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Quip Cordless Water Flosser Announced

Since initially launching with the Quip toothbrush in 2015, the innovative oral care company has since added other items to its portfolio, including its floss pick which Dr Gemma Wheeler recommended in her hands-on review.

The latest addition is a rechargeable cordless water flosser.

Quip Cordless Water Flosser Announced 1

Due to begin shipping in late September, this alternative to a Waterpik flosser is available in white or sky blue plastic designs starting at $50. You can too purchase copper, slate, and all-black metal versions for $70.

Whilst I have yet to go hands-on with a Quip water flosser, the images and promotional video certainly make it look very appealing.

It has a sleek and stylish design and might just be (in my opinion at least) the best looking cordless water flosser to date. There is no denying that the cordless flosser has the same design ethos as their other products.  There is consistency in design across all their products.

Quip Cordless Water Flosser Announced 2
Design consistency amongst Quip products.

It doesn’t look as bulbous and chunky as some competing products. But, it does potentially look like it might be a bit slippy in the hand. Quip hasn’t specified the exact size and weight to be able to make an informed comment at this stage.

Here at Electric Teeth, we promote daily flossing and interdental cleaning, just like the American Dental Association (ADA).  Whilst interdental brushes are typically considered the best option for most people, a water flosser is a great additional tool to maximize the cleaning results.  

Or, if you can’t get in the habit of daily flossing, around 30% of Americans don’t floss daily, then a water flosser like this can help. Doing something is always better than nothing.

Quip’s Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Enver has said “Our goal at quip is to create a comprehensive suite of products and services that guide and reward users for following good oral care habits recommended by dental professionals for optimal oral health…Flossing is a foundational, but often ignored, part of a healthy oral care routine. Following our earlier expansion into this category through our Refillable Floss String and Reusable Floss Pick products, our water flosser offers a high-performance option to those consumers who have trouble with traditional dental floss.”

Ultimately Quip wish to make flossing more enjoyable.

quip | Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser

The new cordless oral irrigator will offer:

  • Two pressure settings – gentle (white light) and deep clean (blue light)
  • Two water flow modes – continuous and on-demand
  • A 360 degree rotating nozzles that attach magnetically
  • Magnetic charging cable with a charge time of 4 hours 
  • A battery life of up to 8 weeks (60 cycles) with daily use
  • A large reservoir (capacity TBC) that will offer up to 60 seconds of use on the gentle mode.
  • The ability to fill the reservoir from the top, via a hinged lid.
  • The option of subscribing to 3 monthly nozzle replacements.
  • Lifetime warranty – if you remain subscribed

It feels like Quip has focused on simplicity and this could be a good thing. There isn’t a vast array of different nozzles to choose from, nor lots of different cordless variations with similar but different features.  At the time of writing market leader Waterpik offers 10 different cordless models and 7 different tip styles.

Quips toothbrush is American Dental Association approved.  At this time, it appears that the water flosser isn’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised it if did achieve their seal of acceptance in the near future.

Quip Cordless Water Flosser Announced 3

I have pre-ordered one and will bring a full review as soon as possible.

I am optimistic that it will have what it takes to become a recommendation within our best cordless water flossers, but will it be capable enough to challenge the Cordless Advanced, only time and testing will tell.

If you wish to buy one, you can do so too, by visiting getquip.com and ordering today.

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