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Published: February 10, 2024

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000

Author: Jon Love (1 Comments)
Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 1

Editor's Note

Both the Pro 7000 and the Genius Pro 8000 have technically been upgraded. The suggested alternatives are the Genius 7500 and Genius X respectively.

The Genius X would be our pick of these 2 newer models.

However, of the older Pro 7000 and Genius Pro 8000, the 800 remains the top pick.

Which one would we choose?

Our choice: Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 / Amazon, Oral B / ~$179.94

Two superb electric toothbrushes neither will leave you disappointed; but the Genius Pro 8000 just edges it for the design and innovation, not to mention small improvement in battery life and the included travel case.

Key differences

  • The Pro 7000 is available in Black or White color options whilst the Genius Pro is available in Black, White, Rose Gold and Orchid Purple.
  • Small design differences with the Genius 8000 feeling the better in hand.
  • The Genius 8000 has an LED Smart Ring.
  • The Pro 7000 comes with 4 brush heads compared to the 3 with the Genius Pro 8000.
  • The Pro 7000 comes with a Smart Wireless Guide that the Genius 8000 does not.
  • The Pro 7000 has 10 days battery life compared to the 12 of the Genius 8000.
  • The Genius 8000 comes with a smartphone holder.
  • The Genius 8000 travel case has a similar design to that supplied with the Pro 7000 but can charge the brush in the case as well as hold and charge a smartphone too.

Please note. Every effort is made to ensure the key differences listed are correct, but these differences are subject to change without notice. Products and the box contents can be changed without notice and different variants can exist.

Detailed comparison: what’s the difference between the Oral-B Pro 7000 and Genius Pro 8000?

Fundamentally not a lot sets these two brushes apart, the Genius Pro 8000 is an upgrade, if you like, to the Pro 7000.

If you are reading this thinking do I need to upgrade, the simple answer is NO.

If you have a Pro 7000 stick with it.

The only time to upgrade would be if the Pro 7000 stopped working out of warranty.

The bullet point list above shows the main differences, but to understand these a bit better I want to explain a bit and give more detail and context to the differences, so you really understand.

Whilst the 8000 is technically only a bit better than the 7000, the brush has been redesigned from the ground up.

The Pro 7000 has a thicker base that tapers up towards the top of the brush handle whereas the Genius 8000 has a more consistent cylindrical design to the brush handle.

The Pro 7000 on the face of it looks chunkier and like it will have the better battery life, but it is the Genius 8000 that is the more capable.

As part of the design tweaks the front part of the handles look different too with the Genius 8000 making it clearer as to which cleaning mode you are on or using.  The images throughout best depict how this looks and compares between the two.

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 2

Included on the 8000 is what is referred to as the LED Smart Ring.  Essentially it is a re-worked pressure sensor that compared to being on the back of the brush handle now features 360 degrees at the top of the brush handle.  This does make its function as a pressure sensor a bit better as there is no argument that you could not see the LED light, but now there is also the option to have this Smart Ring light up one of 12 colors permanently whilst the brush is switch on.  Necessary, no? Neat, yes.  It adds a degree of personalization.

The 7000 is available in Black or White color options whereas the 8000 is available in Black, White, Rose Gold and Orchid Purple.

I personally prefer the White of the 7000 because the brush head blends in nicely, whereas on the Black Genius Pro color options, the brush head is still white and in my opinions clashes a little and detracts from the ‘Black’ theme.  The Genius 8000 is all Black whereas the Pro 7000 had a combination of Black and Silver.

The introduction of the 8000 in other color options, aside from Black in 2018 makes the 8000 more appealing and personally wins it on design on the most part.

There are a few differences with the box contents between these two models and you could argue that the more expensive 8000 comes with less in the box, but what it does come with is different and more expensive so it sort of evens out.

Th Pro 7000 comes with 4 brush heads included(CrossAction x 2, Floss Action x 1, Pro White/3D White x 1 and Sensitive x 1) compared to the 3 with the Genius 8000(1 x CrossAction, 1 x Pro White/3D White, 1 x Sensitive).

This does not make a huge amount of difference in my opinion but does add some value to the box.  The inclusion of any at all allows you to try different heads and find the one that works best for you on different modes etc.

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 3

The Genius 8000 comes with a suction cup smartphone holder in the box whereas the Pro 7000 comes with a wireless smart guide.

I love the wireless smart guide and this was sort of included with the 7000 at the time it first launched as a tool to encourage cleaning for longer and to a higher standard.  This has in part been replaced, or this is the intention at least by the Oral-B app.

The 7000 had this app but the Genius range focuses much more heavily on this feature and removing the wireless guide pushes you to use this more.  Since the 7000 launched, the app has been further improved and the included smartphone holder allows for accurate tracking of the brush in the mouth.

I won’t go into all the details and how well it works, you can read the full Genius 8000 review for that, but ultimately the holder is there to give a place to mount your smartphone and see the screen but also as a way of holding your smartphone in place, so that the front facing camera can be used for tracking your clean.

Essentially, you can get more accurate tooth cleaning tracking and logging along with advice, in real-time from the app with the 8000 if you use the holder and allow the camera and app to watch you lean.

The other in box inclusion that has changed in the premium travel case.  On first glance they look identical but where the case with the 7000 held the handle and 2 brush heads, the 8000 case holds the handle and 2 brush heads but allows the brush to be charged in the case whilst also offering a USB port to charge other items like your smartphone from as well as an in case stand for the phone to use the app on the go.

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 4

Again the review of the Genius 8000 goes into more detail of the pros and cons of this travel case solution, that sounds great, but is not perfect.  You do have to carry a proprietary charger for the travel case, which is frustrating and the brush cannot be charged via a USB connection on a computer or mains charger like the Sonicare DiamondClean range can.

Having mentioned DiamondClean, their Black colored brushes also come with a Black coloured brush head…!

The last major difference between these two brushes is the battery life.  The 7000 can achieve 10 days of battery life, so that’s 20 cleans of 2 minutes, whereas the 8000 can complete 12 days or 24 cleans.

Part of this battery life improvement has come about as a result of using a newer and better battery technology in the 8000.  This model uses a lithium-ion battery compared to the nickel metal hydride battery in the 7000.

Whilst it gives better battery life, it should also mean that the battery can cope with being recharged more frequently, perhaps extending the possible working life of the brush.

It is understood that the motor in the Genius 8000 is or does deliver slightly more power through oscillations and rotations on the daily clean mode.

Due to the high number that are already delivered it is not very easy to confirm or indeed notice the difference.

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 5

In all honesty, the daily clean mode is more than good enough on both brushes with an effectiveness greater than any manual brush.

For peace of mind, it is perhaps also worth knowing some of the similarities that these brushes share.

They both come with a charging stand, that supports 110-130v and connects to the brush via a small prong on the top which inserts into a recess on the bottom of the brush handle.

Both come with a brush head storage compartment that will hold up to 4 heads and this compartment has a lid that will protect the heads to from dust any splashes.

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 6

Both brushes have 6 cleaning modes, Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean and Tongue Cleaner.  There is of course, the 2 minute timer and quadpacer included in the brush as well as the pressure sensor.

Bluetooth and the associated app connectivity is available with both brushes which was touched upon earlier.  Fundamentally the 8000 app pairing can do more, but both offer similar features if the camera on your smartphone is not tracking your clean. If you want to know more, I encourage you to read the full review of both or either brush to get all the details.

They do two come with a 2 year warranty included.

Does one clean better than the other?


The Genius 8000 is supposed to deliver a fraction more in oscillations and cleaning power to the brush head, but actually depicting this difference in real life if well, not possible.

Either will leave you with fabulously clean teeth and better oral health after a couple weeks use.

An electric toothbrush will ensure a more regular and balanced clean across the teeth and mouth than manual brushing and the smaller round brush heads from Oral-B help get deep into the mouth whilst cleaning effectively.

Is one better priced than the other?

 Yes.  Being the older brush, the Pro 7000 is normally cheaper by about $45 than the Genius 8000.

At the time of writing, they worked out at $0.22 and $0.17 per day to own, over the course of 3 years based on one user.

Oral-B Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000 7

Whilst the 8000 is our preference, coming in at around $120 the 7000 is more attractive financially than the 8000 at around $165.  But, if you can afford it, I would suggest the extra spend is just about worth it when you are spending this sort of money.  Especially if you can spread the cost or reduce it further by sharing the brush handle with someone else.

Prices are always changing with different sellers and even Oral-B putting on offers; so really it is about finding the best price available when you come to buy and paying the price you are happy with.

All things considered, the 8000 is still my preference. For a wider comparison of brushes, see our roundup of the top electric toothbrushes.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.


The Genius Pro 8000 is the one to go for if budget allows.

The 7000 is a fantastic brush that will leave you very pleased.  However, the advances in design, battery life, and overall feel edges it and the 8000 takes the crown.

Smart improvements to the travel case make this appealing to those on the road, small but nifty features like the LED smart ring make you feel like the Genius Pro 8000 brush is somewhat a bit more personal, even if it is a color you will not pay much attention too.

Innovating and pushing the boundaries with the ultimate aim of better health, how can this be knocked.

Author: Jon Love

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BewitchedRDH, BSDH
April 18, 2020

Although I agree with the overall comparisons of these two brushes, as a RDH, I’d just like to clarify for readers that the smart ring/pressure sensor is an extremely important feature and, regardless of the color chosen, is something to pay great attention to! The pressure sensor lights up to alert the user that they are brushing too hard and need to lighten up their pressure. Over time, brushing too hard can lead to gum recession and toothbrush abrasion. Therefore, no matter what color you choose, it IS something you’ll want to pay A LOT of attention to; because when you see it, you need to lighten your brushing pressure immediately and, hopefully, get used to brushing with less pressure.

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