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Oral-B Smart 1500 Product Name

The Oral-B Pro 1000 has been and remains one of the most recommended products for those looking for a good value electric toothbrush.

A slim handled toothbrush, the Pro 1000 offers a great clean of the teeth but does too benefit from a built-in timer to encourage you and me to brush our teeth for the recommended 2 minutes.

It is a particularly good choice in my opinion for first time electric toothbrush users.

As simple and good value as it is, it does lack a pressure sensor to alert you if you are brushing too hard.

Whilst a pressure sensor is not essential, it is a really handy feature to have. All too often people scrub their teeth with too much force, which long term will only do damage to the teeth and delicate gum tissue.

Therefore a model with a pressure sensor can be beneficial.

More premium models like the Oral-B Pro 1500 have existed and offered this sensor, for some time.  But, the way the sensor is implemented is slightly different to those on the top of the line models like the Genius Pro 8000 and Genius X.

360 degree pressure sensor Oral-B Smart 1500

Unlike the Genius range which has 360 degree sensors at the top of the handle, the 1500 has a notification LED around the back half.

This serves the purpose, but 360 degrees naturally looks better but more easily draws attention when it is lit red.

Well things are about to change with the introduction of the Oral-B Smart 1500.

A new video, included below has been uploaded to Oral-B North America’s YouTube channel teasing an all new product.

Smart 1500 Coming Soon!

Along with the 360 degree pressure sensor the Smart 1500 has a slightly revised design to the handle, which will be available in 4 colors:

  • Light Rose
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Jet White
Oral-B Smart 1500 Light Rose

The current Pro 1000 and 1500 have rubber grips that run the full length of the handle and raised plastic ridges on the back to help you and me grip the brush when in hand.

The new Oral-B Smart 1500 would appear to lose these in preference to a more sleek design of gloss plastics, more like the Genius range.

Whilst I have yet to handle this brush, I am concerned that the lack of grips might be a bit of a negative, but I do like the new design overall.

All bar the black colored unit will have a white handle, it will be the power button and the panel around it that gives the color accents.

The black variant will have both a black handle and button as well as a color matched brush head.

No details are given around all the features this brush will have, but it would be good if the battery life was at least 2 weeks, like the current Pro 1500.  This 2 week life is twice as long as the battery life available from the current Pro 1000.

There does seem to be a battery status light on the handle, although much smaller than on existing models.

Given that Oral-B are calling this the ‘Smart’ 1500 it is logical to think that it will be Bluetooth enabled like other ‘Smart’ brushes within their range, but the teaser video gave no confirmation of this.  I fear, potentially, that it won’t. 

By no means is Bluetooth a must have feature, but it can bring benefits for some.  If it doesn’t, what will be the point in naming it Smart?  

The video also implies that it will come with a travel case, something not previously offered with the Oral-B Pro 1000 or 1500.

Oral-B Smart 1500 & travel case

Naturally the dentist inspired round brush head will be provided, it looks like you might get 1 of those in the box and you will get a charging stand too.

I don’t know whether it will replace the existing Pro 1000 and Pro 1500.  It would make sense to some extent if it did, subject to price.  I think most likely the Pro 1500 will be discontinued and the Smart 1500 replace it and the Pro 1000 will remain as a more affordable option.

No word on price or availability as yet, but I will of course update this article as and when I know more. As you might expect, a hands-on review will also follow as soon as possible.

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