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Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Gemma Wheeler

(GDC Number: 259369)

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 1

Our Verdict

Our choice: CrossAction (view on Amazon)
2nd choice: UltraThin (view on Amazon)

Both provide a great clean. The UltraThin offers the softer bristles for a more gentle brushing experience.

Do be aware that you will get more benefit from brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each time, with the right technique than you will worrying about which brush head style to choose.

If you want to know more about each brush head or the other choices you have, this guide tells you all you need to know.


What’s the best Oral-B brush head?

It is not that simple to say definitively which is ‘the best’.

All of the heads are engineered slightly differently, to suit different users’ needs.

To avoid confusion, I have created sections that help you find the brush head best suited to you.

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 2

Best all-round Oral-B brush head

The CrossAction or UltraThin are the best brush heads to go for.

I know this is 2 options and not 1, but they are both excellent choices.

The CrossAction is the brush head most commonly supplied with a new Oral-B toothbrush.  The bristles are firmer than the UltraThin, which is another very popular option, if you prefer or your dentist recommends soft bristles.

Preview Product Rating Price
CrossAction Head - 2pk CrossAction Head - 2pk 2 Reviews 24.90S$ 21.00S$
Preview Product Rating Price
UltraThin Brush Head - 3pk UltraThin Brush Head - 3pk No ratings yet 25.00S$ 12.45S$

Best Oral-B brush head for sensitive teeth

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, perhaps inflammation or even bleeding the best brush head in this instance for cleaning your teeth will be the UltraThin (view on Amazon).

The softer bristles move over the teeth and gum surfaces with a motion less abrasive than some other brush heads, reducing the sensitivity on the teeth.

If you regularly experience sensitive teeth and gums, you should seek further advice from a dentist as you may need to consider a change in diet, specialist toothpastes or even dental work.

Preview Product Rating Price
UltraThin Brush Head - 3pk UltraThin Brush Head - 3pk No ratings yet 25.00S$ 12.45S$

Best Oral-B brush head for braces

The complex design of braces and the small food particles that can get caught on the teeth and gums and around the dental work may make brushing your teeth and leaving them fresh and clean more difficult.

With the exception of Floss Action and 3D White any other Oral-B brush head can be used with braces.

Oral-B does have a specific solution that works well with braces, it is called the Ortho Brush Head. It is not really sold in Singapore. They can be imported from the US in what is known as the Ortho Care Essentials package (view on Amazon).

The unique design looks to reach in between the brace and around fittings to clean as effectively as if you had no braces at all.

When buying the Ortho brush head included will be a Power/Interspace Tip which is a second brush head with another style of bristle design that is specifically designed to clean in between teeth in hard to reach areas.

Preview Product Rating Price
Ortho Care Essentials Ortho Care Essentials No ratings yet 24.32S$

Best Oral-B brush head for whitening teeth

Whilst the Oral-B 3D White brush head (view on Amazon) will not achieve the same results as professional whitening at the dentist, it can help to remove surface stains from your teeth. 

The polishing cup in the centre of the brush head is designed to replicate the motion and effect of professional dental tools.

To enhance the effect of the whitening head it is best, although not essential, to use it with an Oral-B brush that has a Whitening Mode. 

The Whitening Mode lasts for 2 minutes 20 seconds — the first 2 minutes are for your normal clean, and the last 20 seconds can be used to focus on any particularly stained areas. 

It’s worth noting that this brush head won’t work miracles — it’s worth trying if you have some light staining you want to remove, but if the desired results are not achieved, you will likely need professional cleaning or bleaching.  

Preview Product Rating Price
Oral-B 3D White Heads - 2pk Oral-B 3D White Heads - 2pk No ratings yet 24.90S$ 22.91S$
Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 3

Which brush head should I use?

Don’t panic or worry too much about which style of brush head to pick.

For the vast majority, the CrossAction or UltraThin brush head I have recommended will be an ideal choice.

The small round heads do a fantastic job of cleaning the teeth and gums.

Arguably just as, if not more important than the actual brush head is the way in which you clean your teeth. This includes how long you brush for, how frequently and the brushing technique.

A poor tooth cleaning routine is more damaging than the incorrect brush head.

However, for those looking to achieve specific results or have special brushing requirements, Oral-B does offer a little more choice.

If you want to get into the details, you first need to consider the brush head style.

Do you want the small round brush head, which Oral-B are famed for, and that is clinically proven to offer a superior clean?

Or, would you like the sweeping action of the TriZone brush head which is more aligned with a manual toothbrush?

A TriZone brush head reaches over 2-3 teeth at any one time compared to the one tooth approach of the small professional inspired heads.

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 4

Both will offer a better clean removing more plaque than a manual brush.

Seeing as the small round heads are clinically better and more popular, I will presume you want the small round brush head.

With that covered you have another slight consideration to make. What bristle configuration do you want?

The options include:

  • CrossAction
  • Floss Action
  • 3D White
  • UltraThin
  • Precision Clean

Each of these have potential advantages based on your specific needs. CrossAction is a good general clean option whilst the FlossAction is advantageous if you particularly suffer with plaque build up in between teeth.

3D White is best used if you are trying to remove stains from the teeth and get more of a polished shine.

Sensi UltraThin is best suited if there is inflammation in the mouth or you have particularly soft gums whilst Precision clean attacks the gum line removing up to 5x more plaque.

There are of course the more specialised Ortho and Power Tip/Interspace brush heads which should ideally be used by those with braces, teeth implants or dental crowns.

All give the teeth a good general clean, do not be worried that you will lose out by selecting one over the other, but it can be good to change brush heads if your needs change over time.

brushing teeth with electric toothbrush

Oral-B brush heads explained

CrossAction vs Precision Clean vs FlossAction vs Ultra Thin vs…the other Oral-B brush heads available to buy.

You may be wondering what the difference is between these and how they compare.

I explain all the different heads in detail below to make it easy for you to understand which one to opt for.

I’ve also created a comparison table to help summarise the key differences.

I’ve buying links to the various brush heads so that you can be sure you’re choosing the right one.

In this article, I am focusing on the more popular Oral-B branded brush heads (as opposed to third-party equivalents) which are compatible with Oral-B brush handles.

Comparison Table

All the brush heads shown in the table below will work with any Oral-B brush handle, the Stages Power Kids being the only exception.

I have included buying links for Amazon, but I would also recommend checking out:

  • Watsons
  • Guardian
  • Harvey Norman
  • Lazada
  • Shopee
CrossActionFlossActionUltrThin3D WhitePrecision CleanOrtho CareInterspace
Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 5Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 6Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 7Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 8Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 9Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 10Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 11
DescriptionBest all-roundBest for sensitive teethBest for whiteningBest for bracesBest for crowns, bridges & implants
Buy linkAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon
Everyday brushing solution?YesYesYesNoYesYesNo
Speciality brushing solution?NoNoYesYesNoYesYes
Compatible with all handles?*YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Cleaning modes best suitedDaily Clean, Gum Care, Pro CleanDaily Clean, Gum Care, Pro CleanSensitiveWhiteningDaily Clean, Gum Care, Pro CleanDaily CleanDaily Clean
*Not compatible with Oral-B iO Seriesnot sold in Singapore

Video Explanation

Sometimes it’s just easier to explain things in person, so I have put together this video that talks through the main differences between the main Oral-B brush heads.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Heads Explained 2021

Fitting Oral-B brush heads

To replace a brush head, you pull off the existing brush head and push on the replacement. The heads will require a small amount of force to push on and pull off, they are designed to be a snug fit.

How To Fit & Remove Oral-B Brush Heads

CompatibilityOral-B brush heads interchangeable

All of the Oral-B brush heads will fit to and work with any of the current and many older Oral-B electric toothbrushes. They are designed to be interchangeable.

All brush heads work on any Oral-B brush handle and cleaning mode.

So if you have Pro 2 2000 or a Genius 9000 you can use any of the previously mentioned brush heads.

(Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 12

You can really take advantage of this feature if you wish to achieve certain oral hygiene goals, if your needs change over time or if you share a toothbrush handle with someone else. Just swap the head of the brush to suit the user’s needs.

No longer does one person in a household need to have a different brush to another. Share the same handle, just swap the brush head.

It is advised to only use Oral-B brush heads with the brush handles as performance and wear on the brush using other brush heads cannot be guaranteed.

Do All Oral-B Brush Heads Fit To All Oral-B Handles?

Pro Series V TriZone Series

You may be wondering what is the difference between the Pro and TriZone (Deep Sweep) series. 

The motion of the TriZone brush head is different to the other Pro series brush heads. TriZone is more like a traditional manual brush compared to the more advanced and arguably better oscillating rotating brush head.

In the animations below you can see the different motions of the brush heads.

TriZone brush head:

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 13

Pro Oscillating Rotating brush head:

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 14

It is the Pro series brush heads with the 3D oscillating, rotating and pulsating technology that tends to be most popular.

Coloured brush heads

Oral-B might make a range of different coloured brush handles such as white, black, pink, purple, rose gold and, but sadly the choices of a colour matched brush head are limited.

The vast majority of brush heads are available in a white colour only.

There is a black coloured CrossAction head.

These are the only alternative choices from white that are available.

A look at the different types of brush head

I have tested all of these different brush heads and my personal favourites are the CrossAction and Sensitive brush heads.

Being able to actually tell the difference between each and how well they clean is very difficult.

Personal opinion is most certainly going to influence the thought about each. You might get different feelings and results when compared to my everyday use.

Oral-B make many claims about the efficiency of plaque removal and how well each head cleans in combination with their brush handles. I am not here to judge or make comment specifically on how well they remove plaque, this is not a scientific test.

Having tried each, here are a few of my thoughts.

Cross Action Heads

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 15

Probably the most common of all the brush heads, the CrossAction toothbrush head has a CrissCross bristle configuration set at a 16 degree angle to effectively clean teeth, along the gumline and reach deep in between teeth to loosen and remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes (view on Amazon):

  • 2 brush heads

The CrossAction brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles. (Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)
Oral-B Cross Action replacement toothbrush head

Braun Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head Review

This is my brush head of choice, that I use on a daily basis.

I feel like it cleans well and I always feel like my mouth is always fresh after use.

It sounds extreme, but the best way I can describe this head is that is is more aggressive than the others. What I mean by this is that I can feel the bristles working, particularly along the gumline.

Some might find it a little too harsh, the bristles are fairly stiff, particularly if you compare it to the sensitive head.

If you have sore, swollen or inflamed gums it might be a bit rough on these.

The bristles are bunched into 26 smaller clusters.

Right in the centre you have 2 clusters of short white bristles

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 16

Around this is a ring of 8 bristle clusters that are a dark blue and green in colour.

The green bristles are the same height as the inner white bristles and the dark blue sit slightly taller. All of these bristles are angled at 16 degrees.

There is then the final outer ring of bristles. 16 clusters all of which are angled at 16 degrees. There are shorter white bristles and then taller light lue bristles.

It is the light lue bristles that are the ‘indicator bristles that fade over time as the brush head is used.

Over the many months I have used this style of head, I have not found the bristles to fray or split and have been very pleased with the performance with no desire to change to another brush head, other than perhaps the sensitive brush head.

Floss Action Heads

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 17

Unique MicroPulse bristles are designed to reach and clean deep between the teeth to give a floss like clean whilst other bristles focus on the tooth surfaces and the gum line to help lift and remove plaque.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes (view on Amazon):

  • 2 brush heads

The Floss Action brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles. (Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)
Oral-B Floss Action replacement toothbrush heads
Oral B Floss Action brush head high speed demo

Braun Oral-B FlossAction Brush Head Review

A round Oral-B brush head, the FlossAction configuration is a bit unique in the fittings within the head itself.

Yes, you have the normal clusters of bristles, but there are 4 tall rubber pieces that are tapered in their design and fairly flexible with a lot more movement than the fairly stiff bristles on the brush head.

In the centre of the brush head are 7 clusters of shorter mint green bristles.

Above and below this are 2 light blue bristle clusters with a further 2 clusters above them. The outer bristle formation is slightly thinner, but wider in formation and are positioned to form a slight arc or curvature to the edge of the brush head. The very outer bristles are the tallest on the head.

To the right and left of the brush head is a single cluster of white bristles in a circles, with then a single taller but not so thick formation on the very edge. These are the same height as the inner mint green bristles.

Imagine the brush head to be a clock face and at 8, 10, 2 and 4 are these unique MicroPulse bristles.

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 18

Yellow in colour, a third of the way down they have a blue banding around them, which is slightly thicker and gives strength to the bristle. Whilst securely fitted within the head, they have much more flex and a wider degree of movement than any other bristes.

The tapered design helps them get deep within the gaps of the teeth to remove plaque and food debris and give a floss like clean.

Watching the movement of the brush head in slow motion, shows how these bristles flop side to side.

I can’t say that I can actually feel these MicroPulse bristles getting in between the teeth. If I really try to analyse the clean of the head it feels different but actually explaining it or to say it is giving that deep floss like clean is hard.

That said, I have very tight gaps between my teeth and sometimes even getting regular string or tape floss in can be difficult. Others may feel or see the difference more than I can.

UltraThin (Sensitive/Sensi UltraThin) Heads

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 19

Engineered to be softer on the teeth and gums, the bristles are softer and formed into a petal shapes for a more gentle movement along the gumline, tooth surface, in and around sensitive and inflamed areas.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes (view on Amazon):

  • 3 brush heads

The UltraThin brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles. (Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)
NEW Oral B SENSI ULTRATHIN for sensitive teeth whitening and cleaning

Braun Oral-B UltraThin Review

Sensi UltraThin is the new and improved brush head that is designed to replace the Sensitive brush head that has been available for many years.

The brush head is round in shape made up of a number of bristle clusters.

These clusters are called ‘petals’ by Oral-B. They are made and positioned in such a way that there is a slight sweep and curve to the bristle clusters on the outer ring.

There are 8 clusters on the outer ring that are white in colour and have fading blue tips.

There is the inner ring with a further 8 bristle clusters. These are all white in colour

Right in the centre is a tight cluster of blue bristles.

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 20

Shortest are the inner blue bristles, with the inner ring of white bristles slightly taller. The height of the bristles on the very outer ring, vary in height. For the most part they are the same height as the inner ring of bristles, but quite a few of the outer bristles are fractionally taller.

Oral-B have designed the bristles to be much softer on the teeth and gums and whilst there is a certain firmness to the bristles they do feel soft.

During cleaning, the head seems to do a good job and I enjoy the clean it offers.

It does feel softer and many dental professionals will advise opting for a soft bristles head on your toothbrush.

In comparison to the older style Sensitive brush head style, which is still sold in places the new head has less bristles. The older style has bristles of all of the same height. On the outer edge are a number of tightly clustered bristles that essentially form a ring around a much denser array of centre bristles.

3D White Heads

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 21

Offering a specially designed, dentist inspired polishing cup this brush head is for a tooth by tooth clean that works to remove surface stains to whiten teeth while the bristles clean away plaque.

By using this brush head, teeth can appear whiter within 2 weeks.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes (view on Amazon):

  • 2 brush heads

The 3D White brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles. (Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)
Oral-B 3D White replacement toothbrush head

Braun Oral-B 3D White Brush Head Review

More unique looking than your regular style of round brush head, the 3D White head looks similar to other Oral-B heads in that it is round with a number of bristle clusters, but what makes this head stand out from the others is the round rubber polishing cup that is in the middle of the brush head.

This is a Pinky/Purple coloured piece of rubber, that sits lower than all the other bristles of the brush. Inside the polishing cup are 4 thin bristles/upright rubber pieces that help give the cup strength. These are positioned at 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’clock, if you imagined the circle being that of a clock face. In between each of these are even smaller ridges inside the polishing cup, there are 3 between each larger support/bristles.

To the outer left and right of this polishing cup are 3 clusters of bristles that form the outer ring of the brush head if you like. These are rich blue colour and are the shortest bristles on the head.

Above and below the polishing cup are 3 clusters of white bristles.

Out from the white bristles are 2 clusters of very dark blue coloured bristles. The formation of these bristles are wider and slightly thinner than a normal cluster and are positioned in such a way that there is a gentle arc to them.

The tallest bristles these sit right at the top and bottom of the brush head.

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 22

The polishing cup is designed to mimic the dentist tools that buff the tooth surface, and remove stains, to be bright and white, whilst the bristles brush away plaque on the tooth surfaces, in interdental spaces and along the gumline.

How effective this brush head is at whitening your teeth is dependent upon your teeth and the level of staining. When used with a good toothpaste it can remove extrinsic staining, i.e. the staining that builds up due to use of tobacco, drinking coffee or red wine. But, the effects and change in tooth colour may be little if you already have good oral hygiene and little tooth staining and the overall colour of the tooth will not be whitened.

Whilst it happily cleans the teeth well, for me the clean is not as invigorating as the CrossAction or the Precision clean brush heads.

You should be aware that whilst the actual style of the 3D white brush head has not changed, the colours of the bristles have. The reason for this I am not sure. The older style 3D White brush head has a yellow polishing cup, green and light blue outer bristles.

Precision Clean Heads

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 23

Capable of removing up to 5x more plaque than a manual toothbrush the precision clean head leaves your whole mouth feeling cleaner thanks to an arc trim that cups each tooth as you brush it.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes (view on Amazon):

  • 5 brush heads

The Precision Clean brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles. (Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)
Replacement toothbrush heads Oral-B Precision Clean
Oral B Precision Clean brush head high speed demo

Braun Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Head Review

This was the brush head of choice and the default brush head supplied with most brushes from Oral-B, before they introduced the CrossAction brush head.

The brush head is circular in shape, and there are clusters of bristles that are different lengths. When looked at side on you can see how the bristles essentially cup around the tooth.

Whilst not as soft as the Sensitive brush head, the bristles have more movement and are not as stiff as the CorssAction head.

In the centre are 4 clusters of white bristles, with 3 clusters of bristles on the right and left side. These left and right clusters arc slightly around the centre bristles.

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 24

On the very edge of the right and left side of the brush head and forming an outer wall of bristles are 4 clusters of dark blue bristles. 2 clusters are closer together to provide a thicker and more oval shaped formation.

Above and below the central white bristles are 2 clusters of lighter blue bristles and then out from these is a much wider arcing cluster that forms the upper and lower edge of the brush head. These are the taller bristles.

The head offers to me a good clean. It does not feel quite as invigorating as the CrossAction head, but effective and certainly my teeth feel clean after use.

Ortho Heads

Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained 25

Designed to suit those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment the brush head makes for easier and simpler cleaning of braces.

Inner bristles focus on the brace attachment to the tooth whilst outer bristles focus on the exposed tooth surface, the gumline and in between teeth.

An ortho brush kit often contains 2 other brush heads and a Interspace/Power Tip as explained below.

You can buy them in the following pack sizes (view on Amazon):

  • 1 pack containing 2 x Ortho and 1 x Power Tip

The Ortho brush head is compatible with:

  • All Oral-B brush handles. (Excludes iO Series – not sold in Singapore)
Oral-B Ortho replacement toothbrush head

Different Cleaning Modes

Depending on which Oral-B electric toothbrush you have or are looking to opt for will depend on the cleaning modes available.

The main cleaning modes are however:

  1. Daily Clean
  2. Gum Care (Also referred to as Massage)
  3. Sensitive
  4. Super Sensitive
  5. Whitening/Whiten
  6. Pro Clean
  7. Intense
  8. Tongue Cleaner

Each of the previously mentioned brush heads can be used with any of these cleaning modes but some are better suited to particular modes — we show which brush heads are best suited to which cleaning modes in the comparison table above.

The sensitive brush head is best suited to the sensitive and gum care cleaning mode whilst the 3D white brush head is best partnered with the whitening cleaning mode.

Using the correct brush head with the most appropriate cleaning mode can result in a more thorough and suitable clean for your teeth and oral health conditions. If ever in doubt it is worth speaking to your dentist to find which is the best combination for you.

Replacing your brush head


The recommended time period for changing an Oral-B brush head is every 3 months.

This is a general consensus among the dentistry profession.

You will find that the brush heads will normally last 3 months and whilst the intensity of the bristle colour may have changed the bristle formation should still be virtually the same as it was when new at the end of the 3 month period.

Using a brush head for longer can actually cause harm to the teeth because bristles can become damaged and less effective at how they sweep across the tooth surfaces, in between teeth and along the gum line.

Therefore it is always important to monitor your brush head and consider whether it is necessary to change your brush head sooner rather than later.

Those using a smart, Bluetooth enable toothbrush can track the brush head within the smartphone application.

Indicator Bristles

On any Oral-B brush head you have what are classed as indicator bristles.

The colour of the bristles start off fuller and darker, but as time passes they become lighter and appear more worn.

It is this fade in colour that acts as a guide to tell you to change brush heads.


Bristle Condition

Take a look at the bristles, are they still fairly uniform in their direction and look.

Does the bristle layout look similar to when the brush head was new?

If bristles are shorter, frayed or all over the place then it is time to change.

Brushing with too much pressure is often a cause of wearing out brush heads quicker than normal.

CleanMaximiser Bristles

Oral-B have introduced a range of brush head styles with what they refer to as ‘cleanmaximiser bristles’.

Essentially they do the same job as regular indicator bristles, but they have been reworked to be a little more obvious in daily use.

A new brush head will have a number of bristle tufts where all the bristles are green in colour.

What happens is that over a period of approximately 3 months, the green bristles are dyed yellow to indicate the brush head requires changing.

At the time of writing this technology has been added to Precision Clean, FlossAction, CrossAction and 3D White brush heads.

Oral-B Clean Maximiser Brush Heads

Bacteria Guard Bristles

There are a select number of brush heads, notable CrossAction and FlossAction that have ‘Bacteria Guard Bristles’.

It is not clear precisely what the bristles have on them but they are designed to resist bacteria build-up, inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

This will help keep your bristles clean over the days, weeks and months you use it.

It will not kill the bacteria in the mouth or protect you against disease.

Whilst a regular rinse and air drying of the brush head should be enough to prevent excessive bacteria buildup, this is another approach to help prevent bacteria developing on the brush head.

Different users

It is possible to share a toothbrush handle with another user, providing each user has their own brush head.

Sharing a toothbrush handle can potentially save quite a bit of money.

Oral-B have implemented a simple, yet effective method to ensure you know you are using the correct brush head.

Coloured rings are fitted to the heads. Just remember the colour ring of yours and providing other users have different colours, you will easily know which is yours.

The coloured rings have been dropped with the iO Series, but instead, each head has 1 of 12 different icons printed on it, so you can identify which one you own.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the different brush heads from Oral-B?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about these and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.