really isn’t all about price.  Cheap isn’t always better. I do believe the premium brands do command a little extra spend, but situations like this show how perhaps they are putting profits first and how they could give more back to consumers in the way of value.

In a time where it is easier than ever to shop around and find the best deal, the Solimo certainly looks like an attractive option.

For those who really want to go the extra mile for value, share the brush handle with another user and just switch the heads and that total cost drops even more.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • Good value for money
  • No clear recommended retail price
  • Sold only by Amazon
  • The average selling price is $32
  • Replacement brush heads work out at $4.33 each
  • Total ownership cost is $80 or 7 cents per day

Reliability & long term use

This review and our hands-on testing are not designed to test the toothbrush to breaking point.  I am not here to find out precisely what will break the brush.

I use the toothbrush in the same way you might at home, but bring in my extensive experience of using other electric toothbrushes to make a judgment on what it is like to use on a daily basis.

I have personally brushed my teeth with this toothbrush for a few weeks, to really understand what it is like to use.  During this time the performance has been faultless and I have no major concerns for the reliability of the brush. It feels solid and well built.

Of plastic construction, it appears durable and the parts appear to have been fitted together well.  I see no obvious gaps or potential weak points in the design.

Of course, such products can never be fault free and some will inevitably fail for one reason or another.

The Solimo Pro Advanced comes with a 1 year warranty to cover manufacturing defects and faulty components.  

Given it is an Amazon brand, whilst I have not had to test this warranty, I suspect the customer service will be brilliant, they have built their reputation on it. They actually state “We’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385”.


This is a good value electric toothbrush that cleans the teeth really well. What complaints I have about this brush are in truth mere niggles and in no way affect the performance or daily use.

As far as I am aware, this is Amazon’s first attempt at an electric toothbrush and for a first attempt, this is an excellent product and definitely gives the brand leaders a run for their money.

It is ultimately the simplicity of the design and function that makes this such a great product.

Preview Product Rating Price
Solimo Pro Advanced Solimo Pro Advanced 178 Reviews

Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth 5 Star Rating

Size Guide

  • Height (without head) – 19cm/7.48 inches
  • Height (with head) – 25cm/9.84 inches
  • Width – 3cm/1.18 inches
  • Thickness – 3cm/1.18 inches
  • Weight (without head) – 122g/4.3oz
  • Weight (with head) – 127g/4.5oz

All are approximates


  • Is the Solimo Pro Advanced an oscillating brush?
    • No.  It has a sonic cleaning acting that moves the bristles side to side.
  • What brushing/cleaning modes are available?
    • The Solimo Advanced has 1 cleaning mode only, that can be called clean/daily clean.  
  • What brush head does the Solimo come with and what alternative ones can be used?
    • The Solimo Sonic Pro Advanced comes with 1 standard brush head.
    • The head does not have a particular name or style.  
    • There are no alternative brush heads of different styles offered by the Solimo brand.
    • Sonicare’s own and Sonicare compatible brush heads do fit and work on the Solimo brush handle.
    • You can buy spare or replacement brush heads on Amazon’s online store.
  • Does the Sonic have a pressure sensor?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does the Solimo toothbrush have Bluetooth?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does it come with a travel case?
    • No, a travel case is not included in the box.
  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes, a charging station is included with the brush.  
  • How long does the battery last?
    • The battery lasts up to 100 minutes.  This is equivalent to 50 brushing sessions of 25 days of use, despite an advertised battery life of just 14 days.
  • Can I use the Solimo in the shower?
    • Whilst I believe that the toothbrush is water resistant, there are no clear directions in the manual that confirm either way.  It does say on the base of the brush, do not immerse in water. It would be best to avoid use in the shower.
  • Does the Solimo come with a warranty & how long is it?
    • It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Solimo Pro Advanced rechargeable toothbrush?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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