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Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Review

Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Review Header

Editor’s Note

This is not a full review of the Oral-B Smart Clean 360 rechargeable electric toothbrush like you might be expecting.

This is because the Smart Clean is essentially identical to the Oral-B Smart 1500, which I have already reviewed in great detail.

I will explain in the following paragraphs what all the differences are.

But essentially, the Smart Clean 360 is a package containing 2 x Oral-B Smart 1500 toothbrushes.

If you need or desire 2 brushes, then they are an excellent buy. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The 1500 is now one of our most recommended products based on the features and performance for the price.

You can buy it from Costco, Amazon or eBay.

Preview Product Rating Price
Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Oral-B Smart Clean 360 193 Reviews $210.00 $98.34Amazon Prime

Oral-B Smart Clean 360  – Explained

The Smart Clean 360 is a package that contains the following items:

  • 2 x Electric toothbrush handles
  • 2 x Precision Clean brush heads
  • 1 x FlossAction brush head
  • 2 x Travel cases
  • 2 x Charging stands
  • Documentation

Where more often than not a toothbrush is sold as a single unit, in this instance the Smart Clean 360 contains 2 toothbrushes and accessories.  It is what I call a dual handled package.

The intention and benefit is an offering that is a better value option than perhaps buying 2 brushes separately.

Oral-B Smart Clean 360 box Contents

Whilst Oral-B and retailers themselves do not specifically state this, the Smart Clean 360 brush handles are identical to the Oral-B Smart 1500.

They have the same design, cleaning modes and features as the Smart 1500.

This means you get the following features:

  • Oral-B 3D movement cleaning system (Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 14+ day battery life
  • 3 cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Sensitive and Whitening)
  • 360 degree visible pressure sensor
  • 2 minute timer including quadpacer
  • Interchangeable brush heads
  • Water resistant brush handle
  • 2 year warranty

What sets them apart is the name, box contents and the price.

With the Smart 1500, you get the following items in the box:

  • 1 x Oral-B Smart 1500 electric toothbrush handle
  • 1 x CrossAction brush head
  • 1 x Charging stand
  • Documentation
Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Toothbrush in Hand

Compare this with the items in the box with the Smart Clean 360 and you can see that the differences are:

  • An extra brush handle
  • An extra charging stand
  • 2 x PrecisionClean brush heads and 1 x FlossAction rather than 1 x CrossAction head
  • 2 x Travel cases not included with the Smart 1500

Unlike the Smart 1500, you do not get the choice of the color of the handle.

The 1500 is available in the following 4 colors:

  • Light Rose 
  • Navy 
  • Black
  • Jet White

With the 360 variant, you get:

  • Navy
  • Jet White

I was very impressed with the Smart 1500 electric toothbrush in my hands-on testing.

It was awarded a 5 star rating overall given the cleaning performance, features and price.

In fact, it is now one of the models I recommend most to people.

It offers all the essential features you need and does not come with lots of unnecessary extras.  You get great value for money, and this trend continues with the Smart Clean 360.

Naturally, it is a little more expensive because it includes 2 handles rather than 1, but the cost per handle is the same if not less than the Smart 1500.

The Smart 1500 has a retail price of $79.99 but sells for $65 on average.

Smart Clean 360 Retail Box

The Smart Clean 360 has a retail price of around $139.99.  The average selling price seems to be around $120, but I have seen it for as little as $100.

At $120, that is $60 per handle, $5 less than the 1500 and you get the added benefit of the travel case and additional charging stand.

I will for the record say, I am not entirely sure why Oral-B is including 3 brush heads when there are 2 handles.  Would make more sense to include just 2 or maybe 4?

None the less, if you really want to know what the Smart Clean 360 is like to use and what all the pros and cons are, then you should read and watch my Smart 1500 review.

Of course, should you have any questions, do leave them in the comments, or get in contact, I am happy to help.

The Smart Clean 360 package is for me pretty much a must buy package, if you need or want 2 brush handles.

It is a really great option for families or couples.

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94 thoughts on “Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Review”

  1. Hello, my local Costco currently has these on sale but has the version shown here as well as a newer version of the same model which looks slightly different and has two extra modes for a total of 5. Do you happen know the difference and whether the new version is still comparable quality to the smart 1500? Thank you

    • Hey. I’ve just had a look at their website and I see the new version.
      Not having handled it there is limited comment I can make. But, that said, from what I see/know these are comparable and excellent value.
      You’re getting 2 travel cases and 2 charging stands.
      The extra modes have little value really. But you do appear to have a dedicated mode button to make switching between them easier. Although, there are no icons or labels on the handle to let you know which mode is active.
      A good buy for sure.

      • Thank you for the reply. Yes the dedicated button is nice and they also have a more tactile/grippy finish than the older version. With your as well as others’ great reviews of the prior model I didn’t want to purchase the updated model in case they skimped on the quality but it appears to be comparable or an improvement.

    • Assuming you mean the one around the neck of the brush, below the brush head, this is the pressure sensor.
      If it is lit red you are using too much force as you brush and could be, long term, doing damage to the teeth and gums. Brush with less force and the red light should not come on.

    • The charging stand supports 110-130v. To use it in the EU you will need a plug & voltage adapter. Or alternatively, get an EU charging stand that supports 200-240V for EU electrical supply and use the brush on that charging stand.

      • Thank you Jon for your swift and helpful reply. Having traveled to Europe extensively, I know that many products are 120-240v 50-60 Hz, and since this was made in Germany, I assumed it might be as well. I usually look at the charger itself but I have this product new in a box and did not want to open it as reurning it is an option.

  2. Do you recommend the Oral B Smart Clean 360 or Sonicare Optimal? Both are on sale at COSTCO right now. My husband and I use whatever we end up buying for a few years and get good reports from our dentists. I have used both brands for years. My mouth is small. I can find brushes for Oral B that fit easier than Sonicare.

    • Both are good brushes. We prefer the Oral-B and the size and cost of Oral-B heads are favorable, so probably best to go for the Smart Clean 360.

  3. I have the Oral B Smart Clean 360 purchased from Costco and am very frustrated with the water running down the handle and my arm while trying to brush my teeth. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    • A bit of water might run down the handle, subject to the angle etc you are holding the brush, but unusual to be as bad to go down the arm etc.
      Is it the first time using Oral-B? Are you still getting used to this compared to other brushes?

    • Yes Helen.The 2 pin power adapter is hardwired into the charging stand. YOu have about 4ft of cable between the adapter and the stand itself.

  4. Charging question
    Should the brush go on the charger after each use when able or is it best to use it until the battery is low then place on charger? We have an old oral B, we put them back on the charger after every use when we’re home. The charge only lasts approx 5-7 days & then it takes forever to fully charge. We will be purchasing new oral b & want to know how to properly care for it so we get the best performance & longevity.
    Thank you

    • Hi Laura.
      Great question.
      There isn’t a right answer.
      Technically the handles can’t be overcharged. They cut out when they have finished being charged so as not to waste power and damage the battery.
      Millions of people leave their brushes on the charging stands all the time when not in use.
      Many would however argue it is better for the battery to be kept off the charging stand and have it recharged only when required. In other words, it gets a full charge from 20 to 100 percent rather than constant topups of just a few percent each time.
      I have no solid evidence to say which is best for sure. Feedback would likey suggest keeping it off the stand is better long term, but for the small potential gains (less wear on the battery) it might not be worth the hassle of worrying about it.

  5. Question about charging.
    Should we place handle on charging base after brushing or is it better to leave it off the charging base & use it until it NEEDS charging?

    • Hi Laura.
      Great question.
      There isn’t a right answer.
      Technically the handles can’t be overcharged. They cut out when they have finished being charged so as not to waste power and damage the battery.
      Millions of people leave their brushes on the charging stands all the time when not in use.
      Many would however argue it is better for the battery to be kept off the charging stand and have it recharged only when required. In other words, it gets a full charge from 20 to 100 percent rather than constant topups of just a few percent each time.
      I have no solid evidence to say which is best for sure. Feedback would likey suggest keeping it off the stand is better long term, but for the small potential gains (less wear on the battery) it might not be worth the hassle of worrying about it.

  6. Jon,
    We purchased the Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Rechargeable Toothbrush package on 08/26/2022 at Costco paying $69.99 on sale.
    We have been very satisfied with the handle & brush heads themselves.
    However we are completely disappointed with the chargers supplied model #3757 that were in the package. Both of them have failed to charge the handles any more. They each completely failed about 2 weeks apart. We were surprised since they are stamped as Made in the USA and not China. We expected them to be better than they were. The brushes are no good without the chargers.
    We are going to attempt to get replacement chargers under their limited warranty and will see what happens.

    • Thanks for the feedback.
      From my experience, this is quite unusual for the charger to fail, let alone 2. Obviously, it can and has happened and all being well Oral-B ensure you have 2 new working chargers.

    • This is probably because the Smart Clean 360 is essentially a rebadged Smart 1500.

      Any of the following heads will work with the Smart Clean 360 brush handles:

      3D White
      Pro GumCare
      Sensitive Clean
      Precision Clean

  7. Jon,

    Your review is very helpful; thank you. I do have a question, though. I just received my order of the Smart Clean 360 from Costco and the back of the box states it removes 400% more plaque along the gumline than a manual toothbrush. Yet the Smart 1500 box states it removes 500% more plaque along the gumline than a manual toothbrush. If the Smart Clean 360 uses the same handle as the Smart 1500, wouldn’t both models remove the same amount of plaque?

    • Hi George. Great question and I see your point.
      Happy to be proven wrong, but as I understand it these 400% & 500% claims are based on different studies that compare the use of an electric toothbrush to a manual. So different studies equal different results.
      To remove that much more plaque you need to be doing other things right such as the correct brushing technique and time.

      • Jon,

        I called Oral-B and spoke with a customer service representative. She told me, as you mentioned in your review, that the Smart 360 handles are identical to other models in the Smart series. However, the brush heads are different. The brush heads in the Smart 360 model eliminate 400% more plaque than manual brushing. The CrossAction brush heads included with many of the other Smart models eliminate 500% more plaque than manual brushing. So the difference is all related to whatever brush head is included with the model purchased. The Smart 360 with a CrossAction brush head will eliminate 500% more plaque than manual brushing.

    • You should get a minimum of 14 days use, assuming twice daily brushing for 2 minutes each time. In my testing, I achieved a maximum of 20 days.

  8. Are we sure they didn’t cheap out on the 360 somehow? Perhaps less strokes per minute or something? It is currently on sale at Costco for 69.99, same price as a single 1500 on Amazon.

  9. If I just want to use the Daily Clean mode, can I just press the button once to turn on and the press once to turn off? Or do I need to cycle through the other modes (requiring three presses) before it then turns off?

    • To turn it off, you press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds. It will then power off.
      If you just press and don’t hold it will require you to cycle through the modes until such time as it powers off.

  10. Hi, I live in India. I was about to order the Smart 1500 from USA through a friend. But now I’m confused with the 360 clean. And are the brushes themselves dual voltage? Is buying a 220v charging base sufficient?

    • The brush handle should work fine on a 220v charging base although it comes with a 110v charger as far as I am aware.

  11. Could I use and charge this products in many different country with the different voltages (such as 220 and 240 volts in Asian countries)?

    • You would need a voltage and plug adapter to do this Chien as the stand itself does not support 220-240v. Alternatively you could buy a charging stand for that particular country if suitable.

  12. From what I can gather the smart 360 is different from the pro 4000. I feel a deeper clean. I also notice the 360 sensor is different and there is no bluetooth connectivity which I never used. Canada it’s different but when finishing brushing it feels like a great clean and better. Not sure what 6X the plaque vs 400X more plaque.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      I believe the Pro 1000 is slightly inferior. It lacks a pressure sensor and uses a NiMH battery, compared to the SmartClean 360 that has a pressure sensor and Lithium battery.

      The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 has both a pressure sensor and lithium battery like the Smart Clean 360. The pressure sensor isn’t visible, but it vibrates the handle in a very obvious way, so they are for the most part comparable. I like the 4100, but the Oral-B takes the edge for cleaning performance and long term value for money. Brush heads are more cost effective for example.

      So, I would pick the Smart Clean over the others.

      I hope that helps.

  13. Wondering how quiet the Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Rechargeable toothbrush is…. was looking for the decibel level to compare. Can’t find that info. Thanks

  14. I just bought the Smart Clean 360 from Costco, but thinking about returning it. It works OK I guess; I’ve never used an electric one before. My issue with it is the handle. Once I’m brushing my teeth, the toothpaste and water mixture drips onto the handle making it very slippery and I can’t hold onto it. It slides around in my hand when its wet. Is there a trick to keeping a grip on the handle?

    • Hi Fred. This is one issue with the handle of the 360. There is no real trick as such to gripping it. I tend to wrap my whole hand around the handle to keep it securely in hand.
      You might find with a few more days of practice your lip control becomes better and thus less moisture goes down the handle and it won’t be as slippy.

  15. I am trying to decide between Costco’s 2 pack of the oral b smart clean 360 for $70 or Sam’s club 2 pack of the oral b Pro Clean 1500 for $50. From what I am reading they are pretty similar, your thoughts?

    • Hi Kerry.

      Yes, from what I can tell they are almost identical. Any differences are tiny and insignificant. The Sams Club 2 pack of the Pro Clean 1500 is the better buy in my opinion.

  16. Hello, is the Oral B Smart Clean 360 still manufactured and sold? And are brush replacements still being sold for it – and for how much longer? I bought mine in Costco in December 2020 and still haven’t taken it out of the box. My dentist sells – at a good discount – the iO Oral B Series 9 with the app for brushing that he highly recommends. I’m deciding whether or not to return the 360 and buy the iO from my dentist because it seems to be much newer and better. Or is the 360 really sufficient and i should keep it assuming I can get brush replacements? Your thoughts on this are greatly appreciated! Thank you, Susan

    • Hi Susan.

      I do believe it is still being made and sold, it is listed on Costco’s website. I can’t comment on how much longer it will be on sale for I have no access to this information.

      The brush heads are available from a variety of different outlets, not just Costco. There are a variety of compatible brush heads for this toothbrush that can easily be acquired. These heads are used for a whole variety of different Oral-B products, so they will be around for a long time yet.

      The iO is a very capable toothbrush. However, used correctly, the iO isn’t going to clean your teeth any better than the 360.

      There are arguments that elements of the iO might help encourage you to brush better and for longer than you might be already. However, you are paying for a lot of technology, that the vast majority get no significant benefit from.

      Of course, everyone is different, but from our testing and experience, few continue to use the app and smart features for extended periods of time.

      It ultimately has to be your decision on what you feel is right for you.

  17. As you said “Smart Clean 360 brush handles are identical to the Oral-B Smart 1500”. However I find differences on the package. Smart Clean 360 removes 400% plaque, while Smart 1500 removes 500% plaque.
    Can you explain more on those information?

    • Eric.

      Oral-B will often cite results from difficult clinical studies to help market products.

      The different claims are likely based on the different brush heads that come supplied, the 360 with the Precision Clean heads and the Smart 1500 with CrossAction.

      Oral-B themselves are best placed to answer this.

  18. Can you tell me how many pulsations per minute the 360 has. I noticed it says removes 400 times more plaque than regular brushing. The Triumph 9000 series says 40,000 pulsations per minute and removes up to 500 times more plaque…

    • Hi Brian.

      I understand it to be 8,800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations.

      The amount of plaque removed/quoted depends on the original clinical study used in the marketing data at the time.

    • Hi Nancy. Yes. On the back of the handle are a series of dimples that provide some grip/resistance to the fingertip. There are no raised ridges as is the case on some other models.

  19. Your article states that the Smart 1500 has 3 cleaning modes. However, the Oral B web site states that the Smart 1500 has only TWO cleaning modes.

    • Hi Richard.

      Thanks for your comment. I can confirm that the Smart 1500 that we purchased, tested and reviewed has 3 modes. The Oral-B website has since been updated to suggest 2 modes rather than 3.

      I have yet to ascertain whether this is an error on their part or they have further updated the model to disable the third mode that was available on the model we purchased.

  20. We like the Oral B Smart Clean 360 we bought at Costco . . . but:
    Is there a way we are supposed to set the 2 minute timer. Ours never shuts off.

    There is no user manual for it and I haven’t found one on line yet.

    Please help.

    • Hi Don.

      The toothbrush does not turn itself off automatically after 2 minutes, if that is what you are looking for.

      There is no way to configure this either. You have to turn it off by pressing the power button.

      I hope that helps.

  21. Thank you for this review. Very helpful. Costco has the Oral B Smart Clean 360 on sale at $64.99 (on-line price) through 01/24/2021. I now plan to buy it based on your review and detailed explanation.

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