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SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review

I DO NOT recommend SaniWhite toothbrush.

Myself and the team here at Electric Teeth strongly advise you proceed with caution before buying this product.

It will be better for your dental health if you buy a regular electric toothbrush and learn to use it properly.

Our main toothbrush recommendations are much cheaper than SaniWhite and will clean your teeth far better.

In the USA, the main brush we recommend is the Oral-B Smart 1500.

Preview Product Rating Price
Oral-B Smart 1500 Oral-B Smart 1500 1,281 Reviews $74.99 $68.00

In the UK the main brush we recommend is the Oral-B Pro 2 2500.

In Canada the main brush we recommend is the Oral-B Smart 2000.

In Australia the main brush we recommend is the Oral-B Pro 2 2000.

There are slight regional variations to the brushes, but they all include the features that our dentists recommend as essential, and offer great value for money.

Why I don’t recommend SaniWhite

SaniWhite appears to be identical to or is actually V-White, a product I have reviewed previously.

It is the same product that was found to be ‘no more effective than not brushing your teeth at all’ in an independent study by the University of Florence.

It doesn’t do what the marketing claims.

I wish to be honest and transparent.  I have not purchased or physically had hands-on with SaniWhite.

This is because when researching the product and the website selling it, far too many alarm bells go off in my head.

I have tested at great length many similar products, just check out my mouthpiece toothbrush article for evidence. None of which perform to the standards expected. 

I wish not to fund the companies behind this product. It is not fit for purpose. They are promoting products that can pose a risk to a people’s oral health.

And for those who think I am being paid to go against such companies, please do take a look at our ethics policy.  I can assure you, I am not.

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution 1

I have tested hundreds of electric toothbrushes and know what does and does not work.

As yet no company has mastered the mouthpiece style toothbrush, even with millions of $/£ investment.

SymplBrush is the best mouthpiece I have tested to date. Yet, it still isn’t a suitable alternative to your regular manual or electric brush.

Of course not having purchased and tried it myself, I am limited in the first-hand comments I can make.  But, here are the reasons I simply can’t recommend it and won’t be testing it.

Please do make your own decision based on what I share.

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The evidence

Here are just some of the reasons I think it is worth proceeding with caution.

It is based on V-White toothbrush

A legitimate online business approach is something called white labeling and dropshipping.

These are 2 slightly different techniques to make money online.

Dropshipping is where you sell someone else’s products on your own website. You don’t own or hold the stock yourself.  Once you have an order from a customer, you arrange for it to be shipped from the seller/warehouse that does stock it.

White labeling is where a company produces a product, but then puts your own logo’s and customizations onto the product.  This means the original product can essentially be sold by many different companies, under different names, but the underlying core product is the same.

SaniWhite seems to have taken the dropshipping approach.  I see no images of the toothbrush in a SaniWhite labeled box of packaging. 

They are selling a product called V-White.  You order a Sani White, but get a box labeled V-White – their own product reviews show this.

V-White is one mouthpiece toothbrush I have tested.  It is the same toothbrush that went through that clinical trial with the University of Florence who found it ineffective. 

1 size fits all brush head

There is just a single style and size of brush head.  This is supposed to be a one size fits all.

To date, no mouthpiece toothbrush has mastered this.  They are either too big or too small.

I am not sure how SaniWhite are accommodating for all the different sized mouths with just 1 silicone mouthpiece.

When I have tested other silicone brush heads like this, they have failed to reach the gumline.  The gumline is the most important area to brush.


All the reviews on their website are 5*.  

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution 2

Yes, any brand is going to want to promote the best reviews, I get it.  But, most companies will show a few less positive ones for balance.

Even the best products get the odd 3* rating.

And at least one of the reviews shows a V-White toothbrush.

The same website as CleanT – including the reviews

SaniWhite has the exact same website design, pages and key messaging as CleanT (get-cleant.com).  Take a look at the images.

Even the reviews are identical.

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution 3

There is a slight difference in the checkout pages and there are different contact details for the 2 companies.

In all my years of using the internet, I don’t think I have ever seen 2 identical websites, unless they were from dubious companies/individuals.  Yes, websites can look similar, but when they are nigh on identical….

Who invented it

The website claims ‘we invented SaniWhite’.  Who is we?

Was it a dentist a hygienist, an entrepreneur an inventor who created this product.

Oddly there is nothing to suggest who ‘we’ are.

I am inclined to think that if you have created the ‘Worlds First Automatic Toothbrush that brushes your teeth in 10 seconds’ you would be quite keen to promote your product, explain who you are, why and how you did etc.  

Sold via Infomercials

You don’t see SaniWhite stocked in your local dentist’s office or in your local pharmacy.  It isn’t sold on Amazon or other popular online stores.

Instead, the main sales technique seems to be highly targeted online advertising.  

The advert is usually a video. Essentially an infomercial that is a few minutes long.

Much of the footage is very generic, or stock as it is otherwise known.  You don’t see much hands-on with the SaniWhite toothbrush itself.

The voices can sound quite robotic and often there are some bold and unsubstantiated claims.

These are designed to capture you and sell the product in the moment.  A reactionary purchase.


When you click the order now button, it takes you to the checkout page.

The DEFAULT package that is selected is a package containing 5, of these.

Who is normally buying 5 toothbrushes?

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution 4

I would understand if it was the toothbrush and 5 replacement sets of bristles, but no, it is not.

In fact, none of the packages offers replacement mouthpieces.

The deal for 5 is actually, buy 3 and get 2 free.  It is one of the strangest offers for a toothbrush I have ever seen.

The list price is apparently $150, but when buying 5, you save over $100 per unit, that is a saving of over $500.

Buying just 1 costs $79.

Replacement brush heads – Lack of

For a product that requires brush heads to be replaced every 3 months, you would think they would sell you some wouldn’t you?

At the time of writing, no brush heads/bristles are offered.

Wouldn’t a more logical option be to offer replacement brush heads?

The website address

https://buy-saniwhite.com/ – You don’t have to be an internet guru to realize this isn’t normal. It is quite a complicated web address.

Most would have an address that was xyz.com as this is easier to remember and type.  You would therefore think www.saniwhte.com would be more logical. This website address (url) does not work.

Now to add to this web address was registered on 09/22/202.  It is a little over a month old at the time of me writing this.

Yet despite this, they have a physical product already.

Although possible to create a product and then create the website after.  I think it is fair to assume that most would buy the web address before creating their product to ensure they had a place to sell it. 

Given it can take months or even years for a product to be created, I would have expected a much older website.  

It is to only registered for a year, expiring on 22nd September 22.  Again, not ridiculous, it is possible to renew each year, but most businesses would buy their website address to last longer than 1 year wouldn’t they?

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution 5

Oh and on top of this when you go to the checkout pages you are redirected to https://offer.buysaniwhite.com/. Normally you would stay on the same website.

Different checkout pages

During my research, I was offered 2 different checkout pages.  The same prices, but considerably different layouts.

It could be that the company are testing things (this is common) but it is quite unusual for 1 customer to be exposed to 2 different layouts.

SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution 6

30 day money back guarantee & returns

30 days to send it back if you are not happy sounds great right?

But like similar products the returns policy isn’t that favorable.

Normally this type of product would have a warranty of 1-2 years.  There is no mention of this.

Basically, 30 days is all you have.  But here comes another catch.

To be eligible for a return and full refund, your item must be in the same condition that you received it.  It must also be in the original packaging…If for some reason your return arrives in unacceptable condition, we will notify you by email that your return was rejected.

Although not explicitly stated, I suspect this means (based on similar experiences) that it can’t have actually been used.  Meaning the guarantee is only any good if you haven’t actually tried the product.  So if you buy it, try it and don’t like it, you are not going to be able to return it.

Even if you haven’t opened it and tried it, I wish you the best of luck in returning it, I don’t have much faith.

Is SaniWhite too good to be true? You decide, but hopefully, I have provided useful information to assist in that decision.

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16 thoughts on “SaniWhite Toothbrush Review – Proceed With Caution”

  1. There were immediate red flags when I saw the ad for this product, and I imagine most people reading your review are here for the same reason I am: to confirm that this product is too good to be true. Those saying that you would need to test this specific product to write a review clearly didn’t actually, well, read the review. You’ve tried similar products. You’ve tried the identical product under a different name. I’m glad you didn’t buy anything from this clearly predatory website/company. Most importantly for me, now I know that mouthpiece toothbrushes in general are pretty useless, so I won’t go looking for someone selling them in a less shady manner. I’m sure if anyone ever gets a mouthpiece design to work properly, I’ll be able to find them in normal retail stores and not just from online retailers.

  2. I haven’t purchased this yet, and your negative review (even though you’ve never tried it, just something “similar”) really irritated me. I feel like purchasing it just to prove you wrong. If you look into it, it was “theoretically” invented by a “military dentist,” with peer reviews and independent research. You really need to be more discreet and watch what you say, especially in the negative. Like I said, you make me want to test it for myself.

    • By all means, go ahead and buy it. I think you will be mightily disappointed. There are comments here and on the video from others that have and as I suspected everything checks out as being a toothbrush that simply does not work. All I am doing is trying to help prevent you from wasting your money and impacting your oral health negatively.

      Had this been a different product, unlike others I tested, with all the same warning signs then I would have bought it, but that isn’t the case here.

  3. Some people can be so rude (Eric)… I understand completely why you didn’t buy it; it’s the exact same as the V-Brush so why waste money purchasing it again under a different name. I was watching the ad and was turned off straight away by the fact they say it was invented by a “famous dentist” in Canada, hahaha… famous dentist!!! I can barely remember my own dentists name sometimes. 10 second cleaning!!! I wish, wouldn’t that be nice; I’m afraid nothing takes 10 seconds to clean. I have looked after my teeth very well with a toothbrush and floss, if and when someone invents something that cleans our teeth like they say the v-White/SaniWhite does, I’d probably leave it on the shelf anyway, why change something that works… there’s a reason we’ve been doing it this way for a 100 year or more… IT WORKS!!! Also, you are right about the website; they’re called “pop-up websites” and are used by scammers to sell all kinds of different products (normally near Christmas so people think they’re buying bargains): and btw Eric, he didn’t say anything about WWW, he was talking about the hyphen in the address buy-sani white.com, it’s very rare an address has a hyphen. Thanks Jon Love for the review and just ignore the rude comments people, like Eric, put on here, they would probably buy something like this against advice anyway, lol.

  4. Thank you for your review, VERY helpful. The ad I saw said the inventor was a dentist for the US military who was desperate to get those who serve in the armed forces proper care since they often fall short. Just FYI. I’m nit buying it though. Thx!

  5. I was opposed to your review from the start based on the fact that you didn’t actually review it but by the time I got to the end, especially the fact that it appears to be a drop-shipped V-White I understood your perspective. You should have lead with that. You had lost me up until that point, especially when talking about the details of the website.

    I highly recommend you drop the paragraphs about the website. You’re reaching. There’s nothing odd about the website really and if you type in http://www.buy-saniwhite.com it redirects properly. Honestly the www (a carryover from the days of calling it the world wide web) prefix is losing popularity. If you look at your website in my Google address bar it eliminates the www prefix too. Also, who in the right mind would register a website before they design a product? Let alone years before. You might design a product before you perform market reviews to help determine a name that also must not violate other trademarks.

    Anyway, aside from that and not mentioning the V-White stuff much sooner I was ultimately happy with your review.

    • Hi Patrick.

      Thank you for your comments and feedback on the post, these are valuable.

      Whilst I don’t personally quite agree with your comments on the age of the website domain and the website address I certainly acknowledge how I could have made clear the fact that SaniWhite is essentially the V-White toothbrush.

      Based on your constructive comments, I have adjusted the structure of this article to make this clearer from the start.

  6. Thanks for writing this. After seeing the ads I knew it was a scam. I heard something about “ultrasonic blah blah blah cleans teeth in 10 seconds” and knew instantly. Glad someone is bringing attention to this issue and citing actual research. Irregardless of having used the product or not.

  7. Your points are well made and reasoning is sound, I had many of the same concerns which is what led me to search for more reviews. I agree, not necessary to purchase the product when it’s obviously the same one you’ve purchased previously. Thanks for your thoughts and insights, much appreciated.

    • I will gladly wear that title Eric. I have plenty of valid reasons for showing how and why this isn’t the product that is suggested.

  8. You haven’t bought or tested the product, but you’re going to review it. As soon as I read that, I stopped reading. Waste of an article. I definitely won’t bother ever using your site as a resource for anything.

    • Essentially he has tried the product. It is another product, which he has tested, in different packaging and with a new name.
      You can put a dress on a pig but, it is still just a pig.

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